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Okami wa Nemuranai 51.13


"<Tiri Warda Roa>."

Lecan started reciting the spell before Geitglein could finish his. Lecan's voice was low yet audible, resounding clearly inside the quiet <Celestial Chamber>.

Dungeon Knights commander, Duo Bahn next to Lecan turned his face with a look of askance, 'What are you doing'. Though not as obvious as Duo's, there were many other glances censuring Lecan as well.

Geitglein also sent a sharp raptor-like glance at Lecan after he was done reciting his spell, but he quickly turned back to face the front and opened his deeply wrinkled mouths.

"Hark my words! Heed my orders! By the name of great Goddess Raikores, I hereby declare the revival of Holy Kingdom of Yufu! I, Geitglein Shadrest, shall become the founder king! My son, Wolglein shall be the crown prince! Release those who have been detained and return them to their posts! They are loyal subjects in this noble undertaking! Parkugrein and Ashidgrein are to retire and confined at the Eastern Tower! <Maiden of Solace>'s engagement with Ashidgrein is annulled as she shall be wed to my son! Eternal glory and prosperity to Holy Kingdom of Yufu!"

After howling that order without pause, Geitglein's face was full of rapture then he turned his line of sight at the throne.

"Parkugrein. Step down there. That throne is rightfully mine."

He put his foot on the first step as he said that.

But then he frowned when he noticed that Parkugrein wouldn't stand up, he opened the Book of Prophecy on his hand once again.

"<Bagrad Boa>! Parkugrein, get off my throne!"

Lecan was startled for a second there when Geitglein recited the spell again. However, nothing happened.

Lecan spoke to Duo Bahn in whisper.
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"Duo. That Book of Prophecy thing is bad news. Take it off him."

"What? Alright, on it."

Geitglein shouted out even louder.

"Parkugrein, get down from that throne! Surrender it to me!"

With that as the impetus, Wolglein who was standing behind Geitglein rushed out. Some of the senior statesmen who were overlooking the event also started running toward the throne.

"Submit to me! Prostrate before me!"

Geitglein kept wailing even now.

Lecan stayed still.

The Dungeon Knights are standing by in <Celestial Chamber>. Along with the Townlord Knights. There's no need for an outsider like him to butt in. Though he won't hesitate to blow away any ruffians dare to approach Rubianafale.

Duo remained perfectly composed. You can rely on men who have gone through hell and back at times like this.

All the rioters got detained.

Duo only watched.

However, he surely has ways to stop anyone who dares to climb up the steps. He must have some tricks up his sleeve. No doubt about it.

As the detainee struggled and flailed around, Duo calmly walked up to Geitglein and grabbed his Book of Prophecy.

Geitglein twisted his body in an attempt to stop him, but he didn't resist further.

Duo opened and looked at the Book of Prophecy before he cocked his head in puzzlement.

"The heck is this? Is there a significance to this thing, Lecan."

"Mind if I appraise it?"

Duo turned to look at Parkugrein atop the steps. Parkugrein nodded.

Duo submitted the Book of Prophecy toward Lecan.

"Nah. Keep that on you."

"Got it."

Meanwhile, Vice Commander of Dungeon Knights, Black Ormoa cast <Bind> magic on the rioters with a dagger in his right hand. It seems Black is a mage who uses dagger as his casting medium.

Lecan took the thin wand he got from Shira out of <Storage>, breathed in deeply and kneaded his mana before reciting a spell.

"O Gafra Dafra, mirror that reflects all truth, o wisdom of terminus. Clear away the arcane light of bewildering mist pointed by my wand, passed through by my mana, cast light upon its true actuality. <Appraisal>!"

The result of <Appraisal> magic came up on his mind. Lecan narrated it out loud while still holding the wand up. His voice clearly resounded throughout the <Celestial Chamber>.

"This object is called <Amulet of Soul Shattering Bug>. Type is Prayer Book. Spawn Spot is Dungeon Finkel Floor 180. Grace is <Reign>. All those who heard the recited activation spell will submit to the user. The effect gradually weakens until it vanishes in several years. Activation spell is <Bagrad Boa>. The prayer book must be open for the Grace to take effect. This Grace can only be cast once a year. This Grace can only be activated by men. This Grace is only effective on humans. That's everything."
<TLN: The gear was initially translated as Amulet of Annihilation Spirit Bug.>

No one uttered a word for a while.

This was the secret. Something about the revolt didn't feel right. And it was all due to this <Amulet of Soul Shattering Bug>. Either Geitglein set his sight on Yufu's throne after getting his hands on it or he sought out the amulet to fulfill his ambition, regardless one thing is for sure now, Geitglein is the one behind everything. The actions he took in this place were all the proof needed.

"Lock up Geitglein and Wolglein in the Tower of Sinners. Those who showed disgraceful behaviors earlier are to be deprived of their court ranks and posts, then lock them away individually."

Thus Marquis of Yufu, Parkugrein Shadrest ordained.




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Okami wa Nemuranai 51.12


"Geitglein. All the leading parties who spearheaded the revolt, every single one of them, have testified that they are following your orders. You may make your case against their allegations."

Townlord of Yufu, Parkuglein Shadrest's voice resounded in the spacious <Celestial Chamber>.

Parkuglein's face was stern as he watched the kneeling Geitglein from his three-step tall throne.

Lecan himself is standing by next to Duo Bahn, watching the proceeding nonchalantly.

It's spacious.

And luxurious.

It has a dignified appearance to it, with a sense of rich historical value.

As the audience chamber Lecan got in the Royal Palace was an informal one, he had no frame of reference, but he's got a feeling that even the real one in the Royal Palace can't be compared to this <Celestial Chamber> in term of extravagance.

It's a place where all officials and military personnel congregate. Though among the three viscounts, Viscount Waido has died and his heir locked up. The young heir to House of Viscount Bono is also locked up. So only members of House of Viscount Ruka, Saljirein and his heir Nodlein are present here. Additionally, all members of Peacekeeping Knights have been locked up too. Many personnel of Dungeon Knights and civil officials are in charge of keeping watch on them out there. Hence, there should be much fewer people than the full capacity now. And yet, the sheer number of individuals present is overwhelming still.

After exiting the dungeon back then, Lecan lost himself in a fit of rage when he saw the white smoke rising from Northern Tower where Rubianafale was.

Compelled by the wrath, he did something as unreasonable as flying down Mt. Yufu hillside all the way to Yufonia. Thanks to that his <Overking Bear Overcoat> got torn to pieces. It's presently stored away in his <Storage>, probably unusable for the time being. Or maybe even forever.

He managed to survive the impact from crashing down the ground somehow by casting anti-physical barrier, but his whole body suffered some serious damage and he only hung by after taking two Large Red Potions and Stamina Restorative.

Afterward, he went and cut down all the knights who stood in his path as he made his way to the Northern Tower and confirmed Rubianafale's group survival with <3D Perceptions>.

He drove away the knights and climbed down the second floor.

The room had collapsed. Many were injured but thanks to Rubianafale being a <Purification> user, there was no casualty. Lecan gave some self-made Mana Restoratives to Rubianafale.

The group perked up once they found out the Dungeon Knights were heading their way.

Lecan had a meal with them and went up the fifth floor to stay on the lookout.
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He drove away some folk trying to creep up at midnight with <Flame Spears>.

Early in the morning after breakfast, Dungeon Knights had already arrived at Yufonia. They left behind the Might Unit and had only the knights march the entire night.

Dungeon Knights swiftly moved on to free the townlord and arrested the ringleaders responsible for the revolt.

The result of interrogating the prominent members made it clear that Geitglein Shadrest was the mastermind behind this rebellion.

As such, Geitglein and his son, Wolglein would make their excuse in the sacred <Celestial Chamber> before the presences of all officials.

Geitglein and Wolglein have precarious standings at this point.

Peacekeeping Knights commander, Erantesta Waido stated that he followed Geitglein's orders. The nobles and influential individuals who participated or supported the revolt also testified that the whole thing was led by the Southern House. However, the one leading them on-site, Viscount Dantesta Waido is dead, and there's no one who can testify just in what forms did Geitglein directly take part in the revolt.

Are Geitglein and Wolglein really the mastermind behind everything. Or are they just decoys.

The truth could be found if they just properly interrogate the rebels. However in Yufu, interrogating criminals are the Peacekeeping Knights' job. And those knights are now on the receiving end, whereas Dungeon Knights have zero experience in interrogating people. Leaving with no other choice, they deployed officials with sharp wits to roughly interrogate the rebels with Dungeon Knights on standby.

This method would have taken them several years. Thus, they decided to give Geitglein and Wolglein a chance to explain the matter from their side before everybody's presences.

In other word, at this stage, Geitglein and Wolgrein are under suspicion of being the masterminds behind the revolt, and subjects to further investigation, but their role in it is still unclear and thus their standings as nobles with special privilege in Yufu is still in effect.

Due to such circumstance, Geitglein and Wolgrein are still acting like they own the place although they're not allowed to bring weapons or <Boxes> into the chamber.

Later on, Lecan found out that Marquis of Yufu, Parkuglein initially offered Geitglein to give his excuse in front of only a select few top people of Yufu. He's a softhearted lord. But Geitglein himself wished to do it before as many people as possible, and thus they gathered all personnel in the <Celestial Chamber>.

Now then, the person of interest, Geitglein stepped forward into the platform to make his case.

At this time, the townlord Parkuglein Shadrest is sitting on the throne, with Ashidgrein and Rubianafale to his left and the Temple Head to his right. And diagonally behind the townlord is knight Estfarin standing by.

On the second step from the throne, to the right is the House Aide of Shadrest, Kinisun Zoga standing. He would be a prime minister if this were a country.

On the left side is Dungeon Knights commander and Lecan standing. For the sake of protecting the marquis if it comes down to it. After all, it's still unclear how many of the leaders here took part in the revolt as well. Duo Bahn, the strongest knight of Yufu being here is only natural. Lecan is only present because Duo asked for it. And Lecan himself wanted to watch the matter through to the end.

Geitglein turned around as he surveyed the surroundings, acting so calmly to the point of being shameless.


(What's with that expression.)

There was not even a hint of gloominess on his face despite the looming judgment upon him. On the contrary even, the look in his eyes glimmered with delight as he watched all the top people of Yufu present here.

A smile clearly floated on Geitglein's face when his line of sight caught Duo Bahn. As if he would leap out in joy at the fact that Duo is here.

Geitglein turned back to look at the stage and opened his mouth.

"I am eternally grateful for this chance you have granted me my lord, as I shall now disclose a critical secret before everybody present here."

Townlord Parkuglein asked back to Geitglein in person.

"A critical secret, you say."

"Indeed. Everything is proceeding as the Book of Prophecy has ordained."

"Book of Prophecy?"

Geitglein took something out of his chest pocket. Knight Estfarin took a half step forward as a precaution despite the thorough inspection of weapons in the entrance.

What Geitglein produced out was not a weapon indeed. It's some sort of document or a book. But Lecan's eye glimmered oddly when he caught sight of it.

Because the pattern engraved on that book looks similar to the patterns on Genesiac Grace Gear.

Geitglein opened that alleged Book of Prophecy. It's a very thin book. There's some sort of paper or cloth wedged between the opened covers.

Geitglein spoke in a grave yet sonorous voice.

"<Bagrad Boa>."




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Okami wa Nemuranai 51.11


The knights who were about to charge at the creature fell down.

The knights who were blocking the creature's path were also acting weirdly.

The creature kept walking on unhindered.

All the knights who attempted to get close to the creature dropped to the ground one after another.

Peacekeeping Knights' commander, Zakwald could not process the event unfolding before his very eyes.

(Is it using some sort of curse?)

(But those with Curse Resistant equipment have fallen down as well.)

(Just what has this creature done to them?)

The sword the creature held in its right hand shot out light, then the blade expanded to twice, or maybe thrice its length.

(A magic sword!)

(Still, a magic sword with expandable blade?)

(I've never heard of such things.)

(No... it can't be.)

The creature swung the magic sword at the knights standing in its path.

After which, the swords those knights held flew off in the air along with their cut arms.

Its sword moved at speed human eyes couldn't hope to catch, and it was so sharp even magic defense was meaningless before it.


(That skill is inhuman.)

(I thought it looked human.)

(But it really is a demon in reality.)

The knights would without fail fell to each and every swing while failing to even get a hit on the creature themselves.

The creature kept walking on toward the Northern Tower. Firm and steady steps.

Another knight unit eventually stood in the creature's way.

The creature recited another spell, but Zakwald couldn't catch it from his location.

A vortex of lightning enveloped those knights at once and raged on.

(That's <Ligthning>!)

(How could a <Lightning> be that expansive.)

More knights fell down.

Several knights with excellent equipment managed to endure the creature's magic and swung their swords at it.

The magic sword in the creature's right hand danced.

Sliced and diced, those knights' right arms dropped down the ground without any resistance.

The creature never stopped. It shook off all the knights that came attacking while walking on casually.

It's the very meaning of a beatdown. The elites of Peacekeeping Knights were swatted off like annoying buzzing insects to it.

The creature recited another spell.

Then it jumped up high, leaped over the knights and landed on the ground.

But ahead of its landing spot was a dense formation of shielded knights, blockading the path to Northern Tower. Not even this creature could possibly break through such a heavy shield formation head-on. They'd cut off its path of retreat and then they'd cut it down while it stopped moving. The knights are expert in arrest tactics. The creature will surely get caught.

The creature kept on advancing ahead as if those shield knights were never in its vision. And just when it was about to come in contact with the shield knights, Zakwald could hear another faint sound of spell being recited from the creature.

The creature vanished.

And emerged behind the shielded knights formation.

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(Just what in the world just happened?)


(Was that a teleportation magic!)

Such a magic is impossibility. At least humans cannot command it. Or so as far as Zakwald's knowledge goes.


(Is that thing... Overlord?)

The creature arrived just before the Northern Tower and halted.

It might have recited some sort of spell, but Zakwald couldn't hear it.

The creature floated up and slowly moved in the air toward the Northern Tower.

Then it climbed up on the cracks and fissures on the tower using its leg and landed on the crumbled veranda on the fifth floor.

Zakwald could only stare dumbfounded at this implausible scene.

The creature stared silently at the base of the tower. As if it was capable of seeing through the tower's first and second floor from there.

Eventually the creature walked to the edge of the veranda and surveyed the surroundings.

"N-not good! All units, fall back! Get out of its magic range! Get away from the Northern Tower!"

Zakwald's strained voice almost sounded like a shriek.

The knights promptly mobilized. Leaving their positions while dragging the fallen knights with them.

The Peacekeeping Knights regrouped and surrounded the Northern Tower at a 60 step distance away. Magic can't reach them there. Only ritual magic or mass casting magic are capable of such.

Viscount Waido personally visited Zakwald. Viscount Waido wasn't wearing an armor. He simply needed to bark orders from a safe spot behind the line, no need for armor.

"Zakwald. What in tarnation is that thing?"

Zakwald was about to reply, 'I am unsure myself.'

That was when Viscount Waido's head burst open, scattering gray matter and blood everywhere.

A moment later, something zoomed flying in and the <Amulet of Isha> Zakwald had on him got activated, stopping this something.

He just got hit by a magic attack seeing as the anti-magic barrier was activated.

Zakwald turned to look at the Northern Tower and saw the creature holding its palm open in their direction as it kept shooting magic.


(This range should be far outside any magic besides ritual ones!)

However, the magic attack kept landing in their encamped position, hitting the knights there. Even shields got destroyed or blown away. It's a savage onslaught.

The shot magic resembles <Flame Spear>. But it's colored blue instead of red, with firepower and thickness beyond ordinary flame spears.


(How come it can shoot such a powerful magic in rapid succession like that!)


(An overlord has made its advent.)

The prideful and powerful Peacekeeping Knights scattered about everywhere without caring about their appearances.

The chaos continued on for a while before the knights managed to get out of the real range of the magic attack.

The creature's true range was within a 100 step radius.

The damage they suffered was enormous.

They couldn't maintain the siege any longer and all units were ordered to retreat to treat the wounded.

With Viscount Dantesta Waido dead, his heir, Erantesta Waido was tracked down, given the lowdown and asked for instructions. Erantesta is a mediocre individual with no ambition nor resourcefulness. He kept asking Zakwald what to do. Zakwald along with Erantesta went to report to the head of Southern House, Geitglein Shadrest. Geitglein persisted on the order to secure the <Maiden of Solace> by all possible means. But how would that be done even.

They sent out a scout unit that night, but the creature came out and started shooting magic at them.

They had to give up trying to get near the tower.

The encirclement has already crumbled down. They could only watch the Northern Tower from afar and nothing else.

Zakwald couldn't sleep that night out of frustration and chagrin.

The Overlord's intention is obvious by now. It's trying to keep the Peacekeeping Knights away from the Northern Tower.

No one must get close to the tower, no matter who.

(Just what.)

(What kind of being have we made an enemy of?)

The situation took a drastic turn the following morning.

Dungeon Knights have made their return.

They arrested everybody occupying the Palace starting from the head of Southern House. The seriously injured Peacekeeping Knights couldn't put up any resistance as they swiftly got disarmed. Many retired Dungeon Knights live all over Yufu. They had gathered in Yufonia after finding out about the revolt but as there was no one who could give them information or lead them, they were at a standstill. These retired knights joined up with the Dungeon Knights. Their  total combined force was utterly overwhelming.

The noble undertaking that is revival of Yufu Holy Kingdom has now come to an end.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 51.10


The always calm and collected Commander of Peacekeeping Knights, Zakwald Kirin had his eyes wide open, mouth trembling. His face was deadly pale.

The Northern Tower lay before his eyes.

Its once beautiful spire had collapsed, the <Northern Ladyship Room> in the southern side of the fifth floor had been destroyed too. The elegant white wall from the first to third floor were still intact, but everything above that was unseemly cracked with unending smoke rising.

It was Zakwald himself who ordered the shooting of Ritual Magic <Purgatory Gate>. However, it wasn't supposed to end like this. They just needed to weaken the barrier covering the Northern Tower through the magic, and then save the <Maiden of Solace> inside. And yet just one shot of the ritual magic broke apart the upper half of the tower. They have launched an offensive on <Maiden of Solace> for all intents and purposes.

'This wasn't how you said would happen', Zakwald was about to protest to Viscount Waido. But Viscount Datensta Waido put out another decree before he could.

"Commander Zakwald. Order the mage unit to attack the base of the tower. The magic barrier has yet broken down entirely. This is a direct order from Geitglein Shadrest-sama."

Zakwald swallowed back the words he was about to utter. A direct order from the head of Southern House, Geitglein-sama. That is absolute. He must see it done.

Just when he was about to gave the order to the mage unit, someone spoke out.

"Something's flying in this direction! From Mt. Yufu's direction!"

Zakwald looked up into the sky reflexively.

Something black zoomed right above his head at high speed, creating a loud booming sound as it crash landed.

Broken splinters of stone pavements scattered about, raising a cloud of dust in the air.

"Was that a meteorite?"

Someone muttered.


(That's no meteorite.)

(That black figure I glimpsed.)

(Had the shape of a human.)

The cloud of dust receded.

There's a huge crater on the ground.

It may have fallen somewhere unmanned, but 80% of all Peacekeeping Knights are currently present here. A small deviation could have resulted in a disastrous scene. Zakwald would like to know what's going on.

Something moved inside the crater.

(A humanoid, monster?)

But there's no way any monster could withstand that impact. Doesn't matter if the thing flying in is a human or a monster, it couldn't have survived.

Zakwald involuntarily retreated when he sensed an ominous aura.

Something is coming out of the crater.

The thing standing in the cloud of dust was black.

It's shaped like a human.

It's wearing something resembling an overcoat, but the torn edges give it eerie looks. There are burn marks too. As if it has spent a long time getting smoldered in infernal flames.

(A Vengeful Spirit?)

(No, could it be a Carrion King?)

But this pressure is simply overbearing.

It's completely filling the air like a downpour, even moving his limbs is difficult.

That something's eye flung open.

One eye.
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It's only got one eye.

An eye burning with rage.

It took a wand and started reciting a spell.

It's attempting to cast magic.

"No! Mage Unit, open fire!"

The full row of mage units shot out all kinds of magic, <Fire Arrows>, <Lightning Arrows>, <Flame Spears>, <Ice Bullets> and such. But most of those attacks got repelled by an invisible barrier that manifested before the creature. Some managed to hit the creature, but that did nothing to stop its spell casting.

"Archer Unit! Attack that creature!"

Zakwald had provided a hundred squires with bows and arrows. They're on standby nearby the Mage Unit. Zakwald didn't think they would ever come in handy until now.

However, the creature finished its casting before the Archer Unit could launch their arrows.


Was that even a human speech.

Right after the creature recited that unknown spell, threads-like streaks of lights shot out from its wand into the sky and transformed into hundreds, thousands of Fire Arrows. Once they filled the entire sky full, they spread out, changed direction and poured incessantly down the ground.

(That's absurd!)

(That's undoubtedly a ritual magic-class spell!)

(And that thing cast it on its own, without even the help of a magic circle?)


This inconceivable attack poured down the mage unit, archer unit and a part of the knights.

This one attack annihilated the Mage Unit and the Archer Unit. Even mages who had strong magic resistant equipment on them suffered grievous injuries from it. The majority of the mages lay on the ground, groaning. Only the commander and vice commander of the unit somehow managed to stand on their feet.

The archer squire unit has basic equipment with low magic resistance. They were all on the ground without a sound.

Dozens of knights who were near them were also down on the ground.

Its firepower and scope were simply spine chilling.

Fortunately Zakwald was standing relatively close to the creature so he wasn't hit by the attack.

"What are you loafing about, Zakwald. Kill that creature!"

Viscount Dantesta Waido shouted in anger.

"My Knights, go and vanquish that creature!"

The knights mobilized under Zakwald's command.

Presently, this place houses 400 of the 500 Peacekeeping Knights, and 800 of the 1000 squires. They are elites who have been battle hardened from their bouts against magic beasts dwelling deep within Yufu Mountain Range. No creature can top them, no matter how powerful. It will be offed right away surely.

Under each units' captains, the army encircled the creature.

The creature walked straight toward Northern Tower without paying any heed to Zakwald nor Viscount Waido. Suddenly two swords manifested out of thin air in its hands.

(Not only magic.)

(It can even wield swords?)

(But two swords, is this some kind of joke.)

Two captains of the units near the creature gave the command to block the creature's path, 200 knights responded. All of them had their swords drawn. Just as a dozen of the foremost knights stepped forward to slash at the creature, it swung the sword in its left hand twice.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 51.9


The group reached a huge hall.

Ahead of them is a wall with a giant mirror embedded on it.

"That mirror is the entrance. The Three Giants are inside. You can go in and out without restriction, but you can't see or hear what's going on inside. The Giants can't get out of the room."

"I see."

Lecan was but an onlooker by this point.

Dungeon Knights have full knowledge on the ins and outs of Dungeon Yufu. No point in Lecan butting in. He just gotta wait for them to defeat the Three Giants now. So he believed.

That was when Lecan heard the voice of a woman in his ears.

A nerve wrecked voice close to yelling.

A desperate voice trying to call out something.


Yet, neither Duo standing next to him or other Dungeon Knights seemed to hear that.

(That voice sounded real.)

(A voice begging help.)

(I know it.)

(I know that voice.)

(The same voice I first heard in this world.)

(Ruby is calling for my help!)



"The Three Giants lie beyond that mirror, yeah?"

"Yea, that's right."

"You can get out of the Temple if you beat them."

"Yea. The door behind Three Giants opens up."

"Do these Giants have a trait that makes them invulnerable to physical attacks?"

"Invulnerable to physical attacks? Nah, nothing like that. They're stupidly sturdy though."

"Do they have preset conditions that make them immortal."

"Conditions, immortal? What the heck's that."

"A trait that makes them unkillable until you satisfy certain conditions. Like say, the order you defeat them."

"Nah, there's nothing of such. You can kill them in any order."

"Sorry, but humor me some time. Right. A slow count to 30 will do."

"Don't tell me, Lecan. You're gonna head inside by yourself."


"You're just gonna rush to your death. What's the deal anyway."

"Felt I could hear Rubianafale's voice, asking for help."

Duo turned his head and stared hard at Lecan's face.

"So I'm going to use my aces up sleeve here."

"Aces up sleeve?"

"Passing through."

Lecan cut his talk with Duo short and walked toward the mirror.

Vice Commander, Black Ormoa and the other five knights were awaiting for Duo Bahn's order. Lecan passed by them and went in the mirror.

Duo's voice could be heard right afterward.

"No one interferes! Afford Lecan time."

Noise disappeared once Lecan was inside the room. This place is in another space.

Three Giants were lying in wait. Each of them is twice as tall as Lecan.

One Giant has a giant sword.
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Another Giant has a giant shield.

And the last one has a giant wand.

The Three Giants quietly stared at Lecan. They're waiting for him to start the battle.

"<Tiri Warda Roa>."

After activating <Ring of Undying King>, Lecan took a Bombshell out of <Storage>, took off its safety plug and pushed the discharge button. He left the firepower setting alone. In other word, at maximum power. Ordinarily he can't set maximum power unless he's at a considerable distance away, but <Ring of Undying King> has made it possible.

Afterward, he regulated his breathing, counted the timing and threw the bombshell at the Three Giants.

A flash of white light ruptured.

Lecan got blown away, and hit the wall hard before rolling on the ground. He stood up after a bit, and saw Sword Giant and Wand Giant having been torn down. Only Shield Giant alone could still move despite losing its right leg and left arm. Its shield has been blown into pieces, and its right arm was bent unnaturally, but it was still alive with fighting spirit intact.

It threw the shield's wreckage at Lecan which he dodged. Then <Ring of Undying King>'s effect ended.

"<Gaspario Raaf>."

Shield Giant stopped moving once Lecan activated <Talisman of Darkness Demon>.

Lecan drew <Comet Cutter> while walking, generated the magic blade and slashed at Shield Giant's neck. The first and second slash couldn't cut it, but the third one did the trick.

Afterward, only three treasure chests remained in the room.

There was no joy on Lecan's face even though he just beat three powerful foes.

Lecan has imposed a certain rule on himself. A rule that states he will only use <Genesiac Grace Gear> against adversaries he cannot beat through his own strength during dungeon expeditions.

<Genesiac Grace Gear> are powerful. Too powerful. They shouldn't be used often.

He had to fully rely on <Ring of Undying King> during his fight on the last floor of Dungeon Tsubolt. There was no joy in that battle. He aimed for the deepest part out of a sense of duty, beating enemies like it was his job to.

Lecan doesn't want to experience such a fight ever again. Hence using <Genesiac Grace Gear> is akin to him saying 'I cannot win against you without resorting to this.' a belief he strongly upholds now.

And he used two of those <Genesiac Grace Gear>. This was no fight. It was a removal of obstacles for the sake of getting out of the dungeon asap.

Lecan walked out of the mirror door, going back to the hall.

Everyone present including Duo Bahn and all the knights looked at Lecan with astonished looks.

Which surely would turn into admiration.

Ill humored of such, Lecan had a sour look on his face.

However, Eda had a blooming smile as she saw Lecan. Lecan's expression softened after he saw that.

"I beat the Three Giants. Eda. We're leaving this dungeon right away."


He took Eda back into Three Giants' room, and hurried back to the exit in the back.

Red Sand Dune spread before their eyes beyond the door.

Lecan joined hands with Eda and recited spells.


The dungeon's Ground Floor was dim.

He ran toward the exit. The sense of restlessness wouldn't cease.

The wind is blowing outside. Mixed with powdery snow.

You can see the whole of Yufonia as well as a parting sea of clouds below.

The Northern Tower situated in the northern edge of Yufonia at the boundary with Mt Ron was tiny but caught clearly in Lecan's vision. His extraordinary vision clearly saw it. How the upper half of Northern Tower was crumbling, with smoke rising from it.


(The Northern Tower, crumbling?)

Duo Bahn who was behind Lecan before anyone realized whispered in suppressed rage.

"Those bastards! They went... and shot Ritual Magic at Northern Tower!"

Lecan inhaled greatly. He made his decision to do what he has to do in that moment.

He took two of his self-made mana restorative pills, and chewed one. And then the other one.

Rage filled his entire body. His abdomen is fiery hot. Like it's blazing up.

The world is painted red. Everything in his vision is red. That is because Lecan's right eye has been dyed crimson in blood.

He spread his arms up high and recited a spell.


Lecan's body floated up high into the sky.

His overcoat flapped uncontrollably from the winds.

A strong gust blowing from behind pushed Lecan forward. Lecan's body fluttered in the air, way high above the mountain slope.

Lecan converged his mana while allowing the mountain wind carried him. Converged, converged, converged, and converged even further.

Then he recited a spell unto the heightened convergence of mana.


A blast blew off, hurling Lecan's body ahead as he flew in the blue sky.

"<Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>!"

He cast <Gust> magic in rapid succession, propelling his body forward.

He's never flown this high.

He's never flown this far.

He's never flown this fast.

Lecan continued to cast <Gust> while desperately controlling his direction.

"<Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>!"

(I see now.)

(The reason I trained flying in Dungeon Tsubolt stairways.)

(All while suffering griveous wounds many times.)

(Even I wondered why did I go to such length.)

(It was all for this moment.)

Lecan glided down at high speed toward the Northern Tower.

<Overking Bear Overcoat> flapped violently in the winds, getting torn off. It hadn't been restored enough from the damage it suffered in the dungeon, and this would be the final nail in the coffin.

Once the ground was in sight, Lecan cast <Gust> in the opposite direction to decelerate.

"<Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>!"

And yet his falling speed wouldn't slow down. Lecan took out <Wand of Cordysie> as he endured the wind pressure. The one loaded with anti-physical barrier.

"<Barrier (Ogdim)>!"

Lecan's body crashed into the ground, producing a loud booming sound.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 51.8


Once he was done reading the letter, Duo shouted out loud with his line of sight still locked at Lecan.


A knight who was standing nearby came to him. This man is another formidable individual.

Duo handed over the still open letter to that knight. Read, he implicitly said.

Duo wouldn't let Lecan out of his sight even while this knight named Black was reading the letter.

"Lecan-dono. I have a question."

"What is it."

"This letter from his highness and Nodlein-sama was written on the seventh of month two. Today is the 23rd. What is the meaning of this."

"I got that letter on the seventh of month two. Eda and I left Yufonia on the eighth of month two, and ran to Dungeon Yufu, arriving noon the same day. Then we ran all the way here."

"You ran? And never came across a magic beast once?"

"We did engage some along the way, but we mostly ran while avoiding magic beasts. I've got an ability that allows me to detect magic beasts from afar. Isn't it written on that letter?"

Duo kept staring hard at Lecan without giving a reply to that.

Lecan wasn't perturbed even when he was on the receiving end of Duo's inquisitive gaze. Lecan looked back into Duo's eyes with a calm yet unshakable will.


"Commander, sir."

"The hunt is over."

"Understood. Oy! Men! Kill the magic beasts! Pick up the treasure chests! Collect the mats!"


This was finally when Duo turned his line of sight away from Lecan.


"Skip the mats. Get our men here."

"Sir. Oy! Forget collecting the mats! Retrieve what's inside the treasure chests. Gather round afterward! Make it quick!"

The knights skillfully finished off the magic beasts, grabbed potions in the treasure chests and assembled before Black. Knight Black reported to Duo once the knights were all present.

"Commander. All men are accounted for."

"Alright. Listen, men! This here is Lecan-dono of Wazrof Household! A man who has conquered Dungeon Tsubolt and Dungeon Palcimo."

A rustle broke out before quickly died down.

"Lecan-dono has! Come to deliver! A letter from Ashidgrein-sama and Nodlein-sama! During our absence! Peacekeeping Knights have attacked the Palace! And captured townlord-sama, Estfarin-dono and Saljirein-sama!"

Duo paused here for an interval, to let the knights chew on the meaning of his words.

"Ashidgrein-sama, and Rubianafale-sama! Have barricaded themselves in the Northern Tower together with Nodlein-sama and a few aides!"

Duo glared at all the knights with terrifying gazes.

"Right this instance! We're heading for Yufonia! To save our lord! And protect his highness and her ladyship!"

UWOOOOOOO, the knights bellowed.

The fighting spirit overflowing in this place would flinch any and all magic beast.

(These guys don't feel like knights.)

(I guess their life revolves around hunting dungeon magic beasts.)

(No place for etiquette or elegance.)

Dungeon Knights began their march toward the Temple.

Lecan and Eda are walking together with the commander, Duo Bahn.

Once they got near the enormous Temple's gate, Lecan asked.

"Duo. Can't we just go around the Temple and head straight to Red Sands."

"Lecan. You ain't gonna find Rend Sands even if did that."


"One can only reach Red Sands you see on the map by passing through Temple's gate, defeating the Three Giants and then exiting through their room."


"Before this was discovered, us knights would turn around and go back all the way to the entrance once we got enough God Cures."

"Sounds rough."
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"Sure is."

They put large magic stones on several depressions on the Temple's stone gate.

Then the stone gate opened to the sides while making a heavy sound.

The inside was like a maze.

The passage is quite wide, ten knights could easily walk side by side there. In fact, Dungeon Knights march forward in a five-row formation. They have enough elbowroom between each of them to prepare for any unforeseen situation.

There are many big doors in random spots. Lecan could sense exceptionally powerful magic beasts beyond those doors.

The vice commander of Dungeon Knights, Black Ormoa gave directions with a Map in his hand from the second row.

Lecan was enveloped with reliable feelings as he walk on surrounded by the elites of Dungeon Knights. It hasn't been long since they met, but he could discern the strength and disposition of these Dungeon Knights.

Their strength is the real thing. Alone they're strong as is, but a hundred of them move together like a single creature. And their disposition is more akin to forthright adventurers than overbearing knights.

(Everything's fine now.)

(Nodlein predicted it would have taken me 34 days to get to this point.)

(We got here in 16.)

(Duo Bahn and the Dungeon Knights can take care of the rest.)

(We've got lots of days to spare.)

(Nothing more to worry about.)

(I've managed to protect Ruby.)

Lecan had a rush of relief and accomplishment.


"What's up."

"I'm told we need three days to exit the Temple. That how long it takes to get to the Three Giants?"

"Hahahaha. Lecan. This Temple is enormous yeah, with complex passages and all but we've got a map on us. Wouldn't even be a Period by the time we got to Three Giants' room."

"Hm? Then why'd Nodlein say it'd take three days?"

"That's how long it takes to fight off Three Giants."

Lecan looked at Duo with a look of surprise.

Duo grinned.

"These Three Giants are made up of one Sword Giant, one Shield Giant and one Wand Giant. Six of us knights would first enter the room and defeat the Wand Giant. Magic are bad news, y'see. This takes two days."

"Are those six gonna fight for two full days?"

"No way. One of 'em will regularly go outside and change with another knight standing by outside."

"Ah, I see."

"Once the Wand Giant's been taken care of, the rest is simple. Eight knights will go and defeat the Sword Giant. Then finally ten will beat down the Shield Giant."

"A fight that involve all 100 knights by turn huh."

"Nah. Only about 40 among us 100 are capable of squaring up against the Three Giants."

"Are six the limit for the start?"

"Putting more people than that makes it harder to move around inside. We could brute force the Three Giants with sheer number but there gonna be casualties."

"So there's no casualties if it's just six."

"Sure are when there are."

Duo shut one of his eyes in jest.


(Don't think the death of elite knights is any joking matter.)

(What's with that expression?)





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Okami wa Nemuranai 51.7


Lecan would love to skin the whole dragon, but that would have taken a humongous amount of time, thus they only strip off a bit from the intact part. Lecan had to use <Solid Sacred Silver Sword> in the skinning process, it was awfully tough. It would be nigh impossible for ordinary swords to cut this hide.

<Comet Cutter> was incapable of cutting through the hide. Likely due to its extreme resistance against magic.

Lecan couldn't wait to turn it into an armor.

They took a bit of the meat as well. A bit relative to the dragon's size that is, in reality it's enough to feed Lecan alone for one whole year.

They also got its magic stone.

The two resumed their march.

The dragon likely won't respawn in just one day, but who can tell. They can't exactly rest peacefully in a spot where a Great Flame Dragon could spawn anytime.

They crossed the Rocky Mountain's summit, and had lunch after taking some distance.

Of course it was the grilled meat of Great Flame Dragon.

It wasn't good.

The meat was way too hard. And the mana within was way too concentrated, it left an unpleasant aftertaste.

"Yeah, this ain't it."

"Guess it's gotta be Petitfire Dragon when it comes to meat, huh."

"Yeah. Too bad I left all I got in the Northern Tower. Guess I gotta pay Dungeon Rotor a visit soon."

"What do we do about the leftover meat?"

"I don't need it. Gonna give it to Nodlein later."

"Lecan never wastes food, do you."

"Never, you don't waste food."

After lunch, the two ran down the Rocky Mountain's slope. They arrived at the foot without engaging a magic beast even once since they were taking their distance. They arrived at Meadow in the same day and camped there. Climbing the Rocky Mountain took them one and a half day, yet descending only took half a day.

Dungeon expedition, day seven. 14th of month two. They dashed through Meadow. Engaged with magic beasts twice, exterminated them.

Dungeon expedition, day eight. 15th of month two. They ran through Meadow. Engaged with one powerful magic beast, exterminated it.

Dungeon expedition, day nine. They sprinted through Meadow and arrived at Rocky Mountain.

Dungeon expedition, day ten. They went around Rocky Mountain's foot. They couldn't cover that much distance that day since small insect monsters swarmed around them all day.

Dungeon expedition, day 11. They circled around Rocky Mountain's foot and arrived at Meadow.

They had their first relaxed camping in a long while.

Eda had been asking everything about Lecan even now. He talked about his adventure at Tsubolt that night. Eda's eyes popped open in surprise when she heard about Zoltan, an adventurer from Lecan's world. She didn't seem surprised when it was revealed that Chubby was unexpectedly evil, saying 'Ah, I see now', like it clicked.

Dungeon expedition, day 12. They ran through Meadow.

She asked about Lecan's old world that night. 'What a brutal world that was.' Eda gave her impression.

Dungeon expedition, day 13. They rushed through Meadow.

During their chat that night, Lecan realized that Eda has noticed the fact that Shira and Nike are the same individual. Otherwise, there would have been times when their conversations wouldn't make any sense. Lecan thought he let it slip by mistake, but he couldn't recall doing of sort. Which means, Eda has reached that conclusion on her own. Eda's growth isn't limited to battle prowess, but also her thought process.

Dungeon expedition, day 14. They arrived at Desert in the morning, went through it and reached Meadow.

Nodlein had calculated that it would take them 28 days to get to this point. Meaning they have shortened that estimation by 14 days.

Eda said something weird that night.

"I really gotta thank Rubianafale-san."

"What? How come."

"I mean, she summoned you Lecan to this world and all."

"I jumped into the <Black Hole> of my own will. That brought me to this world. No one summoned me."

"Un. That's what it looks like to you Lecan. But I personally see that Rubianafale-san called out for you."


"Still, wonder which country this Boudo person fell to anyway."

"He might be somewhere in this kingdom."

"Unn. But isn't that man an adventurer on Lecan's level. His name would have been well known by now if he did fall here."

"It's not like I'm well known myself."

"What are you saying now. The name Adventurer Lecan's gotten quite famous between high ranking nobles of this country, or so I heard, you know."

"Oh yeah?"

"Un. How you're an adventurer who reached the hidden last floor of the <Sleepless Dungeon> Tsubolt, got his hands on a <Comet Cutter>, and how you conquered two grand dungeons Tsubolt and Palcimo and how you're a <Descender>. Since this rumor is gradually making their way down, you might actually get treated as a celebrity the next time you visit the Royal Capital."

"Sounds like a pain."



"If say, by any chance. By any chance, a <Black Hole> showed up in front of you, what would you do?"

Zoltan had prophesied that a <Black Hole> would manifest before Lecan one day. A word that came from his own experience. And Lecan would likely get back to his original world if he jumped into it. Or perhaps it would be a whole other world instead.

Eda asked this while putting up a nonchalant front. In reality she's trembling inside. Only Lecan could undo that. His decision was prompt.

"I got not reason to go back there. I'm having fun adventuring in this world. Doesn't matter if a <Black Hole> shows up, I'm not going in there."

"Ohh really. But there might be someone who wishes for your return in that world too, you know."

"There's no one like that."

"And what if you're already tired of this world's adventure by then?"

"I don't think that'd happen, but if I did jump in that <Black Hole>."

"If you did jump in?"

"It will be with you."

Eda looked dumbfounded for a moment before blooming into smile.


Dungeon expedition, day 15. 22nd of month two.

"We're supposed to meet up with the knights here, right."


"It's soo big."

"It is."

There's no telling where in this vast Meadow the knights are.

"We should go to this Temple first of all."

"The temple must be super big if this map is any indication."

"Yea. We should find our bearing if we just run in general direction. We'll go look for the knights afterward."

The two ran in the meadow.
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"Ah. Isn't that it?"

A gigantic building could be seen in the horizon of the Meadow. A temple indeed.

"That's it."

"It's surprisingly close, huh."


But they never got any closer to the Temple no matter how much they run.

"Lecan. Is that thing maybe huge, like really really huge?"

"Seems so."

They camped in Meadow that night. Great Flame Dragon was just as unpalatable boiled.

Dungeon expedition, day 16. 23rd of month two.

They've finally arrived at Temple.

"It's huge."


The size is simply out of this world. They can't tell its exact shape unless they go around it but it's probably square shaped. Each side should be at least 4000 step long. It's enclosed by sturdy looking walls. The walls have reliefs of ancient patterns on them, and are about 30 step tall.

And according to Lecan's <Life Detection>, magic beasts that surpass even the Great Flame Dragon are roaming around inside.

"Wonder if we could climb it."

"What? You mean this wall?"

"Un. Feel like it's not really impossible."

"Oh yeah. But. Hm?"

"What's up?"

"Sensed something over there. Let's take a look."

They went to the direction of the presence and found the Dungeon Knights hunting magic beasts.

Part of the knights protect the 100 Might Unit as most of them fight around 20 magic beasts. There's a lot of these knights. He's been told Dungeon Knights has 100 personnel, but there's about twice of that number here. Half of them are likely squires. Their armor are different colored and shape. They're hunting magic beasts that have impressive looking horns, some are colored red, some blue, some yellow and some green. Those must be Sacred Deer magic beasts. The knights are refraining from killing these magic beasts, they're just holding them at bay.

(I see.)

(They're waiting for those magic beasts to call their kin.)

(They farm potions by repeating this process huh.)

(That's efficient for sure.)

Lecan walked up to a big knight who seemed to be their commander.

Naturally the other party had noticed Lecan and Eda.

"Hey there. Are you Duo Bahn-dono?"

"I am. And you are?"

The man was indeed the Dungeon Knights commander, Duo Bahn.

He's got an overwhelming aura.

He's slightly taller than Lecan.

The strength Lecan sensed from this man does not fall behind Boudo and Zoltan. His armor is a mix of Great Flame Dragon's hide and Dylan Silver Steel, his helmet is made entirely of Dylan Silver Steel.

On the other hand, Lecan is wearing a worn down overcoat and a tattered leather armor. But the presence emanating from Lecan was intense, even the knights standing in the rows looked nervous in the eyes.

"I'm Lecan. An adventurer. I've been entrusted to deliver this to you."

Lecan looked at the fighting knights.

All of them is a mighty warrior. An assemble of 100 knights of this level would be unbeatable for sure.

Dungeon Knights serving under Marquis of Yufu exists only to hunt magic beasts in the Grand Dungeon Yufu. They spend half of the year inside the dungeon, and the remaining half training for that purpose. Marquis of Yufu has provided these knights with the finest equipment and an abundant supply. Each and every one of them is a Depth-walking Adventurer who has traversed through the depths of a Grand Dungeon.

Duo raised his visor and took the letter.

His eyes, nose and moustache are visible. There's a huge scar on his nose.

Duo Bahn read the letter Lecan gave him.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 51.6


Sixth day of dungeon expedition. 13th of month two.

The Rocky Mountain's summit was within sight.

"Uwaa, look at that, Lecan! The scenery is so amazing. You can see everything we passed through so far. This must be what they mean by picturesque. But really, it's soo spacious. This dungeon is unbelievably vast, isn't it."

Eda turned around as she got all excited.

However, Lecan cannot afford to turn around here.

He's glaring hard at the top of the mountain.


He's looking at the thing beyond the mountain top.

It's still outside <3D Perceptions> range so its form is unknown but <Life Detection> depicts an overwhelming presence.

Realizing Lecan's state, Eda readied her <Bow of Yelvitz> and glared at the mountain top.

Then a gigantic head of a magic beast popped up from behind the mountain top.


Eda sounded perplexed.

Then the shoulders came up, chest and then abdomen.

"H-hold on. Lecan? That's..."

Eventually, the behemoth showed up in its entirety atop the mountain.

It's still 200 step away from them.

Yet it's as if the entire thing is already right beside them.

"T-that's the Great Flame Dragon."

Its height exceeds ten steps. Five times Lecan's. Its upper half is gigantic by itself, but its mass concentrates on the lower half, its legs are thicker than any giant trees.

THUD, THUD, the behemoth drew near leaving heavy thumping sounds with every step.

It stopped moving.

Glare, its giant pair of eyes scowl at Lecan.

Lecan broke into run toward the behemoth.

Followed by Eda a bit later.

Lecan changed course to the right.
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Eda to the left.

Lecan ran up a slope and once he got to a point slightly higher than the behemoth, he charged at it. Eda also ran toward the behemoth from the opposite side.

Once they got to around 100 steps close, the Great Flame Dragon inflated its chest hugely before spewing out a white breath.

The breath shot out toward Lecan at tremendous speed.

Lecan dodged to the left.

But the white breath also changed its course following Lecan.

<Necklace of Intuador>'s barrier blazed up. Lecan reflexively covered his face with his left arm. His view has been completely obstructed. By this enormous attack both in size and power.

What's surprising is how the Great Flame Dragon kept spewing its breath without pausing and even spun around to shot it at Eda.

Even Eda whose nimbleness wouldn't fall behind Lecan had no way to dodge this attack.

She relied on <Necklace of Intuador> and crouched to minimize surface area of damage.

Grounds and rocks hit by the white breath burned and melted down.

(A breath that melts even rocks huh.)

(And it can keep shooting it for an extended period.)

(That's some unbelievable firepower.)

The Great Flame Dragon who spun clockwise while shooting its breath kept spinning round and round.

Its massive tail made its appearance. It's more like an extension of its body than an attachment at its base. That's just how thick it is. And it spans for quite a length, getting smaller toward the tip. There must be around ten steps from base to tip.

The dragon swung this tail while roaring terrifyingly. Everything it touches gets blown away, be it rocks or boulders.

Lecan greatly leaped backward.


He deployed <Shield of Wolkan> during the leap.

Amidst all the flying rocks, the tail tip passed through right before Lecan's eyes.

Big and small rocks assaulted Lecan afterward.

<Shield of Wolkan> blocked the rocks, but not the countless pebbles. He could only endure the barrage.

Lecan grabbed <Myriad Dragon Cutter (Arzamscyll)> from <Storage> and plunged at the still spinning tail-mowing Great Flame Dragon.

He slashed at its right leg. Not just once. Two, three, four, five, he kept on slashing. The Grace was extremely effective, it cut through the gigantic Great Flame Dragon's right leg easily. However, it doesn't cut that deep. And Great Flame Dragon is overtly big, with overtly thick legs.

(This'll take forever.)

Lecan kept slashing as he went around to the right.

Great Flame Dragon spun to the left, going after Lecan.

As he went around the dragon's huge body, Lecan put away the <Myriad Dragon Cutter>, took <Comet Cutter> and put all his mana into it.

An extra large magic blade emerged. The maximum length he rarely ever deployed. It's more than two steps long. Enough to exceed the Great Flame Dragon's leg thickness.

Lecan lunged at the dragon's leg and drove <Comet Cutter> onto the right leg.


<Comet Cutter> phased through Great Flame Dragon's right leg.

Lecan leaped back in a fluster and went around to the right of the dragon once again.

After a slight pause, the dragon roared in anger.

(Looks like it did hurt this thing.)

(Yet the blade didn't cut through.)

(What's going on?)

He plunged once again and swung the <Comet Cutter> at the dragon's right leg.

But it didn't cut it.


(Not good.)

(Used up too much mana.)

Manifesting the maximum length consumes a huge amount of mana. Maintaining that demands a similarly huge amount.

Lecan erased the magic blade and put <Comet Cutter> away.

The Great Flame Dragon roared, stopped moving, inflated its chest while inhaling greatly and started converging its mana.

It's trying to shoot its infernal breath.

Eda had retreated outside the tail's range, shooting her magic bow all the while. Her attacks produced small explosions around the Great Flame Dragon's head and face, but it didn't seem to have dealt any damage. These arrows likely will never go through the hide no matter how many she shoots.

"Eda! Get over here!"

Lecan took a 30 step distance from the Great Flame Dragon. He drank Magenta Potion, and signaled the running Eda to hide behind him.

The Great Flame Dragon unleashed its incandescent breath.


Lecan put his left hand gripping the shield forward while reciting the spell.

The rushing incandescent breath got reflected by the <Magic Mirror of Ryin> right away. The reflected breath squarely hit the Great Flame Dragon yet the breath wouldn't stop. An overload of light and heat stripped their vision. As Lecan kept making small adjustment to the shield's direction to reflect the unending breath attack, he plunged his right hand into the hidden pocket in his leather armor, gripped <Guardian Jewel of Zana> and poured his the maximum amount of mana into it.

The breath eventually stopped.

Looking at it, the right half of the Great Flame Dragon has been burned and shaved down from the reflected breath. Its right shoulder has been gouged off too, its small--relative to its body size--right foreleg is also gone from the elbow down.

The leftover left eye glared hard at Lecan before it marched forward with its huge body.


Lecan turned his shield back to gauntlet form, took <Sword of Agost> out, and gripped it with both its hand before he too rushed ahead.

The Great Flame Dragon crouched down and opened its mouth greatly.

Its upper and lower jaws looked like the full rows of hundreds of swords.

Its gigantic face skimmed the ground as it went for Lecan.

Making use of his running start momentum, Lecan lifted <Sword of Agost> overhead and swung it down the Great Flame Dragon's cranium. A single strike loaded with the maximum power boost effect of <Guardian Jewel of Zana>.

He could feel the sensation of crushing a wine barrel.

Lecan got blown away. He spun in the air and stuck his landing.

Great Flame Dragon tumbled down, sending rocks flying everywhere before it eventually stopped moving.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 51.5


The fifth day of dungeon expedition. 12th of month two.

Lecan and Eda took their first step in Rocky Mountain.

Swarms of Vileneedle Bugs (Lencilin), Brownpowder Bugs (Saglulin) and some other unknown small bugs swarmed around them. Due to <Exorcist Bracelet> Eda had on her, these bugs wouldn't get close within twenty steps from both. Instead, the number of bugs just kept increasing the longer they walked. Lecan would periodically drew <Demon Bug Cutter> and <Flame Sword> to exterminate them. They climbed the Rocky Mountain while repeating that routine several times.

By the middle point of the mountain slope, no more small bugs were present. Wrinkle Men (Zeofan) and Petitfire Dragons (Palbeizam) littered the place here and there instead, but those beasts wouldn't engage in battle even when the pair got within 100 steps as they passed by.

They kept climbing while being careful not to run into a magic beast using <Life Detection>. They didn't fight even once even by lunch time.

They continued the climb without engaging in single combat in the afternoon. Magic beasts displayed in <Life Detection> get more and more powerful, and more scattered about.

"This is much much quicker than going around the mountain foot. Wonder why Nodlein-san recommended you to take the long way out."

"Dungeon Knights consist of 100 knights, dozens of squires and another hundred baggage carriers. Might be why."

"Ooh okay. Guess it's hard for a huge group like that to avoid getting seen by magic beasts. He must think that we're gonna have to fight if we take this route."


"What's wrong?"

"There's something on a level beyond anything thus far. 2500 steps straight ahead up the slope."

Lecan rushed ahead climbing up the slope.

"And yet we're not changing course, yeesh I wonder why."

There's a giant boulder ahead of them. The enemy must lie beyond that boulder.

Lecan drew closer as he thought that.

Then he realized his mistake.

The giant boulder stood up.


This is probably Rock Giant (Nalgant). Or maybe even an even higher ranked Rock Mass magic beasts. The enemy is already in combative state. They must fight their way out here. Lecan put away Comet Cutter on his waist and grabbed <Crushing Hammer (Gwadobagh)>.

It's gigantic. Rock Giant has a humanoid shape but its height must be full eight steps tall. Four times Lecan's height.

It raised its right fist, a gigantic rock, up high. Arrows from <Bow of Yelvitz> hit that fist, but it wouldn't even budge.

Lecan struck the giant's rocky right leg with <Crushing Hammer>. An explosion along with a boom sound occurred, but despite a clean hit, the Rock Giant only slightly shook from that.

The Rock Giant swung down its right arm.

Lecan advanced while dodging to the right and struck the giant's left leg with <Crushing Hammer>.

The Rock Giant's right fist pulverized the rocky ground below, sending splinters flying everywhere. Eda retreated back while dodging those splinters.

Lecan made another clean hit on the Rock Giant's right leg, from the back this time. But it didn't seem to deal any damage whatsoever.

The combat continued on.

Neither Eda's nor Lecan's attacks had any effect at all.

Lecan tried to get it tumble down and go for its head, but the giant just wouldn't fall.

He could have done something had the foothold been soil, but since it's sturdy rocks, there's nothing he could do. This Rock Giant is just way too heavy.

The Rock Giant seemed to have lost its temper with Lecan and Eda running around everywhere dodging its attack, it started to spew out hot lava.

They had no choice but to gradually move locations as they couldn't step on hot lava, they were at a huge disadvantage in this battle.

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(If we got in another magic beast's territory.)

(Or if this Rock Giant calls out its kin.)

(Things gonna get dicey real fast.)


(This thing's way too heavy and sturdy!)

(...Hold it.)

(Too heavy?)

Lecan suddenly recalled <Mass Heave Sword (Daspiscylla)> in his Storage. That has a Grace that multiples object's weight. Magic beasts are not objects, but since Rock Giant's body consists of rocks, <Mass Heave Sword> might very well show some effects on it. There should be parts where it works at least. With such a heavy mass, even if the sword only affects some parts, it should restrain its movement to a degree at least.

Lecan threw away <Crushing Hammer>, plunge his right hand in <Storage>, grabbed <Mass Heave Sword> and swiftly swung it four times.

The Rock Giant immediately slowed down.

(Alright! It worked.)

The giant tried to move but its legs wouldn't allow it. It persisted on doing that and tumbled down instead.

Lecan's whole body turned heavier as well.

<Mass Heave Sword> has multiplied all objects within its range by five times.

Lecan grabbed a Magenta Potion and drank it down. A potion that temporarily boosts muscle strength. Probably the first time he's ever used one in battle.

He let go of <Mass Heave Sword> and picked up <Crushing Hammer>. It's unbearably heavy. But that unbearable feeling is reliable now.

Rock Giant put both hands on the ground in an attempt to get up. Lecan ran up its back. Then he lifted <Crushing Hammer> over his shoulder. His muscles were breaking apart.

He swung down the <Crushing Hammer> on the Rock Giant's back head. An explosion occurred. Lecan grimaced from the load in his hands. An extraordinary impact hit the Rock Giant's head at the same time.

Lecan lifted the hammer again and swung it down. Rock Giant's head shook violently. Lecan struck it once again as it frantically tried to get up.

Another two strikes, and the Rock Giant's head got completely demolished, stopping it entirely.

A moment later, the Rock Giant vanished, replaced by a big treasure chest in its spot.

Lecan is on his knees.

It's suffocating. Feels like his entrails have been ruptured. His face is cramping painfully.

He's worried about Eda, but his neck feels like it's gonna torn off if he moves it now.

Lecan focused on <3D Perceptions>. Eda is lying down, but there's movement and she's breathing.

He exerted his willpower and sheathed the <Mass Heave Sword> back.

The weight increase Grace vanished.

Lecan lay down in the spot.

He couldn't move a finger for a while after.

After quite some time, the two were finally able to get up.



"You thought to yourself, 'Tch', when you saw that magic beast earlier, didn't you."

Lecan never replied. Which is an answer in itself.

He opened the treasure chest. There's a huge amount of familiar looking ores inside.

It's Solid Sacred Silver (Lesharad).

He put them away in <Storage>

His long cherished <Overking Bear Overcoat> has been burned and torn off all over from the fight just now.

The overcoat has <Auto Repair> function on its embedded jewel, but that might take quite some time when the damage is this bad. Or perhaps it won't ever go back to its original state anymore.

His petitfire dragon's armor is in a terrible state as well.

Lecan took <Recovery Sword> and gave it a try.

Injuries from splinters and sore spots from the heat recovered to a point. But since <Recovery Sword> doesn't heal much per use, he must cut himself with it multiple times to heal all the wounds. That he must take off his clothing before using it is another bad point about it. And Eda looked awfully repulsed when she saw the wounds from the sword that remained before the healing took effect. Lecan put <Recovery Sword> away.

The two took Red Potions and Stamina Restoratives, marched about 2000 steps forward and set up camp there.

It's still a bit early, but they just don't have the strength left to keep going.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 51.4


The pair encountered relatively powerful magic beasts just before lunch that day. Two of them. Never seen before type. They're likely classified under <Demon Lion> just like the previous one. Their roar had <Intimidation> effect mixed in. Against opponents weaker than them this roar will immobilize their targets in fear. Their limbs were stout, strength tremendous and claws and fangs sharp. Their jaws must pack some serious power too. They would be around floor 100 beasts by Palcimo's standard. They shot out fireballs but since the move was very much telegraphed, Lecan and Eda easily dodged it. Eda instantly killed one of them with her magic bow, while Lecan cut down the other's head. They collected magic stones from these two magic beasts.

During lunch break, Lecan told Eda about the stuff he heard from his duel's opponent. Eda listened to it with gleaming eyes and asked Lecan all kinds of things about the duel afterward.

"Ooh I see. That person did seem like a good person for sure. So like. He got a hit on Lecan to dispel Heles-san's regret and then he'd propose to her with that deed under his belt. Uwaa, that's so nice. So so, has that guy made the move already?"

"Beats me."

"Going up against an overlord for the sake of your love, that's soo poetic."

"Who the heck's an overlord."

"I mean the look alone is already intimidating, but it's actually even worse once you cross swords. Humans can't hope to match that."

"I'm a human. Ah, yeah. That guy's probably disciplined under Arios's school of swordsmanship."

"Eeh? So someone from Iris Clan taught him? Hee, I see. Fufu. Hey, Lecan. Do you think Heles-san will accept his courting?"

"Who knows."

"By the way Lecan. Weren't you trying to lose on purpose during that duel?"

"What makes you think that."

"That match could have ended much faster with your speed, yet you purposely overlooked so many chances."


"How do I put it. It's like you've accepted his challenge or something."

Good insight. When did she got all this power of observation anyway.

"And the referee was gonna declare your victory at the end, didn't he. But then you said something to him."

"Yea. I would have died if it were a real blade or something."

"Hee. So you yielded victory. It's like you're a cupid. To that viscount person."

"Beats me."

"I love that part of you, Lecan."


"Only issue is that there's surprisingly a lot of women who noticed that quality of yours too."

"There's no one like that."

"There are. See here, me. Norma-san. And Sushana-san at Vouka. Heles-san. You didn't do anything sketchy with that woman at Tsubolt, did you."

"I've done nothing of such."

"Sounds fishy. Was there really nothing going on with that Eliza girl?"
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"Nothing at all."

They took a longish break after lunch.

They didn't encounter any more foes that day, smooth going all the way.

They camped in the Meadow again that night.

"Hey, hey, Lecan."


"Tell me about the time you descended to this world. And thereafter, in detail please."


Lecan talked about how he lived in his previous world and in Zaidmahl Household. And since Eda still wanted to know more, he dug up his memory to talk about all kinds of things. This topic would continue on for several days. He even talked about his exchange of Guardian jewel after several days.

The day after. The third day of dungeon expedition. The tenth of month two.

They came across a pack of 200 Ashen Wolves. Lecan used <Demon Wolf Cutter>. The Grace had tremendous effect on them, killing everything in one slash.

After lunch, they didn't cross path with any more magic beasts. Lecan detected the presence of an extremely powerful magic beast, but they took a detour and managed to get past it without being detected. It was moving alone. Lecan took  a peek of it, another magic beast he'd never seen. They got near the Mountain by the end of this day.

The fourth day of dungeon expedition. The 11th of month two.

They departed in the morning and arrived at the Mountain foot despite not running all the way. They went around the Mountain foot and reached a huge forest, with the entrance to Lake and Marsh area sandwiched between Mountain and Forest.

They took the route that'd bring them deep into Lake and Marsh area.

Lecan found Soil Grazes (Ajezal) and Mock Rocks (Hietera) along the dry route he picked, he took care of them with strikes from <Lightning Dragon Gauntlet>

This is the reason Nodlein believed Lecan could reach Dungeon Yufu's deepest area.

The most troublesome thing about Lake and Marsh area is how the area is full of wetlands you can't travel across, the little dry spots of land it has are proliferated with lurking Soil Grazes disguising as grounds and Mock Rocks disguising as rocks, while the grassy part is full of Sod Fluid (Sosuut). These Odd Mud beasts take humans by surprise, rob them of their freedom and choke or melt them to death. Doesn't matter how much firepower you have, it doesn't work on Odd Mud.

This place is awfully problematic to Dungeon Knights, but Nodlein changed his mind once he found out Lecan has the ability to discern magic beasts.

All of the aforementioned magic beasts are weak to magic attack, especially lightning type. If Lecan has the ability to reliably detect them, he only needs the right weapon afterward. And if he's able to safely traverse through the Lake and Marsh area, arriving at the deepest part is no longer an impossibility.

Nodlein recommended some spears infused with lightning elemental to Lecan, but Lecan refused since he's not so good with long reaching weapons.

He's had experience fighting Soil Graze in Dungeon Golbul. They disguise themselves as rocks in rocky areas, and mud in wetlands. He fought some Mock Rocks in Dungeon Rotor.

The two found a spot suitable for resting under a giant tree. A huge magic beast is laying down there, but bare eyes can't tell it apart from a grassy patch of land. That's probably Sod Fluid. You will find yourself entangled within Sod Fluid if you carelessly sit down on that spot.

Lecan attacked the tip of Sod Fluid with <Lightning Dragon Gauntlet>. The lightning paralyzed Sod Fluid but only a part of its gigantic body, the rest turned over, stood up and came attacking. Without its disguise, it looks like a water body. Lecan cut at it with <Odd Mud Cutter> in his right hand and then he unleashed a barrage of attack all over its giant body with <Lightning Dragon Gauntlet>. It stopped moving by the eight hit, dead.

They sat down and had lunch there.

"Four days to get us here. Since we initially got in here at noon, and it's noon now, I guess full three days."

"Right yep."

"Nodlein predicted it would take us five days to get to the wetlands, so we're two days faster. And since the prediction was two days to reach the entrance, that's three days saved in total."

Lecan took the map and glared at it.

"This wetlands are ending soon. Afterward, Nodlein recommended we took a detour around the Rocky Mountain foot to the Meadow. However."

Lecan slid his finger on the map.

"It's far shorter if we cross over the Rocky Mountain from where we are."

"Then why did Nodlein recommend we take a detour?"

"Crossing straight through the Rocky Mountain means getting near its summit. A mighty magic beast lurks there. But you and me should have no problem taking this route."

Eda looked at the map. Types of spawned magic beasts according to areas are written on the top left.

Rocky Mountain has Blight Bugs, Rock Masses, and Flame Dragons.



"What are kinds of Flame Dragons again?"

"Petitfire Dragons,
Fiery Ball Dragons, and Great Flame Dragons. Dunno if there's anything else."

"Are you maybe going for Great Flame Dragon's meat?"


Not meat. But hide.

"Hmmm. Well okay. I'll go along your wish, Lecan. But don't forget that we can't use magic in this dungeon, okay."

"I know."

They took a straight path toward the exit of wetlands.

They kept walking ahead while killing Soil Grazes and Mock Rocks along the way. They'd go around Sod Fluid whenever possible, if not they dealt with them. They would evade Sham Swamp (Roufat) and Landfall (Graviel) if they met one along the way. They didn't fight Bewitching Waters magic beasts lurking in the bogs and lakes. There were also a lot of Crag Snakes (Goljimuin) and Flat White Snakes (Urslarin) around, but these beasts wouldn't attack so long they kept their distance. <Comet Cutter> and <Cold Wave Sword (Raktorscylla)> were proven effective here. Magic beasts that were likely Hammerhead Snakes (Dorgozuin) were also plentiful, but they didn't engage with them. The whole area is packed full with magic beasts. You can't walk a few steps ahead without encountering one.

They got right before Rocky Mountain area on Water Buffalo period that day, thus they set up camp at the edge of Lake and Marsh area.




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Okami wa Nemuranai 51.3


The two of them reached a spot with knee-tall grass. The view is clear to quite a distant away. Meaning they're easily spotted here.

They took a short break before resuming.

Before starting their advance, they drank Stamina Restoratives they had stocked up at Yufonia.

There's a herd of magic beasts ahead. It's coming straight in their direction. The herd must have detected Lecan before he could.

Lecan halted his advance. Eda stopped too.

"Incoming magic beasts ahead. Around a hundred."

"Got it."

Eda retreated ten steps back and readied her <Bow of Yelvitz>.

Lecan put <Lightning Dragon Gauntlet> on his left hand, and <Blazing Sword> in his right hand. It's a sword he obtained as a reward for completing a certain quest in his original world. It doesn't have an amazing sharpness or anything, but it has been Enhanced with a function that will set the blade ablaze by pouring mana into the sword. As a lot of magic beasts don't do well against flames, they usually flinch when they're up against this sword. A handy sword to have when you're surrounded from all sides.

Lecan poured his mana into it. A flame blazes up from the blade.

The magic beasts kept getting closer.

(Silver Wolves (Saraje) huh.)

(A pack of hundred.)

(These Silver Wolves don't seem to be that strong.)

(But there's a few relatively powerful individuals among them.)

Lecan lightly swung down his sword from upper right to bottom left.

A huge crescent-shaped flame manifested mid-air.

The leading Silver Wolves flinched for a bit.

Some wolves went around to the left and right, lunging at Lecan.

Lecan swung the <Blazing Sword> round and round. A giant serpent of flame danced around him.

The wolves jumped at it. But they were clearly daunted. Some of the wolves even halted their charge.

Lecan slashed at the right wolf with his sword and punched the left one with <Lightning Dragon Gauntlet>. He promptly raised his sword and stab at a wolf coming from his front, struck another coming from left with the gauntlet then kicked up a wolf sliding in from the bottom right.

They're nothing special. <Comet Cutter> would have made a very quick work out of these wolves. But this is their chance to test out <Exorcist Bracelet>. Hence Lecan purposely dragged the battle longer.

<3D Perception> told him Eda had retreated back.

The Silver Wolves began surrounding Lecan from behind. Yet they wouldn't get close to Eda.

He kept fighting while maintaining this for a while, then Eda marched forward.

The Silver Wolves retreated. They eventually even stopped attacking Lecan.

Eda started shooting <Bow of Yelvitz>. The magic beasts got culled out in the blink of an eye. Lecan put away <Blazing Sword> changed to <Comet Cutter> and took care of the remaining Silver Wolves.

"Fumu. Silver Wolves are upper ranked Demon Wolves, but these wolves we just fought should be around the ones on floor 30 of Dungeon Palcimo or slightly above. About three at floor 80's level mixed in. So, how was it?"

"Un. This thing's amazing. The effect starts around 15 steps distance, and by ten steps, they pretty much won't get close anymore. Silver Wolves that got within ten steps by chance ran away in a fluster."


<Exorcist Bracelets> are said to not work well against powerful magic beasts, but its effect is pretty much guaranteed against magic beasts that flock in a herd of hundreds or thousands.

In Lecan and Eda's case, against one or two opponents, Lecan can fight just fine while luring them, and there's no need to worry about Eda since she's good at positioning herself. The issue is when they're up against many. Eda doesn't specialize in close quarter combat. And Lecan would have been burdened with guarding Eda while fighting.

But with <Exorcist Bracelet>, Eda can focus on ranged cover fire and Lecan doesn't have to mind his back. Furthermore, this bracelet doesn't need mana supply. It's a very handy item.

The two took another short break before running again.

"Phew. Eda, what time is it?"

Eda took the <Time Slab>. Nodlein lent it to them.

"Lemme see. Err, oh we've just got into Yellow Frog period."
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"What? Not good. Got a bit too eager there. We're setting up camp."


The inside of this dungeon is permanently bright. Though even if dungeons this bright are uncommon, this brightness doesn't come from the sun. In this dungeon's case, the entire structure itself emits lights. Hence you could easily be fooled to think it was natural lights. And they might have also been a bit eager there. At any rate, they must rest their bodies otherwise they'd wear themselves thin.

Lecan and Eda prepared their camp. All the tools from pots, metal fittings, meat, skewers and even firewood came from Lecan's <Storage>. They made fire using a magic tool borrowed from Nodlein. Eda grabbed some ingredients and utensils before skillfully cooking with them.

Lecan found a withered tree nearby so he cut some branches and tried setting it on fire with <Blazing Sword>.

(Oh, it's burning nicely.)


(There should be plenty of firewood in Mountain and Forest seeing this.)

(We won't run out of firewood supply.)

The two put on their mantles and huddled in them as they went to bed.

Around two herds of magic beast came close to their location during the night, but the herds just passed by their camp seemingly unaware of them.

The second day of dungeon expedition. On the second of month two.

They were relaxing after having breakfast.

"Now then, let's get a move on."

"Ooh you do really get up on Small Turtle (Fengel) period."


"I mean, remember what Heles-san said during our Ninae expedition? 'Lecan-dono will without fail get up on Small Turtle period when it's time to go into battle'."

"Aa, yeah she did huh. Ah. Now that you mentioned it, someone's gonna propose to Heles."

"Eeeeh. Another weirdo?"

"No, a decent one this time."

"Decent by Lecan's standard is a bit outside other people's though. So who's this person?"

"I had a duel at the royal palace back then, didn't I."

"Un un. You fought that viscount something right?"

"That's the guy. I'll get into more detail in our next lunch break."

"Eeh~. But I'm curious~~."




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Okami wa Nemuranai 51.2



(Found a magic beast.)

(Quite a strong one.)

Lecan got a reaction on the edge of <Life Detection>'s range, somewhere 2500 steps ahead of them.

They're moving diagonally right from its position. If they keep their course, they will pass by about 1000 step to this magic beast's right.

They're gradually getting closer to the magic beast. But it's not giving any response.

Lecan shifted their trajectory slightly to the left.

A mold like scent drifted.


(We should try fighting a strong specimen at least once.)

Lecan slowed his advance and course corrected to the left. Eda matched that without saying anything.

The enemy still won't move even at 500 step distance.

(It should've noticed us by now.)

Lecan slowed down even further as he approached the magic beast.

The distance between them was cut to 200 steps.


It got in <3D Perceptions> range. The enemy is in crouching position, staying still.

Lecan drew his sword. <Sword of Rusk>.

His left wrist had <Shield of Wolkan>, left ring finger had <Ring of Rozan> with <Ring of Undying King> in index finger. Of course he's also got <Guardian Jewel of Zana>, <Dagger of Harut>, <Necklace of Intuador> and <Leg Bands of White Devil> on him too.

Lecan resumed his advance.

50 steps.

Only the sound the two pushing through grass resounded.

30 steps.
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20 steps.

Lecan halted.

The magic beast was in clear sight beyond the grass here.

It's got an abnormally large head. Thick long fur grows abundantly around its face. It looks simultaneously like hair, beard and body hair.

Its eyes are shut, unmoving. Like it's a statue.

Even at crouching position, it's as tall as Lecan.

(Is it sleeping?)

(Or perhaps in a stasis?)

Lecan breathed in greatly and charged ahead.

The magic beast suddenly opened its eyes.

Its huge mouth slammed open as it spewed out black mist like matter.

A strong putrid stench wafted.

The enemy sprung up.

Lecan raised his sword and swung it down toward the middle of its face. But his aim was off, he ended up striking the magic beast's left shoulder which made his sword slide down the long fur.

The magic beast kicked at Lecan's face with its gigantic left leg.

Lecan attempted to evade it, but he couldn't move well and got his left shoulder hit. A strong impact like he was hit by a battle hammer assaulted him.


He fell ahead to the right side.

At that point, a magic arrow Eda shot hit the magic beast's giant face.

The magic beast landed and growled before rushing at Eda.

Lecan tried to get up, but his body wouldn't follow his order.

He put his sword away and plunged his right hand into <Storage>.

(Yellow Potion, Green Potion, Large Red Potion.)

He grasped all three by willing it.

And threw them in his mouth.

He could move his body again. Lecan stood up, grabbed <Comet Cutter> from <Storage> and generated its magic blade.

Before his eyes, Eda continued her <Bow of Yelvitz> assault while swiftly dodging the magic beast's attacks.

Lecan ran up to the magic beast and swung down the magic blade diagonally at its back.

The magic beast turned around while roaring in anger.

An awfully ugly mug.

Lecan swung his sword in a cross shape at the lunging beast's face and dodged to the left.

The magic beast turned around and growled menacingly.

Lecan froze up, he could feel his vitality leaving his body.

However, he mustered all the willpower he had and swung down the magic blade at the magic beast from overhead.

The magic beast lurch and fell down the ground, but a treasure chest was in the spot the next instance.

Lecan fell down slumping.

"Are you alright, Lecan?"

"Yea. You hurt anywhere?"

"No. I'm fine. What's going on back then?"

"Not sure. But it seems you didn't get numb huh."


Eda has curse resistant <Giena's Barrette>, and poison void, <Charm of Iluent> on her. And as a <Sleep> magic user, Eda is resistant to mind magic.

On the other hand, Lecan has curse void <Dagger of Harut>, and status abnormal resistant and poison resistant <Ring of Rozan> on him. <Guardian Jewel of Zana> also has curse void effect though not as strong as the dagger.

That moldy stench was probably a status attack. <Necklace of Intuador> barrier would have stopped magic-based attack. But it does no good to physical-based powder. The powder probably had poison and mind magic attack contained within. No way to know if that's true, but that's the only possible explanation he could think up right now.

It must be why Eda was unaffected, while Lecan was hit hard. Though thanks to <Ring of Rozan> weakening its effect, Lecan retained a degree of freedom to move his body.

"Lecan. There's blood on your left shoulder."

"Ah, I drank a red potion, the wound's closed already."

"Your overcoat and armor's torn too."

"I likely still got my left arm attached thanks to this overcoat and armor. Good thing I got 'em."

"Wonder what kind of magic beast was that."

"Who knows, but it's probably a Demon Lion type."

The treasure chest had an <Exorcist Bracelet>, same type as the one Eda had on her. Eda's bracelet had the Depth of 120 when Lecan appraised it. This bracelet should be quite deep too.

"Sure faced a tough one right off the bat. Hold it. Did your <Exorcist Bracelet> not work on that magic beast?"

"Uun. I don't think it did."

"I see. We'd better consider that there's gonna be more magic beasts unaffected by the bracelet later. Now then, let's keep moving ahead."






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