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Okami wa Nemuranai 55.8


Lecan cast <Lightning (Gwinbar)> on all of four beastmen.

Eda leaped to the right and shot a barrage of five magic arrows from <Bow of Yelvitz>.

At the exact same time Lecan cast his magic, the dagger the owlman carried shot blades out. A continuous barrage of dozens of blades assaulted Lecan's group.

Four barrages of Eda's magic arrows and Lecan's <Lightning> got sucked into the shield the dragonman had.

Lecan was going to dodge the flying blades but the magic barrier put up by his <Necklace of Intuador> blocked and broke the blades into pieces.

Same thing happened with Eda.

Knight Yog and Knight Walt dispersed away most of the blades coming at them with their <Swords of Toron> and blocked the rest with their shields.

It seems the owlman's dagger is a Grace Gear that shoots out magic attack.

The wildcatman had rushed right in front of knight Walt. It moved extremely swiftly.

It turned to knight Walt's left side and stabbed at his left elbow, his shield arm. Knight Walt stopped moving for a moment. Looks like the short sword pierced through the gap between his armor joints.

The magic blades unleashed by owlman continued assaulting Knight Yog. Knight Yog shrunk his posture and staved off the barrage with <Sword of Toron> and his shield.

Lecan slashed at the wildcatman. The wildcatman twisted its body and hid behind knight Walt. Then it swiftly moved to the right side and stabbed at the slowed down knight Walt's throat.


Eda's <Purification> hit knight Walt.

Lecan swung his <Comet Cutter> at the wildcatman once again, but the beastman dodged the attack again and tried to move to knight Walt's left side. Where knight Walt swung his sword down.

The wildcatman lost its balance after receiving an unexpected attack from knight Walt who should have suffered grave injuries.


Eda's magic stopped the wildcatman for a moment.

Knight Walt stabbed the wildcatman's abdomen with <Sword of Toron>.

Wildcatman cut up knight Walt's right wrist with its short sword.


The black rhinoman was charging from behind the wildcatman as it raised its axe high up. The black rhinoman swung the axe down over wildcatman's head, toward knight Walt.
<TLN: Was mistyped as Lion in previous chapter, it's Rhino.>

"<Flame Spear>!"

Lecan jumped to the right of knight Walt and blew Wildcatman's head with the magic he shot from his left hand.

Knight Walt blocked the downswinging axe of Black Rhinoman with the shield on his left hand. His left wrist bent unnaturally.


By this point, the dragonman had gotten right in front of knight Yog and swung its giant shield at knight Yog.

Lecan ignored both the black rhinoman and dragonman and dashed ahead instead.

Owlman kept shooting out magic blades in rapid succession. His magic barrier repelled all of those blades.

Both Owlman's eyes emitted suspicious lights.

Lecan was hit by a sense of discomfort for a moment. Must be an abnormal status. However, it didn't work on Lecan.

He raised <Comet Cutter> to slice Owlman but that was when Owlman's dagger suddenly let out an intense light, robbing Lecan of his sight.

A moment later, Owlman thrust its dagger toward Lecan's back.

<Comet Cutter> cut off Owlman's neck.

Lecan has <3D Perceptions> even without his vision. There was no way he could miss Owlman's maneuver.

The owlman was actually moving at such a high speed no normal soldiers could possibly keep up, but as a conqueror of multiple Grand Dungeons, Lecan's reaction time could easily catch it.

Lecan could have teleported right besides the supreme commander and challenged him to a duel now.

However, he turned around toward the dragonman instead. He had a feeling that he wouldn't get the right to a duel with the supreme commander unless he defeated this dragonman.

Knight Yog got blown away, and lay on the ground. Eda lured the dragonman away. Eda skillfully dodged as the dragonman swung its gigantic shield all over the place. She cast <Purification> on knight Yog all the while.

Knight Walt managed to endure the Black Rhinoman's attack but his sword is broken and his shield awfully dented. He won't last long.

Lecan cut at the dragonman's back with <Comet Cutter>. <Comet Cutter>'s magic blade got absorbed into the dragonman's shield.
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(The thing can absorb stuff from behind too huh.)

The dragonman turned around while growling. It lifted its giant shield high and attempted to crush Lecan.


Eda cast <Purification> on knight Walt and knight Yog.

Lecan spoke to Eda while dodging the dragonman's shield rampage.

"Eda! Cast <Purification> on my eyes too!"

He took some distance away from the dragonman. The dragonman took a step forward and swung its giant shield from right to left.

"Haa. Haa. Got it! <Purification>!"

Eda shot out <Purification> while breathing heavily.

However that <Purification> changed course in front of Lecan, absorbed into the dragonman's shield.

The dragonman lunged at Lecan.

"<Flame Spear>!"

Lecan greatly jumped back while shooting a <Flame Spear> on the dragonman's foothold.

A sudden hole on the ground should make it fumble or at least lose its balance.

Yet that attack got absorbed into the shield too.

"<Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>!"

Lecan kept shooting <Flame Spears> at the loudly approaching dragonman into all directions. He was testing the range of the shield's magic absorption. But even a <Flame Spear> that was more than three step away got absorbed.

(Don't tell me its absorption range can be freely adjusted.)


The dragonman stopped moving.

Lecan ran left ahead, toward Eda.

Eda correctly guessed Lecan's intention.


Lecan's head was enveloped in a warm light, restoring his sight.

He also noticed the dragonman's unusual state.




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