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Okami wa Nemuranai 55.5


A bit before Lecan clashed with Red Bearman and White Leopardman, there was another movement in the battlefield.

Someone had concealed themselves as they approached the enemy base from the east side of the <Highway of Death>'s direction. They're making use of bushes and tall grass to shrewdly hide themselves. This person appears to possess specialized skills in moving around in secrecy.

This individual possesses quite strong mana thus <Life Detection> shows them clearly. Lecan is familiar with their presence.

The enemies had their attention drawn to Lecan's <Rush Flare> when he unleashed the magic. This individual made use of that chance to get close to the enemy base.

That was when a short beastman with the face of a rabbit standing by near the enemy's supreme commander turned around and shrieked out while pointing at a bush.

Four beastmen near the supreme commander turned around and shot magic all together.

That individual had an anti-magic equipment on them thus they managed to stave off the attack, but this made it clear that the supreme commander had powerful bodyguards protecting him.

The individual gave up trying to get to him. Thus they fled to the west, quickly getting out of the magic attack's range.

Very much fleet-footed. Then this individual course corrected and headed straight toward the spot where Lecan was fighting the beastmen.

Several things took place at once.

Jinga had run up to Lecan on his horse and attacked the White Leopardman.

Lecan slashed his <Comet Cutter> at the giant club the Red Bearman was swinging down, but <Comet Cutter> slipped past the giant club. Lecan dodged the downswung giant club and cut at it with <Comet Cutter> again during the brief moment it stopped moving.

Knight Pulkus had ordered the archer unit to stand by, with the first squad aiming for the center army, and second squad aiming for the front row.

The first squad is a group of experts capable of shooting at enemies 500 step ahead.
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The second squad fell behind them but they could still shoot targets 400 step ahead.

The enemy's front row was still more than 400 step ahead, yet now that the howling beastmen had stopped, knight Pulkus decided to launch their offensive.

In the exact moment the howling resumed, the Silver Ratman turned around as they felt like their allies were warning them about something. A human swordsman ran up to them. It's Arios.

Arios drew <Void Cutter> and lopped the Silver Ratman's head off before slicing the white snake wand into two with the return stroke.

And then he quickly got away.

The howling beastmen had resumed their howling but the Silver Ratman's sudden demise shocked them, ceasing their howling. A rain of arrows poured down them an instance later. The arrows shot out by the first archer squad.

White Leopardman swung its curved sword while twisting its body to dodge Jinga's attack. The launched slash tore up Jinga's right hand.


Jinga's knight aide also drew near on horseback and slashed at the White Leopardman with Eda still riding along, but the White Leopardman also dodged the knight's attack and swung its curved sword. The launched slash sliced the knight's chest.


The arrows unleashed by the first archer squad flew in the sky toward a spot further behind the howling beastmen.

However, a golden snake-headed beastman raised a wand embedded with a blue gem high up and all the arrows mysteriously lost their inertia and fell down the ground like they got blown away by the wind.

White Leopardman and Red Bearman ignored Jinga and his aide running past their sides and went for Lecan.

Red Bearman ahead.

White Leopardman to the right behind the bearman.

Red Bearman loudly made a sweeping motion with the giant club in its right hand.

Lecan slashed at the Red Bearman's neck while dodging that.

<Comet Cutter> wounded its neck, but it failed to cleanly cut it and the blade slipped past.

White Leopardman showed up in front of Lecan.

It feigned coming from the right side and went to the opposite side during the brief moment Lecan clashed with Red Bearman.

White Leopardman swung down its curved sword diagonally.

Lecan didn't dodge the attack and continued swinging <Comet Cutter> that had just slashed Red Bearman's neck to the left while explosively extending its magic blade.

The curved sword's launched slash made a deep cut on Lecan's left shoulder and chest.

<Comet Cutter> lopped off the White Leopardman's head.

The Red Bearman had spun its body to make a sweeping motion with its giant club from the other direction.

Lecan swung <Comet Cutter> from left to right.

The giant club got cut apart on its base.

Lecan was about to kick the ground with his right leg to jump to the left when an intense pain hit his left chest, his legs gave out.

Red Bearman threw a punch at Lecan with its right fist still gripping the remains of giant club.

Lecan's brain urged him to get away but his body wouldn't follow. The wound on his left chest is life threatening. He's going to die unless he drinks a God Cure soon.

An arrow pierced the Red Bearman's right eye.

The bearman's aim was off due to that and its right fist swung above Lecan's head barely missing by a hair.


Jinga and his aide had turned around and came back on their horses. Eda riding behind that aide shot out <Purification>.

Lecan who had regained his strength, swung <Comet Cutter> from the left to right at the Red Bearman's neck, and back again from the right to left.

Lecan and Red Bearman stopped moving.

Red Bearman's head fell forward as its gigantic body collapsed backward.





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