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Okami wa Nemuranai 55.6


"The rest is all yours! I'm gonna tata out and be a good spectator now!"

Someone shouted behind him.

It's Daryra's voice.

She must have been the one who shot the Red Bearman's eye.

She was only hired as a guide by Wazrof House, yet she went out of her way to stealthily follow them and even did a cover fire.

Daryra's presence quickly faded.

Fleet-footed indeed.

The battlefield kept changing in the meantime.

Knight Pulkus ordered first squad to launch another long range attack, and the second squad to advance and unleash a rain of arrows upon the enemies.

The first squad's second arrow rain was dispersed by Golden Snakeman once again.

Knight Pulkus ordered the first squad to aim slightly to the sides.

The first squad unleashed their arrows at the center formation and side formations at once.

Arrows aimed at the center formation got scattered away by the Golden Snakeman's mysterious power, but this power did not extend to the side formations.

Which means the arrow dispersing power didn't cover over that wide of an area.

Thus they opted to shoot the third volley over a wider area.

Several beastmen attempted to charge ahead but this third volley stopped them.

Knight Pulkus ordered the first archer squad to keep shooting for as long as their arrows last.

This afforded their side some precious time.

32 knights who had been running on foot managed to join up with Lecan's group.

The arrows stopped.
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The beastmen in the enemy base stood still while keeping watch on Lecan's side.

As if they were waiting for this side to get their formation in order.

Jinga ordered the 32 knights to halt.

The knights were breathing heavily. They had just run over a 1000 step distance with their heavy metal armor on in one dash, naturally the burden was enormous. However, these knights are able to recover their fatigue by standing still in resting positions. They have the bodies forged and trained for that.

Lecan observed the beastmen with his bare eyes and checked their forces with <Life Detection>.

Lecan's <Life Detection> can cover a 1500 step radius now. He can move the area around but he cannot use it to detect things 3000 step ahead. At max it's 2500 steps.

This skill ascertained the death of howling beastmen, Silver Ratman, White Leopardman and Red Bearman. Because they're not shown in <Life Detection> despite his eyes visually capturing their bodies. Counting the corpses, there were 19 howling beastmen.

He caught the enemy's Supreme Commander's presence and the ten beastmen surrounding him. <Mana Detection> can only detect tens of steps ahead. As there's still a bit more than 100 steps to the Supreme Commander, Lecan can't tell its exact mana pool. However the red dot displayed by <Life Detection> is too small. Meaning the Supreme Commander possesses no mana at all. He's not the Boudo Lecan knows. However, the individual emanating a peculiar presence of a human from his world is undoubtedly this Supreme Commander. As Lecan senses it, the other party must too.

Lecan could have gotten more detail if <3D Perception> was in range, unfortunately it's barely outside that.

There are 16 beastmen surrounding the Supreme Commander with additional 10 right besides him. They were originally positioned wide spread but now 10 among the 16 have put themselves between Supreme Commander and Lecan's group. While the remaining six are on guard in all sides, keeping watch of any potential attack coming in all directions.

There are only 26 beastmen protecting the supreme commander. 26 people with monstrous strength.

(Might as well challenge this supreme commander to a duel.)

That thought crossed Lecan's mind.

With all the noises in the battlefield and at this distance, his voice wouldn't reach the supreme commander, but it should if he just gets a bit closer. Since the man should hail from Lecan's world, he should speak that world's language as well.


(That won't do.)

Trying to speak with someone who has completely fortified himself and demand a challenge is mere fantasy.

(I gotta show 'em I could get to him with my own strength at least.)

(Otherwise they ain't gonna take it.)

Jinga spoke to Lecan in whisper.

"Lecan-sama. Luck be with you."

Just as Lecan wondered what he meant by that, Jinga issued a command loudly.

"Knight Yog! Knight Walton! Open the path for Lecan-sama and Eda-sama! The rest of you come with me!"

He moved 50 steps to the left afterward.


Only Eda, knight Yog and knight Walton remained with Lecan while the horseriding aide and 30 knights moved to the left-wing.

Why would they split their forces now.

Why did they reduce the number of people in the right-wing so much.

Even the two charging horses are there.

(I see.)

(You're going with that.)

Jinga plans to be a decoy.

He's going to lure as many enemies as he could so Lecan can break through the few remaining ones.




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