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Okami wa Nemuranai 55.7


The enemy is also changing their formation to match Lecan's side.

Among ten in the front row, six headed north or to the left-wing, while four lined up in the south to face the right-wing.

Six beastmen will intercept Jinga's unit, while four are going to fight Lecan's group.

Lecan found it odd at first.

They should be well aware of Lecan's extraordinary strength from witnessing his battle earlier. They must have seen Eda's healing as well. Thus, they should have at least get five of them to fight his group.

But he quickly found out the reason.

That wouldn't fit these beastmen's belief.

Seeing as how they valued duels so much, these beastmen must be proud of their strength.

Humans must look like a feeble race to them.

They absolutely cannot send more than the same amount of humans coming at them, which is four.

Besides, they could have sent eight to Jinga and two to Lecan.

However, they have borne witness to <Rush Flare> and <Flame Spear>. Also how <Comet Cutter> cut down White Leopardman and Red Bearman.

Thus, four is the minimum amount of people their pride allowed them to.

Even the act of sending four people is proof of their maximum respect to Lecan.

As a matter of fact, the majority of the beastmen were glaring hard at Lecan.

The intense surging bloodlust felt like it's burning his skin.

(Hold it.)

(I see.)

(That's how it is.)

The beastmen empire has sent far too few military personnel in this conquest of a huge kingdom like Zaka. 500 <Fang>, 500 <Pincer>, 300 <Whip> and 50 <Tail>. 1350 in total.

That is the sign of these beastmen's obstinacy. But the entirety of these 1350 individuals must consist of elite of the elite. Every single one of them might possibly on the level of a depth walker.

1350 Depth Walking Dungeon Adventurers.

No wonder they're so tough.


The beastmen finished rearranging their formation. But there's something odd about this new formation.

Four beastmen are lined up 30 steps ahead of Lecan.

Six beastmen stand by 30 steps ahead of Jinga. That's fine and all.

100 steps ahead of Lecan where the supreme commander lies, nine of his ten elite bodyguards moved ahead and formed a folding fan formation. They're situated about 30 steps ahead of the supreme commander.

(Why'd they take some distance away from the supreme commander?)

(Shouldn't it be easier if they were closer.)

Only a golden rabbitman remained next to the supreme commander. Its right ear stood straight while the left ear was half folded while occasionally standing upright.

Due to the elite bodyguards getting scattered like that, the supreme commander finally came into view.

(Makes it easier for us.)

Four beastmen stood 30 steps ahead, then the nine elite bodyguards 40 steps further behind them and finally the supreme commander 30 steps even further behind.

So long as Lecan's group managed to break through the four beastmen ahead, Lecan could warp right in front of the supreme commander with <Leg Bands of White Devil>. He then would challenge him to a duel. The other party might refuse to accept the duel, but Lecan would then simply deploy <Talisman of Darkness Demon> to freeze it and lopped his head off with <Comet Cutter>.

Lecan isn't sure if this battle would result in their victory even after defeating the supreme commander. But killing the supreme commander would complete his quest. And that surely would cause a huge ripple in the war.

(Was also told to defeat other generals besides the supreme commander.)

(But who knows who's who.)

(There's just no way to deal with all of these guys.)

(Once I did the supreme commander in.)
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(I'm gonna get the hell out of here.)

(Should be doable with <Ring of Undying King> and <Gust>.)



"Run away once I've started a one-on-one fight with the enemy's supreme commander. Leave the battlefield as as quick as you can."

"Eh? Un, I got it."

What's sure is the fact that this supreme commander is an adventurer from his world. Yet his outward appearance seems unclear for some mysterious reason. It's not only due to the 100 step distance, there's something weirdly hazy about him.


(Arios is coming here.)

Arios is approaching the enemy base from behind despite his last getaway.

He's moving in thick bushes growing in the east side of <Highway of Death>.

Though invisible to bare eyes, <Life Detection> displays him.

Arios probably received a request from someone as well. A request to cut down the supreme commander.

(If he causes a commotion over there.)

(It'll make things easier for us.)

(Good. Go on and make a mess.)

Unfortunately, the golden rabbitman turned around and pointed at the bushes while saying something.

Three of the six guard watching the rear line went toward the place the rabbitman pointed.

(Ah, Arios is getting away.)

(The rabbit won.)

(Arios. You lost.)


Jinga issued his order.

The left-wing force advanced.

Lecan also drew <Comet Cutter>, generated the blade and started walking forward.

Eda to his right. With <Bow of Yelvitz> in her left hand.

Knight Yog is walking ahead of Eda. The shield on his left hand is out protecting his vitals with the sword in his right hand pointed ahead next to the shield.

Knight Walton is walking ahead of Lecan. He's got his shield and sword at the ready as well.

The four beastmen 30 steps ahead had started walking toward them as well.

The leftmost one is a Black Rhinoman. Holding a small yet weighty looking axe. It's taller by a head than Lecan with twice, thrice his body weight.

To its right is an owl-headed beastman. Its dagger is pointed straight at Lecan's group. It's also a bearer of an enormous mana pool.

To the right of it is a Wildcat-headed beastman. It's got daggers in both its hands.

And the rightmost beastman has a face like that of a Great Flame Dragon, twice Lecan's height. It's carrying a gigantic three step tall shield made of a rugged looking dragon-like material which exudes an extraordinary sense of tenacity. The dragon beastman is only wearing a chest protector and nothing else, but its bare skin is pretty much an armor in itself.

Lecan can now tell from this distance. These four are as strong as Dungeon Depth-Walkers. Or more like they're as strong as Dungeon Bosses themselves.

As they got within 15 step to each other, the battle broke out without warning.




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