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Okami wa Nemuranai 54.7


"And in the exact moment our 200 strong Mashajain knights were about to sortie out of the capital as the rear guard, on the ninth of month four, a Dragon Rider Knight flying on their White Necked Dragon came back bringing an unthinkable news with them. Disastrous defeat of the first wave unit. The optimistic atmosphere was blown away, and we halted the sortie of our knights. Several nobles began voicing out their worries on capital's defense as well."

Thereafter, a White Neck Dragon would fly from Aspora to the capital and vice versa every single day.

They were informed on how the defeated first wave unit had withdrawn to Aspora. As well as Guido Imperial Army's movements.

"Aspora is the only town with a sufficient defensive capability to hold out against the invaders along Daina Highway, it was to be our base of operation. We had sent food and supply there as well as medics and apothecaries. But there are limits to the number of potions we have as well as medics' mana, we simply do not have enough to treat all the wounded back on their feet and ready for war."

Guido Imperial Army stayed at the spot where they fought for three days after the battle and resumed their march on the fourth.

(They took their time treating the wounded and restoring stamina.)

(Must have recharged their spirits.)

(They're disgustingly brazen during this invasion of an unknown land.)

(This General Boudo guy's awfully adept with combat.)

Contrasting to that, Zaka Kingdom's actions are enough to even make Lecan who's ignorant of war tactics tilt his head in confusion.

Tranche Knights were apparently going to halt the detached force's advance in the forest, but knights can't possibly maneuver well in a forest and they're likely not trained in ambushing tactics as well.

Egis adventurers were under Tranche Knights' commands, while Wado adventurers were under Smarc Knights. However, those knights can't possibly make good use of those adventurers. They should have just let Egis, Wado, and Tsubolt adventurers join together and hold back the detached force instead, that would have likely dealt a huge blow to the enemy.

It's all just too uneven.

"Who have been making the war strategies?"

"A round table war council consisting of his majesty the king, the crown prince, prime minister, senior officials of PM Office, and eight marquises who had dispatched their forces, or their representatives. There are also contact persons of the commanders of royal knights and royal mages, commanders of every knight units as well as ten of PM Office officials who are permitted to state their opinions and information as they stand by in the back. Or so how it was in the beginning, more and more nobles demanded to be included in the war council, the number now has swelled up to more than 40 just on the sitting tables."

Manfrey who deemed that participating in such a council would only waste his time and energy decided to go back to his territory and send 150 additional knights, he left his representatives there and went back to Mashajain after wishing the fortune of war to Mashajain knights already in the capital. His representatives are Manfrey's eldest son, Olfrey, and the elderly Viscount Goroun Wiba responsible for external affairs.

Marquis of Tranche also left the capital after promising to send more knights.

Manfrey is currently watching over the war progress while exchanging information with the capital and Tranche through <Mirros of Nata>.

"Now then, Adventurer Lecan. I have a quest for you."

Lecan lifted his eyes off the map as Manfrey spoke with a slightly chilling tone.

"I would like you to kill the supreme commander of the invader army, General Boudo. Your reward will be ten platinum coins. Or are you perhaps unwilling to fight General Boudo if he turns out to be your acquaintance from your old world?"

Manfrey looked at Lecan with a strong gaze.

Lecan grinned.

"Nah. I've fought that guy in duels to death before. We partnered up to conquer dungeons the last few years though. Guy's a reliable ally yeah, but I'd be lying if I told you I don't want to settle the score with him."

"...Pardon me for asking, but was your original world a barbaric kind of place?"

"That world's always full of fights between lords or lords against opposing foces. Adventurers who were your allies yesterday turning up as your adversaries tomorrow was a common sight."

"I see. If possible, it would be best if you could fell other commanders besides General Boudou. Your reward will be one additional platinum coin per kill."

"I'll take it."

'Phew', Manfrey let out a big sigh before sinking down his sofa.

"Well then, I wish you to depart right away. However, first I must get you up to speed to the present situation. In addition to the defeated Smarc and Tranche Knights, Gido Knights and Tsubolt adventurers have also arrived at Aspora. That is where all our forces have concentrated."

Manrey looked at Fujisur, the house aide. Fujisur took a piece of paper and gave it to Manfrey. Manfrey handed it over to Lecan.

"You may keep it with you."

The piece of paper had detail on the forces at Aspora.

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Smarc Knights, 380.

150 knights.

40 archers.

20 mages.

170 squires.

40 Wado adventurers.

Tranche Knights, 250.

120 knights.

60 foot soldiers.

50 archers.

20 mages.

30 Egis adventurers.

Gido Knights, 580.

200 knights.

100 archers.

80 mages.

200 squires.

100 Tsubolt adventurers.

30 Daina knights.

30 knights.

200 Aspora adventurers.

Miscellaneous lord forces, 550.

120 knights.

220 foot soldiers.

130 archers.

80 spearmen.

2160 in total.

"However, we have lost around 400 personnel since that list was updated."


"It was Guido Imperial Army's handiwork."




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