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Okami wa Nemuranai 54.13


Lecan were shocked to see Jinga again, but the same went to Jinga as well, he looked taken aback when he saw Lecan.

"Your left eye. I see that it has been restored. Congratulations. And this dignity and strength Lecan-sama exuded. Please pardon me, but what is that armor."

"Ah. It's made of Great Flame Dragon's leather I got at Yufu. Master artisans at Yufu worked on them."

"Great Flame Dragon! Did you subdue one in Dungeon Yufu?"

"Yea. Along with Eda."

"Ooh, just the two of you prevailed against a Great Flame Dragon. Splendid."

Jinga is acting quite a bit too polite. Almost as if they were strangers. As that thought crossed Lecan's mind, it hit him.

(By propping me up like this.)

(He's trying to elevate Norma's stature.)

Norma had a weak presence detached to Wazrof Household to many people connected to Wazrof. However, she's no longer able to avoid getting involved with Wazrof's affairs from now on. Thus, by showing to others how him, a Chief Knight of Wazrof, bowed before Norma's groom, it would give off the impression that Norma is a high ranking noble lady of Wazrof.

"Here's a letter the Family Head of Wazrof entrusted with me."

Lecan avoided calling Manfrey by name in the presence of Wazrof Knights' bigshots.

Jinga opened the letter Lecan presented, and took a quick look.

Then he handed it to a knight behind him. The knight read the letter and handed it to another knight besides him. All the knights who read the letter looked shocked as they turned their sight at Lecan and Eda.

"We will be moving out with you until we come in contact with the enemy forces. Eda and I will act independently once the battle begins. We'll be with you guys till then."

Lecan is not reckless enough to charge head on to a general protected by his army. This general has likely surrounded himself with elite guards, not to mention other beastmen around. Not even Lecan could do anything if they all came at him at once. His only chance of getting to General Boudo is during the confusion from a clash between armies.

Or perhaps he could even present himself as a messenger of peace? But that's definitely not the greatest choice.

First of all, his standing is on a shaky ground. A representative of Zaka Kingdom is out of question. Yet calling himself a messenger of Marquis of Mashajain would put the responsibility on Manfrey. Trying to negotiate with the invading army without the kingom's approval, not even Wazrof could get out of that without repercussions.

Besides, there's no guarantee that Zack Zaikaz really is in the possession of Beastmen Empire's treasure.

No guarantee that General Boudo is the same Boudo Lecan knows. Were he not, entering Guido Imperial Army's territory would be a suicidal act.

To begin with, Manfrey would have asked Lecan to go with it if a peaceful negotiation was on the table. The fact that that man did not choose this path means that it's simply asking for the unreasonable.

In the end, his aim should be General Boudo's head. If it turned out the man could be reasoned with then good, all the more if he is willing to go to Zack's town to check things out and negotiate the retaking of the treasure.

(But looking at it again.)

(The war has long since started.)

(Don't think we can afford to peacefully negotiate.)

(Heck, what a pain.)

(My specialty is fighting.)
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(Not negotiation.)

(Alright. That's that.)

(Don't care if this supreme commander Boudo is that Boudo or not.)

(He's dead meat.)

(I can think what to do next after.)

By this point, Lecan has mostly given up trying to open a negotiation.

"Well then, please take your seat."

"Hm? You need me for something?"

"I shall give you a rundown on the situation."

(I'm just gonna tag along Jinga though.)

(I ain't gonna get all the minor details anyway.)

(Nor can I give a good answer to their issues.)

Lecan took his seat despite feeling slightly dubious.

"Eda-sama, you too."


Eda sat down next to Lecan.

Jinga sat at the other end of the desk. With the other six knights standing behind him.

One of the knights unfolded a map on the desk.

"By the order of the War Council, us Mashajain Knights are to go around the enemy forces and launch a surprise attack on their flanks or rear line. Have a look at this map."

Jinga pointed at a spot on the map.

"From here Nikuya town to Aspora town, the terrain is that of a gently sloping downhill, marching on this terrain will surely alert the enemy. In other word, our only choice is to enter the forest right away from here. How much does Lecan-sama know about the war progress?"

"Our side had a force of 2700 in Aspora but we lost 400 from skirmishes on the 13th and 15th of month four. The enemy total force was originally 1000 and barely decreased. That's about all I know."

"There was another skirmish on the 17th. 200 on our side were either dead or incapacitated. We arrived here on yesterday evening. Our scout had reported another skirmish going on just now. Our arrival has been relayed to Aspora through a contact adventurer. Since we wouldn't have made it in time even if we marched now, we are to join the fray in the next skirmish."


It all sounds lax, but Jinga is undoubtedly more experienced in this kind of things than Lecan. Lecan did not interject.

"However, we hit a roadblock. I would like to hear Lecan-sama's opinion on it."





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