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Okami wa Nemuranai 54.10


Lecan and Eda took stamina restorative, cast <Acceleration> on themselves, and headed west from Mashajain. There's a highway to the capital immediately to the south, but on top of being a slight detour, it's bustling with traffic so taking the meadow and forest shortcut would get them to their destination faster.

After the meadow and gently sloping woodlands, there should be a small mountain with Daina Highway beyond it.

They set up camp as they started climbing that mountain.

Eda cooked soup, while Lecan grilled some meat and vegetable skewers.

As they gazed the campfire illuminating the surroundings with the sounds of cracking burning woods in the background, Eda spoke.

"We lit up a campfire like this when we first met, didn't we."

"You hit a tree and knocked yourselves out the first night."

"Ahaha. I really should thank you for that. Can't believe you found me tho'."

"You've always had a huge mana pool. Easy to tell once I got close. Besides, I just retraced the path we took. No way to miss you."

"You can only say that because it's you Lecan. Still, wonder what'd have happened to Chaney-san if you got stuck finding me back then."

"Probably got killed by Marakis."

"Un. Probably yep. I was super shocked when they told me what happened. But did that person really think he could win against you, Lecan?"

"Who knows. Guy might have attempted to buy me off."

"Oh I see. So like, I'd get killed?"

"Yeah. One of the escorts betrayed the group, killed the other escort and Chaney then fled with money, probably the planned ploy."

Lecan gulped down his booze. A bit of booze heals fatigue and relaxes muscles. Gonna get a good night sleep. Tomorrow they'll start running for real.

"Hey, Lecan."


"Does your name 'Lecan' have a meaning?"

"Yea. It means 'Unwanted'."

"Eeeh? That's awful. That name's just too terrible from parents to their child."

"Wasn't my parents. I was abandoned as a child, got no name on me. Woulda been a hassle if I didn't have it in the orphanage, so the <Caring Mothers> gave me that one."

"What were other children's names like?"

"<Burnt Head>, <Smashed Nose>, <Drowsy Eye>, <Crybaby>, <Misfit>."

"Um, that's enough Lecan. It's making me feel bad."

"Does your name got a meaning?"

"Un. In mom's hometown, you see, there's this legendary tree that grants wishes, it's called Edarmarfos. Huh, Lecan? What's with the shocked look."

"Nah, it's just, my birthplace got a legend of a tree with that name too. A legend of the Great Wise Tree Edarmarfos in the farthest end mountain. Those who braved the long arduous journey and arrived there may speak with Edarmarfos and be granted one wish. Eda. What's your mother's name?"

"She called herself Dana, but her real name's actually Roojie."

"Roojie huh. You can find the name in my world too. Mostly nobles though. Can't be. No, might be. Where'd your mother come from?"

"I wonder where? She said she couldn't go back anyway."

"I see."
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"Lecan. I have a request."


"I want you to come with me to the village I was born at, just once before our wedding."

"I don't mind, what's the plan?"

"I wanna visit my father's and mother's graves and introduce you, Lecan."

"Ah, yeah okay. That's good. Let's go."

"Thank you, Lecan. And also, I'd like to go see my friend if possible."


"My one and only friend in that village. Nami-chan, we're the same age."

"Really. Be nice if you could see her again. Gotta remember to bring gifts to this friend of yours. Some clothes or something, nothing too fancy."

"Oh wow, Lecan thought about bringing gifts. You've really grown up. Ah, yeah, I heard about you bringing Shurengo fruit for Jericho and Yurika. Did they like it?"

"Nah, I couldn't give it."

"Eh? Why?"

"The two of them were nowhere when I arrived at Vouka. Apparently they were out training or something."

"Aah, they went off again."

"You knew huh. Where are they going anyway?"

"I don't know. I mean, they wouldn't tell me when I asked."

"Err, not like you can understand Jericho's words. Anyway, the Shurengeo would go bad before they got back. So I gave them to Prado and Kanner. Jericho and Yurika returned after a while though."



"Didn't you get a <Timeless Bag> in Dungeon Yufu."


"You forgot."


<Timeless Bag> is one of the treasures he got from defeating the Three Giants, Dungeon Yufu's bosses, all objects stored within this <Box>-like item remain fresh. He was going to check out its capacity but since he got attacked by Argent Flame Wolf immediately after departing Yufu and went in Dungeon of Carrion King right afterward, he completely forgot. He hadn't checked up on <Thunder God Spear> and <Amulet of Hippodora> he got from the battle either.

Lecan proceeded to stuff smoked meat, bread and fruit from Mashajain inside <Timeless Bag>.

Eda who was staring at him all the while spoke in a chilly tone.

"Don't forget the vegetables."

Eda cast <Purification> on herself and Lecan before they went to bed.




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