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Okami wa Nemuranai 54.9


"Mumumu. Then all the more. Lecan, I implore you. Kill the enemy's supreme commander. I believe you're capable of high speed traversal unthinkable with common sense. Surely, you would arrive there before our Mashajain Knights engage the enemy if you depart now."

With the help of <Acceleration> and <Recovery> magic as well as stamina restorative, Lecan is capable of continuous high speed travel over a long distance. He never told Manfrey about that, but Manfrey must have surmised that from the information he had on him and all his interactions with Lecan so far.

Lecan glared at the map.

He's had experience running from Vouka to Tsubolt in three days. Compared to that, Mashajain-Aspora is much closer. Moreover, the route is mostly through Daina Highway. Since it's not used much and it's currently war time, the traffic should be pretty sparse.

"I could get there in two days."

"Ooh! Please. I'm sorry, but I must ask you to depart right away."

"Before that, got something to tell you."



"Yes. Manfrey-sama. We believe we have some information on the treasure Guido Empire is seeking."

"What do you mean, Eda-dono."

"I shall make it brief. On month three of kingdom year 117, Norma-sama and I treated a man by the name Zack Zaikaz. Zack-sama was being eaten away by a curse. Zack-sama forced his way through the Great Forest and assaulted an ancient temple found there, obtaining great wealth in the process, however, it was likely a divine curse imposed by an unknown god worshiped in that temple. According to someone close to Zack-sama, that curse took root around 17 years ago. Which is 19 years ago from present time."

During Zack's treatment, Norma and Eda listened to great detail about his illness including the onset from people close to Zack. They also got fragmented yet interesting information from Zack's delirious rambling. After Zack's departure, Norma and Eda discussed with Vouka townlord Crimus Ulban and sorted out all the information they had. Eda then heard about the tale of Dragon Slaying Sword from Lecan and pieced that together with what Zack attempted to accomplished.

"Zack Zaikaz. I am familiar with that name. I see. Something like that happened."

"We are also aware of the event preceding the raid on this ancient temple, but I shall spare Manfrey-sama from this long tale for a more appropriate time."

"Is that so. No you're exactly correct, time is of the essence right now."

"Might even drive Guido Imperial army back home if we played our card right. Though well, that's only if they're willing to listen to us, then go for a ride to Zack's place and grab this treasure thing."

"Lecan. I am revising my request."


"I shall pay you 20 platinum coins if you manage to drive away Guido Imperial Army, regardless of the means. However, there will be no rewards for killing General Boudo and other commanders if you go with this."

Lecan figured that Manfrey would try to negotiate with Zack once he found out about it, but that still requires dealing with Guido Imperial Army first, and Lecan is the only person capable of achieving that.

"Got it. But why go so far to bear that burden on your own?"

"As a high ranking noble of this kingdom, I do not intend to shirk my obligations. This is also for the sake of protecting our knights. And besides, your meritorious deeds would compel the royal palace to reward me."

"I see. Got it loud and clear. Eda, go get changed."


"Hold it right there. Are you intending to take Eda-dono along with you?"

"Of course."

Manfrey opened his mouth as he was about to say something but no word came out in the end.

"If that is your decision and with Eda-dono not objecting, it is not my place to protest. I can only pray that you have chosen the best course of action. Is there anything I can do to help?"

"Get us some water in bags or tubes. Also food you can eat without cooking them first."

"It shall be done. Fujisur."

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"With the armor."


Fujisur left the room after bowing.

Manfrey resumed his talk.

"You should stop by Nikuya town first. I could not exactly order our knights to wait for your arrival but they have been informed of your coming. Even if our knights departed the town before you arrived there, they would surely have arranged for adventurers that could help guide you. We have stationed several Wazrof knights in Nikuya town, you can show them Wazrof medal."

"Got it."

"Manfrey-sama. I shall excuse myself."


Eda left the room.

"Your armor has been delivered here from Yufu. It's being brought here."

"Ooh. It's done huh."

"I'll let you have these."

"What's? With this bag."

"God Cures. Five of them. The ones Yufu gave us. Use them as you see fit. Do return the leftover."

"Well ain't ya generous. Thanks. I'll take 'em."

Someone spoke from outside.

"Requesting permission to enter the room."

"Go ahead."

It was Knight Rigan Notz. A squire carrying a big sack is behind him.

"Huh? Knight Rigan's here? Then who's leading the knights?"

"It's Jinga."

"What. How'd that happen. Is his waist all right?"

"There were many extenuating circumstances. Apparently his waist is fine."

Lecan didn't pursue the topic further. He's more interested in the sack the squire is carrying.

Opening it revealed an armor.

An exquisite armor made exclusively with Great Flame Dragon's leather.


The still living Great Flame Dragon's color looked blackish green, but this armor is of a calm deep blue color.

This is undoubtedly a good armor. But Lecan didn't gaze at it any further and put it away inside <Storage> along with the sack.

"Something that big entered in an instant. Are you sure you don't have to try it on?"

"I spent quite some time in Yufu for the measurements, the artisans even got me move in many ways to size me up till all the fine detail. I trust 'em. I'll put it on during a break along the way."

Lecan put away all the prepared water and food in his <Storage>.

Then Eda came back after changing to light dress and handed him a huge bag. Looks like it's an assortment of stuff that doesn't fit inside her <Box>. As he had gotten used to it, Lecan put it inside his <Storage> in silence.

Manfrey stared in amazement but said nothing.

Afterward, Lecan talked to Julius who was waiting in another room.

If he were to be honest, having Julius with them would be a big help. Julius is highly adept in inter-personal combat. And he coordinates well with Lecan and Eda.

However, having your hands stained in a great number of magic beasts' blood is utterly unlike blood of a large swat of humans.

Hence, Lecan talked to him frankly. Julius replied, saying that he had to consult with Arios about this.

Thus, Julius went back to his village. Lecan told him to come to Aspora if he got the permission, despite knowing that he wouldn't have made it in time then.

After seeing Julius off, Lecan and Eda left Mashajain, with Manfrey, Fujsiur and Knight Rigan seeing them off. It was already sunset.




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