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Okami wa Nemuranai 47.3


"You bastard. Where'd you pop off from."

All the three bandits are on horseback.

"We'll overlook it this time, piss off."

"We're busy here, ya hear us."

The third man said that while putting his hand in his hidden pocket chest.

The man grabbed a knife in the pocket. Must be planning to hurl it at Lecan once he turned around.

Lecan briskly approached the men.

One of the man abruptly galloped his horse toward Lecan.

He's raising his sword up high while looking at Lecan with bloodshot eyes.

Lecan may be tall, but a horse-riding man is taller still.

And the bandit must hold absolute confidence in his superiority afforded by his horse's mobility.

Lecan unsheathed <Sword of Rusk>.


The bandit yelled out loud as he swung his sword at Lecan before he got his right sword arm cut off by Lecan.


(Quite a decent slash from a bandit.)

(The sword's pretty well made as well.)

(And their horses are good horses.)

(Are they ex adventurers?)

As the horse ran past him, Lecan's hair and overcoat fluttered in the wind.

Then the bandit fell off his horse behind Lecan.

"W-why you!"

The second bandit got enraged instead of faltering even after witnessing that scene, he went swinging his weapon around at Lecan on horseback.

This man's got an axe as his weapon. He's got a large build that goes for his horse as well.

The horse charged while making crushing-like sounds along its path. Weak willed adventurers would have lost their nerve from seeing that alone.

Lecan watched over the incoming horse with both his arms loose.

Then just as the bandit was about to swing his axe down, Lecan swung <Sword of Rusk> at terrifying speed.

The axe's handle got cut in two and the blade part fell down near Lecan.

The bandit ran his horse past Lecan and let it run for a while before slowing down and making a u-turn. His right hand is holding the grip of a sheathed sword on his waist.

Just as the bandit had his sword half drawn, the bladed part of the fallen axe Lecan had thrown hit his chest, blowing the man off his horse.

As Lecan turned around, the last bandit had already made his escape at full speed. He slowed down his horse when he got 80 steps away from the group, turned around and looked at Lecan loathsomely. He must believe he's safe there.

"<Flame Spear (Bandroux)>!"

Lecan's magic blew off the bandit's head.

He lowered his left hand.

(Shooting a <Flame Spear> with my left hand.)

(Has gotten quite precise and faster.)

Lecan turned around and stared at a distant hill.

A human hiding in a grove of trees there had been watching them all this time.

That individual turned its horse around and left. Ordinarily, you wouldn't even be able to visually confirm if someone was there. However, Lecan's physical ability has been honed in dungeons over the course of many years, it's far surpassed common men including his vision. He managed to catch a glimpse of that individual's face.

Lecan drew near the two youngsters.

"Are you unhurt?"

"Yes. You saved our lives."

The young man put his sword away and thanked Lecan. However, he kept the young woman behind him and watched over Lecan's every move vigilantly.

"I'm actually on the lookout of certain treasures."


"I caught sight of you in a diner at Rotor town. I'm interested in those leg bands on your legs. They might just be the treasure I've been searching for."

"Eh. But these gaiters are something that have been passed down in our family for generations. Perhaps this is some misunderstanding."

"Look at this."

Lecan grabbed <Talisman of Darkness Demon> and showed it to the young man.

"The pattern engraved on this talisman looks very much like the ones on your leg bands."

"Oh you're right. They do look similar."

"Sorry, but could let me appraise those leg bands, those gaiters. Of course, you can keep them on your legs."

"Ah, that can't be done. <Appraisal> can't get through these gaiters."

"Hou. If that is the case that will be the end of it. But mind if I have a go?"

"Yes, well. An attempt of <Appraisal> won't hurt."


Lecan took a thin wand, and kneaded mana while reciting the preliminary casting.

"O Gafra Dafra, mirror that reflects all truth, o wisdom of terminus. Clear away the arcane light of bewildering mist pointed by my wand, passed through by my mana, cast light upon its true actuality. <Appraisal>"

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<Name: Leg Bands of White Devil>

<Type: Gaiters>

<Spawn Spot: Dungeon Egis Floor 140>

<Depth: 140>

<Grace: Teleportation>

※ Teleportation: Teleport to a spot 20 steps ahead. This teleportation is unhindered by obstacles. If there are objects at the destination, the user will avoid them as they teleport. Teleport distance will be increased in such cases. Activation spell is <Zoruas Kurt Vendar>. This Grace is usable three times a day.

"T-the <Appraisal> worked? Did your <Appraisal> just work?"

"Yea, it did."

"What is that spell? I have never heard of such preliminary casting. Which school of casting is it?"

"I learned this way of <Appraisal> from a royal capital appraiser called Termin who was working at Tsubolt."

"Elder Termin! Isn't he said to be the topmost weapon appraiser in the whole kingdom. So, you're. You're a pupil of Elder Termin."


The youngsters have completely relaxed their guard.




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Okami wa Nemuranai 47.2


The morning after, just when Lecan was about to head for Vouka, he recalled one issue.

Dragon's meat has started to rot.

The meat he got from the first time they defeated Dungeon Rotor's boss was processed at Mashajain but he already used up all of it way back then.

The second dragon's meat had been left in his <Storage> unprocessed, he would take some portions out whenever needed, but this one's already rotting.

He asked Manfrey about it, and according to Manfrey, only the outer part should be rotting, by shaving that part off the inner part should still be edible. The bigger the lump the harder its mana seeps out, so it doesn't rot as fast. Indeed, still good for eating even after more than one month is unthinkable for average animal meat.

Yet it didn't taste good when Lecan tried to grill the inner part of the meat. Actually, it's still good but it's clearly not as tasty as before.

Lecan gave all the dragon's meat he had left to Manfrey and departed to Rotor.

As Dungeon Rotor's dormant period is 40 days, it should have awakened by now.

He gotta get more dragon's meat. And process it right this time. That should make it last a year.

But dragon's meat completely slipped off his mind as he arrived at Rotor.

His eyes fell on the legs of a young man sitting on a table next to him as he finished making his order in a diner.

Lecan's eyes opened wide in surprise.

That young man has leg bands wrapped on both his legs. And the patterns engraved on those leg bands look very similar to the patterns on <Ring of Undying King> and <Talisman of Darkness Demon>.

(It's a <Genesiac Grace gear>!)

(The leg one should be, right... Err.)

(That's it. <Leg Bands of White Devil>. Found at Dungeon Egis.)

The young man was having meal. With a young woman sitting opposite of him on the same table. Despite having made his order, Lecan's food didn't seem like it'd come with how packed the establishment was. Before long, the young man and young woman finished their meal.

That was when Lecan's food was carried in. The young man and young woman left the diner. Lecan stood up, grabbed two big copper coins and handed them to the server.

"Sorry, got an urgent business to take care. Give that food to someone who wants them."

"Eh? Ummm, sir?"

Lecan ignored the bewildered server and went after the two.

This town is full of people. He might lose them if they got too far away.

As both of them don't have mana, Lecan's scouting capability cannot detect them. He might lose them for real if he lost sight of them.

<Genesiac Grace Gear> don't emit mana, nor do they have specific traits that afford detection from distant locations. As such, there's no way to look for them besides a chance encounter like this. He cannot let this chance go to waste.

The two left the town and headed west.

(Got them.)

As they left highways and went into a mountain road, there's not much foot traffic around. Lecan can follow them from afar. His evolved <Life Detection> can detect people 2000 steps away.

First of all, he's gotta think up a reason to ask them let him appraise the leg bands. He could just do it without permission, but that might arouse suspicion. He'd like to avoid that.

The two camped out in the mountain when night fell. Lecan did too somewhere apart.

He thought of greeting them while they were in their camp and asked for a session of appraisal, but doing thus in the middle of nowhere like this would just make them suspect him. No, that applies to when they're in town as well.

Just how should he go about this.
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Lecan's ability to negotiate in situations like this is pathetically low.

Morning came uneventfully, the two had breakfast before departing. Lecan followed.

They got down the mountain and arrived at a vast prairie. The two and Lecan kept walking forward silently.

Just when the sun was about to reach zenith, three men riding horses showed up.

Then they started running their horses around the petrified two in circle.

Lecan couldn't catch what they were saying from where he was, but they appeared to be hurling some vulgar words. Judging from their outfits, the three are either mountain bandits, mercenaries or adventurers.

"<Concealment (Nilzum)>."

Lecan cast <Concealment> on himself and approached the group.

The three men are wearing mountain bandit-like outfits for sure.

"Uraaa. Uraaa."

"Hey hey! You damn weakling. How ya gonna protect yer' sis like that huuh."

"Leave all your belonging if you value your lives."

Lecan thanked gods. No matter how you look at it, the two youngsters are powerless against these three assailants. With this he can naturally get in contact with the two.

"What are you guys up to."

Lecan shouted out loud. Doing so undid <Concealment>.

The three bandits were startled to see Lecan showing up out of nowhere.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 47.1


On the fifth day of month nine kingdom year 118, Lecan and Eda arrived at Mashajain.

The journey from Palcimo took about a month.

Quite long considering Lecan's normal pace, this was due to them taking it easy along the way.

Palcimo and the capital may be connected by Dungeon Highways which are regularly maintained, but there's a mountain range situated just before Palcimo, so even a stagecoach will take you 30 days. Lecan and Eda were on foot, and they would sometimes move in the wilderness while camping out and hunting, they would have a chat whenever they took the highways, it's actually a wonder it only took them a month.

Lecan was going to return <Rainbow Pebbles of Happiness> to Eda during their trip. But Eda said this back.

"Please keep those with you. As It's my happiness to have you be blessed in good fortune."

At Mashajain, Lecan dropped by Wazrof Mansion as usual. Then he handed over Argent Flame Wolf's pelt to Manfrey, asking him to make a leather armor out of it.

Two days later, Manfrey reported back.

"Lecan. Forgive me, but it seems our house lacks the capability to turn this pelt into an armor. In the first place, where does this pelt come from anyway? No well, it is obvious that it's a pelt of a wolf-like beast. However, none of our appraisers were able to discern what kind. And our leather craftsmen were unable to make a cut on the pelt. They have never witnessed such a mysterious pelt."

The armor Heles wore back then was made of Diran Silver Steel and Great Flame Dragon (Ulbanzam) materials. Lecan still has no clue about Diran Silver Steel, but Great Flame Dragon is a higher order dragon than Petitfire Dragon. High ranking marquisette must be experienced in dealing with all kinds of materials. And yet, not even such a high ranking marquis like Wazrof could appraise the Argent Flame Wolf's pelt.

"They couldn't appraise it?"

"Umu. Our house's master appraiser passed away two years ago. His successor still lacks experience. There are more skilled appraisers in this town Mashajain, however, asking them would risk leaking this pelt's information."

"Ah, I see. You didn't get it appraised outside to keep it confidential. Good thinking. This is Argent Flame Wolf (Srubanje)'s Pelt."

"Come again? I'm sorry. Could you run that by me again."

"Sru-ban-je's pelt."

"...Does that thing exist in reality? And even if it did, could anyone beat a Divine Beast?"

"Dungeon Palcimo got to be called <Dungeon of Wolves> because Argent Flame Wolf is the town's guardian deity, so the thing probably showed itself up in the past. Hence it showing up again is no mystery."

"I cannot grasp your line of thinking."

"Our party consisted of the best possible members this time around. That made it possible for us to go toes to toes against Argent Flame Wolf. But to tell you the truth, it doesn't feel like we won. Just when we were about to land a clean hit, the wolf vanished, leaving this pelt behind. Think it's our prize for putting up a good fight or something."

"...Does Argent Flame Wolf shed their old skin?"

If even Marquis of Mashajain, Wazrof Household cannot turn this pelt into armor, it's unlikely any other craftsmen in some random towns would be able to.

(Guess I gotta ask Shira.)

"Alright, Eda. Let's head for Vouka tomorrow."

"Lecan. I would like to do something else on my own for a while."

"Hm? Where you going."

"To the capital."

"Ah, Heles's place huh."

"Yes. I have been told I haven't had enough training yet, so."

"Hou? Well, go ahead. Go and learn how to make lots more good food."
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"Haha. That's a wonderful smile. Allow me to be frank here, Eda-dono, you've truly grown into a fair lady."

"Only here. Her mannerism's gonna back to old one whenever she's journeying with me."

"Such a feat is a proof of her having grown into a fair lady. By the way, Lecan, when will your wedding ceremony be held?"

"Wedding ceremony?"

"Oy oy. Aren't you engaged to my cousin. As well as to Eda-dono. Obviously, I'd ask when are you getting married."

"I see. So you get married if you're engaged."

"I fail to fathom your train of thought at times."

"This ceremony will be at a temple I take. So Vouka's Ceres Temple huh."

"Regarding that matter, could you perhaps consider holding the ceremony at Yuminos Temple of Mashajain. Wazrof will take care of all the toilsome preparations."


And just when Lecan thought all the bothersome preparations needed for the ceremony, so this offer is enticing.

"That'd be great, hold it, right, have you investigated on Yuminos Temple yet?"

"Ah. About that matter is it. I have. A <Purification> user has emerged at Yuminos Temple."


"They wanted to ask Eda-dono for her advice. It appears that they plan to make use of a well known <Purification> user in Eda-dono as a veil over that new user boy, so he won't attract attentions."

"I see. What's the best course of action here you think?"

"I believe you should let the temple owe you a debt here. Accept God Yuminos's blessing as well. Although some bargaining is in order to prevent Eda-dono from being taken over."

"Then let's do that. You fine with that, Eda?"


"I'm not going. You keep Eda safe."

"Naturally. Our House Aide and best knights will accompany her. Fret not, Yuminos Temple shan't dare to pick a fight with Wazrof. Not to forget words from <Herb Saint>-dono as well."

"Is Skalabel doing well?"

"Very much so. I have heard his work on the records of the talk at Vouka, which you participated, is nearing completion."


"Is that referring to the records of the talk with Shira-sama, Marquis-sama?"

"Haha. That it is. Our house is a sponsor. And thus we will receive a copy for that. Wazrof Househould should be the first to be granted a book."

"A copy! So that means the talk we had back then will be turned into a book?"

"Of course, Eda-dono. I am not privy of the content yet myself, but it's a well known fact that the talk was packed full of knowledge from the information leaked by the priests in the entourage."


"I see that you have absolutely no interest in this matter."





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Okami wa Nemuranai 46.22


Noon on the second day, they were given the spectacle treatment.

The group stood on the veranda of the townlord's mansion and waved at the populace below.

Lecan didn't wave. He loathed evem having to stand there. But he couldn't back down as it was a request from Jiza. Lecan would have hated it even more if him declining Jiza would put her on a tough spot.

Arios didn't skimp on his smiles which were answered back by huge cheers from the women.

There was another reason Lecan couldn't refuse Jiza.

Jiza handed over a particular object to Lecan just before the banquet.

It's the magic stone of <Chaotic Magic Wolf>.

"Oy oy. Aren't the institute bunch gonna ask for this?"

"Indeed, I am sure they are. But I would like to present this to a certain someone instead."

"Certain someone?"


"Shira went away somewhere."

"I am aware. But it's not like she has passed away, is she."

"Well, I suppose."

"That means you might some day meet Shira-sama once again. Am I wrong?"

"No telling when's that day."

"It can be any time. That is a gift from me to Shira-sama. It would please me if you could deliver it."

It would be weird if Lecan told Jiza that he will never see Shira again. Hence his only choice was to accept the magic stone. Feels like Jiza has seen through him.

But still, is this person really the same one as that sprightly mage from before. It's as if she's completely withered down. To the point that a touch could easily crush her.

That was when it hit Lecan. Doesn't that apply to Shira as well.

Shira may have an enormous amount of mana as well as being a grand mage capable of high level magic.

But she's also an elderly. She might not have the stamina and energy to keep up with protracted and large-scale combats. She's fashioned herself as someone with unprecedented level of power, but perhaps that's just one facet of her, and in reality, Lecan has the upper hands in combative ability.

It's not that Lecan has a plan to fight Shira or anything. He just realized that Shira might have more weak sides to her than he initially assumed. Shira is a mighty existence, but that enormity may also be the very reason she has multitudes of weaknesses.

(At the end of the day, she's still an elderly lady.)

(She might be weary from living such a long life.)

(Must have aching joints somewhere, and she might feel helpless at times.)

(Guess I gotta treat her more gently.)

(Maybe I oughta get some gift.)

(Ah, wait I got <Chaotic Magic Wolf> magic stone already, nevermind.)

On the tenth of month eight, Lecan and Eda left Palcimo.

Arios and Julius also left that day, they parted ways at the gate.

Julius was headed for their village to train there for a while, after that he's going to train under Lecan again, so Lecan told him to go to Vouka later.

Lecan and Eda took it easy on their trip back to Vouka. He's got some things to ask Shira, but there's no rush.

He's learned many things during their expedition at Palcimo.

The issues that arises from a long term usage of <Purification> was unknown at the capital, yet Palcimo had been researching on it for years. That fact in itself is no surprise as the Magic Research Institute can't exactly publicize their research results. But, a sage-level mage like Jiza had no idea how to cast anti-physical <Barrier> and virtually no knowledge about Grace Gear that can generate physical barriers. Yet such a Grace Gear was dropped in Dungeon Golbul. Hard to believe something similar doesn't get dropped at all in other dungeons. During his fight against Vangard's party at Dungeon Tsubolt, it looked as if they had some experience fighting opponents equipped with physical barriers. Grace Gear that can generate physical barriers may be rare, but there must be quite a few of them out in the wild.

And, speaking of Shira.

Shira wasn't surprised about Earth Dragon Toron's cold breath-like ability, but she was unable to identify what kind of magic it was. She also said that she never saw cold breath attacks. However, she never said that she has no clue about magic beasts that can shoot out cold breaths. Meaning Shira never dived in Dungeon Palcimo. She never saw it in person but she had knowledge about cold breathing magic wolves in Dungeon Palcimo. Hence why she phrased it in such a way.

Shira may seem like she knows everything, but that's simply not possible. It's been made even clearer during his time in Palcimo.

Shira is in possession of <Diadem of Divine Rotwood>. It's already Lecan's as Shira has agreed to exchange it for Barifoa's magic stone Lecan had. <Diadem of Divine Rotwood> was dropped in Dungeon Palcimo. So Shira did not obtain it on her own. Just how did it fall on Shira's lap. She seemed quite reluctant to part with it back then. Perhaps Lecan should ask the circumstance surrounding the diadem.

At any rate, he initially believed this world has an advanced state of information network, but it's not as clear cut as it seems in reality. Which means, Grace Gear that are unknown in a region may actually be commonplace in another region.

(Gotta see faraway dungeons with my own eyes.)

Thus Lecan thought.

But that will be for later. Palcimo's expedition was highly dense. He intends to take a break from dungeon diving for a while.

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"What's wrong, Lecan?"

"No. It's nothing."

He forgot to show off <Rush Flare> to Jiza.

You gotta keep promises you made.

(Haha. Guess we're gonna see each other again.)

(It must be God of Fate's dispensation. No point in fussing over it.)

Lecan was in an awfully good mood which surprised even him as he walked on grassy roads alongside Eda.

"Oh right, Lecan."


"When Guide-sama showed this, you see."

Eda took a bag used to refill the necklace's mana.

"You asked her what's that, right."


When you don't know about something, ask away. What about that.

"You pretty much confessed to her that you had no idea about the refill bag even though you had been using the necklace."


"Then after that, Guide-sama told us that either she or Lecan could just refill the necklaces while we were in the dungeon."


"Lecan didn't retort to that. So it's like you admitted to her that you could use <Grant> magic."


Right, that's true. Thinking back, having Jiza know that little tidbit is no big deal to Lecan, the problem is how she could craftily fleece information out of unknowing Lecan. She might have gotten many other stuff out of him with similar tactics.

(But to think Eda would notice that.)

"Eda. My Mana Bestowal is a Skill I got from my world, it's nothing like <Grant> magic. No worries if she thinks I'm a <Grant> user."

"Ah, so it's like that."

Eda has been growing in all kinds of ways. That's a good thing, thought Lecan.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 46.21


Knights and soldiers were waiting for the group on the ground floor where they received a warm welcome and congratulatory words. The attitude toward Jiza was especially full of respects.

Since the dungeon boss got defeated, the magic beasts inside must have vanished, prompting people to immediately know that someone had conquered the dungeon. They must have sent a message outside while Lecan's group was resting after the fight, discussing what to do once they leave and receiving the platinum coin reward from Jiza. The Institute's guides and researchers must have been driven out during the time.

Outside the dungeon, a huge crowd of people were waiting for them.

Staff members from their lodgings and receptionist desk were also present. And Explorers. And many individuals with extreme amount of mana. All of them gave an unending round of applause toward the group. But some of them were frowning while clapping their hands.

(That man's got some incredible mana. And a mixed expression.)

(Guy probably wanted to participate in this dungeon conquest.)

The group was escorted on a wagon to the town lord's mansion and received a cordial welcome there.

The host was Toru Ciela. The townlord's nephew as well as the one in charge of Dungeon Palcimo Management.

According to Toru, the townlord was quite troubled by the lack of conquest in the past 62 years and had put his expectations on Guide Jiza Morfes's zeal.

He now wished to host a 50 day long celebration for the dungeon conquest. A grand celebration that will have all the town lords in the southeastern part of the kingdom invited.

But Lecan refused to stay for such a long time and would leave the town in three days. Toru begged Lecan to stay a bit longer, but Lecan's decision was final.

As a result, there will be a banquet at the mansion evening on the second day and the day after is a parade to show off the heroes to the public.

Lecan asked Jiza on the night of the day they left the dungeon.

"Can I learn Ancient Word Magic."

"Well, let's find find out then."

Jiza took a thin wand and cast <Analysis> checking up on Lecan's right chest.

"Never thought <Analysis> could be used on humans."

"No. That was not for analyzing human body. You've no aptitude for it. You cannot learn Ancient Word Magic."

"I see. Does this aptitude got something to do with right chest?"

"Well now, I wonder."

Looks like she doesn't plan to divulge it.

Lecan checked Jiza's right chest with <3D Perceptions>.

<3D Perceptions> can't distinguish between soft and hard objects. However, by observing for a while, it can tell the difference between objects that shift their shape while moving and those that remain fixed. There's a fist-sized hard object in Jiza's right chest. It's where a magic stone would be if she were a magic beast, this object holds an extraordinary amount of mana.

The day after, Lecan went to Tolda's store in town to say his thanks and then the two went together to the wand store.

After some observation, he found out the wand storekeeper had a very small hard object embedded in his right chest as well.

Chubby was waving at him when Lecan had lunch with Tolda, but he feigned ignorance.

The grand celebration did not get called off, it would last for 60 whole days instead. Prime Minister, Marquis Mashajain, Marquis Tsubolt and even Marquis Gido will be invited. Whatever to Lecan.

Ui was honorably discharged. As no magic knights ever managed to be in party that conquered Dungeon Palcimo since its founding, Ui was regarded as a representative of the knights in this conquest, and she would retire after the grand celebration.

"And thus, our reunion with Ui-san will have to be postponed. Which is just right since I need to get back to the village as soon as possible."

Arios got his hands on a <God Cure> after all. He must be eager to deliver it to his father asap. Considering that, Lecan felt bad for having forced him to accompany them for six days in the dungeon expedition and a few more days in the postmortem.

"My bad Arios. Took days of your time cause I asked."

"Not at all. The decision was on me alone. And besides, there are many things I obtained in this expedition. I'm grateful to gods for this chance meeting."

"I see. Well I guess no way to get <Necklace of Intuador> and <Free Box> if it weren't for that situation."

This was when Lecan recalled one question he had in mind.

"Arios. Why'd you disclose to Ui about you being a Longliver. Where was the need to do that back then."

"Ui-san too has the blood of Longliver running in her veins. The blood of our kind."

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"Can you not tell by looking?"

"Oh right, she looks younger for her age or something. I see. So she's one."

"I agreed to Lecan-dono's invitation to come along in the expedition back then not because I felt obliged to you."


"I thought it was wonderful."

"What was?"

"Conquering Dungeon Palcimo had always been Guide Morfes's life greatest dream. Yet the Magic Research Institute management would bar her and even try to confine her. Ui-san gave Guide Morfes her final wish even if it meant betraying Magic Knights where she belongs."

"Nah, isn't that because Ui wanted to conquer the dungeon. Obaba said so too. Something about changing if she managed to do it or something."

"That may have been part of the equation, but I believe even Ui-san herself wasn't truly aware of it. Ui-san took the action she took because she wanted to fulfill Guide Morfes's wish. It clicked on me when I heard that she was a pupil of Guide Morfes. Ui-san knew that this wish was something Guide Morfes would even exchange her life for."

"Then she could just have let her escape. No need to go in the dungeon with her."

"No matter how great a mage Guide Morfe is, she is still a mage after all. Being a magic knight, Ui-san must believe that it was her duty to be her shield. She also did it to keep Guide Jiza safe from a suspicious outlaw."

"A suspicious outlaw? Ah, me huh."

"Yes. From Ui-san's point of view, Lecan-dono was a good-for-nothing bum that coaxed Guide Morfes with sweet words for the sake of achieving your avaricious ambitions. You're also strong. She must think that she has to protect Guide Morfes from Lecan-dono no matter what. Well, anyway, I was very much in awe of Ui-san's chivalrous spirit and self-sacrificing acts. Then that extended to wanting to watch over Ui-san's fight. And then."

"And then?"

"I wonder what's going to happen."

"What the heck. So you came along cause you wanted to help Ui huh."

"That is not all. I have acquired a great many things from my dungeon expeditions with Lecan-dono thus far. And above all, it's fun. Can't let my guard down either."


"Not to forget how I wanted to see Julius's growth in person. Lecan-dono."


"I may have to bring Julius back to our village for the time being, but afterward, it would be great if he could resume training under you. I leave him in your hands."

"I've heard that already. Didn't teach him anything in particular, and bringing him into dungeons means risking death at every corners. Send Julius in if you're fine with that."

"Thank you very much. Lecan-dono."


"To me, every encounter is to be cherished. It's part of my clan's motto as well."

That's true. One will know that well if they keep exploring dungeons.

If you encounter a tough magic beast in somewhere you don't expect and then flee from it due to not having proper equipment while thinking you'd get a rematch later, that later will absolutely never come. Unforeseen magic beasts drop unexpected rare stuff. There was even a time when Lecan fought a bizarre magic beast which turned out to be an extremely rare dungeon boss that only spawns once in a hundred years.

"You're right. You gotta cherish encounters."

"Do you think so too, Lecan-dono."






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Okami wa Nemuranai 46.20


"Thank you again. So now about your rewards, all of you."

"Guide Morfes."

"What will it be, Arios-dono."

"I have received <Free Box>, while Julius <Free Box> and <Necklace of Intuador> from you, very much invaluable objects. They are more than enough as our rewards."

"So they are now. Of course, the necklace you have is yours now too, Arios-dono. Ah, right. All of you, listen well. Be sure to hide your <Necklace of Intuador> before you leave the dungeon."


"The necklaces I gave you are made of rare and precious objects, they are the results of a great many failures at the end of processes with low chance of success, some of which only I know how. Other guides would definitely try to get their hands on them if they saw them. By any means necessary."

"Hou. They're that good huh."

"That applies to you too, Ui."


"Arios-dono, Julius-chan, Eda-chan and Ui, each of you will take one platinum coin as your reward."

"Eh. Obaba-sama. I went in this expedition as your companion, not a hired arm. There is no need for-"

"Where you are heading from here on, you can never have enough money."


"I do not believe I would receive a harsh punishment after we got out. I'm still a member of Morfes regardless of what happens, and treating the first conqueror of Dungeon Palcimo in 62 long year like a criminal would reflect bad on them. I likely would be paraded around as a hero even. But that will not be the case with you."


"Magic Knights will absolutely not forgive you for smearing their honor. They will make up some reasons to achieve that officially. You will be squeezed dry to the limit."


"Therefore. You should ask for your exile on  your own volition. Forfeit all the fortune your uncle left you. That should sway them to let you out."


"You will need money on hands once you are outside. Hence, take the platinum coin. Please."

"Obaba-sama. Thank you, thank you very much. But, where should I go from here if I leave."

"Would you like to go to our village?"
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"I can't comment on its location, but I can assure you it's quite a nice place to live."

"M-me? To the village of Iris Clan?"

"You will be able to hone your swordsmanship as well as magic there. My grandmother is a direct disciple of the honored Mazara Wedepasha-sama."

"What. Say that again?"


"Listen now, Ui. The teacher of Era Morfes was none other than that Mazara Wedepasha-sama."


"To think a direct disciple of her is still alive today. I see. She was a Longliver. Dear me, goodness gracious. Ui. This must be a divine intervention."


"Oh dear. And now I can rest easy. I no longer have any regrets."

Lecan thought Jiza would start demanding to let herself be invited to Iris Clan Village as well once she heard the name Mazara Wedepasha. Yet that never happened.

Jiza has lost her vigor, worn out. However, that definitely comes from a sense of fulfillment for having achieved her lifelong dream no doubt.

"Will you be willing to come with me?"


"Oh, that's good to hear. We will probably leave this town ahead of you. There is this inn called <Rabbit's Shriek Inn> at town of Rotor. Let us meet up there."

"Yes. Arios-dono."

"Yep, yep. I'm relieved now. Ah, I have a request to you all. Won't you tell people that it was a <Chaotic Magic Wolf> that spawned on Floor 151. Let's make floor 150's boss a Pure Black Magic Wolf instead."

"Hm? Why's that?"

"There's too many mysteries around it. I will let the truth be known to the town lord and some of the directors, but who knows if they would believe me. Denying a well known fact of <Chaotic Magic Wolf> being floor 151's boss would only cause unnecessary uproars. And besides, Lecan-chan. They'd confiscate that pelt if they found out it was an Argent Flame Wolf."

"Alright. Last floor's magic beast was a <Chaotic Magic Wolf>. Make no mistake."

"Still though, Lecan. It's so weird how it turned into a pelt after getting beaten."

"Must have run out of good stuff to put inside a treasure chest."

"I see. So that's why."

"Haha. Ah, yeah. Guide Morfes."

"What is it, Arios-dono."

"I have a theory on the prerequisites to warp to floor 150."

"You what."

"It's nothing but a hypothesis of mine, will you still listen?"

"By all means, please."

"I believe one cannot warp to floor 150 unless one has stayed for several days inside the dungeon."

"What... did you say."

"The low probability of warping only to floor 150 doesn't sit right to me. But if it's about satisfying certain conditions, then I can believe it."

"Ah. That makes sense. I mean, adventurers from outside would naturally be inclined to stay for a few days inside the dungeon."

"And as we stayed for seven days, I suppose getting warped to floor 150 was the only natural outcome."

"Hmm. That's the part I'm not sure of. I feel that being guaranteed the warp to floor 150 just because you've stayed for a few days is not right either. There may be other conditions to fulfill as well."

"That line of thinking never hit me. I'm an abject failure of a researcher. How could I miss out such a possibility. Indeed. You must be correct, Arios-dono. It took Era Morfes many days as well when she conquered the dungeon. Due to one of their party members not having reached floor 100 yet, so that was the key all along. Arios-dono. That was some good information. I shall get to work to check the veracity of that at once."

"Why didn't Era Morfes think of staying in the dungeon for several days in later expeditions?"

"Lecan-chan. Even Era never imagined that they would get to floor 150 at the time. They were going to head outside once they arrived on floor 100, but then she saw the number 150 when she recited <Floor>. After which some of the members started suggesting the party head outside and add people from their factions first. But since Era was unwilling to shuffle their party composition, she decided to challenge the last floor right away. They managed to conquer it, but lost four people in the process. Era who was awfully weighed by that sternly warned people to always be in their best state before they take on floor 100."

"I see."

"Arios-dono. But then, what would be the conditions that made Argent Flame Wolf the dungeon boss."


"What is it, Lecan-chan."

"Unique magic beasts can sometimes spawn inside dungeons. Especially with dungeon bosses, they get to be a unique one in one to tens, hundreds chance. You might find yourself in a world of hurt if you're fixated on it being conditional."

"Oh, I see. This coming from a veteran of dungeoneering. I'll not think of it further then. Still however, who could have imagined <Argent Flame Wolf> would show itself up there. So that was what the legend referred to."


"That it is, Lecan-chan. This dungeon gets to be called <Dungeon of Wolves> not because wolves being the type of magic beasts that spawn here."


"It is said that the guardian deity of this dungeon as well as Town of Palcimo is the Argent Flame Wolf."

"Hou. So you're saying we went and beat up this guardian deity big stuff huh."

"Uwaah. Best we keep it to ourselves then."

"That is the idea, Eda-chan."





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Okami wa Nemuranai 46.19


Jiza was the first to use up her mana.

Activating and maintaining the binding chains ate up an enormous amount of mana. To top it off, she even unleashed <Seven Headed Blue Wand> at full power. Of course she wouldn't be able to keep it up for long.

The four metallic orbs lost their floating capability and fell down. The chains broke apart as well.

Jiza stopped her offensive. She has no more strength left to cast magic.

Argent Flame Wolf glared at the remains of the chains, and then those chains evaporated away.

With its freedom regained, the wolf glared at Jiza.

Then one of the magic circles shot out a blue-colored offensive spell.

The magic crawled along the ground toward Jiza.

Ui jumped out on reflex and tanked the attack head-on. With her right hand still gripping her sword.

Magic barrier generated by <Necklace of Intuador> clashed with the blue colored spell, creating an explosion.

It was not due to the barrier blocking the attack, but the barrier being blown away. Ui's <Necklace of Intuador> seemed to have exhausted all its mana.

Argent Flame Wolf attempted to lunge at Jiza.

Lecan struck its forehead with a great sword.

<Sword of Agost>. Also known as Dragon Destroying Blade. A special sword blessed by the temples, forged by a human mastersmith for the sake of destroying dragons.

Argent Flame Wolf's forehead cracked open.

A terrifying wave of hatred assailed Lecan.

However, Arios wouldn't let this chance go away. He cut at the wolf's left hindleg from behind.

Argent Flame Wolf yelped. Looks like that attack worked.

Julius also slid in and slashed at Argent Flame Wolf's abdomen from below with his <Gale Sword>, but the wolf twisted its body to dodge that attack.

Lecan did something unusual at this point. He can't explain why he did what he did then even at a later date.

Lecan turned around and loudly gave an order to Ui.
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Almost at the same time as his shout, Argent Flame Wolf jumped toward Jiza and disappeared.

Ui thrust her sword at an empty space.

Argent Flame Wolf emerged there and her sword pierced into its right eye.

The wolf mowed Ui down while yelping. Ui got slammed hard on the ground.

The wolf ended up leaping over Jiza and made a u-turn after landing, it then launched itself at Jiza who still couldn't move well.

But Arios rushed in and cut at the root of its left foreleg. Terrific mobility as always.

"<Flame Spear>!"

This moment of flinching afforded a Flame Spear landing directly on the wolf's face.

Magic arrows let loose by <Bow of Yelvitz> hit the other side.


Lecan utilized the power of <Gale> to make a mad dash toward the Argent Flame Wolf's face.

With his sword lifted overhead, Lecan ran past Ui and Jiza's sides, straight toward the Argent Flame Wolf.

The wolf did a short leap at Lecan. Lecan swung his sword down aiming at its head.

Several things occurred in this exact moment.

First of all, Argent Flame Wolf kicked at empty air and changed its course.

Arios's slash went at the head of this course-changed wolf.

The wolf very narrowly dodged this slash.

This maneuver put itself directly in Lecan's sword trajectory. The sword struck Argent Flame Wolf's head.

The boulder-crushing power of the <Sword of Agost> knocked the Argent Flame Wolf down.

The crashed wolf lifted its face up and looked at Lecan.

Mysteriously enough, there was no shred of anger in those eyes.

Arios drove his sword into Argent Flame Wolf's neck.

But the instance that sword touched its body, the wolf vanished.

One piece of pelt remained in its place.

Lecan willed himself to stand despite his extreme fatigue and spoke to Arios.

"Arios. Good work. Managed to land a hit on that thing's head thanks to your assist."

"Yes well, I just felt like you were asking me that."

"You're a great help."

Arios is reliable as ever.

Lecan fell on his knees.

Then he laid down on the ground, all limbs sprawling.


"It's over huh."



Eda healed the group with her <Purification>.

Lecan laid down for quite sometime before getting back on his feet and spoke to the group.

"Arios, that was well done. Eda, and Julius, you performed your roles well. And, Ui. Obaba's life would have forfeited if not for you. Splendid job."

Ui's metal armor has been torn up badly. There's traces of blood in her mouth. She might not have lived through it without <Purification>.

"It is all thanks to Lecan-dono."

"And, Obaba."

Lecan was taken aback as he turned at Jiza.

There was no longer a figure of an ambitious looking elderly lady, instead there sat a decrepit husk of an old woman that had lost her zeal.

"Lecan-chan. Thanks so much."

Her voice had no springiness to it either.

"You seem quite worn down there."

"I'm feeling my life's greatest sense of fulfillment right now. I've no more regret left in this world. Lecan-chan. Arios-dono. Eda-chan. Julius-chan. And Ui. Thank you, thank you all."

"Don't say it like you're gonna croak here. Let's talk about the future instead."

"What does the future hold now?"

"Have you gone senile. A task force assembled by board of director guys must be waiting for us outside."

"Ah, right that. I don't really care about that now. But I suppose we ought to split the reward now."

"I'd like to check one thing first."

Lecan took a thin wand, carefully weaved preliminary casting and cast <Appraisal> on the pelt left behind by the Argent Flame Wolf.

It's a pelt of Argent Flame Wolf. It really was one then.

(Do Divine Beasts spawn in dungeons? The heck this is all about.)

It's got unimaginable magical and defensive properties. Lecan isn't used to appraising pelts, but there's no doubt turning this pelt into armor will result in a protector with defensive property far beyond Petitfire Dragon's and flexibility that allows for highly mobile acrobatics.

(I was planning to give everything we got in this expedition to Obaba.)

(But I want this.)

(Really want this.)

"You've got a face saying, 'I want this', Lecan-chan."

"Ah, no."

"Feel free to take it as yours Lecan-chan. That's the only way I could repay my debt to you."

"You sure."

"Sure am. But in exchange, it would please me if you could yield <Chaotic Magic Wolf>'s body to me."

"I don't mind. What about you guys."

None of the members objected.

But that was sure on extremely close call of a fight.

They might have prevailed, but it didn't feel like they truly finished it off. To Lecan, it feels as if the Argent Flame Wolf decided to end the battle as a commendation for their show of valor.

Still, making use of <Genesiac Grace Gear> proved difficult. He might have been able to seal Argent Flame Wolf's movement with <Talisman of Darkness Demon>, but so will the other members. There was no time or place to use <Ring of Undying King>. That said, it's still reassuring to have these aces up sleeves for when push comes to shove.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 46.18


Lecan lost his bearing for a moment.

Lecan is someone who never flinches no matter how monstrous an opponent he's up against.

But dignity. This enemy has an air of dignity to it. Such that it even awed Lecan.

The Argent Flame Wolf calmly put its right foreleg forward while lording over the uninvited guests.

A moment later, its figure emerged in the center of the room.


It's the same ability the Queen Spider of Dungeon Ninae possesses.

However, considering it instantly jumped to the center of this vast room in one go, Argent Flame Wolf is evidently a far more adept user.

(Such a high level teleportation and that distance, gonna be a tough one.)


Jiza's spell resounded.

The wand in her hand floated up and went straight at Argent Flame Wolf.

The wolf stared at the wand as if it was fathoming the object.

Lecan charged ahead. Arios followed in the same breath, while Julius was late by a breath.

The wand stopped above the wolf. Then the four metallic orbs separated themselves from the wand and moved in four directions. Argent Flame Wolf bent its body forward to meet Lecan's charge.


Jiza resolutely recited a spell.

The Argent Flame Wolf twisted over and vanished. It had teleported away.

But then, a snapping sound like something got bounced back echoed, and the wolf showed itself up again. An ashen-colored chain is coiling around its right foreleg. Then in a blink of an eye, its left hindleg got captured by a red chain, left foreleg by a colorless chain and right hindleg by an aqua chain.

Looking again, those four chains came out of four metallic orbs floating in mid air.

These chains are by no means thick. Yet, Lecan's <3D Perceptions> tell him those chains are physical objects, while <Mana Detection> shows they're magical objects.

(She's sure made something real handy.)

Lecan unleashed his slash at the wolf as that thought crossed his mind.

The bent over Argent Flame Wolf glared at him while baring its fang as Lecan struck its crown of head with the <Demon Wolf Cutter>.


That was a weird feedback. No, the feedback was there, his slash simply didn't go through.

Lecan has fought many Black and Pure Black Magic Wolves so far. Thus he knows. This is no Physical Immunity. His attack did hit. And yet it dealt no damage.

Lecan is familiar with this sensation. It was from none other than <Overking Bear>. Its pelt has turned into Lecan's overcoat now, but <Overking Bear> was a tough magic beast highly resistant to both magical and physical attacks.

Lecan lifted his sword once again and slashed at the wolf's neck. The wolf growled threateningly. However, it dealt no damage.

It's clear now. <Demon Wolf Cutter>'s trait doesn't work on it. He couldn't feel its effect at all. If the Grace that makes it deals multifolds damage against Demon Wolf beasts doesn't work, this sword is no different than an ordinary sword.


Jiza recited a short spell. She's activating <Seven Headed Blue Wand>.


Swiftly and resolutely, she continued on.

The Argent Flame Wolf opened its jaws and lunged at Lecan while still chained.

Magic arrows landed on its head. Eda's attack.

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Arios and Julius went around Argent Flame Wolf's back and slashed at it.




Lecan saw how Arios's slash managed to wound the Argent Flame Wolf's rear.

That was when he noticed a presence of enormous magic behind him so he jumped out of the way.

An enormous white heat ray landed on the Argent Flame Wolf before dispersing. It's Jiza's.

An unparalleled form of magic attack that far surpasses even Lecan's strongest <Flame Spear>.

That magic attack hit Argent Flame Wolf squarely, filling the room with an intense light.

The light slightly subsided afterward as the wolf got pushed back with its silvery white fur showed signs of clear damage.

(Hou. That should do the trick.)

But he was too naive.

The Argent Flame Wolf howled once, then a magic circle manifested overhead its figure.

Then an invisible barrier stopped Jiza's red hot heat ray before it could touch Argent Flame Wolf.

An anti-magic barrier.

The wolf kept howling in succession, creating a magic circle above itself with every howl. Five in total. Four of the circles shot out different kinds of magic that flew off toward Jiza.

Her <Necklace of Intuador> created a barrier that blocked those magic at once.

Jiza kept her offensive without minding the attack launched at her.

It turned into a fierce magical clash between Argent Flame Wolf and Jiza.

Eda started cover firing with <Bow of Yelvitz>.

Lecan turned <Shield of Wolkan> into its gauntlet state and began firing <Flame Spears>.

Any barrier can be broken down once it took on attacks beyond its limit. Jiza's magic will eventually break through the Argent Flame Wolf's barrier. That moment should come sooner with Lecan's help. A continuous barrage of highly dense magic attacks should also help to hinder Argent Flame Wolf.

In the meantime, Arios and Julius would occasionally choose the right timings to let out slashes at the wolf.

Argent Flame Wolf's body is clearly bleeding, full of wounds.

(Should I cease my magic attack and go with my sword now.)

(But <Demon Wolf Cutter> is useless against this thing.)

(Should I wield <Comet Cutter> here?)

Glancing back, he could see Ui taking up the perfect position. She could block Argent Flame Wolf's magic attack while being completely out of Jiza's magic attack in that spot.

Just when Lecan believed that they had a chance at winning if they kept this up, he quickly discovered how wrong he was.

Argent Flame Wolf howled once. The sixth magic circle manifested above it, from there a soft green light emerged and healed the wounds suffered by the wolf.

(This thing's even capable of recovery magic!)

A second later, the chains floating above Argent Flame Wolf broke into pieces.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 46.17


Lecan stood up and bowed at the battlefield. Arios, Julius, and Eda mimicked him.

Ui bowed too. Though not to the magic wolf but to Boruk.

"The stairway really showed up."

"Yeah, it did. Let's get down there and take a break."

A passage that leads down manifested at the opposite end of the room.

Floor 150 to floor 151 is the only instance where two floors are connected by a stairway instead of <Warp>.

The group got down to floor 151.

Arriving at a small room.

"Alright, we're having early lunch here. Use up all ingredients we got left."

"Oh, just right before the veggies go bad."

"We have no more hard baked bread left after this too."

"Well, I'll be. We didn't have to resort to preserved food in the end."

"Obaba-sama. I've truly become a captive of Dungeon meals now."

"Hyohyohyohyohyohyo. Well it's all thanks to these members here."

"This exploration will reach its end with this one last battle, I somehow feel reluctant to. What a weird feeling."

"It's not weird at all. You could say the same to me. In all my long years in this world, this very moment is the most fulfilling and fun I've ever felt."



"Umm, is Ui-san's uncle doing well nowadays?"

"Eda-dono, how do you know about that?"

"Ah, no umm. I heard from Guide-sama."

"Is that right. I do not know how my uncle is doing now. As he has been exiled from this town."


"So many evidence of his corruptions came out, see. Guy was put under a trial, and got all his assets forfeited on top of getting banished." <Jiza>


Lecan didn't ask who was the individual that found all that evidence. It's obvious.

It was a fun meal time. The campfire was comforting. And once they had enough rest, the group stood up.


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"I am presently at a loss."

"What about."

"I am unsure what will we find on the last floor. Will it be a <Chaotic Magic Wolf>. Or will it be a different wolf. What do you have to say?"

"You fine with my intuition?"

"That's it. I'd like to know this intuition of yours."

"I don't think it's a <Chaotic Magic Wolf>."

"Oho. How come?"

"A <Chaotic Magic Wolf> spawned on floor 150. The final floor won't be fun unless it's got an even tougher challenge waiting."

"Hyo, hyo, hyo. You really are the best, Lecan-chan. I see. Yes, I suppose that's the right idea. All right. I am no longer wavering. Come now, let us proceed."

The group stood side by side before the shaft entrance, readying themselves.

Standing in the center right, Lecan put on <Shield of Wolkan> on his left hand, and <Demon Wolf Cutter> in his right hand.

Julius to the right of Lecan drew his <Gale Sword>.

And to his right, Eda filled her magic bow with mana.

Standing in the center left was Arios. He drew <Void Cutter>. <Magic Vacuum Cutter> is inside <Free Box>. As there are already several members capable of powerful offensive spells, he must be focusing on physical attacks.

Ui stood to Arios's left. The sword in her hand emitted a dazzling light. Must be quite an article.

To her left, Jiza started doing something weird.

First of all, she produced a long wand, tap the tip and recited a spell. After which she let go of the wand, yet instead of falling down, the wand floated in the air.

It's an oddly shaped wand. It's slightly longer than Jiza's stature, its body is rugged with a thin head yet a malformed thick tip. The thick tip is shaped like an open palm with fingers stretching in all directions.

Then she took out a fist-sized orb from <Free Box>. It's a metallic orb carved with a complex pattern. She had a thin wand in his right hand, the orb in his left palm and then she recited a spell. The metallic orb eventually floated up and inserted itself in the wand's palm-shaped tip.

Jiza took another metallic orb and repeated what she did. Four metallic orbs got inserted in the wand tip by the end. The four orbs were of ashen, aqua, and red colors with the fourth being colorless.

Lecan could feel enormous mana from the wand and the four orbs.

"Thanks for waiting."

"Yea. Now then, guys."

Lecan focused his strength in his right eye and glared at the fog covering the entrance.

"Let's go."

The group charged into the final boss room of Dungeon Palcimo.

It's a spacious room. Different from what he's been told. The boss room should have been 50 steps in diameter at most. Yet this room is many times that size.

The enemy was there. But unlike other wolves, it didn't attempt to charge at them on the get go. It's standing composedly at the opposite of the room.

It's not big. Very small even in comparison to the gigantic <Chaotic Magic Wolf> they fought on floor 150 even. It's hard to tell for sure as they're far apart, but its height seems to be at most Lecan's chest level. Still bigger than ordinary wolves, but considering it's an enemy found on the final floor of <Dungeon of Wolves>, it's really small.

However the sheer presence emanating from it is overwhelming.

Its eyes shine dazzlingly in golden colors.

Its fur emits a beautiful and mystical silvery white luster.

An unimaginable amount of mana is overflowing out of its entire body shrouded in a blue flame.

Lecan found out the identity of this being from Jiza's dumbfounded utterance.

"A-Argent Flame Wolf (Srubanje)."

The name of a Divine Beast told only in legends.




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Okami wa Nemuranai 46.16



Jiza's spell resounded.

Seven colored flames gushed out of her long wand, but they didn't go and fill the entire room full of flames. Because Jiza controlled it so that wouldn't happen. That was the arrangement they made in order to make her work with the other members in combat.

But even if she did attempt to set the whole room ablaze, it would probably be a fruitless attempt due to its size.

Yes. This room is spacious. Far more than any rooms thus far. This differs from what Lecan has been informed of previously.

"Boruk, Commence Combat! Boruk, Commence Decoy!"

But thanks to its vastness, Ui squeezed out time to give out two commands before the magic wolf reached the group. Looking back later, this was when the line between victory and defeat was drawn.

Lecan ran to the right, Arios ran to the left.

Seven colored dragons of flames assaulted the charging wolf thunderously.

Despite its humongous size, the magic wolf managed to dodge most of those magic Jiza cast. It still got doused in a bit of flames, but that did nothing to even slow its charge and dealt zero damage.

Just before the magic wolf reached them, Lecan changed his course to the left, so did Arios to the right. They crossed over in the wolf's face.

By doing thus, they dodged the wolf's assault while simultaneously slashed at its neck from both sides. Arios attacked using both the swords in his hands.

However, it was futile. Their attacks didn't go through.

The magic wolf ignored the two and kept charging ahead. The two made a u-turn and gave a chase.

Boruk was at the end of the magic wolf's charge. Boruk had been producing high pitched metallic sounds from a while ago, the wolf appeared to be bothered by the sounds and prioritized eliminating the source.

The wolf jumped at Boruk. Its body several times larger than Boruk's.

They both collided, resulting in Boruk's head getting torn off.

That was when Ui slashed at the wolf.

The magic wolf was still in mid-air, there was no way it could dodge Ui's attack. Her sword scooped out its abdomen. It should give no damage, but the wolf slowed down a bit.

Jiza shot her magic at this moment. Some kind of blade of light magic. But it was nulled.

Suddenly, the magic wolf stopped moving.

The headless Boruk grabbed both of the wolf's hind legs when Ui managed to slow it down.


Eda cast <Purification>, a big blue sphere of light wrapped the magic wolf's head.

Arios ran up and slashed at the wolf's rear. His slash cut the wolf's rear.

Lecan also dashed in and sliced at the wolf. <Demon Wolf Cutter> cut deep into the wolf's back.

Jiza recited some sort of spell, then the a black mist enveloped the magic wolf's head outside the blue sphere of light, robbing it of its vision.

The magic wolf writhed around fiercely, shaking off Boruk's hands, sending it flying.

It ran up the wall near the entrance to break through the encirclement. But Arios was already waiting at its landing point and cut off its right fore leg at the base. This slash also cut deep.

The magic wolf shook off the black mist enveloping its head, but the blue sphere of light remained.

Then some sort of barrage flew out of nowhere, piercing the magic wolf's body.

<Magic Quivers>. They're metal arrows shot out of <Magic Quivers>. The arrows are very short but heavy and highly penetrative.

A hail of <Magic Quivers> arrows assailed the wolf.

Due to its swiftness, there were many arrows that missed but there was no way to dodge every single arrows in such a fierce hail. Still, how did physical attacks suddenly become effective.

Lecan finally noticed it here.
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It's <Purification>.

None of their attacks, be it from swords or magic, worked until Eda cast <Purification> on it. Sword slashes went through once <Purification> was on.

By continuously casting <Purification> on the wolf, its property is fixed to magical defense now. Hence, physical attacks are permanently effective on it.

Jiza suddenly stopped her barrage. Looking at her, four massive <Magic Quivers> were floating above Jiza. Those must be the points of launching, she must have run out of arrows.

Arios stopped the wolf as it broke into a rush toward Lecan.

Lecan's Perforation pierced deep into the wolf's throat.

Julius slid in and cut off its left foreleg's tip.

Arios switched with Julius and pierced <Void Cutter> into the magic wolf's right eye.

The magic wolf violently struggled still, so Lecan put more strength into <Demon Wolf Cutter> and tore off its neck completely, that was when it finally stopped moving and slowly tumbled down.

As Lecan, Arios and Julius caught up with their breathing in front of the magic wolf's body, Jiza came up to them.

"Forgive me. Seeing <Chaotic Magic Wolf> on this floor took me by surprise and left me slow to react."

"Nah. Your offensive cover was superb. Those were some incredible <Magic Quivers>."

"It's a work of art that can instantly shoot out eight magic arrows all at once by directly pouring mana into it instead of deploying magic stones. And I've got four of them. Shooting 320 magic arrows all at the same time burns through your mana like nothing else."

"Figures. By the way, so you got a big enough <Free Box> to store those gigantic things huh."

"I sure do. An especially made one just for those."

"Really huh. Hold on a bit. Eda, <Purification> please."

"Un. <Purification><Purification><Purification><Purification>."

Eda cast <Purification> on Jiza, Lecan, Arios and Julius. Then she turned around.

Ui was kneeling down next to the fallen Boruk.

The other members walked up to them.


"Ah. Much obliged, Eda-dono."

Boruk has got its head torn off and both arms twisted. Its body is full of damage too.

"This is terrible."

"That damaged body is mostly done in by your magic though."

"Obaba-sama. What will become of Boruk now?"

"Hmn. There might be no saving it with all this damage. Hold on a moment."

Jiza put away the <Seven Headed Blue Wand> and took a thin wand.

"By the names Mazara Wedepasha and Yacklubend Tomato, Jiza Morfes command you. Clay Doll Boruk, by my decree, go back to your fleeting slumber."

But nothing happened. Boruk lay sideways, still broken.

"It's not coming back. I suppose that means this is the end of the road for Boruk-chan."

"End of the road, is it."

"Leaving it here is our only option. He was one hardworking Artificial Wrinkle Man that had served our household for many years. Thank you for everything, Boruk-chan."

They could bring back Boruk's wreckage if they put it in Lecan's <Storage>. Lecan thought of suggesting that for a moment, but stopped short. There's no place more apt to be Boruk's grave than Dungeon Palcimo. Jiza probably thought the same thing.

Lecan went back to the magic wolf. He gotta retrieve this precious material before it's gone for good.

He put away <Demon Wolf Cutter> and took out a Solid Sacred Silver sword, then he made a huge cut on its abdomen and picked out a huge chunk, flesh and entrails included, around the magic stone. The body didn't disappear. Success. Then he took the magic stone out of its flesh. It's a huge magic stone hiding extraordinary amount of mana. The flesh crumbled into ash.

"Obaba. Feel free to collect the magic wolf's body."

"Yea. I'll be keeping it."

Jiza put away the body in a <Free Box> and the magic stone in another <Free Box>.

"Still, I couldn't help but be surprised by Eda-san's quick wit."

"Same with me. I was wondering why would she do something stupid as casting <Purification> on a magic beast."

"I was gobsmacked by that too. To think one would use <Purification> to force Chaotic Magic Wolf into its anti-magic mode."

"Ehehe. Like, didn't Guide Jiza-sama said it too. My <Purification> is versatile."

"So that was the impetus. Doesn't matter the kind of magic used, Chaotic Magic Wolf changes its property when it is hit by magic. Nevertheless, who would even come up with that. And both <Recovery> as well as <Purification> will stick on the target no matter how violent they get struggling about."

Neither <Recovery> nor <Purification> heals magic beasts. They deal damage on a few types of magic beasts even. Especially Apparition type.

"Guess we discovered a way to defeat <Chaotic Magic Wolf> huh."

"No, no. That is not so, Lecan-chan. You won't find a <Recovery> user who can come to such a deep floor. Besides, I have never seen a mage capable of casting <Recovery> and <Purification> from a distance like Eda-chan. To top it off, her accuracy and speed. It's as if they've been honed as offensive spells."


"But who'd think a <Chaotic Magic Wolf> would spawn on floor 150."

"Dungeons are where the unexpected occurs. It's what makes them so interesting."

"Oh, I see. Is that how it works."

"That's how it works. By the way, Obaba. Seeing it's you, you must have other means to defeat <Chaotic Magic Wolf> prepared."

"Of course I do. But I could not find the right timing to take out anything other than the special <Magic Quivers> there."




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Okami wa Nemuranai 46.15


"Okay guys, all hands together. Let's go. <Warp>."

The scenery before their eyes blurred before they got warped away.

At a first glance, it looks like the same room.

However, reciting <Floor> spell shows that it's undoubtedly floor 150.

"L-Lecan. Floor 150 right off the bat is a bit..."

"Give it up, Eda. Our only choice is to conquer this floor now that it's what got displayed. Yeah, we could wait for four days and warp to another floor, but doing that'll probably bar us from ever getting here again. This is our destination."


Lecan gave Stamina Restoratives to Arios and Julius, and Stamina and Mana Restoratives to other members.

"Now then, see you guys again at the exit."

Lecan got in a shaft after saying that.

A pure Black Magic Wolf is ferociously rushing at him.

"<Flame Spear>!"

Lecan unleashed his sure fire magic spear. However, the magic wolf managed to narrowly dodge it. By that point it had already arrived right before Lecan.

Lecan twisted his body sliding low toward the ground and swung <Demon Wolf Cutter>. The sword hit the wolf's face, slightly shifting its course.

The magic wolf's giant jaws went past diagonally above his face.

"<Flame Spear>!"

The magic spear pierced through the wolf's abdomen and came out of its spine.

The wolf boasted extraordinary speed as befitting of floor 150. But it was still at a manageable level so long as Lecan is ready for it. Besides, all the experience in all his battles against magic wolves so far taught him how to attack and how to dodge to a point.

As Lecan stood up and turned around, a treasure chest awaited.

One after quite a long time. Opening it revealed a familiarly shaped short and thick wand.


It's a <Wand of Cordysie>. It can store a huge amount of spells at 20. And each individual spell that can be stored is quite significant. The wand shop's storekeeper said these things drop on floor 30 to 90, turned out it could drop on such a deep floor as well.


As Lecan gazed at the appraisal result, it hit him, a way to make use of this wand.

He should just store anti-physical barriers in it.

Presently, Lecan needs to reserve some time for concentrating if he wants to cast the barrier, he hasn't reached a level where it's usable in a real combat. But storing them inside this wand will allow him to instantly cast one.

This wand's optimal usage pattern as narrated by that storekeeper is likely the correct one to Palcimo mages. However, the conditions differ when it comes to Lecan's. The other answer is correct to him.

As Lecan left his shaft, there was still no one around.

Arios eventually came out with a severely damaged light armor.

"What happened, Arios."

"I let my guard down. I had <Void Cutter> on me as I got into my shaft, but it was a Pure Black Magic Wolf that awaited inside. It took me a bit of time to switch to <Magic Vacuum Cutter> and generated its magic blade, and I suffered an attack in the meantime. That was the first Red Potion I used in a long while."


Afterward was Jiza, then Ui.

Eda and Julius were last.

Lecan sighed out in relief. However, Julius's armor has been completely wrecked.

"What happened inside?"

"A Pure Black Magic Wolf spawned, see. But I kept missing with my magic bow. So Julius-kun had to lure it and got hurt really bad while he did that."

Julius might have died if not for Eda and her <Purification>.

"I see. Good thing we got our hands on a dragon leather armor huh."

As it turned out, Jiza and Ui also dealt with Pure Black Magic Wolves. However, both the wolves went at Jiza and Ui with magic attacks. Hence they managed to defeat their opponents while being protected by <Necklace of Intuador>. And since Ui had Boruk to bait her enemy, she didn't have a hard time.

Now then, it's finally time for Floor 150 boss. If they manage to beat it, they can go down to floor 151, where the Dungeon Boss is waiting alone. There is no more quint shafts.

"Jiza. Should we go with just us three from here on?"

"Us three, which are."

"You, me, and Arios."

"I see, I see. Us three can keep going ahead. Can't let young ones waste their lives here after all."


Ui looked exasperated.

"I can't, I cannot turn tail and run here, not after coming this far. Please take me along! Isn't that what you promised me! Didn't you said to me, we will conquer this dungeon together?!"

Despite what Ui said, that was something Jiza said to give her a goal. In reality, Lecan doesn't believe Ui could get through the upcoming fight in one piece after watching her thus far. Lecan was going to make her understand that when.

"Ui. You're--"


Arios interrupted Lecan, unusually enough.

"Isn't Ui-san a comrade in arm who has gone through a lot with us to get here? Her being around is what makes it possible for us to arrive at this point. If she herself wishes to keep going, then we should honor that wish and take her along. She shall be responsible for her own action."

Lecan glared at Arios for a while.

Ui herself gazed at Arios from the side with a look of surprise.

Lecan turned at Ui.

"Ui. You might die. Are you going."

"I'm going."
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Ui gave a resolute answer.

"Julius. You're--"

"I'm going too."

"And me too of course."

Julius followed by Eda made their decisions known.

From what Lecan saw of Julius thus far, the precision and quick-witted-ness of his attacks during critical moments may be first-rate but he's still lacking experience and roundness. His dodging skill still needs polishing as well. His defensive power is low. It's too dangerous for him to take on floor 150's boss. And while Eda fights as a rear guard and has excellent evasion, a stray claw or fang hit from the boss will spell her doom. Hence why Lecan wanted to let the two go outside, but that doesn't seem possible.

Lecan spoke after sighing out loud.

"Fine, we're all going. But a short break before that is in order. Eda, <Purification> for all of us please."

All of them laid down on the spot.

Eda's <Purification> permeated into their bodies.

"Aah. It's real purdy nice indeed. I'm in heavens. Is there anything Eda-chan's <Purification> can't do."

"It's so comforting. This kind of extravagant dungeon diving is too good."

"It really is. Ui-oneesan."

Ui smiled pleasantly.

They all took it easy.

Their necklaces are fully charged.

Before long, all of them found themselves standing before the entrance.

Boruk stood in the middle, with Ui's left hand touching its shoulder and her right hand gripping a drawn sword.

Lecan to the right of Ui and Arios to her left. Then to the right of Lecan are Eda and Julius, with Jiza with <Seven Headed Blue Wand> to Arios's left side.

Lecan has <Demon Wolf Cutter> in his right hand and <Shield of Wolkan> on his left. <Necklace of Intuador> and <Guardian Jewel of Zana> as well as <Ring of Undying King> and <Talisman of Darkness Demon> all present.

Arios has <Void Cutter> in his right hand and magic blade generated <Magic Vacuum Cutter> in his left.

Eda has <Bow of Yelvitz> drawn and filled with mana.

Jiza recited the spell to light up the Seven Heads, scattering sparks everywhere. Her torrent of mana is as impressive as ever. They're all prepped up.

"Alright. Let's go."

"Boruk, Commence Advance."

As Lecan got in the room a bit after Boruk, the magic wolf inside had already been charging in their direction.

A gigantic running figure.

Its right half is jet black, while its left half is beaming white.

<Chaotic Magic Wolf>.

The strongest Magic Beast in Dungeon Palcimo that's supposed to be waiting on the final floor.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 46.14


The group is relaxing after lunch break on the seventh day.

"Lecan-dono. You were quite vehement on checking the effects of your attacks on both Pure White and Pure Black Magic Wolves back then. Did you do that in order to prepare for the depths?"

"More specifically for the final fight. Ah right, haven't run you a lowdown on this dungeon's boss yet huh, Arios."

"By that, you are referring to the magic beast on floor 151, correct?"

"Yeah. It goes by the name <Chaotic Magic Wolf>."

"<Chaotic Magic Wolf>."

"This thing's apparently become immune to magic when you attack it with magic and to physical when it's hit by physical attacks."

"That sounds quite troublesome. But then, can't one simply attack it with both magic and physical at once?"

"Yeah, but apparently it's not easy. If the timing is even slightly off, the attacks don't count as landing on the exact same time. Our opponent can instantaneously switch its property to deal with either. Remember, the wolf spawns 50 floors down from here. Its size, ferocity, speed and destructive power must be beyond anything we've faced thus far. Perfectly syncing attacks against such an opponent should prove highly difficult."

"The act of aiming must be what makes it difficult. If you shower it with long ranged physical attacks like javelins, arrows and the likes while also having a group of mages attack it with magic, surely there would be some that hit at the same exact time."

"Arios-dono. In practice, you simply must not allow a huge group of people crowd around a <Chaotic Magic Wolf>. The more crowded it is the more openings there are for the wolf. However, your idea is close to the ideal."

"How should we approach it then."

"Launch an offensive with swords and spears while the wolf is getting continuously bombarded by magic attacks. And these days we have <Magic Quivers> as well."

"<Magic Quivers> is it?"

Jiza explained to Arios what those are.

"While <Chaotic Magic Wolf> can attack with magic and with its claws and fangs, it often opts to go with the latter."

"How often do people attempt to challenge this last floor's magic beast?"

"There were people who went up against it 62 years ago. That was also the last time anyone did."
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"However, there have been three parties who managed to grab the ticket to floor 150 during these last 62 years. Conquering floor 150 will open the path to floor 151. Every single one of those parties were adventurers from outside. Strength-wise, they were completely unprepared to take on such deep floors, but their feat afforded them huge gains. They sold the right to the Magic Research Insitute's Board of Directors."

"Sold the right? How so."

"If even one person managed to get floor 150 displayed, the entire party is then able to go to floor 150 as well. The displayed number persists for four to five days. They can just act as a guide there before heading back outside."

"Ah, I see."

"However, not even the Magic Research Institute have those capable of taking on the depths always be available at all time. They could dispatch at most one or two party of them. I took part in all three attempt myself, but never once did I manage to get to the final floor, either our party lacked strength to clear floor 150, or they exhausted themselves after conquering floor 150."

"Does that mean, you can't get to floor 151 even after you've conquered floor 150 once you've gone back to the surface?"

"Indeed. Floor 150 and floor 151 are connected as one floor."

"What happens if there's another person with a different displayed number in the same party?"

"Neither can warp."

"How many parties are currently exploring floor 101?"

"There are currently three parties tackling the depths over the course of several years. This Ui here is one among those challengers."

"And yet, none has managed to reach the last floor."

"They could pretty much reliably warp to floor 101 to 149. Only floor 150 has a very low rate of appearing for some reason."

"Only floor 150 is it. Fumu."


As Arios got lost in thought, Ui spoke to him. Her gaze was shockingly gentle.


"Arios-dono, your swordsmanship truly oozes elegance. Your sword strokes are also so much more masterful than any instructors I have studied under. Your thought process and actions are very composed as well. I find it hard to believe that Arios-dono is Julius's father even now. And you look so young too."

"I'm actually 40 this year."

"Eh. You're kidding."

"I belong to a clan of Longlifer, see. Please keep this matter a secret if you would."


Lecan was awfully surprised by this.

Arios's Longlifer status should have been a strictly confidential matter. And yet he so easily divulged it to Ui. She wasn't even pressing for it. Lecan couldn't figure out what Arios was thinking.

"Ui-san. Your swordsmanship was quite a sight to behold as well."

"Eh. W-what are you saying. You haven't even seen me swinging a sword--"

"No. I have. It was when Guide Jiza-sama instructed you to cut at Lecan-dono's barrier."


That's true.

Lecan thought the same thing as well back then. This magic knight's swordsmanship is surprisingly refined.

"After witnessing that, I'm convinced that you have truly sublimated the heart of our swordschool in your body and mind."

"I-is that true?"

"You have the potential to become a first rate swordsman."

That came out of the left field it appeared. Ui couldn't even muster up a reply.

"Now then, time to get a move on."

And with that one line from Lecan, the atmosphere shifted.

They are heading into the depths. The floor they step onto could be anywhere from 101 to 149. The closer it is to the last floor, the more ferocious the magic beasts will be. They must resolve themselves to that fact.

"We're aiming for floor 150. No telling how many days it's gonna take to get there. Regardless, we will absolutely put our feet firmly on floor 150 even if it takes us 100 days. Brace yourself."

Strong lights dwelt in everybody's eyes. This is where the real thing begins. It even feels like Boruk's emerald green eyes emitted lights.

"Now then. Link hands together. Are you ready? <Floor>."

All floors in Dungeon Palcimo turned in Lecan's head.

Starting from the highest floor, 1 to 2 to 3 and below are connected by a line. He focused and looked down further below. 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, and then 100.

Lecan was at a loss for words when he saw the floor number below 100.

Floor 150.

"I-It cannot be."

Jiza groaned.

The door she has bet her whole life on to arrive at is finally open.




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Okami wa Nemuranai 46.13


They got down to floor 85 and began preparing for lunch there.

Lecan took out firewood, Eda lighted them up.


"There is no preliminary casting. It comes out so quick. And yet it's so precise and accurate."

"Eh? Ah, I wasn't taught how to do preliminary casting when I studied magic under my teach. So I'm clueless on any magic's preliminary casting."

"I see. All members of Magic Research Institute are capable of Cast Omission. I am unable to."

"Eh, is that true."

"I was supposed to be taught that in earnest once I get formally accepted as Obaba-sama's pupil. But I had been prohibited from learning most magic after I got accepted into Magic Knights. I believed that was for the best. Magic Knights are shields that protect the mages, and swords that defeat the White Magic Wolves. But one day, a mage said this to me. 'What a waste of such a large pool of mana'. But it's not like I didn't want to study more magic. I am unable to."

Eda couldn't reply to that.

After a moment of silence, Jiza spoke.

"And that's why Lecan-chan is frustrating you."



"That she is, Eda-chan. An adventurer who never trained in magic despite having guide-class pool of mana."

"Eh? Eh? But Lecan trained really really hard on magic, you know. Or rather, I've seen him training magic here and there but never with a sword."

"That's just how it looked to Ui, Eda-chan. Lecan-chan is dressed like a bona fide swordsman with nary a wand on him, isn't he?"

"Well, I guess he is."

"And yet, the <Flame Spears> Lecan-chan cast with Cast Omission boast incredible power and speed. He could even make those spears meander after shooting, a feat only Guides capable of. And that <Move> he showed to fetch that magic stone was truly something else. Even I have never seen anything like that before. Ui completely lost her confident after seeing that."

Silence ruled once again.

Arios was the one breaking that.


"Eh, what can I help you with, Arios-dono."

"Do you still wish to learn magic if you are given the chance to?"

Ui looked downcast. But after a while, she spoke with a resolute tone.

"I wish to."

Lecan pondered Jiza's style of combat while listening to this conversation in the background.

Starting from floor 81, Warp Room's Magic Wolves boast offensive power and speed incomparable to any wolf that comes before it. Mages with their reaction speed would be easy preys to them. Hence she uses up her mana to activate her magic before entering the room and unleashes the most powerful attack the instance she's inside. Considering all that, her tactic is actually quite sensible.

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"What's your move when you're up against Pure White Magic Wolf?"

From floor 81, Pure White Magic Wolves that are immune to magic could spawn. Not even Jiza and her powerful magic can defeat those.

"I whip out my specially made <Magic Quivers>. I developed those things for one such moment after all."
<TLN: Was translated as Magic Arrow Pipes previously.>

"Hou. I see. Oh yeah, Eda."

"Eh? What is it? Lecan."

"You didn't use <Sleep> when you fought floor 81's boss."

"Ah. I forgot."

She would have a much easier time in the expedition had she remembered sooner. However, thanks to her not using it, the experience should prove as a good training regime for both Eda and Julius. Hence it's not exactly a bad thing she forgot.

"Give it a try next time."


After a relaxed lunch, they got in floor 85 shafts and fought Warp Room's Magic Wolf. Eda <Sleep> was effective, turning the fight into a complete joke. Ui was shocked to witness the range of magic Eda afforded.

Afterward, they kept going until floor 90. Thus ended day 5's expedition.

On the sixth day.

A Pure White Magic Wolf spawned in floor 92's warp room.

Naturally, Eda's <Sleep> wouldn't work. Lecan shot a barrage of <Flame Spears> to check out how his magic would do against it.

It's completely immune to the magic spears but the heat and impact produced by them still have some effects. The heat from <Flame Spears> would slightly burn the wolf's fur, and the impact force would knock it back.

Lecan knew this was how it would turn out. However, he couldn't get a good grasp on it before seeing it in person.


(It's not repelling nor absorbing magic.)

(Like it's undoing the magic itself while leaving the destructive force alone.)

Once he had enough, Lecan defeated the wolf with <Demon Wolf Cutter>.

A Pure Black Magic Wolf spawned on floor 98. Even though they're only supposed to start spawning on floor 101, this would be a good opportunity to test out its physical immunity.

It was a weird sensation. Slashing at it with a sword didn't give back the right feedback. Some sort of fluffy invisible film enveloped the Magic Wolf, this film would absorb all forces of impact it seems.

However, sword slashes aren't completely useless as it's possible to stop their charge or change its course with one. Lecan gave <Shield of Wolkan> a go, and it was surprisingly effective.

Hence they reached floor 100 that day.

Eda's <Sleep> was no longer effective from floor 90 down.

The Magic Wolves are getting tougher. At the same time the group's coordination is also getting better.

Ui would order Boruk to attract Magic Wolf's attention. Lecan stopped the wolf with <Shield of Wolkan> and Arios would hinder it with a swift barrage of attacks. They would deploy <Demon Wolf Cutter> against White Wolves, and Jiza's magic against Black Wolves. Eda crushes their eyeballs, Julius is in charge of assists, and Ui guards Jiza. <Purification> would fly off anytime anyone got hurt.

They should be able to fight on much lower floors considering these results.

Tomorrow would be the seventh day. They're finally going to take a step into the depths.

The depths, floor 101 and below can only be accessed from floor 100.

From floor 100 and below, reciting <Floor> spell would display floor 1-100 as well as one floor from 101-150. This displayed floor is completely randomized. Once a floor has been displayed, you must either conquer that floor or wait several days before you can warp to another depths' floor besides the displayed floor.

If members in the same party aren't joining hands when each of them recites the spell <Floor>, they each will be shown different floors from one another. As such, it's theorized that the destination floor is only selected when one recites the <Floor> spell.




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