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Okami wa Nemuranai 46.7



A big blue sphere of light emerged and engulfed Ui's body.

"Now that's quite something. I have never seen such a wholesome <Purification>."

Ui's entire body is full of wounds. Wounds from fangs and claws, and even wounds from what seem like flame breaths.

Ui has her own <Necklace of Intuador>. The necklace is an amazing Grace Gear capable of putting up a magical barrier automatically, but it's not perfect.

Its biggest weakness is how it doesn't block magic attacks at close proximity. If she was hit by a flame breath while her limbs were being bitten, the necklace wouldn't generate a barrier. Hence, you must not get too close to an opponent that shoots magic.

Of course, Ui is definitely well aware of that herself. And yet, she still couldn't prevent a situation where her opponents got within that range. Proof of just how fast and numerous her opponents must be.

Lecan has grasped Magic Wolves' quirks and traits after facing them this far.

Doesn't matter if they're colored white or black, these Magic Wolves all have sharp fangs and powerful magic attack. But some individuals can specialize in magic attack while others in physical attacks regardless of their color. And individuals that specialize in physical attacks are fleet footed. You gotta focus defeating these swift individuals asap if you want an easier time.

Wonder if Ui is aware of that. She must be. Yet that knowledge was useless against her opponents this time.

"Ui. How many wolves were there."

"Five of them. All white. They all jumped at me at once and drove me into a corner."

Meaning all five of those wolves specialize in physical attacks and highly mobile. She somehow managed to defeat them all despite getting cornered.

"It was all thanks to the Mana and Stamina Restoratives Lecan-dono gave me. Those are truly superb. My mana is recovering even as we speak now."

"Yeah? Just get some rest now. We're having lunch here."

Eda lit fire on firewood Lecan took out, the place was filled with campfire's warmth at once.

Eda cut vegetables for soup, Lecan went to skewer meat. Julius went around handing cut-up hard-baked bread. Dipping this in the soup enhance its flavor on top of being filling.

"This is so good isn't it, Julius-kun."

"It really is, Eda-neesan."

Ui looked at Julius warmly as he chewed on his bread with smiles.

"Oh right, Obaba."

"What's up, Lecan-chan."

"I know <Necklace of Intuador> blocks magic attacks, but is there a Grace Gear that can block physical attacks."

"Nope. Never even heard of one either. No magic tools, no magic. There are some that can raise the defensive property of shields and armors. I've heard about Grace Gear that can do that too, but I've yet to witness one in person."

Then the shield that generates physical barrier he got from his duel at Golbul was quite rare. But there's a more shocking tidbit with what Jiza said.

"What? You sure there's no magic for that?"

"Sure am. So there's this magic known as <Barrier>, and there existed a physical version of it back in the past. Era Morfes could wield it. However, only the anti-magic type of <Barrier> is passed down today, the physical barrier one has been lost in time."

"A lost art huh."

Jiza's eyes glimmered.

"Could it be, Lecan-chan. You know about anti-physical <Barrier>. No, you've made it your own."

Lecan thought of dodging the question for a moment. But, he's working together with Jiza. Better not lying here.


"Will you show it to me?"
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"Got it. After meal."

Once they were done, Lecan put up a demonstration of anti-physical <Barrier>.

"So this is anti-physical <Barrier>"

Jiza stared at the barrier with glimmering eyes. Ui was looking wide eyed behind her. Lecan spoke to Ui.

"Ui. Slash at it."

"Eh? Ah, yes all right."

Ui drew her sword and walked up to Lecan. Elegant steps.

Ui gracefully made a circle with her sword before swinging it down but the barrier flicked away that sword.

"Not even budging huh."

"This thing blocks most attacks. Though just once, a very skilled swordsman managed to destroy this barrier."

"I could imagine. Any barrier breaks if its capacity is exceeded. That applies to <Necklace of Intuador> as well. But this barrier of yours' got some serious strength. Alright, undo that and generate it again."

Afterward, Lecan generated <Barrier> six times  following Jiza's wish. Ui would attack every time. Jiza would observe every little bit of the barrier and even cast <Analysis> on it.

"All right. Much appreciated. I got the rough gist of it. Watch this."

Jiza took a long wand out of her <Free Box>, and closed her eyes as she concentrated on kneading mana.

After kneading for quite a long time, she recited the activation spell.


A barrier emerged. An anti-physical barrier.

Jiza managed to cast a magic she's just seen seen simply through observations in just one try. When it took Lecan many days under Shira's tutelage.

(No. Looking back, it was anti-magic Barrier I had a tough time with.)

(It was not long after I succeeded in anti-magic barrier, I managed anti-physical one.)

"Never in my dream I imagined myself managing to cast this magic. You have my thanks, Lecan-chan."

Ui muttered.

"Lecan-dono doesn't need preliminary casting to cast such a high level magic, does he."

Lecan found it odd when he heard that. From all the stuff Tolda talked about the Magic Research Institute, he was sure the members there would cast magic without preliminary casting like it's normal. Of course that only happens when the mages prioritize speed, they still do preliminary casting for power. Hence, he's sure that Ui must have seen enough magic without preliminary casting to last a lifetime.

The art to shorten preliminary casting is called Cast Omission or Chant Omission, and entirely omitting preliminary casting or even activation spell is called Chantless. However, according to Tolda, there is no one alive who has ever attained Chantless magic, they exist only in fairy-tales.





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