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Okami wa Nemuranai 46.22


Noon on the second day, they were given the spectacle treatment.

The group stood on the veranda of the townlord's mansion and waved at the populace below.

Lecan didn't wave. He loathed evem having to stand there. But he couldn't back down as it was a request from Jiza. Lecan would have hated it even more if him declining Jiza would put her on a tough spot.

Arios didn't skimp on his smiles which were answered back by huge cheers from the women.

There was another reason Lecan couldn't refuse Jiza.

Jiza handed over a particular object to Lecan just before the banquet.

It's the magic stone of <Chaotic Magic Wolf>.

"Oy oy. Aren't the institute bunch gonna ask for this?"

"Indeed, I am sure they are. But I would like to present this to a certain someone instead."

"Certain someone?"


"Shira went away somewhere."

"I am aware. But it's not like she has passed away, is she."

"Well, I suppose."

"That means you might some day meet Shira-sama once again. Am I wrong?"

"No telling when's that day."

"It can be any time. That is a gift from me to Shira-sama. It would please me if you could deliver it."

It would be weird if Lecan told Jiza that he will never see Shira again. Hence his only choice was to accept the magic stone. Feels like Jiza has seen through him.

But still, is this person really the same one as that sprightly mage from before. It's as if she's completely withered down. To the point that a touch could easily crush her.

That was when it hit Lecan. Doesn't that apply to Shira as well.

Shira may have an enormous amount of mana as well as being a grand mage capable of high level magic.

But she's also an elderly. She might not have the stamina and energy to keep up with protracted and large-scale combats. She's fashioned herself as someone with unprecedented level of power, but perhaps that's just one facet of her, and in reality, Lecan has the upper hands in combative ability.

It's not that Lecan has a plan to fight Shira or anything. He just realized that Shira might have more weak sides to her than he initially assumed. Shira is a mighty existence, but that enormity may also be the very reason she has multitudes of weaknesses.

(At the end of the day, she's still an elderly lady.)

(She might be weary from living such a long life.)

(Must have aching joints somewhere, and she might feel helpless at times.)

(Guess I gotta treat her more gently.)

(Maybe I oughta get some gift.)

(Ah, wait I got <Chaotic Magic Wolf> magic stone already, nevermind.)

On the tenth of month eight, Lecan and Eda left Palcimo.

Arios and Julius also left that day, they parted ways at the gate.

Julius was headed for their village to train there for a while, after that he's going to train under Lecan again, so Lecan told him to go to Vouka later.

Lecan and Eda took it easy on their trip back to Vouka. He's got some things to ask Shira, but there's no rush.

He's learned many things during their expedition at Palcimo.

The issues that arises from a long term usage of <Purification> was unknown at the capital, yet Palcimo had been researching on it for years. That fact in itself is no surprise as the Magic Research Institute can't exactly publicize their research results. But, a sage-level mage like Jiza had no idea how to cast anti-physical <Barrier> and virtually no knowledge about Grace Gear that can generate physical barriers. Yet such a Grace Gear was dropped in Dungeon Golbul. Hard to believe something similar doesn't get dropped at all in other dungeons. During his fight against Vangard's party at Dungeon Tsubolt, it looked as if they had some experience fighting opponents equipped with physical barriers. Grace Gear that can generate physical barriers may be rare, but there must be quite a few of them out in the wild.

And, speaking of Shira.

Shira wasn't surprised about Earth Dragon Toron's cold breath-like ability, but she was unable to identify what kind of magic it was. She also said that she never saw cold breath attacks. However, she never said that she has no clue about magic beasts that can shoot out cold breaths. Meaning Shira never dived in Dungeon Palcimo. She never saw it in person but she had knowledge about cold breathing magic wolves in Dungeon Palcimo. Hence why she phrased it in such a way.

Shira may seem like she knows everything, but that's simply not possible. It's been made even clearer during his time in Palcimo.

Shira is in possession of <Diadem of Divine Rotwood>. It's already Lecan's as Shira has agreed to exchange it for Barifoa's magic stone Lecan had. <Diadem of Divine Rotwood> was dropped in Dungeon Palcimo. So Shira did not obtain it on her own. Just how did it fall on Shira's lap. She seemed quite reluctant to part with it back then. Perhaps Lecan should ask the circumstance surrounding the diadem.

At any rate, he initially believed this world has an advanced state of information network, but it's not as clear cut as it seems in reality. Which means, Grace Gear that are unknown in a region may actually be commonplace in another region.

(Gotta see faraway dungeons with my own eyes.)

Thus Lecan thought.

But that will be for later. Palcimo's expedition was highly dense. He intends to take a break from dungeon diving for a while.

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"What's wrong, Lecan?"

"No. It's nothing."

He forgot to show off <Rush Flare> to Jiza.

You gotta keep promises you made.

(Haha. Guess we're gonna see each other again.)

(It must be God of Fate's dispensation. No point in fussing over it.)

Lecan was in an awfully good mood which surprised even him as he walked on grassy roads alongside Eda.

"Oh right, Lecan."


"When Guide-sama showed this, you see."

Eda took a bag used to refill the necklace's mana.

"You asked her what's that, right."


When you don't know about something, ask away. What about that.

"You pretty much confessed to her that you had no idea about the refill bag even though you had been using the necklace."


"Then after that, Guide-sama told us that either she or Lecan could just refill the necklaces while we were in the dungeon."


"Lecan didn't retort to that. So it's like you admitted to her that you could use <Grant> magic."


Right, that's true. Thinking back, having Jiza know that little tidbit is no big deal to Lecan, the problem is how she could craftily fleece information out of unknowing Lecan. She might have gotten many other stuff out of him with similar tactics.

(But to think Eda would notice that.)

"Eda. My Mana Bestowal is a Skill I got from my world, it's nothing like <Grant> magic. No worries if she thinks I'm a <Grant> user."

"Ah, so it's like that."

Eda has been growing in all kinds of ways. That's a good thing, thought Lecan.

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