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Okami wa Nemuranai 46.18


Lecan lost his bearing for a moment.

Lecan is someone who never flinches no matter how monstrous an opponent he's up against.

But dignity. This enemy has an air of dignity to it. Such that it even awed Lecan.

The Argent Flame Wolf calmly put its right foreleg forward while lording over the uninvited guests.

A moment later, its figure emerged in the center of the room.


It's the same ability the Queen Spider of Dungeon Ninae possesses.

However, considering it instantly jumped to the center of this vast room in one go, Argent Flame Wolf is evidently a far more adept user.

(Such a high level teleportation and that distance, gonna be a tough one.)


Jiza's spell resounded.

The wand in her hand floated up and went straight at Argent Flame Wolf.

The wolf stared at the wand as if it was fathoming the object.

Lecan charged ahead. Arios followed in the same breath, while Julius was late by a breath.

The wand stopped above the wolf. Then the four metallic orbs separated themselves from the wand and moved in four directions. Argent Flame Wolf bent its body forward to meet Lecan's charge.


Jiza resolutely recited a spell.

The Argent Flame Wolf twisted over and vanished. It had teleported away.

But then, a snapping sound like something got bounced back echoed, and the wolf showed itself up again. An ashen-colored chain is coiling around its right foreleg. Then in a blink of an eye, its left hindleg got captured by a red chain, left foreleg by a colorless chain and right hindleg by an aqua chain.

Looking again, those four chains came out of four metallic orbs floating in mid air.

These chains are by no means thick. Yet, Lecan's <3D Perceptions> tell him those chains are physical objects, while <Mana Detection> shows they're magical objects.

(She's sure made something real handy.)

Lecan unleashed his slash at the wolf as that thought crossed his mind.

The bent over Argent Flame Wolf glared at him while baring its fang as Lecan struck its crown of head with the <Demon Wolf Cutter>.


That was a weird feedback. No, the feedback was there, his slash simply didn't go through.

Lecan has fought many Black and Pure Black Magic Wolves so far. Thus he knows. This is no Physical Immunity. His attack did hit. And yet it dealt no damage.

Lecan is familiar with this sensation. It was from none other than <Overking Bear>. Its pelt has turned into Lecan's overcoat now, but <Overking Bear> was a tough magic beast highly resistant to both magical and physical attacks.

Lecan lifted his sword once again and slashed at the wolf's neck. The wolf growled threateningly. However, it dealt no damage.

It's clear now. <Demon Wolf Cutter>'s trait doesn't work on it. He couldn't feel its effect at all. If the Grace that makes it deals multifolds damage against Demon Wolf beasts doesn't work, this sword is no different than an ordinary sword.


Jiza recited a short spell. She's activating <Seven Headed Blue Wand>.


Swiftly and resolutely, she continued on.

The Argent Flame Wolf opened its jaws and lunged at Lecan while still chained.

Magic arrows landed on its head. Eda's attack.

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Arios and Julius went around Argent Flame Wolf's back and slashed at it.




Lecan saw how Arios's slash managed to wound the Argent Flame Wolf's rear.

That was when he noticed a presence of enormous magic behind him so he jumped out of the way.

An enormous white heat ray landed on the Argent Flame Wolf before dispersing. It's Jiza's.

An unparalleled form of magic attack that far surpasses even Lecan's strongest <Flame Spear>.

That magic attack hit Argent Flame Wolf squarely, filling the room with an intense light.

The light slightly subsided afterward as the wolf got pushed back with its silvery white fur showed signs of clear damage.

(Hou. That should do the trick.)

But he was too naive.

The Argent Flame Wolf howled once, then a magic circle manifested overhead its figure.

Then an invisible barrier stopped Jiza's red hot heat ray before it could touch Argent Flame Wolf.

An anti-magic barrier.

The wolf kept howling in succession, creating a magic circle above itself with every howl. Five in total. Four of the circles shot out different kinds of magic that flew off toward Jiza.

Her <Necklace of Intuador> created a barrier that blocked those magic at once.

Jiza kept her offensive without minding the attack launched at her.

It turned into a fierce magical clash between Argent Flame Wolf and Jiza.

Eda started cover firing with <Bow of Yelvitz>.

Lecan turned <Shield of Wolkan> into its gauntlet state and began firing <Flame Spears>.

Any barrier can be broken down once it took on attacks beyond its limit. Jiza's magic will eventually break through the Argent Flame Wolf's barrier. That moment should come sooner with Lecan's help. A continuous barrage of highly dense magic attacks should also help to hinder Argent Flame Wolf.

In the meantime, Arios and Julius would occasionally choose the right timings to let out slashes at the wolf.

Argent Flame Wolf's body is clearly bleeding, full of wounds.

(Should I cease my magic attack and go with my sword now.)

(But <Demon Wolf Cutter> is useless against this thing.)

(Should I wield <Comet Cutter> here?)

Glancing back, he could see Ui taking up the perfect position. She could block Argent Flame Wolf's magic attack while being completely out of Jiza's magic attack in that spot.

Just when Lecan believed that they had a chance at winning if they kept this up, he quickly discovered how wrong he was.

Argent Flame Wolf howled once. The sixth magic circle manifested above it, from there a soft green light emerged and healed the wounds suffered by the wolf.

(This thing's even capable of recovery magic!)

A second later, the chains floating above Argent Flame Wolf broke into pieces.





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