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Okami wa Nemuranai 46.12


The room had a giant white Magic Wolf inside.

A moment after that wolf came into view, the entire scenery was engulfed in seven colored flames of conflagration.

Lecan's body also got engulfed in the raging flames. <Necklace of Intuador> reacted at once, putting up a magical barrier.

It's not just Lecan. Arios, Eda, Julius and Ui are being protected by their necklaces.

The barriers continuously protect them from the assailing brutal all-consuming flames. Hence their views are completely obstructed. Lecan has <3D Perceptions> to check on the surroundings, but Eda, Julius and Ui are likely clueless as to what's going down in this room right now.

The White Magic Wolf shot a magic attack the instance it saw Jiza. However, the rushing torrents of seven-colored flames unleashed by Jiza erased that magic and blew the magic wolf to the wall at very end of the room.

The flames raged on even fiercer.

They look like incarnations of seven colored dragons. The seven dragons rampaged around with pure unbridled rage. The tornado-like flames kept on hitting every corners of the room while roaring loudly.

These dreadfully powerful flames also constantly assaulted Lecan's group. It's so bright that it hurts to open your eyes. The noise is unbearable as well.

And it's hot. Despite the flames being stopped by their barriers, the heat wave would wrap around their bodies, making it hard to even breathe.

As for the magic wolf, it's being pushed hard onto the wall at the end of the room as its entire existence is getting eroded away while being utterly helpless about it.

Someone screamed out. However, the tremendous noises produced by the flames quickly drowned that scream.

Lecan calmly analyzed everything occurring within the room using deep <3D Perceptions> while letting his bare eye feasted on the show of popping colors flying everywhere.

The flames suddenly subsided.

Their barriers vanished.

Blazing winds assailed them at once.





"<Cold Wave (Raktor)>!"

As Jiza recited that spell, a cold comforting wind blew across the room. It eventually cleared away the heat, bringing the temperature back to normal.

Silence visited.

As their ears had just had some good beating, they can't hear anything yet. More silent than silence. Lacking any sound at all put pressure on one's ears instead.

There remains a faint stain on the wall where the magic wolf was being pushed onto. There is absolutely no trace of there ever been a fearsome magic beast existing in this room. It was a white Magic Wolf yet Jiza's magic utterly erased it.

Lecan and Arios kept staring at Jiza. Eda, Julius and Ui just stood there in blank amazement.

Jiza took three large magic stones out of <Free Box>.

"<Absorption (Mepoza)>,<Absorption (Mepoza)>,<Absorption (Mepoza)>."

Afterward, Jiza trotted up to Ui and pulled the <Necklace of Intuador> from her bosom pocket.

"Oh, it's lost quite a bit. <Grant (Teruor)>"

Lecan came back to his sense and checked on his own necklace as well. It's lost quite a lot of mana. Lecan refilled his necklace as well as Arios's. Jiza refilled Eda's and Julius's after Ui's. During which Jiza absorbed another large magic stone's mana, and Lecan two medium magic stones.

Afterward, Jiza took another large magic stone and absorbed its mana.

"Lecan-chan's mana restoratives work so well. Dare I say, it's much better than Panta's even. Lecan-chan, do you still have more of these pills?"

"Yea. Just got done making enough to last me years."

"Uhyohyo. Just what I wanted to hear."


"Hm? What is the matter?"

"Was this how you always fought from floor 11 down?"

"It wasn't always like this back in the day. I would coordinate with my companions and made sure I got their back while they got mine. But that resulted in me having to give up on seeing the last floor when my companions couldn't go on anymore. Hence, I came up with ways to fight on my own, I tempered myself for it."

"So it seems you've been barred from going down below floor 80."

"Don't you think that's unreasonable?"

"I thought it was to keep the last Ancient Word Magic user from dying, but that's probably not all there is to it."

"What else would it be for?"

"To keep your companions from meeting their early death."

"That's nonsense. That was the very reason I developed <Necklaces of Intuador>. And I've made doubly sure to give those necklaces to those who will accompany me."

It does sound logical and all, but there's just something fundamentally wrong about it.

"Can't you put Boruk away when you fight?"

Boruk doesn't have <Necklace of Intuador> on. It likely wouldn't activate even if it did. Boruk's entire body is full of damages from receiving the full brunt of Jiza's blazing magic.

"Boruk-chan cannot be restarted for quite some time once it has been put away."

Eda spoke here.
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"Um, may I guide-sama?"

"Oh sure, what is it, Eda-chan."

"You just used five large magic stones, didn't you?"

"I sure did. Only five of them. It's all thanks to Lecan-chan's mana restoratives."

"Won't you suffer a deficit then?"

"Say what?"

"If you need to use up five large magic stones to clear a room, I can't imagine you would get the cost back even if you acquired a really good item from a treasure chest, won't you be in the red if the room only drops ordinary magic stones?"

"Hyo, hyo, hyo. Deficit is correct. Let's see now. I do incur a loss indeed. However, being able to proceed to the next floor at the end of the battle is a huge win in itself."

<Seven Headed Blue Wand> appears to be unusable unless it's been activated by pouring a huge quantity of mana into it. In exchange, it's capable of instantly casting its attack from its activated state. However, maintaining its activated state consumes a stupid amount of mana. And Eda hasn't realized it, but the wand had four slots with medium magic stones inserted which Jiza had replaced after the battle earlier.

In short, deploying this wand demands one to consume a massive quantity of magic stones each time. Jiza probably has many other Grace Gear and magic tools with similar property on her, thus Lecan suspects.

"Obaba. Can the used magic stones be recycled if you refill their mana?"

"They cannot. Recycling magic stones degrades their capacity. There have been cases where they break apart when you try to absorb mana off recycled ones. I usually donate used magic stones to the institute. See now. I use all my income from my research on the dungeon. Besides, both my grandmother and mother had left me with enormous wealth. There is absolutely nothing to worry about."

It seems this elderly witch fights by burying magic beasts that stand in her way with sheer amount of gold coins. Jiza actually possesses enough overwhelming power without resorting to such trick, but she ultimately opts to exhausting her wealth if it means more speed and firepower. Lecan isn't one to deny her of her style.

"Anyway, let's just get to the next floor. Then it's mealtime. I'm tired."





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