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Okami wa Nemuranai 45.15


"And that's the gist of it. One of the mages I intended to bring here was a specialist of bind magic, so missing him is quite a blow but either way, you can't rely on numbers alone if you wish to challenge the last floor's boss here. It is best left to few elites. Though we can't possibly exit the dungeon in this situation. We will have to aim straight for the last floor without leaving the dungeon once. I am sorry."

Their pursuers must be putting up a blockade in the dungeon's entrance by now. The instance they leave the dungeon, Jiza will be captured and barred from ever reentering the dungeon.

However, those pursuers can't do anything about it so long as Lecan's group keep going deeper into the dungeon. That's just how this dungeon works.

"Oh right right, let me hand over some gifts now. First, these two."

Jiza took two necklaces and gave them to Lecan.

"Oh, thanks. I appreciate it. How much are they?"

"That will have to be free as an apology for the trouble. It's not like I have any more use for money anyway."

"Really. Are they as good as the one I've got?"

"No. They do not repel <Recovery> nor <Purification> same as yours, but its user cannot get mana supply if they can't use <Absorption>. And their mana capacities are a tad smaller than Lecan-chan's necklace."


"Oh, and take these bags with them."

"What's this."

"Putting the necklace in this bag along with some magic stones will automatically restore its mana. It takes some time. For this expedition, me or Lecan-chan could take care of refilling them, so it's more for future's sake."

"That's a huge help. Eda. Julius."



"These are <Necklaces of Intuador>. Gifts from Obaba. They're yours."


"Those are Grace Gear that can automatically block magic attacks, aren't they. No, more like magic tools."

"Yeah. The <Gem of Shandona> Arios lent you can block two three magic attacks, but these things can do that indefinitely so long they got mana left. They don't stop <Recovery> and <Purification> either."

<Gem of Shandona> blocks both <Recovery> and <Purification>. As such, casting <Purification> on Julius in the midst of battle proved difficult. With this, it's no longer an issue.

"That's wonderful."

"Can I really take such an amazing thing just like that."

"It's Obaba's ultimate wish to conquer this dungeon. Toughening up her party members against magic attacks will help her as well. Take them."

"Un. Jiza-obabasama, thank you so much."

"Thank you very much."

"Hyo hyo hyo. Young kids with good manners are such a delight. And Lecan-chan, here's another one for you."

"A small bag. A <Free Box> huh."

"Yep it is. The latest special-made one. The <Free Box> Eda-chan carries with her is quite good itself, but this one's got a bigger capacity and smaller size. Also, food put inside this <Free Box> will not rot as easily."


"They will still rot eventually, and they lose moisture if you leave them inside too long, but they will last much longer in comparison to other Boxes. Dried food in particular could hold out shockingly long. Though I've only developed this one recently, so I still haven't done enough tests. And also, this <Free Box> can store other <Free Box> and <Box> as well as be stored in another <Free Box> or <Box>."

"Hou. That's incredible."

"It's groundbreaking in fact. Lecan-chan likely doesn't need one though. Give it to Eda-chan or Julius-boya."

"Much appreciated. You have my thanks. Eda, give your <Free Box> to Julius. Use this for yourself. But you gotta wait until we leave the dungeon since we can't swap the content now."

"Un. I got it."

"Yes. Master."

"Oh yeah, Obaba. Does this <Free Box> limits its owner?"

"It doesn't. That function may be handy, but it also comes with a lot of issues."

"I see. Now then, Obaba. Let's talk about this dungeon conquest. That Boruk you mentioned earlier, can it fight in a shaft on its own?"

"Boruk-chan can fight on its own or even enter and leave a shaft by itself, but that shaft wouldn't be deemed as conquered if you did that. There must be at least one human company. Besides, Boruk-chan specializes in physical side of things, so it'll have to go with one mage from floor 80 and below either way."

"I see."

"Since Eda-chan specializes in ranged magic, she's going to work well together with close quarter melee-specialized Boruk-chan for sure. As for Julius-boya, he can't use magic, can he."

"Julius can't use magic."

"Well then, I have some magic tools that can fire some powerful spells on me. I got some that are usable to those without mana, but since Julius-boya does, he can use the more powerful types I've got here as well."

"Fumu. Hold on a bit on that. Arios."

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"Sorry, but will you come with us in this dungeon conquest."

"It cannot be helped. I shall make myself company."

Ui interrupted here.

"Hang on. That man appears to be a swordsman, or is he a magic swordsman?"

"No. Arios got mana, but he can't use magic. He's a pure swordsman."

"Then there is no way he can handle it without a mage companion."

"Nah. It'll be fine. Arios, I see you don't have <Magic Vacuum Cutter> on you."

"Yes. I've left it in the village."

"Attacks by <Magic Vacuum Cutter> are regarded as magic attacks. No doubt about it, I've tested it myself. I'll lend this to you. See if you can produce the magic blade."

Lecan handed over the <Magic Vacuum Cutter> he obtained on Dungeon Tsubolt floor 142.

Arios drew the sword and generated the magic blade.

"I can use it."

"Alright. You're in charge of one shaft then."

"Lecan-dono. That gentleman, Arios-dono was it. We must restart from floor 1 were Arios-dono to come with us. We have no time for that."

"Ui. Restarting from floor 1 is worth it if it means having Arios along. This guy's swordsmanship is second to none."

"Second to none?"

"Arios. Magic Wolves are the only type of magic beasts that spawn in this dungeon, the whiter ones resist magic, the blacker ones resist physical attacks. So make good use of both <Void Cutter> and <Magic Vacuum Cutter>. That said, you probably can deal with magic beasts up to floor 80 with just <Void Cutter> but still give <Magic Vacuum Cutter> some trials for future references."

Ui looked at Lecan and Arios with doubting eyes.

Jiza produced another <Free Box>.

"Arios-dono. We will be in your care. By the way, this should be our first meeting, but your visage looks familiar to me. I had my suspicion when I first saw Julius-boya, which turned into conviction after seeing you. You must be a member of Iris Clan."


"Are you perhaps the current chieftain?"

"No. My father is presently the chief."

"I see, I see. Will you take this then. It's a <Free Box>. It may not have preservative function, but it does come with nested storage function."

"I gratefully accept. And you must be Guide Jifa Morfes then."

"I am."

"Obaba-sama. Is Arios-dono really a member of Iris Clan?"

"He is. The next in line to be the chief seemingly."

"Wasn't Iris Clan the one that gave instructions on swordsmanship to Palcimo Magic Knights during its formation. So he is one."

Afterward, Lecan gave Arios a quick rundown on Dungeon Palcimo's traits then they entered the shafts. Eda and Julius are in the same group while all other take on one shaft each.

They've decided on skipping taking magic stones, prioritizing speed. Naturally they quickly got through floors.

The group arrived on floor 18 in mere half a day.

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