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Okami wa Nemuranai 46.15


"Okay guys, all hands together. Let's go. <Warp>."

The scenery before their eyes blurred before they got warped away.

At a first glance, it looks like the same room.

However, reciting <Floor> spell shows that it's undoubtedly floor 150.

"L-Lecan. Floor 150 right off the bat is a bit..."

"Give it up, Eda. Our only choice is to conquer this floor now that it's what got displayed. Yeah, we could wait for four days and warp to another floor, but doing that'll probably bar us from ever getting here again. This is our destination."


Lecan gave Stamina Restoratives to Arios and Julius, and Stamina and Mana Restoratives to other members.

"Now then, see you guys again at the exit."

Lecan got in a shaft after saying that.

A pure Black Magic Wolf is ferociously rushing at him.

"<Flame Spear>!"

Lecan unleashed his sure fire magic spear. However, the magic wolf managed to narrowly dodge it. By that point it had already arrived right before Lecan.

Lecan twisted his body sliding low toward the ground and swung <Demon Wolf Cutter>. The sword hit the wolf's face, slightly shifting its course.

The magic wolf's giant jaws went past diagonally above his face.

"<Flame Spear>!"

The magic spear pierced through the wolf's abdomen and came out of its spine.

The wolf boasted extraordinary speed as befitting of floor 150. But it was still at a manageable level so long as Lecan is ready for it. Besides, all the experience in all his battles against magic wolves so far taught him how to attack and how to dodge to a point.

As Lecan stood up and turned around, a treasure chest awaited.

One after quite a long time. Opening it revealed a familiarly shaped short and thick wand.


It's a <Wand of Cordysie>. It can store a huge amount of spells at 20. And each individual spell that can be stored is quite significant. The wand shop's storekeeper said these things drop on floor 30 to 90, turned out it could drop on such a deep floor as well.


As Lecan gazed at the appraisal result, it hit him, a way to make use of this wand.

He should just store anti-physical barriers in it.

Presently, Lecan needs to reserve some time for concentrating if he wants to cast the barrier, he hasn't reached a level where it's usable in a real combat. But storing them inside this wand will allow him to instantly cast one.

This wand's optimal usage pattern as narrated by that storekeeper is likely the correct one to Palcimo mages. However, the conditions differ when it comes to Lecan's. The other answer is correct to him.

As Lecan left his shaft, there was still no one around.

Arios eventually came out with a severely damaged light armor.

"What happened, Arios."

"I let my guard down. I had <Void Cutter> on me as I got into my shaft, but it was a Pure Black Magic Wolf that awaited inside. It took me a bit of time to switch to <Magic Vacuum Cutter> and generated its magic blade, and I suffered an attack in the meantime. That was the first Red Potion I used in a long while."


Afterward was Jiza, then Ui.

Eda and Julius were last.

Lecan sighed out in relief. However, Julius's armor has been completely wrecked.

"What happened inside?"

"A Pure Black Magic Wolf spawned, see. But I kept missing with my magic bow. So Julius-kun had to lure it and got hurt really bad while he did that."

Julius might have died if not for Eda and her <Purification>.

"I see. Good thing we got our hands on a dragon leather armor huh."

As it turned out, Jiza and Ui also dealt with Pure Black Magic Wolves. However, both the wolves went at Jiza and Ui with magic attacks. Hence they managed to defeat their opponents while being protected by <Necklace of Intuador>. And since Ui had Boruk to bait her enemy, she didn't have a hard time.

Now then, it's finally time for Floor 150 boss. If they manage to beat it, they can go down to floor 151, where the Dungeon Boss is waiting alone. There is no more quint shafts.

"Jiza. Should we go with just us three from here on?"

"Us three, which are."

"You, me, and Arios."

"I see, I see. Us three can keep going ahead. Can't let young ones waste their lives here after all."


Ui looked exasperated.

"I can't, I cannot turn tail and run here, not after coming this far. Please take me along! Isn't that what you promised me! Didn't you said to me, we will conquer this dungeon together?!"

Despite what Ui said, that was something Jiza said to give her a goal. In reality, Lecan doesn't believe Ui could get through the upcoming fight in one piece after watching her thus far. Lecan was going to make her understand that when.

"Ui. You're--"


Arios interrupted Lecan, unusually enough.

"Isn't Ui-san a comrade in arm who has gone through a lot with us to get here? Her being around is what makes it possible for us to arrive at this point. If she herself wishes to keep going, then we should honor that wish and take her along. She shall be responsible for her own action."

Lecan glared at Arios for a while.

Ui herself gazed at Arios from the side with a look of surprise.

Lecan turned at Ui.

"Ui. You might die. Are you going."

"I'm going."
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Ui gave a resolute answer.

"Julius. You're--"

"I'm going too."

"And me too of course."

Julius followed by Eda made their decisions known.

From what Lecan saw of Julius thus far, the precision and quick-witted-ness of his attacks during critical moments may be first-rate but he's still lacking experience and roundness. His dodging skill still needs polishing as well. His defensive power is low. It's too dangerous for him to take on floor 150's boss. And while Eda fights as a rear guard and has excellent evasion, a stray claw or fang hit from the boss will spell her doom. Hence why Lecan wanted to let the two go outside, but that doesn't seem possible.

Lecan spoke after sighing out loud.

"Fine, we're all going. But a short break before that is in order. Eda, <Purification> for all of us please."

All of them laid down on the spot.

Eda's <Purification> permeated into their bodies.

"Aah. It's real purdy nice indeed. I'm in heavens. Is there anything Eda-chan's <Purification> can't do."

"It's so comforting. This kind of extravagant dungeon diving is too good."

"It really is. Ui-oneesan."

Ui smiled pleasantly.

They all took it easy.

Their necklaces are fully charged.

Before long, all of them found themselves standing before the entrance.

Boruk stood in the middle, with Ui's left hand touching its shoulder and her right hand gripping a drawn sword.

Lecan to the right of Ui and Arios to her left. Then to the right of Lecan are Eda and Julius, with Jiza with <Seven Headed Blue Wand> to Arios's left side.

Lecan has <Demon Wolf Cutter> in his right hand and <Shield of Wolkan> on his left. <Necklace of Intuador> and <Guardian Jewel of Zana> as well as <Ring of Undying King> and <Talisman of Darkness Demon> all present.

Arios has <Void Cutter> in his right hand and magic blade generated <Magic Vacuum Cutter> in his left.

Eda has <Bow of Yelvitz> drawn and filled with mana.

Jiza recited the spell to light up the Seven Heads, scattering sparks everywhere. Her torrent of mana is as impressive as ever. They're all prepped up.

"Alright. Let's go."

"Boruk, Commence Advance."

As Lecan got in the room a bit after Boruk, the magic wolf inside had already been charging in their direction.

A gigantic running figure.

Its right half is jet black, while its left half is beaming white.

<Chaotic Magic Wolf>.

The strongest Magic Beast in Dungeon Palcimo that's supposed to be waiting on the final floor.





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