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Okami wa Nemuranai 46.10


Floor 82's boss was a white Magic Wolf.

Lecan blew away that wolf's head with a shot of <Flame Spear>.

"I heard no preliminary casting. Was it Cast Omission? And just what is up with that absurd firepower. And why did he attack a white Magic Wolf with magic. That's just weird. To begin with, how could a <Flame Spear> even manage to wound it? It's all wrong. There's just no way."

Ui kept muttering about something but Lecan paid her no heed.

He fetched another big magic stone from the wolf. It seemed to be of a very high quality. He handed this magic stone to Jiza as well. After all, she so generously provided them with multiple <Necklaces of Intuador> and <Free Boxes>. Lecan intends to give all the loot to Jiza.

On floor 83, Lecan told Eda and Julius to take on the floor boss.

"Arios and I will be standing by ready to take action anytime, don't worry and give it your all."

"Got it."

"I understand, Master!"

"No you can't! It's too dangerous! I'll take the lead and attract the enemy's attention, so Eda-dono and Julius can launch their offensive from a safe spot."

"Don't butt in, Ui."

"I won't back down. This is a group battle. Why should we put the two at risk on their own."

"Ui. Lecan-chan has got his own ways of doing things. Leaving your emotion to deny that is a no no."

"Obaba-sama. However."

"Ui-san. See here, Lecan-dono wishes to ascertain just how well Eda-sana and Julius would do against enemies on this floor. It is necessary for the sake of our combat in deeper floors."


Ui settled down once Arios talked to her.

(Hou. She listens to Arios huh.)

(Are these two a good match?)

"Alright. Go."

Lecan gave the command to Eda and Julius. Behind him, Arios was looking at Lecan with a troubled expression. Lecan noticed what Arios thought of him on this matter, but Lecan is unwilling to spend his focus reserved for combat to explain the reason behind every single action he takes to a supposed ally.

It was a white magic wolf. It shot out a fiery breath the instance Eda and Julius stepped inside. Eda attacked with <Bow of Yelvitz>. She had already drawn the bow the moment she was inside, letting loose of magic arrows in no time at all.

The breath and magic arrows clashed in mid-air.

The magic wolf spewed another breath attack as it rushed headlong.

Julius who had also broken into run took this attack on purpose. A barrier generated by <Necklace of Intuador> blocked the breath.

Five magic arrows landed on the magic wolf's mouth just as it was about to shoot a third breath attack. Thanks to Julius tanking the attack earlier, Eda got more than enough room to go on the offensive. Of course, magic attacks don't work on a white magic wolf. However, it was more than sufficient as a distraction.

Julius rushed out in a low posture with his sword grazing the ground.

A moment later, the cut tip of the wolf's right foreleg flew in the air.

Another volley of magic arrows hit the magic wolf's face as it lost its balance.
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<Gale Sword> sharply cut deep into the wolf's neck.

The magic wolf swiftly twisted its neck and opened its giant jaws, baring its fangs at Julius.

However, Julius already dodged away and sliced off the tip of the wolf's right hind leg.

Still pursuing Julius with its jaws, the magic wolf tumbled down.

Julius's sword cut into the magic wolf's throat.

In desperation, the magic wolf attacked with its left fore leg, gouging Julius's chest.

Julius ignored it and continued to completely cut off the magic wolf's neck.

It was a decisive blow, the fight was over.


Eda's magic healed Julius. That said, his extremely sturdy Petitfire Dragon's leather armor should keep the wolf's claws from reaching Julius's flesh. That should give him a light bruise at most, but better to get it healed regardless.

"Julius! Well done."

Arios spoke out.

"That was a splendid starting step. And that magnificent stroke of sword. Truly an exceptional level of precision despite the difficulty in maintaining continuous flows of sword swings in practice."


"Entrusting you to Lecan-dono has been definitely for the best. I had may suspicion that you were on the verge of breaking out of your shell the last time you showed me your swordsmanship at the village, but your growth is truly a nice surprise to behold."

"F-father. Thank you very much!"

"Eda. You did well yourself. That was some precise cover fire. And your handling of <Bow of Yelvitz>'s seen some remarkable progress. Must be thanks to your diligent training."

"Ehehe. Thanks, Lecan."

"N-no way, these two defeated a warp room magic wolf by themselves? I cannot believe it."

"Alright. Got a good grasp on you two's mobility and offensive power now."

Lecan took the magic stone out and gave it to Jiza.


"What is it."

"I'd like to see you fight on the next floor."

"Hyo, hyo, hyo. Sure thing, sure thing. I will show you some real good time."

"We'll take a short break once we warp to the next floor. Let's join hands."

Lecan to Jiza to Arios to Eda to Julius to Ui to Boruk joined hands.


The group vanished from the floor once Lecan recited the spells.





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