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Okami wa Nemuranai 46.17


Lecan stood up and bowed at the battlefield. Arios, Julius, and Eda mimicked him.

Ui bowed too. Though not to the magic wolf but to Boruk.

"The stairway really showed up."

"Yeah, it did. Let's get down there and take a break."

A passage that leads down manifested at the opposite end of the room.

Floor 150 to floor 151 is the only instance where two floors are connected by a stairway instead of <Warp>.

The group got down to floor 151.

Arriving at a small room.

"Alright, we're having early lunch here. Use up all ingredients we got left."

"Oh, just right before the veggies go bad."

"We have no more hard baked bread left after this too."

"Well, I'll be. We didn't have to resort to preserved food in the end."

"Obaba-sama. I've truly become a captive of Dungeon meals now."

"Hyohyohyohyohyohyo. Well it's all thanks to these members here."

"This exploration will reach its end with this one last battle, I somehow feel reluctant to. What a weird feeling."

"It's not weird at all. You could say the same to me. In all my long years in this world, this very moment is the most fulfilling and fun I've ever felt."



"Umm, is Ui-san's uncle doing well nowadays?"

"Eda-dono, how do you know about that?"

"Ah, no umm. I heard from Guide-sama."

"Is that right. I do not know how my uncle is doing now. As he has been exiled from this town."


"So many evidence of his corruptions came out, see. Guy was put under a trial, and got all his assets forfeited on top of getting banished." <Jiza>


Lecan didn't ask who was the individual that found all that evidence. It's obvious.

It was a fun meal time. The campfire was comforting. And once they had enough rest, the group stood up.


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"I am presently at a loss."

"What about."

"I am unsure what will we find on the last floor. Will it be a <Chaotic Magic Wolf>. Or will it be a different wolf. What do you have to say?"

"You fine with my intuition?"

"That's it. I'd like to know this intuition of yours."

"I don't think it's a <Chaotic Magic Wolf>."

"Oho. How come?"

"A <Chaotic Magic Wolf> spawned on floor 150. The final floor won't be fun unless it's got an even tougher challenge waiting."

"Hyo, hyo, hyo. You really are the best, Lecan-chan. I see. Yes, I suppose that's the right idea. All right. I am no longer wavering. Come now, let us proceed."

The group stood side by side before the shaft entrance, readying themselves.

Standing in the center right, Lecan put on <Shield of Wolkan> on his left hand, and <Demon Wolf Cutter> in his right hand.

Julius to the right of Lecan drew his <Gale Sword>.

And to his right, Eda filled her magic bow with mana.

Standing in the center left was Arios. He drew <Void Cutter>. <Magic Vacuum Cutter> is inside <Free Box>. As there are already several members capable of powerful offensive spells, he must be focusing on physical attacks.

Ui stood to Arios's left. The sword in her hand emitted a dazzling light. Must be quite an article.

To her left, Jiza started doing something weird.

First of all, she produced a long wand, tap the tip and recited a spell. After which she let go of the wand, yet instead of falling down, the wand floated in the air.

It's an oddly shaped wand. It's slightly longer than Jiza's stature, its body is rugged with a thin head yet a malformed thick tip. The thick tip is shaped like an open palm with fingers stretching in all directions.

Then she took out a fist-sized orb from <Free Box>. It's a metallic orb carved with a complex pattern. She had a thin wand in his right hand, the orb in his left palm and then she recited a spell. The metallic orb eventually floated up and inserted itself in the wand's palm-shaped tip.

Jiza took another metallic orb and repeated what she did. Four metallic orbs got inserted in the wand tip by the end. The four orbs were of ashen, aqua, and red colors with the fourth being colorless.

Lecan could feel enormous mana from the wand and the four orbs.

"Thanks for waiting."

"Yea. Now then, guys."

Lecan focused his strength in his right eye and glared at the fog covering the entrance.

"Let's go."

The group charged into the final boss room of Dungeon Palcimo.

It's a spacious room. Different from what he's been told. The boss room should have been 50 steps in diameter at most. Yet this room is many times that size.

The enemy was there. But unlike other wolves, it didn't attempt to charge at them on the get go. It's standing composedly at the opposite of the room.

It's not big. Very small even in comparison to the gigantic <Chaotic Magic Wolf> they fought on floor 150 even. It's hard to tell for sure as they're far apart, but its height seems to be at most Lecan's chest level. Still bigger than ordinary wolves, but considering it's an enemy found on the final floor of <Dungeon of Wolves>, it's really small.

However the sheer presence emanating from it is overwhelming.

Its eyes shine dazzlingly in golden colors.

Its fur emits a beautiful and mystical silvery white luster.

An unimaginable amount of mana is overflowing out of its entire body shrouded in a blue flame.

Lecan found out the identity of this being from Jiza's dumbfounded utterance.

"A-Argent Flame Wolf (Srubanje)."

The name of a Divine Beast told only in legends.




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