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Okami wa Nemuranai 47.2


The morning after, just when Lecan was about to head for Vouka, he recalled one issue.

Dragon's meat has started to rot.

The meat he got from the first time they defeated Dungeon Rotor's boss was processed at Mashajain but he already used up all of it way back then.

The second dragon's meat had been left in his <Storage> unprocessed, he would take some portions out whenever needed, but this one's already rotting.

He asked Manfrey about it, and according to Manfrey, only the outer part should be rotting, by shaving that part off the inner part should still be edible. The bigger the lump the harder its mana seeps out, so it doesn't rot as fast. Indeed, still good for eating even after more than one month is unthinkable for average animal meat.

Yet it didn't taste good when Lecan tried to grill the inner part of the meat. Actually, it's still good but it's clearly not as tasty as before.

Lecan gave all the dragon's meat he had left to Manfrey and departed to Rotor.

As Dungeon Rotor's dormant period is 40 days, it should have awakened by now.

He gotta get more dragon's meat. And process it right this time. That should make it last a year.

But dragon's meat completely slipped off his mind as he arrived at Rotor.

His eyes fell on the legs of a young man sitting on a table next to him as he finished making his order in a diner.

Lecan's eyes opened wide in surprise.

That young man has leg bands wrapped on both his legs. And the patterns engraved on those leg bands look very similar to the patterns on <Ring of Undying King> and <Talisman of Darkness Demon>.

(It's a <Genesiac Grace gear>!)

(The leg one should be, right... Err.)

(That's it. <Leg Bands of White Devil>. Found at Dungeon Egis.)

The young man was having meal. With a young woman sitting opposite of him on the same table. Despite having made his order, Lecan's food didn't seem like it'd come with how packed the establishment was. Before long, the young man and young woman finished their meal.

That was when Lecan's food was carried in. The young man and young woman left the diner. Lecan stood up, grabbed two big copper coins and handed them to the server.

"Sorry, got an urgent business to take care. Give that food to someone who wants them."

"Eh? Ummm, sir?"

Lecan ignored the bewildered server and went after the two.

This town is full of people. He might lose them if they got too far away.

As both of them don't have mana, Lecan's scouting capability cannot detect them. He might lose them for real if he lost sight of them.

<Genesiac Grace Gear> don't emit mana, nor do they have specific traits that afford detection from distant locations. As such, there's no way to look for them besides a chance encounter like this. He cannot let this chance go to waste.

The two left the town and headed west.

(Got them.)

As they left highways and went into a mountain road, there's not much foot traffic around. Lecan can follow them from afar. His evolved <Life Detection> can detect people 2000 steps away.

First of all, he's gotta think up a reason to ask them let him appraise the leg bands. He could just do it without permission, but that might arouse suspicion. He'd like to avoid that.

The two camped out in the mountain when night fell. Lecan did too somewhere apart.

He thought of greeting them while they were in their camp and asked for a session of appraisal, but doing thus in the middle of nowhere like this would just make them suspect him. No, that applies to when they're in town as well.

Just how should he go about this.
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Lecan's ability to negotiate in situations like this is pathetically low.

Morning came uneventfully, the two had breakfast before departing. Lecan followed.

They got down the mountain and arrived at a vast prairie. The two and Lecan kept walking forward silently.

Just when the sun was about to reach zenith, three men riding horses showed up.

Then they started running their horses around the petrified two in circle.

Lecan couldn't catch what they were saying from where he was, but they appeared to be hurling some vulgar words. Judging from their outfits, the three are either mountain bandits, mercenaries or adventurers.

"<Concealment (Nilzum)>."

Lecan cast <Concealment> on himself and approached the group.

The three men are wearing mountain bandit-like outfits for sure.

"Uraaa. Uraaa."

"Hey hey! You damn weakling. How ya gonna protect yer' sis like that huuh."

"Leave all your belonging if you value your lives."

Lecan thanked gods. No matter how you look at it, the two youngsters are powerless against these three assailants. With this he can naturally get in contact with the two.

"What are you guys up to."

Lecan shouted out loud. Doing so undid <Concealment>.

The three bandits were startled to see Lecan showing up out of nowhere.





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