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Okami wa Nemuranai 46.16



Jiza's spell resounded.

Seven colored flames gushed out of her long wand, but they didn't go and fill the entire room full of flames. Because Jiza controlled it so that wouldn't happen. That was the arrangement they made in order to make her work with the other members in combat.

But even if she did attempt to set the whole room ablaze, it would probably be a fruitless attempt due to its size.

Yes. This room is spacious. Far more than any rooms thus far. This differs from what Lecan has been informed of previously.

"Boruk, Commence Combat! Boruk, Commence Decoy!"

But thanks to its vastness, Ui squeezed out time to give out two commands before the magic wolf reached the group. Looking back later, this was when the line between victory and defeat was drawn.

Lecan ran to the right, Arios ran to the left.

Seven colored dragons of flames assaulted the charging wolf thunderously.

Despite its humongous size, the magic wolf managed to dodge most of those magic Jiza cast. It still got doused in a bit of flames, but that did nothing to even slow its charge and dealt zero damage.

Just before the magic wolf reached them, Lecan changed his course to the left, so did Arios to the right. They crossed over in the wolf's face.

By doing thus, they dodged the wolf's assault while simultaneously slashed at its neck from both sides. Arios attacked using both the swords in his hands.

However, it was futile. Their attacks didn't go through.

The magic wolf ignored the two and kept charging ahead. The two made a u-turn and gave a chase.

Boruk was at the end of the magic wolf's charge. Boruk had been producing high pitched metallic sounds from a while ago, the wolf appeared to be bothered by the sounds and prioritized eliminating the source.

The wolf jumped at Boruk. Its body several times larger than Boruk's.

They both collided, resulting in Boruk's head getting torn off.

That was when Ui slashed at the wolf.

The magic wolf was still in mid-air, there was no way it could dodge Ui's attack. Her sword scooped out its abdomen. It should give no damage, but the wolf slowed down a bit.

Jiza shot her magic at this moment. Some kind of blade of light magic. But it was nulled.

Suddenly, the magic wolf stopped moving.

The headless Boruk grabbed both of the wolf's hind legs when Ui managed to slow it down.


Eda cast <Purification>, a big blue sphere of light wrapped the magic wolf's head.

Arios ran up and slashed at the wolf's rear. His slash cut the wolf's rear.

Lecan also dashed in and sliced at the wolf. <Demon Wolf Cutter> cut deep into the wolf's back.

Jiza recited some sort of spell, then the a black mist enveloped the magic wolf's head outside the blue sphere of light, robbing it of its vision.

The magic wolf writhed around fiercely, shaking off Boruk's hands, sending it flying.

It ran up the wall near the entrance to break through the encirclement. But Arios was already waiting at its landing point and cut off its right fore leg at the base. This slash also cut deep.

The magic wolf shook off the black mist enveloping its head, but the blue sphere of light remained.

Then some sort of barrage flew out of nowhere, piercing the magic wolf's body.

<Magic Quivers>. They're metal arrows shot out of <Magic Quivers>. The arrows are very short but heavy and highly penetrative.

A hail of <Magic Quivers> arrows assailed the wolf.

Due to its swiftness, there were many arrows that missed but there was no way to dodge every single arrows in such a fierce hail. Still, how did physical attacks suddenly become effective.

Lecan finally noticed it here.
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It's <Purification>.

None of their attacks, be it from swords or magic, worked until Eda cast <Purification> on it. Sword slashes went through once <Purification> was on.

By continuously casting <Purification> on the wolf, its property is fixed to magical defense now. Hence, physical attacks are permanently effective on it.

Jiza suddenly stopped her barrage. Looking at her, four massive <Magic Quivers> were floating above Jiza. Those must be the points of launching, she must have run out of arrows.

Arios stopped the wolf as it broke into a rush toward Lecan.

Lecan's Perforation pierced deep into the wolf's throat.

Julius slid in and cut off its left foreleg's tip.

Arios switched with Julius and pierced <Void Cutter> into the magic wolf's right eye.

The magic wolf violently struggled still, so Lecan put more strength into <Demon Wolf Cutter> and tore off its neck completely, that was when it finally stopped moving and slowly tumbled down.

As Lecan, Arios and Julius caught up with their breathing in front of the magic wolf's body, Jiza came up to them.

"Forgive me. Seeing <Chaotic Magic Wolf> on this floor took me by surprise and left me slow to react."

"Nah. Your offensive cover was superb. Those were some incredible <Magic Quivers>."

"It's a work of art that can instantly shoot out eight magic arrows all at once by directly pouring mana into it instead of deploying magic stones. And I've got four of them. Shooting 320 magic arrows all at the same time burns through your mana like nothing else."

"Figures. By the way, so you got a big enough <Free Box> to store those gigantic things huh."

"I sure do. An especially made one just for those."

"Really huh. Hold on a bit. Eda, <Purification> please."

"Un. <Purification><Purification><Purification><Purification>."

Eda cast <Purification> on Jiza, Lecan, Arios and Julius. Then she turned around.

Ui was kneeling down next to the fallen Boruk.

The other members walked up to them.


"Ah. Much obliged, Eda-dono."

Boruk has got its head torn off and both arms twisted. Its body is full of damage too.

"This is terrible."

"That damaged body is mostly done in by your magic though."

"Obaba-sama. What will become of Boruk now?"

"Hmn. There might be no saving it with all this damage. Hold on a moment."

Jiza put away the <Seven Headed Blue Wand> and took a thin wand.

"By the names Mazara Wedepasha and Yacklubend Tomato, Jiza Morfes command you. Clay Doll Boruk, by my decree, go back to your fleeting slumber."

But nothing happened. Boruk lay sideways, still broken.

"It's not coming back. I suppose that means this is the end of the road for Boruk-chan."

"End of the road, is it."

"Leaving it here is our only option. He was one hardworking Artificial Wrinkle Man that had served our household for many years. Thank you for everything, Boruk-chan."

They could bring back Boruk's wreckage if they put it in Lecan's <Storage>. Lecan thought of suggesting that for a moment, but stopped short. There's no place more apt to be Boruk's grave than Dungeon Palcimo. Jiza probably thought the same thing.

Lecan went back to the magic wolf. He gotta retrieve this precious material before it's gone for good.

He put away <Demon Wolf Cutter> and took out a Solid Sacred Silver sword, then he made a huge cut on its abdomen and picked out a huge chunk, flesh and entrails included, around the magic stone. The body didn't disappear. Success. Then he took the magic stone out of its flesh. It's a huge magic stone hiding extraordinary amount of mana. The flesh crumbled into ash.

"Obaba. Feel free to collect the magic wolf's body."

"Yea. I'll be keeping it."

Jiza put away the body in a <Free Box> and the magic stone in another <Free Box>.

"Still, I couldn't help but be surprised by Eda-san's quick wit."

"Same with me. I was wondering why would she do something stupid as casting <Purification> on a magic beast."

"I was gobsmacked by that too. To think one would use <Purification> to force Chaotic Magic Wolf into its anti-magic mode."

"Ehehe. Like, didn't Guide Jiza-sama said it too. My <Purification> is versatile."

"So that was the impetus. Doesn't matter the kind of magic used, Chaotic Magic Wolf changes its property when it is hit by magic. Nevertheless, who would even come up with that. And both <Recovery> as well as <Purification> will stick on the target no matter how violent they get struggling about."

Neither <Recovery> nor <Purification> heals magic beasts. They deal damage on a few types of magic beasts even. Especially Apparition type.

"Guess we discovered a way to defeat <Chaotic Magic Wolf> huh."

"No, no. That is not so, Lecan-chan. You won't find a <Recovery> user who can come to such a deep floor. Besides, I have never seen a mage capable of casting <Recovery> and <Purification> from a distance like Eda-chan. To top it off, her accuracy and speed. It's as if they've been honed as offensive spells."


"But who'd think a <Chaotic Magic Wolf> would spawn on floor 150."

"Dungeons are where the unexpected occurs. It's what makes them so interesting."

"Oh, I see. Is that how it works."

"That's how it works. By the way, Obaba. Seeing it's you, you must have other means to defeat <Chaotic Magic Wolf> prepared."

"Of course I do. But I could not find the right timing to take out anything other than the special <Magic Quivers> there."




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