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Okami wa Nemuranai 46.3


On the second day, they got through nine floors before lunch, and 16 floors after. In other word, they arrived at floor 60.

It's a truly unprecedented pace.

However, to Lecan, this pace is nothing unusual for this dungeon.

Here, the distances between entrance and exit are extremely short, with few battles in between.

In case of Dungeon Tsubolt, on top of the floors being extremely vast, the stairways that connect between floors are awfully long as well. Due to time needed to traverse through those floors, he couldn't cover that many floors each day. Even in Dungeon Ninae, despite Lecan having the means to search his surroundings, they still had to make stops on multiple floors and fight.

But in Dungeon Palcimo's case, you warp into a floor, get into shafts, then leave shafts. The total walking distance does not even exceed 200 steps. Of course, the battle would take longer the tougher the enemy get, but Lecan could defeat all enemies up to this floor while running past them. In addition, you only need to fight once per floor and you don't need to walk between floors. It's pretty much impossible for it to take any time at all.

By the way, the reason why they didn't conquer as many floors in the morning was because Ui wanted to eat the dragon's meat as soon as possible.

Ui has been completely captivated by the charm of campfires. To the point that she seemingly won't accept dungeon diving without campfires.

"Ah, that was so good. Dragon's meat is really good. Tastes sublime, settles down nicely in your stomach, and it even raises your mana and stamina, what can't it do?"

Lecan reacted to Ui's remark.

"Obaba. Is it true that your mana and stamina increase if you eat dragon's meat?"

"I have never tested the veracity of that claim myself. Though it is for certain that eating dragon's meat promotes good health and makes it easier for you to perform on all kinds of things better. And it does have the effect to make you feel that claim is true."

"Indeed it is."

"In this town, we believe that there are several food that can help raise your mana if you eat them during your growth period as a child, see. Dragon's meat is among the best of such food. Oh, right, will Eda-chan cast <Purification> on us tonight as well?"

"Yea. Eda. Please. Ah."

"What's wrong?"

"Have you been getting <Purification> by this town's user all this time?"

"Of course I have."

"Do you feel like your body's getting stiffer and difficult to move?"

"Ho! Lecan-chan, you sure know your stuff around <Purification>. You're talking about that, right. Receiving <Purification> from the same user for years may put a damp on your bodily functions."

"You knew huh."

"Where do you think we are? Magic City Palcimo. That phenomenon has already been known. And of course, there have been researches done on countermeasures as well. You need to regularly swap the user of <Purification>."

"That's some incredible feat. It's fine if you know."

"You're worried about me, aren't you. Thank you. By the way, Lecan-chan."


"We all have been progressing through the shafts without fetching the dropped magic stones as per your instruction."


"Though you do tell us to get treasure chests whenever they drop. I understand that we just don't have time to fetch magic stones. Thanks to that, our diving pace was tremendously quick."


"But you yourself have been taking all the dropped magic stones haven't you, Lecan-chan?"
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Lecan grinned.

Of course he did. As that won't affect their pace in the least, there's no issue whatsoever. What's interesting is how Jiza noticed that fact. This elderly mage has grasped what Lecan is capable of doing and thinking.

"Eeh. There's no way that's true."

Ui looked surprised.

"Isn't Lecan always taking the lead in the race to come out of those shafts? There is no way he could have gotten magic stones with that speed."

"Lecan-chan makes that possible."

"That's impossible... no."

Ui took back her word before going deep in thought. She was just told not to persist in her prejudice last night. She must be trying to figure out what could Lecan's means be.

"Is he maybe deploying some sort of Grace Gear or magic tools? Like some tool that allows him to instantly fetch magic stones."

"Wrong answer. He did the feat with swordsmanship and magic skill."

"Swordsmanship? Magic skill? I do not follow."

"Oh, do you now. That is because you haven't fully opened your eyes to Lecan-chan."

"What does that mean?"

"That'll be your homework."

Lecan took a huge amount of magic stones out of <Storage>.

"Obaba. These are all the magic stones I grabbed thus far. Take them."

"Ho? You sure?"


"Then I'll help myself. Thanks again, Lecan-chan."

From floor 1 to 30, Lecan would always come out first, then Arios second, Ui third, Eda and Julius, fourth and lastly Jiza.

Starting from floor 40, Lecan and Arios held their positions while Eda and Julius took the third place. Ui fell to fourth. The combat took longer since multiple enemies would start appearing then. Jiza would come out last as always. She cannot walk fast to begin with, so this result is inevitable.

From then to floor 50, Lecan still held his first place, but Arios and Eda/Julius pair would occasionally trade places. Ui was still the fourth, but she would mostly come out around the same time as Jiza.

Then up to floor 60, Lecan was still first, and Arios took the second place back. He must have grasped the knack to deal with the enemies here. Eda and Julius were third, Jiza fourth and Ui fell to dead last.

Ui had a short thick wand on her waist starting from around floor 40. She must have dealt with her enemies up to that point with her sword. Ui herself claimed that she could take on enemies on shallow floors with just her sword and it's better for chain battles. She must be using her magic to attack black magic wolves from floor 40 down.




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