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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 126

126 Convenience


First of all, I listened to Serena's report.
I won't ask how all the scattered elves got back together so quickly.
Because it doesn't matter to what I'm about to do. In fact, it's convenient that they're all here.

"Those people appear to belong to a syndicate that has been spreading their influence around this area as of late. They are seeing a rapid growth from plundering assets of existing syndicates. Their criminal activities include extortion, intimidation, strongarming, larceny, robbery, murders, smuggling, bribing, as well as various other crimes. I believe it is fitting to call this syndicate a lesser version of Damo's."

I sighed hearing that. I'm really turning into Komon-sama at this rate.

"The kid that handed them money earlier is an orphan in a nearby orphanage. The men showed up out of nowhere and threatened to demolish their orphanage if they don't hand over money. The boy must have stolen from milord out of desperation."

(...Hm? How'd she find out so much when it just happened?)

I opted to ask Serena.

"Aren't you way quick at gathering intel? What kind of tricks did you use?"

"All of us gathered conversations, rumors and information pertaining this matter by making use of wind spirit magic."

That explanation was demonstrated before my eyes.

(Spirit magic's way too convenient, it's cheat.)


"This syndicate appears to have two bases. We are still unable to ascertain how many members each base has. Forgive me milord."

Serena resumed her report. The elves are still kneeling even now so I make them stand.

"Aah, all of you stand up. There's no need to stay like that every time. Haa, welp let's decide on our moves then."

~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~
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We're gonna crush both bases at the same time. The timing of attack will be matched through wind spirit magic contact. So goes the strategy.
Four elves for one side. And then me and two other elves here. Serena follows me.

"You're sure there's no other hideouts or secret paths right?"

I asked Serena as we crouched down behind a cover in the road ahead of their base.

"There doesn't seem to be one. We attempted looking for them with wind spirit's help, but we could not find any such thing."

I confirmed again just to make sure.

(Still, spirit usage is one amazing cheat.)

Even if they're normal to elves in this world, its convenience exceeds even science in my past life.

"Hmm, the term cheat sounds rude. Not like they're being unfair. It's part of this world's natural laws after all. Seeing that as nothing more than cheat is my problem."

I waited for the timing while having that monologue. Waiting for a contact from the other four elves arriving at the other base. Nothing to do besides waiting.

"There is a wind magic that prevents sounds from scattering into surroundings. It will help preventing loud noises."

Serena reported, seemingly minding my monologue.

(Wonder if they know about the science behind sounds traveling through air? Or is it a result of experience?)

How advanced is science in this world? Or perhaps there's no such thing?
I'm kinda curious about that in a world of magic like this, but since I have no intention of doing some knowledge cheat trounce or something, let's just not go there.
Or more like it's impossible with my poortastic grade in science anyway.

A gentle breeze brushed my cheek.

"They seem to have arrived. We're all ready. Milord, awaiting order."

Serena informed me that wind was the signal.

(That just felt like a breeze to me though.)

"Alright. Charge."

Thus we charged at the building ahead.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 125

125 Feigning Ignorance and Hypocrisy


I can't feign ignorance. The voice inside me just won't allow that.
Despite me saying how I don't want to get dragged into a mess or how much I want to run away, I just can't stand still when I watch appalling scenes.
The 'power' I have in this world probably surfaced that mind set from within me.
My past life wouldn't have done this, for sure. No, more 'couldn't'.

The boy tried to run in the opposite direction. But he couldn't even start dashing. Because I was already in front of him by the time he turned around.
The boy looked as if he just saw a ghost. There I ask.

"Oy, boy. Tell me. Is it frustrating?"

The boy's expression didn't change to this abrupt question. He still hasn't caught up. There I ask again.

"Is it frustrating to get driven into crime? To be so incompetent at protecting those dear to you? Does your powerlessness against trash who flaunt violence around frustrate you?"

The boy gritted his teeth once he understood.
But that's it. He's frozen from the realization of having no way to run.

"Oy, where's your answer. I don't plan to tow you to the guards. Let me hear it. Is it frustrating?"

A silence ran. For quite some time. Because the boy kept trying to form words and failing.

Distrust toward the stranger, me. A glaring expression who doesn't believe me saying I won't arrest him.
Resignation from not being able to run. Confusion from being asked the question. Helpless misery that can't be put into words.
Various emotions welled up in him. The boy finally uttered a word after swallowing it all. Nothing but a few words. While downcast.

"It's frustrating."
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It wasn't loud but it was enough for me.

"Got it. I'll lend you a hand. Just don't ever forget that feeling."

Go on now, I told him. The boy ran in a hurry after he snapped back.
I looked at his back as he disappeared into an alleyway.

(Have I changed after experiencing many things here... Nah. I haven't changed one bit.)

A sense of justice buried in me. Cheap heroism, nothing but hypocrisy.
Something I couldn't accomplish back in earth.

Better a hypocrisy you carry out than goods you left rotting, so they say. That phrase fits me now.
I've steeled myself by this point. Forget about details for now and let's just trash those lowlifes.

As I resolved on something that's unlike me, Serena came back.
Along with other elves who should have been all over the place, kneeling before me.

"We have returned. Awaiting order."

Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 124

124 Peeking Out of Curiosity


Sure enough, where there's light, there's darkness. No, I'm not being a chuuni. It's slums.
The back side of any flourishing locale.
The boy kept running on unpopulated paths.

(Ah I'm guessing some poor orphanage or homeless orphans will crop up here. Ugh, it's gonna leave a bad taste.)

The reason I tailed the boy instead of catching him was to ascertain the situation. Though not like I plan to make everything right for him either.
Nor do I intend to preach him to just get out of poverty, nor save him. We live in a society completely unlike the one in earth.
There's pretty much nothing I can do about it. 'Then why don't you just grab your money back and be on your way', someone might ask that.
Well, I can't help getting curious about the reason behind this kid's action.
Even if it is the usual 'Classic'.

And yet my prediction turned out a bit off.

"This should be all for this month's share. Don't you hurt our group's kids now. You promised."

"Hmph. Booring. What do I do with this pent-up stress."

The boy handed over the money to two smirking lowlifes.

"Oy! I gave you money. Don't mess with us anymore!"

"You lot buy your lives with dough. No money, no more kids. That's all."
"But hey we ain't gonna bother ya if ya just pay your due. I don't mind teaching ya world of hurt anytime tho'."
"Ain't it annoying taking care of 'em all by yerself? Why don'tcha like, just run away? Gyahahahaha."

An unbearable conversation took place. I wanted to retort, 'I'm not some big damn Komon-sama'.
But I stayed where I was until the two men left.
I get the situation. The question now, how do I cleanse this bad aftertaste.

The lowlifes made their exit. Once they were completely gone, I asked Serena.

"I'd like to crush those guys and everything connected to them. Mind tailing them?"
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"Understood milord. Your wish is my command."

Right after saying that, swoosh, Serena jumped atop a roof and vanished into the direction the men were going.

Afterward, I left my cover and spoke out to the boy who was clenching his fist downcast.

"Gimme back my money! Quit trying to look cool, you brat! How'd you plan to settle this huh!"

Those words are directed to me for having witnessed the scene earlier.
Also to the boy, 'Why'd you pick me as your target dangit!'
I couldn't care less if only I never found out. But now that I do, I can't just walk away.

In for a penny, in for a pound. I'll see this template to the end.

I've been dragged into a succession right wars by the princess anyway. What's one or two more mess.
Or so I persuaded myself. A desperate one. My tension is getting weird lately.

The boy reacted fast. He quickly ran to the opposite direction without even looking here. But it's useless.
Nothing can run from me under accelerated state. The boy froze up when I showed up out of nowhere in his escape path.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 123

123 Freedom and Faith


I woke up feeling refreshed the morning after. The fluffy bed brought about a sleep so good I forgot everything.
But I quickly got dejected once I looked around.

(Ah, right, this place is the castle...)

Sunlight peeked from the window as the town below gradually brightened up.

(What do now? First thing first, gotta brush my teeth, wash my face and...)

Today's schedule was supposed to be a continuation of the tour. But we're currently under house arrest.

(Maybe we can just sneak out.)

That idea crossed my mind. There's a bit of time until the ceremony, it'd be boring if we holed ourselves up in the castle.
That was when maids entered my room after knocking without waiting for my answer, so I asked them.

"Has the princess said anything about our schedule?"

The answer to my question betrayed my expectations.
The princess herself answering was a surprise as well.

"The ceremony will be held in three days from now. You may do as you please until then. Please promise me to come back here by nighttime. We will not restrict you in any way whatsoever, please rest assured."

Food is being put on the table just like last night.
Looks like we're gonna have breakfast together again along with the elves.

"Well aren't you trusting. Then might as well resume the tour from yesterday after this meal."

I thought they'd confine us but it seems Reikana is bolder than expected.
Normally she'd want to ensure we won't escape after divulging so much to us, she's quite broadminded as it seems.

The breakfast was extravagant and tasty. I listened to the princess while feasting on it.

"I recommend the grand fountain in the center as a sightseeing spot. Oh if you're looking for a restaurant, I recommend the one just beyond the fountain. Ah, also there's quite a few of famous big stores, equipment stores, gift stores and such. I'll hand over the list later."

"Princess? Aren't you a bit too informed? Unusually so. Don't tell me you've been going out and about in downtown despite being a royalty and all..."

She turned her face away and started making excuse, 'T-they're inspections'.
It was so obvious her immaculate image she built so far crumbled down.

(Guess she's a wild horse in reality contrary to her image. Which princess again is that.)

The image of a certain princess floated up on my mind, I quickly erased.
The maid Hanna sent another murderous glare at me like usual, so I kept working on my food to finish it.

After meal time while we were having tea, I asked.

"So how do we go in and out of this castle? Do we gotta have a permit or a guide or something?"

"We have informed the gatekeepers, you can follow their instructions."

That means we can freely go and leave. I can't help but worry about that.
I mean someone who doesn't know our situation might go, 'Intruders! Eeei! All hands, gather round, gather round!' like in some period drama.
That was a point of worry, but the princess had already sent the words around.

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And thus, we're currently shopping around. For the sake of efficiency, I gave the elves money and let them scatter in all directions.
Moving in a group would draw attentions, also, it's just a bother. The town is as lively or even more livelier than the commercial city.
I went with the flow in the shopping district as I looked around at all the stores.

That must be why. I came across another template here.

(Why was an encounter with pickpocket this laser focused anyway?)

What got stolen was my wallet with small change. Of all things.
Serena was the only reason I noticed. I was totally oblivious.

"Milord, how should we settle this? Should I turn him into a bloodbath here and now..."

"Oy! What's up with that extreme idea of yours!? No, just don't. I'm still gonna get my money back though."

Is it just me or has Serena changed compared to before?
Despite thinking that, I had my sight locked on the boy disappearing into the crowd.
Then I quietly tailed him. While letting the boy who kept glancing back to think, 'He hasn't found out yet'.

(But, just what is this? Everywhere I go is a minefield? But there's way too many fields. I had an inkling that I'd get into a lot of mess when I first set out of the village, but never would have I imagined it'd be this bad.)

The plan at first was to find job at the commercial city somehow, vague and optimistic that may be, then I'd just live quietly while working normally.

And yet see where I am now, going after a pickpocketer.

(Who should I direct this grudge to....)

The two of us followed the boy into a narrow alleyway.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 122

122 Ominous Feeling and Magic Beast


I threw a question while we were eating.

"What's that Goldeuro guy's secret weapon supposed to be anyway? I haven't heard anything concrete. Tell me."

The princess's personal maid, Hanna, standing near the door is glaring hard at me. Looks like she doesn't like my guts, but I don't care. We'd never see each other again once this is all over anyway.

"From what we have investigated, it appears to be a 'magic beast'. We are unable to find out further. We managed to pinpoint what seemed to be their research facility once, but by the time we arrived there, it had been vacated."

I recalled the magic beast I met at the village. I beat that thing in one hit, but the magic beast this time will affect the fate of an entire country. And I have no idea how much power should I use to 'beat it up'.
I'd like to avoid collateral damage, but there's no telling how big the shock waves would end up.
I have never exerted my full strength even once, thus I'm not sure how much power should I use on that magic beast.
Heck, we don't even have a clue just how powerful this magic beast is, so there's no rehearsal.

"We predicted it's a magic beast after investigating the few remaining documents left in the facility. It's a result of consulting to as many authorities in the field as we could find."

(Ah, right, I could just ask the elves to deal with it. I mean these girls are plenty strong, not like they need me, do they?)

"Afterward, we looked into people of the empire leaving no stone unturned, but we failed to even find a hint. It would have been a simple matter had they just deployed magic beasts to bolster their ranks, but I could not shake the ominous feeling."

(Looks like they got it rough. Still wish they didn't drag me into this though. I'm not this country's citizen. Heck, I'm not even this world's.)

"...So why me? You never doubted me even once from the beginning, not even a suspicious glance, didn't you? What's the basis for such unconditional trust? Frankly speaking, that's not normal. Going so far."

This was my only chance to ask the thing that had been bugging me.

"You likely will not believe it. It's intuition."
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"...How wild is this 'intuition' of yours to not even warrant a push back from your subordinates..."

I may have destroyed a syndicate they marked, but I'm of completely unknown origin, yet she scouted and even brought me into the imperial castle. All done by the princess herself.
Her actions don't seem normal. Fantasy? Not many of that even have this kind of development.

And yet all that was driven by such an uncertain factor as the princess's 'intuition'. Her subordinates didn't stop her. Showing how highly regarded this 'intuition' is.
The deepest mystery I should be wary of is not that magic beast, but this Reikana's 'intuition'.

"A while after having that ominous feeling, the matter about you came up. At that point, I was only planning to invite you as an additional force, but the more I talk with you like this, I come to bear a reassuring feeling. Even though the ceremony is still in the future. It's all right now, I have that conviction."

(What is this, ***** in the shell? Is it like ghost whisper?)

Once we were done with our meal, the maids came in and carried the dishes away.

"We have nothing else but you to depend on this matter."

The princess lowered her head down. Even the glaring Hanna followed her. I can feel how much they had been driven into the corner.

"Got it. I'll do what I can. So lift your head. Royalties ain't supposed to lower their heads willy-nilly. Especially to a pleb like me yeah? That's bad, y'know. Your head ain't something that cheap, is it?"

Looks like I really am her last hope, the princess had a stiff expression as she bowed.

(You'd even grasp at the straw when you're drowning huh. But it really does seem like she's convinced of what's gonna happen. So curious.)

Reikana silently left the room afterward.

"Welp, time to take a bath and get some quality sleep. Can't remember the last time I had a fluffy bed."

"Tonight, attendance..."

"I don't need that stuff, seriously."

(Haven't you given up yet!?)

Instant rejection. Once I drove away the elves emanating a disappointed aura, I jumped in the bath.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 121

121 Unfurling


We were led to our rooms afterward. A room for each of us, really gorgeous ones.
Apparently the meal will be delivered to our rooms. So far so good, nothing unusual.
But not really. In reality, this is a house arrest. The rooms are equipped with all kinds of facility.
Toilet, bath, bed, drawers with change of clothes, a pitcher on the table, a view of the vast city on the window, and chairs on the veranda to gaze at this view.
Just how much money is spent on these. If converted to an inn. Ringing a bell will summon maids that will attend to your need. All so thorough.
However, there are two guards standing by outside the room as if telling us not to take even a step out.
Sure, we don't have any business prowling around the castle.
We'd probably get arrested right away if someone from their side isn't accompanying us.
However, that probably won't happen either way. After all we are the princess's 'safeguard'.
Seeing how frantic she was in trying to get us on her side without showing a shadow of doubt, there's no way she'd let us get in trouble.
And one more, these elves are strong. I can't see them getting captured easily.
They probably can easily get away from these rooms 'too' if they just used spirit magic.

"Haa, alone time at last. Let's savor this opportunity."

This in itself made me glad I took up the offer.

(No wait, even if we stayed in an inn, I would have got my own room either way, guess it's still a loss now that we're involved in a mess.)

As I didn't have anything else to do, I started working out. Form training too.
I felt totally refreshed after moving my whole body, something I hadn't done in a while.
I tried to forget about everything and focused on the workout.
Stretching, radio gymnastic, bi**y bootcamp, fully focused until mealtime.
This might be the first time in my life I could use all my time for working out since I had to split it with living when I was in the village.

As I was thinking that, my meal was brought in. Being so engrossed I lost track of time like this, I realized just how much frustration had been piling up.
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(To think I even overlooked that the sunlight had been replaced with the magic lamp lights...)

Shows how much I have been minding the elves. I could focus so much when I'm by myself, I really am fit to be alone.
The table kept getting added with food while I was thinking.
Overflowing luxurious food kept getting carried to the point of excessive.

"Why's there so much!? Eh? Wait, there's more!?"

They even brought in a new table and put more food on it.
'Please take your time', the maids left after pouring water on the cups.

"Oy, what's going on..."

The elves came in place of the maids. Along with princess Reikana.

"Would you like to have a meal together? Or is it a problem?"

I couldn't say no when told that with a smile, and replied, 'Feel free to'.

Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 120

120 Value of Power


"I bear not ambition to assume the throne. However, with my position comes responsibility. Thus I wish to be of use to this country. No, I suppose that expression is not quite sufficient. It should be that I am fully prepared to become a supporting pillar of this empire. Even that is still insufficient to express my readiness."

The princess calmly spoke with 'weight' behind her words.

"Alvart-niisama is sure to become a wise emperor. His reign shall be firm, bringing about unshakable peace and prosperity. However, he is also rather inept in specific fields such as military, war insight, and army. Thus, even if I go to him with this information, he surely won't take it seriously."

She's perceptive of her brother's strength and weakness, and it seems she hasn't told him about all this.

"As I have mentioned earlier, Goldeuro-niisama is a man who believes the world revolves around him. The instance this empire falls on his lap, he will for sure declare war on the kingdom. Using a completely unjustifiable pretext."

The little sister went ahead and talked trash about this Goldeuro man is.

"As one with the emperor's blood running through my veins, I am obliged to bring peace and stability to the people. I wish to avoid unnecessary damage and agony in this matter. To that end, I am not afraid of carrying out dirty work behind the scene. Even if it means killing my own brother."

I can feel the resoluteness of her will. She clenched her fists as she showed her willingness to kill her own blood relative.

I threw a question here.
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"Why don't you talk to the emperor then? All the more with your line of thinking. There must be a reason, no? A troublesome one at that."

"...His majesty is fully aware of this matter. He's letting us do as we please, no. He's screening us."

This emperor sounds pretty wicked and cruel. Scary, I absolutely don't want to get near him.

"In order to rule over this vast nation, one must possess the 'power', be it in any form. That is what his majesty believes. If Goldeuro-niisama succeeds then that is the end of it, but if Alvart-niisama managed to repulse him, that too is acceptable. His majesty recognizes Alvart-niisama. Yet, if Goldeuro-niisama demonstrates the 'power' to overthrow him, his majesty welcomes that too."

"You're saying that if this Goldeuro guy can scheme up ways to seize the throne and carries it out successfully, that's a form of power? A measure of standard that ends with his own death... this emperor sounds way extreme..."

I got a bit dizzy from hearing the extent of madness this emperor has.
Is that a normal thought process in this world? Or does that depends on the country? Or maybe it's the emperor's individual character?

"Had he truly possessed such power, he would surely bring victory in wars. And I do not wish for war. Regardless of our assured victory, it would cause thousands, tens of thousands deaths. Both to the countries invading and invaded. Thus, I am willing to bet my all to stop Goldeuro-niisama. And that is the reason I sought you out."

I still have absolutely no clue just on what ground does her trust on me stand. Can it be 'Intuition'?
But after hearing her resolution as a princess and her own thought as Reikana, I'll let it slide.

"I never imagined I would divulge this much when I went to you to ask for your cooperation."

A gaze full of resolution aimed at me. I smiled at that.

(I never thought I'd get abducted and reincarnated to this world too, then got raised as a normal villager who went on to meet and have a conversation with a princess, imagine that.)

Despite the irony playing in my mind, I kept it to myself.

The only reason I asked all this was to smash the flag of 'receiving reward' at the end.
I told her I don't need reward. In exchange I asked what her deal is.
This is all for the sake of scurrying away once I've done my job.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 119

119 Do You Want to Know How People See You Like?


"That's all. Happy now?"

I finished telling them the gist of things.
Gain's face warped looking like he was enduring saying, 'Stop speaking nonsense', and Hanna wasn't even trying to hide her 'What is this guy spouting off?' face.
Contrary to that, Reikana kept listening to me with a straight face.
I knew it would turn out like this, but calmly giving that explanation really gives me the perspective on how other people see me like.

A stupid brat, a child who talks big only to get their lies blown right away, a dumbass who's narrating an obvious drivel boastfully.
My narration must have sounded like those.

However, in this silence, only Reikana kept her serious look without showing any sign of distrust.

"Just how vast is the extent of your strength?"

I was a bit surprised to hear that from her. As there was not even a hint of 'doubt' in it.

"...Frankly, I'm not sure myself."

That's the only answer I could offer. Surely that's not the answer the princess is hoping. Is she gonna get disappointed?
Or so I thought yet Reikana giggled, 'Fufu', instead.

"With this, Goldeuro-niisama's secret weapon will crumble down. Finally it's a load off my shoulders."

I still don't get what compels this princess to trust me this much.
Yet it's weird how I don't feel creeped out by that.

We're still not told what this secret weapon is. Only the fact that the second prince is aiming for the crown prince's life. And that will likely take place during an upcoming ceremony, all so vague with nothing concrete.

"Crown prince, Alvart-niisama is a gentle man. However, his prowess in politics and economics is guaranteed, he will surely lead the empire reasonably well. On the other hand, Goldeuro-niisama has a strong ego and a personality that must place himself in the center of everything. He has been planning this for many years, culminating in the ceremony."
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In most stories, either the protagonist will be conveniently clever, or they have capable friends who help them solve difficult problems.
The royal road. But I have no wisdom nor the wits to speak of.
The only thing I can do is bulldozing through sheer force. That's it. Possible through a monstrous 'power'.
Considering that, I could just imagine what's coming.
No foresight, like to act on impulse without thinking of consequences, and easy to get washed away in the flow.

(Gotta prepare an escape path... Timing is important...)

If I don't quickly make my way out once everything is over, they might interrogate me and drag me into more mess.
Gotta disappear once the situation is under control and not wait for the clean up.

"What should we do until then? And what are we going to be treated as from tomorrow on?"

"Yes. Please stay in the castle as my guests. You are to act as my bodyguards during the ceremony. Considering Goldeuro-niisama's personality, he will surely make his move there. And he must use the opportunity to flaunt his power to other imperial family members with succession rights. Showing them that he has the strength fit to be the emperor. I wish for you to tear down onii-sama's secret weapon there."

"What about our reward? In advance? Or after? ...Wait, nah I don't need it."

"Eh? Um? Why would you not want to? I shall prepare any reward within my power. I am even prepared for something slightly unreasonable."

"Then, tell me this. Why are you bent on a direct confrontation if you're so worried? Heck, with so much information, you could have taken the first seat even. Or you could even just disregard everything, not like it affects you. Tell me what's your deal?"

The room was wrapped in silence. Reikana closed her eyes to ruminate her answer.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 118

118 Distrust and Sincerity


Someone opened the door and entered the room right after I said that.

"You have my thanks for your positive reply. Or should I say, long time no see?"

I saw this person before. At the Daily Special Diner.

"It's nice to see you again. I am Gain. Best regards."

I ignored him. I couldn't erase his conniving first impression from my mind after all.

"Hmm, have I done something to offend you perhaps?"

Gain's words didn't sit well with me. I look like a sulking child here.

"Hello, nice to meet you."

I smiled and greeted back acting like my attitude earlier never happened. A business smile I honed in my past life.
That made Gain act wary instead.

Seeing me who never uttered my name even after coming this far, both the maid Hanna and Gain turned their bare suspicious gazes at me.
Reikana was the only one who didn't mind. No, that might just be on the surface. Guess this is what you call tact.
Reikana spoke to me with her eyes looking straight at me.

"We have divulged to you how we had people monitoring you. That is something I cannot apologize for. Allow me to say this as to not invite misunderstandings. I am prepared to use any and all means in order to protect this country. One of which is requesting your cooperation. However, I have no intention of abusing my authority to that end. I would have honored my promise had you declined."

At the end of the day, I'm the one to blame for not having the courage to refuse her. No matter how much I keep saying I don't want to get into a mess, now that I've agreed to it, I'm gonna see this through to the end.

Gain threw a question here.

"As we we now have secured your help, I'd like to ask one thing, just how exactly did you destroy the 'Syndicate'? I hurriedly made my way here the moment I received that information, sparing no time to investigate further. It would be great if I could hear the detail straight from the person in question himself."

"...Telling you that won't make for a good reference, and you probably wouldn't believe it anyway, so no."

I mean, that story would have made them more suspicious of me, plummeting their trust or sounding like a tall one.

(I wouldn't have believed it myself if someone told me that. You'll never get it unless you were there in person, watching as it happens.)

Is there even anyone in this world capable of utterly slaughtering 50 thugs in the blink of an eye?
Thinking again, I must be a 'monster'. And that's final. Terms like extraordinary or abnormal are simply not enough. It's not like I don't get it.

Even so, Reikana asked.

"I shall not deny it no matter how tall the tale may be. Please, would you be so kind as to impart us."

The gazes Gain and Hanna are sending at me since earlier are akin to hostility. And they're not even trying to hide it. They can't let my rude behavior slide even if the princess herself tells them it's fine. Guess it's only natural for those who serve the royalty.
But they must be questioning just what exactly do I have to warrant such a respect from her. It would bring nothing to the table if it were mere stuff like positions, prestige or authority.

But one person alone is staring at me with the most sincere gaze showing her nobility and earnestness.

(Haa, laugh all you want then, I don't care. I mean they for sure won't believe it anyway.)

I sighed once. Thus I started to unwillingly narrate my story.
From the moment Eltros messed with Aryl's business to my departure from the commercial city.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 117

117 Giving Up


How did it come to this? Something like this can't possibly be an everyday occurrence.
Even my past life, in private and work related, had never been in anything like this.
But it's a classic development in fantasy stories.
And I never would have thought I would end up having a role in one. You don't normally expect to get yourself in this kind of mess.

First of all, there's no 'Connection'. I'm just a villager. I got banished from that community, without an aim or a concrete goal, a homeless jobless nobody, why would an imperial family even had their eye on me. Really, just where did it all come from?

Though even before that, what seems to be my 'soul' got kidnapped by a god and forcefully reincarnated here. I guess that's a far bigger deal than stuff like this.
I'm currently inside the imperial castle, in the princess room even.

"Allow me to reiterate, as a reaffirmation."

Thus Reikana spoke after sipping her tea while sitting in her sofa. She's changed into a dress after entering the castle, magnifying her charm even more.
All the elves are here. She asked me at the tavern to lend her our strength, all of us so I introduced them here.
She's even going to provide our lodging and meals, in the castle. We're being treated as guests.

I had to cancel our booking at the inn thanks to it, but it was a smooth process, just had to pay the cancellation fee. The inn didn't make it more difficult for us either. As expected of a well regarded inn.

I had that random thought while listening to her explanation.
Doesn't feel real, of course. How do you expect a commoner to get used to a castle?
Fragrance of the tea served to us tickled my nose, making it feel like a nightmare.

"Please, I beg of you. Would you lend us a helping hand?"

The princess said these words again after all this. Naturally.
She offered a reward for listening to her. Which is lodging and meals in the castle.
That's not something normally attainable to plebeians. The sum must be astronomical when converted to money.

As I blankly stared at the ceiling while not caring less about that, I muttered, 'Yep no way to skirt this.'
The maid called Hanna is still sending a 'lese majeste!' glance at me.

Yep, this is now the time to choose accept or not. And yet it feels like I'm looking at a monitor with no 'Not accept' option anywhere.
Yes, I'm getting rewarded if I accept, but honestly, the best possible reward for me would be avoiding this mess.

"Serena, what do you think? Should we accept? If we did, we'd have to extend our stay for days though."

The elves look at one another, still under their hoods. We're still hiding the fact that they are elves. Or rather, I don't plan to divulge.
Seeing as Reikana never complained even once despite having six of them hidden under hoods inside the castle, I see that she must be quite broadminded.

"We shall abide by milord's wish."

Daily Special Diner was a cover for their intelligence agency. They would put people who stumbled their way into the diner and looked suspicious under watch.
They had people constantly monitoring the crime syndicate, thus they immediately found out about its demolition. They knew that I was the perpetrator right then and there. And even how I was heading to the empire.
That was all enumerated in Reikana's explanation. Without hiding anything.
As my goal of quietly living to the end crumbles to pieces, I thus answer.

"I got it. I'll help. Ah, whatever goes, I don't care anymore..."




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 116

116 Irksome, Match Pump, Grace


I flinched a bit as she put on a serious gaze.

(What do now? Is this the pattern where she'd give up if I kept declining, or one where I have to accept no matter what...)

It still doesn't feel real to me. I see this world like in a game.
Like a 'My second life' flag.

Serena spoke here.

"It appears that these people have awareness on the extent of milord's strength. I presume they carry with them an extraordinary issue. Perhaps it might be best to help people like such?"

Serena butted in here, her last word made me take a step back.
I regret spouting stuff about helping people in need about Tagdes back then.
Thus I made an excuse.

"I don't mind helping when we come across people in need by chance and we're the proactive party. But the stuff this time has utterly nothing to do with us. I'm not about to get dragged into someone's mess. There'd be no end to it. Nothing good will come from poking our nose in this stuff."

The woman rebutted me here.

"This matter is not entirely unrelated to you. Some of things you have done have brought about changes."

"...What do you mean?"

I've got a bad feeling hearing that. This is one I can't escape from, I must have raised the flag somewhere. The mood now compels me to hear her out too.

"I got it. I'll hear you out. But I haven't said yes to helping yet. Is that fine with you?"

"Thank you so much. Then if you'd please come along with us."
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We were led to a tavern. The insides were full of chatters from people drinking even though it's still bright out.

(Ah, I see must be important stuff. Hiding trees in a forest. With so much chatters, our conversation would get drown out.)

A common technique, or so I thought when the glasses woman sent an eye signal to the barkeeper.

"We will hold our discussion in the furthest room beyond this passage. Please."

Got it wrong. No, I knew from the start.

(An organization that can afford to mobilize a huge number of people, that remark about who she is, and this VIP room. High class individual... I see... this woman must be...)

Once we're inside, the woman turned to look at me and introduced herself.

"Pardon my late introduction. My name is Reikana. Daughter of his majesty the emperor, sixth rank on succession right. A certain matter has necessitated me to go and see you in person as well as request your cooperation."

Protagonists in stories would have gone with 'No way' reaction here, but I was unfazed. Cause I had anticipated this.
I never expected I'd be on the receiving end of this super cliche development though.

"Can you tell me what you mean by 'not unrelated to me'?"

After coming this far, I could hazard a guess on where I stepped on this flag, but I still need a concrete answer.
But then the woman called Hanna who had a problem with my attitude earlier butted in here.

"You, how dare you act so impudent even after Reikana-sama introduced herself! Commoner, prostrate before her grace!"

"...Welp, let's go back. Later then. There's no next time though."

I don't really care about listening to their side of story here. Thus, I pretend to get offended by the annoying glasses woman's attitude and attempted to leave.
In fact, I'm still holding on to 'I don't wanna get involved in another mess' mind set even now.
If they let me go, all ok, if they apologize, I'll listen.
It's simply a non starter when the side asking for help looks down on the side they want help from. The one asking must endure lowering themselves.
It's just irksome when someone who doesn't even grasp that much raised their voice, comical even.

Reikana moved ahead of the glasses woman and bowed.
Her movement was smooth and graceful.

"My humblest apologies for Hanna's careless remark. Please I beg your forgiveness."

The glasses woman started panicking, 'Reikana-sama please stop!' when she saw Reikana kept bowing. I winced at her acting like it had nothing to do with her.
But the princess's attitude showed how serious she is. I told her as she bowed in front of the door like she was blocking it.

"Whether I accept your apologies or not hinges on what you're gonna tell that woman there. Raise your head."

We're never getting anywhere if we keep getting interruptions from the sidelines.
Hence, I plan to just walk away if she doesn't give out the correct order.
Even Serena who's sitting next to me looks displeased. But she wasn't so crass as to butt in from that much, she kept to herself.

"Hanna, I forbid you to utter any and all word pertaining to this matter. Understand that this is an order. Breaking it will end in punishment."

"Hmph. Fine, I'll listen. Starting with my question earlier."

I sat down once again half giving up, 'Ugh, I guess I'm in on this ride.'




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 115

115 Refused and Yet


"Welcome to our establishment. Would you like a room? A meal? Or maybe both?"

This 'Earth and Sky' inn seems to double as a diner, I see other guests having meals on the tables.

"Both, is that the receptionist there?"

"Yes, please go ahead to our receptionist over there. Seven people!"

I asked for rooms at the counter.

"Two rooms for three and one single room please. Also, meals for the night and morning."

'Certainly.' then she told me the fee, but I didn't pay attention. It's money from bandits anyway, our private funds are unaffected.
Besides, I still have no clue about this world's market price, so I just gave the asked amount without question.

(Ah, I wanna take a bath, but doesn't seem like this inn has one. Guess I can't be picky.)

"I'd also like to wipe my body, can I get hot water and clean cloth in the night and morning? We're leaving to see the town after this."

"There is a surcharge for hot water, is that fine? Have a good day."

I paid extra and left for the town. The sun is still out, there's enough time to go sightseeing.
Or so I thought before two women from earlier standing next to the entrance called out to me.

"I would like to have a talk with you. May I have a bit of your time?"

The one talking is a girl whose beauty exceeds any 'human' I've come across thus far. So much so that it doesn't fall behind Serena and the other elves.

As for me though...

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"...I beg of yo--"

"No means no."

It's clear now that it's right in front of me. Trouble is coming straight at me on its own. Thus the refusal.
But my attitude seems to have irked the glasses woman, she raised her voice.

"You impudent! Mind your tongue! Do you have any idea who you are speaking to!"

"Like I know."

Her veins popped up when I quickly rebutted.
She was so enraged her mouth flapped open and shut without a word.

(I mean I don't know. What else should I say. Who even is she. Besides, I don't want to get any closer to this flag. I don't need to know since I'm not gonna get involved deeper.)

Straight to refusal without giving the other party any chance to talk.

"Stand down, Hanna. Refrain from using such language. We must keep our presence here incognito. What good raising your voice aloud would do?"

"M-my apologies. However, I simply cannot overlook this man's behavior."

I ignored the two and opened the door outside. I heard them saying, 'Ah, wait...' behind me but paid it no heed. Complete disregard. I already flat out refused with no room for interpretations.

"Alright, you girls got enough money? You can go ahead and enjoy yourselves. Take a look around wherever you want to."

"We cannot allow ourselves be apart from milord..."

"Hmm, well then, are you coming with me Serena? OK that's that, let's go."

I had a feeling things would drag on if I refused their accompaniment here, no, that'd definitely happen, so I suggested Serena by herself coming. With this there's no wasting time. It's customary by this point.
And sure enough it went as I expected. Serena nodded once. Then the other elves spread out, going around to the stores here.

(I'd have liked to be alone. But this is still better than getting enclosed around the clock.)

I tried my best to forget what happened in the inn and scanned the food stalls here.
Roasted meat wafting delicious scent.
Stores with glittering decorations.
Unknown stores selling stuff I have no clue of.

I took down the flag earlier, but I'm sure that wasn't the end of it. My hunch strongly tells me that.
I look around restlessly doing my best rural hick act in order to forget about that.

But sure enough, that hunch proved correct. It's like a flag that keeps you in an eternal loop as long as you don't proceed forward.

"I shall prepare a fitting reward if you are willing to listen. And there would be more reward if you accept my request. So please, would you be so kind as to set aside a bit of your time?"

The beauty from before is bowing at me right in the middle of the street.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 114

114 Bridge Crossing


"So strong! You were all so cool! The way you moved was just... wow!"

I got a bit too excited from the scene. It's quite surreal to witness them so easily eliminated those thugs with their dainty looking bodies.
The elves themselves had hard to describe expressions after receiving my praise.

"It's quite an honor milord. However, this much is akin to nil in the face of your strength."

With their strength, I could leave all incoming sparks to these girls to deal with.

(It was a good thing I managed to watch their power here.)

Nevertheless, I'd like to avoid getting into any more mess in the empire.
For now let's think about how to clean up these bodies and these pools of blood.
Smell of blood is starting to spread around. This is no highway. We're inside a city.

"Hmm, how do we clean this up? Burn them... nah, gonna stand out too much. Gotta be more discreet..."

Even though we're the victims here, I don't regret getting them killed in an act of self defense.
I might be biased, but those who cannot measure up people's 'danger level' in a glance shouldn't play villain. Otherwise, they'd end up like this guy, not even getting the chance to regret. I have no sympathy for these guys.

But the worrying part is how we could be seen as the assailants instead.
Getting arrested under suspicion of murder would be way bothersome and conspicuous.
I couldn't come up with a good plan.
And then Serena put forward a way to solve it all.

"Among spirit magic, there are spells that allow control of earth. Let us bury them using that."

Serena had taken away valuables from the bodies.

(This kinda makes us look like burglars and killers... Even though we're absolutely not.)

Destruction of evidence and bodies, that's some crimes already. And yet I could not feel the peculiar sense morals, or more like common sense of having perpetrated them. Wonder if it's due to having been reincarnated to this world or something else.
I had no experience of even troubling cops in my past life. I recalled a two hour long suspense drama.

Two of elves who didn't participate in the thug elimination stepped forward.
I could smell the soil when they quietly touched the earth when suddenly, the bodies got swallowed into the ground like it was a bottomless swamp.
The blood pools also disappeared, as if there was nothing on the ground.
The smell had also disappeared, likely due to wind magic.

There is no trace of any act of killing here.
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"These two are contracted to wind and earth spirits. We are used to this much."

Serena told me how they sometimes got in battle against goblins when hunting in the forest. They would immediately bury the bodies afterward and dispersed the smell to avoid attracting beasts.

(Fantasy... oh so great. I see, goblins too huh... Am I heading straight to royal road route here...)

All the new revelations of 'Template Setting' fantasy is making me dizzy.
The world is getting unreal.

(This is getting dangerous! I'm gonna cross the bridge at the rate this is going if I don't course correct somewhere!)

The instance I lost touch with reality, I'd probably assume the 'whatever happens' attitude.
That'd be like living and dying at the same time.
Once it got to that point, my 'bad' tendency would show up often. Even though I understand the danger of settling everything through 'Whatever'.

Your dignity as human is over once you get to that point. I don't want that to begin with.
I just want to live this life to the end.
I'd be lying if I said I never got excited from the fantasy development.
But I never expected it to happen this frequent. Everything in moderation is best.

(I shouldn't delve deeper in this world.)

At the rate this is going, a dragon will definitely show up. Then again, giving up here would probably make it easier for me.

Someone spoke as I ruminated all that.

"Milord, we are done with the processing. Let us head into the street."

The elves saw those thugs on the same level as goblins. Too cruel a treatment, but it was a fitting end for those guys who lack strength.
No, reasoning and wisdom. They could have survived had they had the slightest bit of decency.
No guarantee though. Dying might have been preferable to them.
My conscience is getting colder by the minute here.

(I'm aware, yet I don't feel like I need to put a brake on it either... Wonder what's up with that?)

We walked on the main street and found ourselves in front of our inn before we realized.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 113

113 Strong


Is there a rule that enforces you to get in a quarrel whenever you go to a new place in this world?

(No, that's not it. Something like this is an everyday occurrence in a country this big. This doesn't happen to only me.)

I winced at the density of events I encountered after leaving my village, but I tried to be positive here.

All while four men are blocking our way asking for toll with grins on their faces.

"Oy, oy, whatchu shutting up for? Don't think too hard. Just hand over yer' cash and nobody gets hurt."
"What a pain. Just crush 'em. Been getting antsy lately, they'd make for good stress relievers."
"Yeah, I wanna get back to booze quickly."
"Leave all your money here. Don't worry, we're gonna make better use of it than you."

I couldn't even sigh at this template as these four men with their swords out said their self-serving lines.

"...Will you guys step aside? We're heading to the main street. Right across that path there."

"What are you deaf? Pay your toll, and all is well."

"Can I ask you something? What does this place get to do with you? We've no obligation to pay until that's clear. May we have a straight answer?"

I tried to conclude this not with force. I could have done so anytime.
But thanks to the worst imagination I had earlier, I hesitated to.
I'm fine if money can solve this. But not without a justified reason. That's my sentiment now.
I don't mind paying toll if they are authorized too.
Using money to avoid trouble and mess is acceptable. Which probably stems from my ignorance on money's value in this world.
And my 'not normal'-ness.

"...This crap's a waste of time. Don't you have enough? Let's just crush 'em, snatch their valuables and head to the crib."

Seemed like they had the same sentiment. Snatch, that word solidified them as criminals.
I sighed and tried to take a step forward. To eliminate these men.

"Trash. I had been keeping silent per milord's order but I shan't tolerate your ignorant rambling no more. Milord needs not step in. We shall reap your lives ourselves..."

Serena said that. As did other elves as they stood and made a wall in front of me.

"Ou ouu. Aw yeah, no need to spend cash. It's women. And they're all hotties."
"We're super lucky today! Just gotta go straight to the inn. We're gonna enjoy y'all to the end!!"
"Hmph, six women for one brat? Bullshit... his head's mine. Don't butt in ya hear?"
"Lemme get some hit in. Been irritated for awhile from losing a bet the other day ya see."

Serena and the elves had deemed these unworthy of living in the society.
Looks like I won't have my turn. Thus, I realized.
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Serena closed in on the men in one leap.
Smoothly like that time with the bandit, but it wasn't actually fast.
It happened so abrupt like there was no start. She just got in between them.

Her right low kick crushed the thigh of a man standing ahead like it was made of twig.
A peculiar sound of meat snapping along with bones resounded.
She then twisted her body backward and swung her sword in the same motion, lopping the man's head off.
The three thugs who couldn't follow this series of events were still unaware that they were the 'hunted' here.

One of the men could only afford to turn his eyes at the collapsing man before he suddenly formed the shape of a shrimp in mid air with his head slashed open.
He was kicked by one of the elves. A kick so impactful, the man didn't get blown away, instead formed the shape of く, no, つ, in his spot.
The elf drew her sword in the same instance, splitting the man's head open.

Another man came to himself from the smell of blood but just as he shouted, 'You bastard', another elf smashed his head with a jumping axe kick.
She gracefully landed with her fluttering mantle and stabbed at the lying man's heart. A stab that seemingly ignored meat and bone as it stopped the man dead after a twitch. A pool of blood quickly formed on the ground.

One last man standing. He swung his sword around with a look of fear in his eyes.
Another elf stood in his way. She got in between the slash and stopped it by smoothly putting her left hand under the sword arm, and elbowed the man's solar plexus with her right.
As the man agonized in pain, she slowly went around behind his back and slashed. Reaping the man's life. A deep wound formed on the back like bones didn't matter.

I stood dumbfounded, completely captivated by each and every single one of their motions.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 112

112 Behind the Out of Place-ness

We slowly made our way to the inn. Far slower compared to our speed on the highway. Rabbit and turtle. Of course. After all, the elves raised their speed using spirit magic to incredible level when we took the forest path.

As I leisurely watch the surrounding scenery like a tourist, Serena suddenly said something incredulous.

"Milord, everybody taking this outer wall street besides us appears to be a trained group of people."

I blurted in confusion, not understanding what she meant.

"Wha? What do you mean? Eh?"

"It appears they are manipulating the flow of traffic to lead us toward the two women over there."

I turned and noticed two women in a distance away.

(Uwaa, what is that... Even an amateur like me can tell their complete and total out of place-ness...)

They must be thinking they're disguising themselves yet it's so obvious. A peerless beauty wearing commoner clothes like it's only natural is staring at us.

"Ah, the dirt on their clothes doesn't match their perfectly cared skin for sure. Ordinary people wouldn't look anywhere near that fair. Yep, something's up for sure."

I came across many working women in the commercial city. These two women are so obviously unlike them.
That alone is enough to make me visualize a flag.
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(I just got in the empire, I haven't even done nothing, I mean I'm not planning to. And yet, just 'when' and 'where' did the event flag got raised anyway?)

Might be from the destruction of criminal syndicate, no, maybe the dinner at Daily Special Diner, or perhaps me saving Aryl, or me leaving the village, heck, it could be because of my 'Manaless', 'Blessless' things.

Isn't every single one of those a flag? Thus how I started to doubt my own fate and resolved.

A grand plan to kick down the flag, or smash it to pieces.

"Spread out like that time we're leaving commercial city. Me stopping will be the signal."

I chose to forget asking how the elves found out about them.
It's probably stuff like elves having sharper senses than humans, spirits getting noisy, or how trained those passerby moved or something.
My five senses are that of an 'ordinary man' after all.

(Fantasy, yup, let's just use this word whenever it's convenient to.)

I found a handy alley and came to a halt next to it.
Entering 'Acceleration' at the same time and ran straight into the road.

I kept running around in the frozen world trying to find an open space.
As I grumbled at my luck, I kept going deeper into the alleys. It got me far from the main street, but thankfully the road wasn't complicated.
I found some open space after a bit and undid Acceleration.

The wind hit my face telling me I'm out of Acceleration.
As there's nothing else moving around me,  I could only use myself to base it.
The idea of trying to but then failing to come out of Acceleration state terrifies me.
Getting left behind by everything in this world would be despair inducing beyond word.

Something like that has never happened thus far, but now that the thought crossed my mind, I'm going to hesitate to use my power next time.

As I wallowed in the worst possible imagination, Serena and co. arrived.
From the roofs down of course. Looking cool, jumping like 'Shuta!'

(Must be the wind spirit. Knowing where I'll be without even asking must come with the territory as well.)

"Ah, well let's resume our tour as we look for our inn then."

And so we walked off, but I guess alleys and hoodlums always come in pairs no matter where.

"You over there, c'mere a bit. Ya gotta pay up if ya wanna pass here."

Said the thugs as they blocked the alleyway.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 111

111 Reikana's Intuitions


I am certain I saw him with my own two eyes. But that person just vanished after I blinked.
It was luck for us to catch sight of him and the six people accompanying him entering an alleyway. Even an amateur like me could tell that their actions were that of 'flight'. Even thought it was but for an instance, it left such a strong impression. I'm intrigued to know just who they are.
But that also proves how he was standing there up until just now.
Vanished, and yet he was for sure there, meaning he was neither a phantom or an illusion.

It started with a report. 'Person of interest, entry, forest path', arriving unbelievably sooner than the expected date.
No sooner after we received that report, I quickly changed into a disguise and went to the site. Along with Hanna.
It was worth hurrying up as we managed to spot him walking along the outer wall. We also knew that he was heading to [Earth and Sky] Inn. I had the street be cleared of crowd.
In order to avoid suspicion, I had my subordinates to walk around and act natural in the streets.
By manipulating flows of traffic, we were directing where he was going. So I could call out to him.
This much preparations were done to make our contact seem natural and prevent outside interference.
And yet this elaborate plan immediately crumbled. Due to the six people accompanying him we had no information of.
Those people appeared to be highly vigilant, they seemed aware of the 'abnormality' my subordinates had produced.
That was when he suddenly stopped and vanished. Literally.
I wasn't alone at this, other subordinates I brought along were shocked as well. Even Hanna surely.

"It cannot be."

But it is a fact that someone vanished before us. I was agape.
I don't remember the last time my mind went blank, I even forgot to spin up a plan.
As someone who always runs my brain thinking up ways to maintain peace of the empire as well as political measures all day and night, one such moment was rare to me.

But Hanna's voice pulled me back to reality.

"Reikana-sama! What just happened? Could it be that am I dreaming?"

I share the sentiment. But let's sort out all the facts.

"They must be heading to an inn. But there is no telling if they will go straight to [Earth and Sky]. Send watchmen to all the inns around this area."

My subordinates quickly spread out with my directive, leaving me and Hanna alone.

"Let's get in contact with them once they have entered an inn. This time without taking a roundabout way so as to prevent another 'vanishing'. We will get right to the point."
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Hanna still sounded like she couldn't believe it.

"...Was there really someone there? I'm starting to doubt myself..."

I understand her feelings. That sense of bewilderment.

(He was there for sure, and then vanished. But how would that be accomplished? Was he really even there?)

I gave the unbending proofs to Hanna. For my sake as well.

"Look at those footprints, Hanna. They are proofs that they were there. That group of people have truly entered the empire."

I approached the spot where he vanished and assured Hanna. Footprints that continue to the gate.
My intuitions tell me there and then.

(That man possesses the 'Power' to resolve 'Everything' in the upcoming event...)

I have that conviction despite lacking any concrete proof. I have always been saved by this power for as long as I remember.
So many it's no longer 'Intuitions' and more like 'Prophecies'.
Only Hanna and my mother know of this truth.

My 'intuitions' avoided my mother and me from getting killed by assassins sent by someone, someone with the right of succession.
Not to mention all other times before and after, my 'Intuitions' have always protected me and those I hold dear.

This 'Intuition' is now telling me. That we must gain his cooperation at all cost.
And just when I was wondering how should we reward him, a report came in.

"Let us go, Hanna. There is not much time left until the ceremony. Were we fail in getting him to join our side, this empire would be thrust into chaos. We must make haste."

Receiving a report of him appearing at the [Earth and Sky], I vowed to act as sincere as possible with him as I took my steps there.

To think our negotiation would turn out that way. I had no way of knowing at this point.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 110

110 Sinister Plot and the Victim


On the same day the information reached princess Reikana, a man in another room sips his liquor while grinning in his seat located in the same castle.

The man is Goldeuro. A prince, second in order of succession. There's a reason for his good mood.
Brought about by a report the man kneeling before him carried.

"Well done on making the schedule. You are befit of my praise. The ceremony shall now be awash with pandemonium. And I can finally end that vexatious first. The throne belongs to me and me alone."

A knight serving him added to that while nodding.

"Indeed indeed milord. None other than Goldeuro-sama has the power to be our emperor, surely the masses shall approve as well."

After which, a man with crumpled hair and a beggar-like attire spoke.
This kneeling man continued to give his report with a broad grin on his face.

"I have verified the results of my research sir. The only thing left is to engrave the 'Mark' of master on Goldeuro-sama."

"Hou, pray tell is that fact known to another soul?"

"No sir, it is as I have reported. I am proud to have you picked me and even invested on my research. There is nobody else who knows about my research besides me. All the more those who made fool of me, they will never get it."

"Wonderful! Your research truly fits my ambition, indeed. You may accept this trifling reward I prepared."

The knight who was standing next to Goldeuro has moved behind the researcher.
The man looked elated at the praise. But that face changed into utter confusion a moment later.
From a deep wound on his back. It's fatal with no hope of saving, blood gushes out of his clothes creating a pool on the floor.
As he groveled on the ground, the word that kept repeating in his head was not curses but 'Why'. That too soon got cut off. His heart was stabbed by a sword after all.

"You have outlived your usefulness. It tires me to deal with dirty filth but that too ends today. Dying at the climax of your research is surely a reward enough. Only those I deem worthy may carry the knowledge."
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The prince sipped his liquor with an air of composure as he said that.
Words that never reached the man. A nameless researcher leaves not even the record of his certain research.
Only the name Goldeuro will be left in the annals of history.

"Allow me to dispose of this garbage. Should we fetch the 'Tool' after this milord?"

"Not yet. No more than a very select few are aware of this matter. And besides the 'Key' is in my possession. No need to fret. Forget that, Dagzas, has there been any contact from that syndicate?"

The knight called Dagzas looked troubled.

"We still haven't gotten a word from our watches. Their people should have arrived by now. But there's no sign of them entering the empire yet."

"Hmph, well fine. The key part is complete. Their forces are akin to insect compared to that. Regard them as an insurance plan. No, below that."

"Indeed indeed. Those guys seem to be under a false impression that they are on the same level of 'power' to Goldeuro-sama. They looked down on us during the negotiation too. Those commoners did not even lower their head before your presence milord, unacceptable."

"What are you prattling now, Dagzas. I loathe not to act modestly with those who can be of use to me. I care not to obsess over their audacity until the time for disposal. Their usefulness remains for now."

As Goldeuro stood up and proceeded to leave the room, Dagzas asked as he followed.

"And when will be the time for their disposal, milord."

"Hmm well, once this matter is done and over with, I shall 'dismantle' them and claim their 'forces' and 'money' as my own. They are of better use for furthering the empire and my ambition. Don't you think so."

As he walked in the hallway, the prince has no idea about the demolition of that syndicate by the hand of a young man.
And how this young man will be the one responsible of smashing his ambition into pieces.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 109

109 Emergency


Two days before the arrival of the black clad young man at the empire. In a room in the corner of a certain castle.
Someone spoke calmly yet resolutely.

"Are you absolutely sure of it?"

Thus spoke a beautiful woman with waist-length hair. 18 of age. She's the daughter of the one and only emperor of this empire.
Low on the right of succession at sixth. The woman had a combined expression of shock, perplexity, and a hint of relief.

"Yes. Damo has been felled, I believe we won't have to worry about forces coming from commercial city anymore."

The man had been riding a Grudos tirelessly from the moment he found out about the demise of Damo's syndicate. On the highway that connects the commercial city and the empire.
Normally one would have taken another safer route, but the situation was such that he couldn't afford to be lax.

"This information will eventually reach onii-sama's ears. However, time is on our side until then. We must erect a plan. And yet, the forces we gather alone would be hard pressed to hold up."

The fact that there are only three people in this room is proof that this conversation is a top secret.

The princess wearing a simple dress, Reikana. Her fair skin would charm any and all men.

Next to her is a rigid looking woman wearing glasses. Hanna. The princess's attendant that has served her since infancy.

And the last one.

"Oh yes, I've heard of your diner's reputation for its good food. I would love to have a taste someday."
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The man laughed as he replied.

"Our Daily Special Diner only serves limited time menu. We cook dishes we come up on the moment using the ingredients we find that day. However, we have full confidence in the taste. Feel free to forgo paying if it's not to your liking. But those who are satisfied with the taste may pay two silver coins. By all means, have a taste and judge for yourself if they're worth the price, we await your patronage."

The princess giggled at the monologue.
The sharp eyed man is called Gain. The man whom all intelligence personnel at the commercial city reports to.
All crews of Daily Special Diner are members of this operative. Their hideout having the cover of a 'Diner', most members have inclinations to cooking. They even dream of running their own stores in the future.

Their target of operation is mostly Damo's crime syndicate. Gathering intelligence in order to 'Wipe it out' before it gets too big and endanger the empire. All done under the princess's directives.
Espionage isn't exactly her specialty, but her 'Intuitions' made her set up the 'Daily Special Diner' with her private funds.
The princess's intuitions have always been on point, as evidenced by this matter.

"Only us three are aware of onii-sama's connection to the underside. It would be best to approach this carefully, however onii-sama will surely make his move during the ceremony this time. Our hands are tied."

The princess stood up and sighed deeply as she gazed outside the window.

"Let us ask for cooperation from this person who annihilated that crime syndicate. When will he be arriving here?"

Gain replied.

"If he were among a group of seven I came across along the way here, they should arrive within four days from now. I failed to ascertain. I deeply apologize."

Gain replied under the assumption that 'he' was moving at 'ordinary' speed. An assumption that would be overturned.

"Nobody is at fault here. I won't condemn you. You did your hardest to bring the report to me as soon as you could. Take a good and long rest today. We will take care of your steed beast."

"Ma'am! If you'd pardon me."

Once Gain left, Hanna poured tea while lifting her glasses.

"Reikana-sama, would it be wise to get in contact with that person directly? I believe we still have time to ascertain his character first."

Reikana's reply to Hanna's warning was unbelievable.

"I will go see that person myself once he is here. Please make the preparations Hanna. Inform the 'Watch' on that person's features so they could report back the moment he arrived."

That reply was due to her 'Intuitions' telling her that they have no more time left.
Hanna realized. The situation is such that the princess made a 'request', not an 'order'.
Reikana sighed at their lack of forces no matter how much they gathered.
All while still being none the wiser on the sheer amount of 'Violence' the man possesses.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 108

108 Entry Inspection and the Power of [Second Class]


I observed the people in charge of inspection while feeling overwhelmed by the giant gate.
Four guards, and two inspectors. They're dealing with inspections of people trying to enter smoothly as the long line flows.
I also saw people going out every once in a while, but there weren't a lot of them and the guards only stopped them for a bit before letting them pass.
We're the last in line. I thought we got here pretty early but apparently not, it was quite late. The proof is in the fact that nobody else would turn up behind us.

"I wonder if they would find out about us?"

Serena sounded a bit anxious. These elves were on the receiving end of a human prejudice and thus believed that they risk getting caught marching into a human filled place like this.

"You're hiding your ears in your hair, then there's the bandana to top it off, I don't think they'll know. It'll be fine."

I tried to relax her but it didn't seem to work, she still acted stiff.

"Let's just deal with it when it comes down to it. If you can't relax, then might as well act boldly. We're not doing anything wrong after all."

I took it easy, in fact, I was getting a bit excited as I waited for our turn.
After about 20 minutes. It was ours finally.

The guards who had been staying back thus far walked up to us.

"Halt. Take off your hoods and show your faces."

We all have our hoods on, we must look suspicious. Two of the guards have their hands ready on their spears, like they'd stab us anytime.
We had no reason to refuse so we all obliged.
The guards and the inspectors all stared at the elves' beauty in amazement.
It doesn't seem like their identity will be exposed. I sighed in relief.

"U-umu. Well then, present your ID."

The dangerous atmosphere dispersed as the guards stepped back.

"Here it is."

I handed over the [Second Class] plate I had prepared beforehand.
Eltros arranged this plate, and I still have no clue what the Class part is all about.
The guard who took it stared hard at it you'd think he'd drill a hole before he went with it into the guard station.
In less than one minute, he got back and respectfully submitted back the plate with two hands.
I was inwardly flustered as he even bowed and said, 'We have it confirmed, sir.'

"For the entry fee, it will be one silver coin per person."

Their 180 degree change in attitude made me afraid of 'Second Class' power instead.

(Oy Eltros... What the heck is this...)
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We can't even check on them what they think of us as. Heck, I'm afraid too.
As I was getting unnerved, Serena handed them the asked amount of silver coins.

"Yes, these are enough. Welcome to the empire. May you have a good day."

They're even going to see us off, which makes me more uneasy.
But rather than missing this chance due to that, I opted to ask them some things.

"Could you tell me what to be careful of in the empire? Like things you shouldn't do, dangerous stuff, anything trivial is fine."

"There is nothing in particular. As long as you do not violate common norm."

"We'd like to find an inn, what's the nearest one from here?"

"If you follow the left wall from this gate, you would come across a closed gate and an inn called 'Earth and Sky' next to road to the right. The inn is well known for its reasonable fee and good food. I believe that will be a good choice."

They act like some concierge service, but this excessiveness is making me wary of another 'flag' getting raised ahead.

"Thank you. If you'd excuse us."

I bowed back at them out of habit from my former businessman day, 'Ah crap', I groaned.
Getting treated politely made my past life habit resurfaced for once.

(This isn't going away even after living for 15 years in this world. No I guess it's not something that will...)

The first thought I had as I entered the empire was, 'We gotta go back to that closed gate again, really'. I wanted to get an inn right away, so this is our only choice, still I couldn't help but grumble, 'Should have let us in there and then.'

The conversation I could hear behind me added to the annoyance.

"What's up with that group. So many beauties."
"Must be some rich guy... probably a noble."
"Nah, they're probably underside people ya know?"
"Hmm, doesn't seem like it though."

I couldn't hear them anymore as we walked further, but that topic is probably gonna stay around in taverns. We put on our hoods to block the noise.

(Wonder if the rumor's gonna spread and get us in a mess... Guess it's gonna be fine since we're not gonna stay long? Let's just forget about it.)

Nobody pointed out my 'Blackness' thus far, so even I had forgotten about that fact at this point.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 107

107 Arrival


A gentle breeze swayed my clothes as we walked. The empire wall looked more and more gigantic the closer we got to it.
Its excessive length reminds me of the Great Wall of China. Our road ends on a gate that's closed.
Instead there's three men seemingly the gatekeepers chatting around while sitting on the ground.
We can't get in the empire with the gate closed. Having no other choice, I walked up and spoke to them.

"Excuse me, is there a reason why this gate is closed? May I ask to get it open and let us pass?"

"Oy, you guys, don't tell me you got here through the forest path?"

The guard asked back with a look of surprise instead. I nodded to that unwillingly so this conversation could progress.

"Well I'll be. That road's open and all, but with so many magic beasts prowling around, most folk never used it. Things can get dicey without a Grudos ya know?"

I got interested hearing Grudos. Saw two of them in the forest.

"Did some travelers riding them come here?"

One passed by us quickly and the other was Tagdes we saved along the way.

"Ou, yeah think there was a carriage yesterday. And oh yeah, another flustered man before that one."

I knew that Tagdes would be fine since we didn't spot a wreckage along the way, and it seemed he really did arrive safely. Would have nagged on my mind had he got attacked by magic beasts afterward. Thankfully not.
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"So uh, getting back to my question."

"Oh, my bad. Ya can't get through this gate. Sorry. There's another open gate at the other side of this wall. Ya gotta walk quite a bit tho'. Go over there."

He pointed at the horizon and I couldn't even see this open gate. I threw a question seeing as walking there would be daunting.

"Why isn't this open? ...Ah, because of magic beasts?"

"Ou, there's quite a distance from the forest but ya can never be too careful, so this gate's permanently closed. Just ya know, us demoted folk gotta do this boring lookout job every single day."

Makes sense that it's to do with magic beasts. And since he started blabbing about private matters I never asked, I cut our conversation short.

"Is that so. Then we'll be going. Thank you for your hard work."

"Ou, careful now. Whoa, almost forgot. Welcome to the empire."

Apparently that's akin to a custom for gatekeepers to incoming people, they lost interest on us and started chatting after he said that.

After walking for quite a bit, we finally saw the open gate. A long line of people is queuing for inspections in front of it. Decreasing gradually.

"Alright, let's line up. Still, man how is this thing so big."

I could see the townscape now that I'm standing near the gate, and far beyond is the outline of a castle.
The structure looks overwhelming even from this distance. I can't even imagine its scale. No, it'd be weirder if I could.
I waited our turn while thinking the great memories we'd make if we could tour that.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 106

106 Impatience


Another morning of no note. Breakfast, dressing up, preparing for departure.
A refreshing morning like yesterday never happened.
Finding myself in good mood, I asked the elves.

"What would you like to do? Should we tour the empire? Or should we go straight to the elven forest?"

Serena's face clouded momentarily before replying, 'We will comply with milord's wishes'. Not just her, all the elves said that in unison.

(How'd they even synchronize the timing anyway?)

"Well, since we'll be there and all, might as well stay two days to look around."

That was the end of it, and sure enough it was another flag thing which I had no way of predicting. It became the impetus for us to stay at the empire, being none the wiser that it would drag me into another mess.
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Less than two hours after departure, the scenery before us opened up. The path we had been taking sandwiched between two thick forests suddenly turned into a leveled highway.
All around is now a sprawling plain. And the sight of a white plaster wall occupying the entire horizon far out. I can't see the edges.
I spaced out for a while before I realized that it was a giant man-made structure.
The empire now lies before us. I was so surprised by the size I slowed down to a walk.

"Man it's far bigger than I thought it'd be. Or more like, aren't we here super early? Forget a week, we got here in just three days... Huh?"

"Forgive us, milord. All of us were so impatient we deployed spirit magic to drastically raise our speed. That applies to me as well. Seeing milord keeping up with us without any issue or fatigue whatsoever, we got ahead of ourselves and..."

(Ah, so this was why they looked down when I asked this morning...)

I'm a man who can't read room. Too full of myself with no room to spare in my head.
My question this morning was an impulsive one, without realizing that was boorish of me.

"No no, I should apologize for asking that this morning. I don't mind a change of plan straight to elven forest now."

"No, as servants of milord, we should have never put our feelings above milord's. It's our failing."

(I never asked for that though. Rather, please be tougher on me...)

I blurted out an idea akin to a puerile trick here.

"Then how about this. Let's buy some souvenirs at the empire for your homecoming. Unusual food, expensive weapons, all kinds of sundries, useful tools and maybe even some recipes? We'll buy up lotsa of stuff and bring them back. I'm sure the elves back home will be delighted with your presents, so it's worth taking a detour."

(Yup, I feel sorry at my own simple mindset.)

"It'd make it worth your impatience, right?"

The elves all had their mouths opened wide and stopped moving.
Apparently, my suggestion was so mind boggling to them, they kept at it for a while.
I had to wait to see if it would be a rejection or otherwise.

(Huuh? It wasn't anything dramatic... What's up with this long pause...)

And then the six elves started weeping one after another.

(Eh!? Eh!? Wait!? What did I say to warrant that!? Should I comfort them here? Heck, what should I even say here? I got no clue... someone, anybody help...)

"Not only milord think so much about us, you would even put our country's advancement into consideration. Milord, you're so kind to us despite being a human. We swear loyalty forevermore to you hereafter."

I was taken aback by how she spun those words even while weeping really hard.

(Frankly... it's heavy. But I mustn't say it out loud. Why does everything I say gets interpreted so leaps and bounds out there every single time anyway?)

"Err, let's keep going for now."

I walked off with lumbering heavy steps thanks to the conversation we just had.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 105

105 Explanation


This world is full of fantasy in daily lives.
Language, food, creatures, the skies. There's more but the night sky is the most incredible to me.
Day sky has something called 'Celestial Flame' illuminating the world in place of the sun. This is no different than earth. There's clouds, rains, dark clouds and thunders. The world's physicality and logic aren't that different from earth, or more like an exact copy.
But the most striking is during the night. The number of stars is so obviously far more than seen in earth. It's incredibly dense. Not due to the lack of smog or light pollution, it's really a true manifestation of the phrase 'full of stars'. And then there's the moon. People in this world call it the 'Serene Eye' and it's about ten times as big as a full moon on earth. Supermoon isn't even in the running for competition.
The first time I saw it, it was so emotionally overwhelming, I cried. Adding the night sky that was simply a marvel to behold. Truly made me felt how tiny I am.
Human being is akin to a speck of nothingness before the presence of great nature.

Afterward, I was introduced to magic by mother, overwhelmed by magic bags, and even bore witness to elven spirits.
The more I know about this world, the more I wish to close the book of my life without influencing it.
That's how much I am unable to accept living here. I had already made my resolve, and the more I experience things, the sterner that resolve became.
I'm still living haphazardly right now but I'm beginning to worry about my future, constantly getting into mess.
I've got to find somewhere peaceful to settle down before it comes to that. But I know that there's just no rushing that, so I've gotta reluctantly accept going with the flow for now.

I don't believe any living thing in this world could accept my ideal.
Serena gave an explanation about spirits as we were having meals.

"'Spirits' are 'Creatures that govern over nature of the world', in short they are god's envoys. We elves make contracts with these spirits. We provide our own mana in order to manifest phenomena unto the world."

"Hoo, that's amazing. But what makes it different from ordinary magic?"

"With magic, one use own mana to interfere with the world and manifest phenomena. Human's mana have limits which are trifling. The more powerful a phenomenon one wishes to manifest, the more mana they need to consume."

"If humans have trifling mana, how much does an elf have?"

"Let me see. I believe it would be three to five times a human's at the very least?"

"Is that in comparison to ordinary folk?"
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"No, I'm comparing to what humans call mages, Royal Court Mages I believe."

As someone who had no clue how amazing or not that standard is, I could only reply 'Hmph.'

"Spirit magic is powerful. It's far more flexible than the technique known as magic. Manifesting the same phenomenon requires only very little mana. Not to mention the large gap in power."

"The more I listen, the more it sounds like elves are omnipotent for being able to use that."

"I am honored to hear your praise, milord. However, it does have one flaw."

"There's one? Wait, are you fine telling me that?"

"Yes, there is no problem. First of all, an elf can only be contracted to one spirit in most cases. And that is often case be wind spirit."

"Ah! I see. Your group must center around wind being hunters and all, Serena. Like making sounds louder or erasing them altogether? Making upwind and downwind, also to help with mobility."

So this was the reason behind their speed. Also, Serena's hovering must have been done with wind spirit magic.

"As expected of milord. You saw through our field of expertise instantly. I am in awe."

I didn't think they would find that shocking as I felt the elves' loyalty gauge rising.

(Err... I mean that's just how it usually goes in most fantasy settings, I just blurted a rough outline... and yet it got interpreted like that...)

"Hm? Then what about that flame just now? That was spirit magic too right?"

"Indeed it is. I am contracted to three kinds of spirits."

"Ah, that's amazing right? Which means..."

"Yes. I am able to control water, fire, and wind. I deployed 'Rain of Arrows' to cleanse Purple Eater's toxic pools, 'Salamander Breath' for the flame and 'Wall of Breeze' to stop the arrow."

"Ah, I see. I got it. You collect water vapor in the air. You ignite stuff by rapidly raising surrounding temperature, and for the wind you compress the air and turn it into a solid wall."

The elves all looked at me with popping eyes. That was careless of me. I just blurted out some random analysis and their loyalty gauge rose once again.

"To be so knowledgeable of spirits... milord, just what... no I mean.... By sending wind to the flame, we can also raise its firepower."

"Ah, I see, you can do more stuff by combining them huh."

It kinda tickled my chuuni heart, but I forced myself to forget about this.
These elves' 'something' may rise again if I don't stop adding more fuel.

"Speaking of which, milord. You mentioned how we have enough funds, then why would you take their money? I am to believe that there must be another reason besides it being a waste. As you would have not minded turning them all into ashes otherwise."

"Err, money is something that circulates you see. Using money makes it circulate around the world. No need to enrich criminals. Hence I'm taking them all. Spending this money will hopefully better the world. Well, I'm nowhere near rich enough to make a difference though. But society works thanks to these circulations."

"I see. I understand milord's intention. Milord is well versed in natural order of things."

"Let's stay in a good inn at the empire. And eat some good food."

My mind wandered to the yet unseen empire as I sounded the bag with an unexpected amount of money inside.
I'm planning to take it easy and tour the place, at the same time I'm also bracing for one or two mess seeing as I have these problems, elves, on my side.

"Think that's about enough for the magic lesson, time to go to bed."




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