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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 124

124 Peeking Out of Curiosity


Sure enough, where there's light, there's darkness. No, I'm not being a chuuni. It's slums.
The back side of any flourishing locale.
The boy kept running on unpopulated paths.

(Ah I'm guessing some poor orphanage or homeless orphans will crop up here. Ugh, it's gonna leave a bad taste.)

The reason I tailed the boy instead of catching him was to ascertain the situation. Though not like I plan to make everything right for him either.
Nor do I intend to preach him to just get out of poverty, nor save him. We live in a society completely unlike the one in earth.
There's pretty much nothing I can do about it. 'Then why don't you just grab your money back and be on your way', someone might ask that.
Well, I can't help getting curious about the reason behind this kid's action.
Even if it is the usual 'Classic'.

And yet my prediction turned out a bit off.

"This should be all for this month's share. Don't you hurt our group's kids now. You promised."

"Hmph. Booring. What do I do with this pent-up stress."

The boy handed over the money to two smirking lowlifes.

"Oy! I gave you money. Don't mess with us anymore!"

"You lot buy your lives with dough. No money, no more kids. That's all."
"But hey we ain't gonna bother ya if ya just pay your due. I don't mind teaching ya world of hurt anytime tho'."
"Ain't it annoying taking care of 'em all by yerself? Why don'tcha like, just run away? Gyahahahaha."

An unbearable conversation took place. I wanted to retort, 'I'm not some big damn Komon-sama'.
But I stayed where I was until the two men left.
I get the situation. The question now, how do I cleanse this bad aftertaste.

The lowlifes made their exit. Once they were completely gone, I asked Serena.

"I'd like to crush those guys and everything connected to them. Mind tailing them?"
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"Understood milord. Your wish is my command."

Right after saying that, swoosh, Serena jumped atop a roof and vanished into the direction the men were going.

Afterward, I left my cover and spoke out to the boy who was clenching his fist downcast.

"Gimme back my money! Quit trying to look cool, you brat! How'd you plan to settle this huh!"

Those words are directed to me for having witnessed the scene earlier.
Also to the boy, 'Why'd you pick me as your target dangit!'
I couldn't care less if only I never found out. But now that I do, I can't just walk away.

In for a penny, in for a pound. I'll see this template to the end.

I've been dragged into a succession right wars by the princess anyway. What's one or two more mess.
Or so I persuaded myself. A desperate one. My tension is getting weird lately.

The boy reacted fast. He quickly ran to the opposite direction without even looking here. But it's useless.
Nothing can run from me under accelerated state. The boy froze up when I showed up out of nowhere in his escape path.





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