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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 125

125 Feigning Ignorance and Hypocrisy


I can't feign ignorance. The voice inside me just won't allow that.
Despite me saying how I don't want to get dragged into a mess or how much I want to run away, I just can't stand still when I watch appalling scenes.
The 'power' I have in this world probably surfaced that mind set from within me.
My past life wouldn't have done this, for sure. No, more 'couldn't'.

The boy tried to run in the opposite direction. But he couldn't even start dashing. Because I was already in front of him by the time he turned around.
The boy looked as if he just saw a ghost. There I ask.

"Oy, boy. Tell me. Is it frustrating?"

The boy's expression didn't change to this abrupt question. He still hasn't caught up. There I ask again.

"Is it frustrating to get driven into crime? To be so incompetent at protecting those dear to you? Does your powerlessness against trash who flaunt violence around frustrate you?"

The boy gritted his teeth once he understood.
But that's it. He's frozen from the realization of having no way to run.

"Oy, where's your answer. I don't plan to tow you to the guards. Let me hear it. Is it frustrating?"

A silence ran. For quite some time. Because the boy kept trying to form words and failing.

Distrust toward the stranger, me. A glaring expression who doesn't believe me saying I won't arrest him.
Resignation from not being able to run. Confusion from being asked the question. Helpless misery that can't be put into words.
Various emotions welled up in him. The boy finally uttered a word after swallowing it all. Nothing but a few words. While downcast.

"It's frustrating."
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It wasn't loud but it was enough for me.

"Got it. I'll lend you a hand. Just don't ever forget that feeling."

Go on now, I told him. The boy ran in a hurry after he snapped back.
I looked at his back as he disappeared into an alleyway.

(Have I changed after experiencing many things here... Nah. I haven't changed one bit.)

A sense of justice buried in me. Cheap heroism, nothing but hypocrisy.
Something I couldn't accomplish back in earth.

Better a hypocrisy you carry out than goods you left rotting, so they say. That phrase fits me now.
I've steeled myself by this point. Forget about details for now and let's just trash those lowlifes.

As I resolved on something that's unlike me, Serena came back.
Along with other elves who should have been all over the place, kneeling before me.

"We have returned. Awaiting order."

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