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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 109

109 Emergency


Two days before the arrival of the black clad young man at the empire. In a room in the corner of a certain castle.
Someone spoke calmly yet resolutely.

"Are you absolutely sure of it?"

Thus spoke a beautiful woman with waist-length hair. 18 of age. She's the daughter of the one and only emperor of this empire.
Low on the right of succession at sixth. The woman had a combined expression of shock, perplexity, and a hint of relief.

"Yes. Damo has been felled, I believe we won't have to worry about forces coming from commercial city anymore."

The man had been riding a Grudos tirelessly from the moment he found out about the demise of Damo's syndicate. On the highway that connects the commercial city and the empire.
Normally one would have taken another safer route, but the situation was such that he couldn't afford to be lax.

"This information will eventually reach onii-sama's ears. However, time is on our side until then. We must erect a plan. And yet, the forces we gather alone would be hard pressed to hold up."

The fact that there are only three people in this room is proof that this conversation is a top secret.

The princess wearing a simple dress, Reikana. Her fair skin would charm any and all men.

Next to her is a rigid looking woman wearing glasses. Hanna. The princess's attendant that has served her since infancy.

And the last one.

"Oh yes, I've heard of your diner's reputation for its good food. I would love to have a taste someday."
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The man laughed as he replied.

"Our Daily Special Diner only serves limited time menu. We cook dishes we come up on the moment using the ingredients we find that day. However, we have full confidence in the taste. Feel free to forgo paying if it's not to your liking. But those who are satisfied with the taste may pay two silver coins. By all means, have a taste and judge for yourself if they're worth the price, we await your patronage."

The princess giggled at the monologue.
The sharp eyed man is called Gain. The man whom all intelligence personnel at the commercial city reports to.
All crews of Daily Special Diner are members of this operative. Their hideout having the cover of a 'Diner', most members have inclinations to cooking. They even dream of running their own stores in the future.

Their target of operation is mostly Damo's crime syndicate. Gathering intelligence in order to 'Wipe it out' before it gets too big and endanger the empire. All done under the princess's directives.
Espionage isn't exactly her specialty, but her 'Intuitions' made her set up the 'Daily Special Diner' with her private funds.
The princess's intuitions have always been on point, as evidenced by this matter.

"Only us three are aware of onii-sama's connection to the underside. It would be best to approach this carefully, however onii-sama will surely make his move during the ceremony this time. Our hands are tied."

The princess stood up and sighed deeply as she gazed outside the window.

"Let us ask for cooperation from this person who annihilated that crime syndicate. When will he be arriving here?"

Gain replied.

"If he were among a group of seven I came across along the way here, they should arrive within four days from now. I failed to ascertain. I deeply apologize."

Gain replied under the assumption that 'he' was moving at 'ordinary' speed. An assumption that would be overturned.

"Nobody is at fault here. I won't condemn you. You did your hardest to bring the report to me as soon as you could. Take a good and long rest today. We will take care of your steed beast."

"Ma'am! If you'd pardon me."

Once Gain left, Hanna poured tea while lifting her glasses.

"Reikana-sama, would it be wise to get in contact with that person directly? I believe we still have time to ascertain his character first."

Reikana's reply to Hanna's warning was unbelievable.

"I will go see that person myself once he is here. Please make the preparations Hanna. Inform the 'Watch' on that person's features so they could report back the moment he arrived."

That reply was due to her 'Intuitions' telling her that they have no more time left.
Hanna realized. The situation is such that the princess made a 'request', not an 'order'.
Reikana sighed at their lack of forces no matter how much they gathered.
All while still being none the wiser on the sheer amount of 'Violence' the man possesses.




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