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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 105

105 Explanation


This world is full of fantasy in daily lives.
Language, food, creatures, the skies. There's more but the night sky is the most incredible to me.
Day sky has something called 'Celestial Flame' illuminating the world in place of the sun. This is no different than earth. There's clouds, rains, dark clouds and thunders. The world's physicality and logic aren't that different from earth, or more like an exact copy.
But the most striking is during the night. The number of stars is so obviously far more than seen in earth. It's incredibly dense. Not due to the lack of smog or light pollution, it's really a true manifestation of the phrase 'full of stars'. And then there's the moon. People in this world call it the 'Serene Eye' and it's about ten times as big as a full moon on earth. Supermoon isn't even in the running for competition.
The first time I saw it, it was so emotionally overwhelming, I cried. Adding the night sky that was simply a marvel to behold. Truly made me felt how tiny I am.
Human being is akin to a speck of nothingness before the presence of great nature.

Afterward, I was introduced to magic by mother, overwhelmed by magic bags, and even bore witness to elven spirits.
The more I know about this world, the more I wish to close the book of my life without influencing it.
That's how much I am unable to accept living here. I had already made my resolve, and the more I experience things, the sterner that resolve became.
I'm still living haphazardly right now but I'm beginning to worry about my future, constantly getting into mess.
I've got to find somewhere peaceful to settle down before it comes to that. But I know that there's just no rushing that, so I've gotta reluctantly accept going with the flow for now.

I don't believe any living thing in this world could accept my ideal.
Serena gave an explanation about spirits as we were having meals.

"'Spirits' are 'Creatures that govern over nature of the world', in short they are god's envoys. We elves make contracts with these spirits. We provide our own mana in order to manifest phenomena unto the world."

"Hoo, that's amazing. But what makes it different from ordinary magic?"

"With magic, one use own mana to interfere with the world and manifest phenomena. Human's mana have limits which are trifling. The more powerful a phenomenon one wishes to manifest, the more mana they need to consume."

"If humans have trifling mana, how much does an elf have?"

"Let me see. I believe it would be three to five times a human's at the very least?"

"Is that in comparison to ordinary folk?"
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"No, I'm comparing to what humans call mages, Royal Court Mages I believe."

As someone who had no clue how amazing or not that standard is, I could only reply 'Hmph.'

"Spirit magic is powerful. It's far more flexible than the technique known as magic. Manifesting the same phenomenon requires only very little mana. Not to mention the large gap in power."

"The more I listen, the more it sounds like elves are omnipotent for being able to use that."

"I am honored to hear your praise, milord. However, it does have one flaw."

"There's one? Wait, are you fine telling me that?"

"Yes, there is no problem. First of all, an elf can only be contracted to one spirit in most cases. And that is often case be wind spirit."

"Ah! I see. Your group must center around wind being hunters and all, Serena. Like making sounds louder or erasing them altogether? Making upwind and downwind, also to help with mobility."

So this was the reason behind their speed. Also, Serena's hovering must have been done with wind spirit magic.

"As expected of milord. You saw through our field of expertise instantly. I am in awe."

I didn't think they would find that shocking as I felt the elves' loyalty gauge rising.

(Err... I mean that's just how it usually goes in most fantasy settings, I just blurted a rough outline... and yet it got interpreted like that...)

"Hm? Then what about that flame just now? That was spirit magic too right?"

"Indeed it is. I am contracted to three kinds of spirits."

"Ah, that's amazing right? Which means..."

"Yes. I am able to control water, fire, and wind. I deployed 'Rain of Arrows' to cleanse Purple Eater's toxic pools, 'Salamander Breath' for the flame and 'Wall of Breeze' to stop the arrow."

"Ah, I see. I got it. You collect water vapor in the air. You ignite stuff by rapidly raising surrounding temperature, and for the wind you compress the air and turn it into a solid wall."

The elves all looked at me with popping eyes. That was careless of me. I just blurted out some random analysis and their loyalty gauge rose once again.

"To be so knowledgeable of spirits... milord, just what... no I mean.... By sending wind to the flame, we can also raise its firepower."

"Ah, I see, you can do more stuff by combining them huh."

It kinda tickled my chuuni heart, but I forced myself to forget about this.
These elves' 'something' may rise again if I don't stop adding more fuel.

"Speaking of which, milord. You mentioned how we have enough funds, then why would you take their money? I am to believe that there must be another reason besides it being a waste. As you would have not minded turning them all into ashes otherwise."

"Err, money is something that circulates you see. Using money makes it circulate around the world. No need to enrich criminals. Hence I'm taking them all. Spending this money will hopefully better the world. Well, I'm nowhere near rich enough to make a difference though. But society works thanks to these circulations."

"I see. I understand milord's intention. Milord is well versed in natural order of things."

"Let's stay in a good inn at the empire. And eat some good food."

My mind wandered to the yet unseen empire as I sounded the bag with an unexpected amount of money inside.
I'm planning to take it easy and tour the place, at the same time I'm also bracing for one or two mess seeing as I have these problems, elves, on my side.

"Think that's about enough for the magic lesson, time to go to bed."




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