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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 121

121 Unfurling


We were led to our rooms afterward. A room for each of us, really gorgeous ones.
Apparently the meal will be delivered to our rooms. So far so good, nothing unusual.
But not really. In reality, this is a house arrest. The rooms are equipped with all kinds of facility.
Toilet, bath, bed, drawers with change of clothes, a pitcher on the table, a view of the vast city on the window, and chairs on the veranda to gaze at this view.
Just how much money is spent on these. If converted to an inn. Ringing a bell will summon maids that will attend to your need. All so thorough.
However, there are two guards standing by outside the room as if telling us not to take even a step out.
Sure, we don't have any business prowling around the castle.
We'd probably get arrested right away if someone from their side isn't accompanying us.
However, that probably won't happen either way. After all we are the princess's 'safeguard'.
Seeing how frantic she was in trying to get us on her side without showing a shadow of doubt, there's no way she'd let us get in trouble.
And one more, these elves are strong. I can't see them getting captured easily.
They probably can easily get away from these rooms 'too' if they just used spirit magic.

"Haa, alone time at last. Let's savor this opportunity."

This in itself made me glad I took up the offer.

(No wait, even if we stayed in an inn, I would have got my own room either way, guess it's still a loss now that we're involved in a mess.)

As I didn't have anything else to do, I started working out. Form training too.
I felt totally refreshed after moving my whole body, something I hadn't done in a while.
I tried to forget about everything and focused on the workout.
Stretching, radio gymnastic, bi**y bootcamp, fully focused until mealtime.
This might be the first time in my life I could use all my time for working out since I had to split it with living when I was in the village.

As I was thinking that, my meal was brought in. Being so engrossed I lost track of time like this, I realized just how much frustration had been piling up.
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(To think I even overlooked that the sunlight had been replaced with the magic lamp lights...)

Shows how much I have been minding the elves. I could focus so much when I'm by myself, I really am fit to be alone.
The table kept getting added with food while I was thinking.
Overflowing luxurious food kept getting carried to the point of excessive.

"Why's there so much!? Eh? Wait, there's more!?"

They even brought in a new table and put more food on it.
'Please take your time', the maids left after pouring water on the cups.

"Oy, what's going on..."

The elves came in place of the maids. Along with princess Reikana.

"Would you like to have a meal together? Or is it a problem?"

I couldn't say no when told that with a smile, and replied, 'Feel free to'.

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