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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 103

103 Ability


Two of the bandits looked restless when suddenly.

"E-eff this shit! I'm... outta here!"

"Me too! I only dabbled in this dirty work cuz we got a backing! Now that it's gone... I'm leaving!"

This backing would have assuredly cut them out and looked the other way if it ever came to it, but knowing that telling them here would do nothing, I stayed silent.
The two bandits ran back to the road they took here without looking back at full speed. And they were just sprawled out of stamina just earlier.

"Tch! Useless cowards..."

Among the remaining four, only the boss and another bandit seemed motivated still. This bandit is readying his bow and arrow. The other two seem undecided. They're not even drawing the swords on their waist.

"Oy, let's do this. Shoot."

He sounded used to it. Anticipating I wouldn't be able to dodge.

(They may be scoundrels, but I wouldn't have bothered with them if they weren't so persistent...)

Hyu! A sharp wind cutting sound followed by an arrow stopping mid air right in between me and the archer.
Then it unceremoniously fell down the ground as we all looked in silence.

"Wha? W-what the hell was that!"

Serena replied to that.

"I shan't let you so much as graze our lord."

Yep, I didn't do that. Serena did, it seemed.
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(Well, I could have easily dodged that with 'Acceleration' though.)

I have no idea how she did that but since it wasn't the right mood to ask, I kept my mouth shut.

"Eff it! Who cares! Damage 'em if I gotta! I'll keep you barely alive at least!"

The bandit leader swung his sword down overhead at Serena. However, Serena avoided that slash simply by stepping back with her left leg.
The sword was swung down as if the man avoided her on purpose.
The sword ricocheted on the ground, producing a loud clashing sound.
The bandit leader made a horizontal slash with full power. That would have killed Serena.
But the slash only passed by next to Serena as if it was prevented by something. This 'something' must come from Serena, but I have no idea what.

The bandit leader must have full confidence in that slash. He uttered 'How the hell...' in agape.
Nothing but a cold word answered that. A voice so clear and sonorous, resounding in the evening forest.

"Your neck is wide open."

The bandit leader had its neck lowered with his swing. Serena drew her sword in an instance and slashed at it.

A bewitching quick draw.
And how should I describe it I wonder?
The sound of a neck getting cleanly cut.

The man's head tumbled down the ground. Followed by the body afterward.
A pool of blood gradually spread out as it seeped into the ground.

Serena isn't stopping yet. She got close to the archer in a single movement.
I was astonished by that. Serena's body glided on the ground like a hovercraft.
It was like a special effect in Tokusatsu films, yet it flowed so natural without any sense of discord.

(Sliding around like that looks really fun.)

As I had that silly thought running, Serena cut down the archer with a return slash.





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