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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 102

102 Those Who Can't Accept Reality


"He was the boss of a crime syndicate that enslaved us elves, milord."

"Aah, that's it. Yep yep. I guess it's only natural you guys are clueless about it huh."

"Haa? The hell yer' blabbing about?"

"Damo is dead."

"...Aa? What kind of joke is that..."

"Nah, I'm telling the truth. Died just the other day."

"Oy! What the hell are you! What's going on!"

The bandits started whispering to each other in disarray. 'Oy for real', 'No way', 'Nah can't be', 'Guy's probably lying to get away.'

"Oy, quit listening to such an obvious lie, he's just saying it to make us scram and..."

"These girls finished him off."

The elves took off their hoods, unveiling their beautiful faces.

"Oy... No way... The six elves said to serve the boss..."

The bandits started to entertain the idea when they saw there are six elves here.

"You're looking at those six elves."
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I was hoping they'd go 'Oh shit, we gotta scram' and all left, but of course it wouldn't go that well.

"Oy! Enough with yer' damn bluff!"

Looks like they don't want to accept the possibility of it being true, they desperately denied me.
Serena kindly declared the truth to these bandits.

"It is not a bluff. We are all saved by way of milord's power."

Her powerful words shut the bandits up.
After giving them time to sort it out, I spoke. I still couldn't abandon the prospect of settling this up with a 'discussion'. So let me explain.

"Take it easy now. I'll explain. First, I went on to destroy the syndicate and saved these elves. Eltros is currently remaking the organization. There will be no more 'crime'."

That sounds so far-fetched, normally you'd have retorted it. But the mention of a certain individual seemed to have an effect.

"Oy you said Eltros... that's one of the top guys... how'd you know that name?"

"Well, it's cause I know him personally. The reorganization is also done under my order."

The bandits formed a circle and started discussing with one another afterward.

"No... way..."
"Come to think of it, our contacts haven't been coming... it's really..."
"Oy, goods delivery and the shift change are three days late too..."

They broke the circle right after that last line. Now I can only hope they're all leaving after this.

"So yeah, that's the reason why you find six elves here of all place. Do you believe me now?"




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