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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 91

91 Magic Bag Power, and Quickness


First they took a tent out of a magic bag. The scene was lifted wholesale from a certain earless cat robot whenever he produced items out of his pocket.
Already built tents came out of the bag like it was getting sucked in played in reverse. Two large sized ones at that.

(I'm thankful and all but these magic bag stuff is way out there.)

I was left speechless. In games you tend to see Item menu that allows you to stock up items beyond realistic numbers. If it were real life even just one of those items would be too big to lug around. And there's x99 of them, like how.

It's fine cause it's 'Games', but when I actually witness it happening in real life, fantasy isn't a good enough excuse, this stuff's still making me dizzy. Also happened during that time with Aryl.
But it doesn't feel bad when I'm making use of them myself. Guess it's fine then?

As I lost myself in thought, the elves had finished creating fire, setting up cooking pot and readying a huge cask of water.
Water is the most indispensable thing to have in a journey. This magic bag easily holds a barrel full of water. Not even earth has the technology to completely ignore such a weight. Which just goes to show how amazing magic is.

(They didn't need my help at all... They're far above the level of merely good at it.)

Our stew is full of garnish, boiling already. They had dug up some holes further apart as a lavatory. They were also done pouring water into flasks for hydration, and had two benches out, probably from magic bags.

All I could do was standing there. The surroundings quickly turned dark as I was keeping still.
Before I knew it, only the campfire sans the already cooked stew pot illuminates the area.

"Milord, we have finished making your meal."

"Ah, yes."

(I did tell Eltros to prepare, but just how thorough he was anyway...)

I was surprised to see even two big benches inside the bag, but then they took out a table just as big. It's even got a magic lantern I saw in that high class inn attached.

My face cramped from the far detached image of 'Camping' I had in mind. Magic bags are way too handy. And we've got three of those with us. This kind of camping experience is surely that of a luxury even in this world, no?

Scent of the stew tickled my hungry stomach so I sat down on the bench. The elves wouldn't budge yet again, so our meal only began after I urged them to.
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Once we were done eating, we quickly cleaned the dishes up. Then I spoke to Serena.

"So, anything left to be done for tomorrow?"

"There is none, we have taken care of everything."

"...Since when..."

"We did so in tandem with camping preparations."

"I can't find a word to express how good you girls are at this stuff..."

"We're honored to hear your praise. However, us elves are people of forest, we are quite used to camping out."

"I'm no help at all..."

"We cannot allow milord to dirty your hands."

"No I mean, I'm your companion in this trip aren't I? Course I should help too no?"

"We are servants of milord. We are too humbled to be your companions."

(Ugh, guess they're not backing down on that. Seems like this is set in stone already....)

I sighed with my hand on my forehead.

"Haa, ok then. Thanks."

"Please, you are too kind milord."

I thanked her curtly and was met with an exaggerated gesture of her bowing down. Do I really have no other choice but play the part of a master even if only temporary.

"Guess we can sleep anytime then. So say, mind telling me how it's like at Elven homeland? Ah, but you don't need to say anything about stuff outsiders shouldn't know. Yep."





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