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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 99

99 Carving


Multiple shots of purple liquid poured down on us. None of which hit any of us.
The elves had regained their composure and easily dodged them all.
I was the only one spacing out.

(Okay I get how that rock throwing ended up that way, but how'd it work with Randolf back then?)

I simply matched my movement with Randolf and touched his clothes without putting in any power under Accelerated state, and yet he stopped moving altogether.
Where did the energy contained in his ramming attack go? Was it absorbed someplace else?
The way he stopped, it as it was never there from the start.
The sensation from that time is burned in my mind. I never felt any resistance nor push, a bizarre warmth just spread in my palm the moment my hand felt the soft fabric.
At that time, I thought that I would get blown away when I undo Acceleration if that failed to stop the ramming attack. On the other hand, I was worried that if it did work, the 'Power' I had would reap Randolf's life instead.
And yet neither of those came true in the end. But regardless how it works, I can't help but be worried about the future seeing how I don't even grasp what this power is about.

Suddenly an offensive smell assaulted my nose, I looked around and saw white fumes coming out of the toxic puddles on the ground.
The toxin has been mixed in the air, wafting unpleasant smell everywhere.

"Gross to the end, this is really a whole template...."

I threw the tree I had in hand at the Purple Eater in Accelerated state.
I just casually threw it without putting strength, which I soon regretted,

'Gusha', and 'DWOON!' two noises resounded. The sound of Purple Eater getting crushed and collided with the tree.
The tree then fell down the ground, scattering grotesque matters sticking to it everywhere.

(Eww, this is just gross... Ah, another result of me acting without thinking...)

The elves were dumbfounded, I pointed at the ground and pulled them back to reality.

"This doesn't seem good to breathe, does it? Any idea?"

Serena said, 'Allow me' then she smoothly pointed her fingers to the sky and mumbled something.
A moment later, arrows shaped water poured down before me. A downpour even.
The water arrows washed away the toxic pools.

"Whoa, awesome. Is this a Composite... Magic was it? Never seen one before."
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"We should be safe now."

The purple puddles littering the ground are gone now. Replaced by water puddles in the middle of the road.

"People passing by would have had a rough time if they were left alone. Thanks."

"Please do not mention it. What would you like to do now, milord?"

I couldn't figure out what she's talking about. Thus I asked back, 'What?'

"Should we carve these Purple Eaters?"

Hearing that, I blurted out, '...Come again?'

"The organs that create webbing in Purple Eater are highly valued. While clothes made from the webbing are considered super high class goods. I believe they would fetch for high prices. Although carving them out is quite a challenge."

I finally calmed down after slowly disassociating it with Monst*r Hunter in my mind.

"Ah, our top priority is getting ahead. We've got lots of funds from Eltros anyway."

"Should we leave the Toxin Sacs too? They could be used in the making of precious life force extender medicine."

"I mean this wasn't part of the plan, we defeated them by chance. Just leave them be as gifts for people passing after us."

"I believe they would get eaten by the wild life first."

"Sure, that's fine by me too."

'What a waste', the elves had that expression on their faces as they followed me who walked ahead.

Then a bit after we started walking, a cloud of dust could be seen in the horizon.
Gradually coming closer, straight at us.

"Are you for real... We haven't even advanced 300 meters ahead you know?"

We stopped and waited for it as the figure of this furiously charging object gradually became clearer.




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