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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 101

101 Ignore


This would be our second encounter with another person. Unlike previously, we're on the receiving end of an ambush.

"Oy! Drop your belongings if you wanna live."

Six armed men came out of the woods and blocked the road. Yep, bandits. Template. What the heck.

(Let's ignore them... keep walking, they're 'not there'. Yep, let's go with that.)

I'm so stressed out I avert my gaze from reality. Three times in a row is just too much. I've still got plenty of stamina left, but mental-wise I'm at the end of the rope.

I kept walking and slipped past the bandits as if they weren't there, but then one of them grabbed my shoulder.

"Wait! You! Stop dammit!"

But I kept walking and dragged him with me. The bandit tried to pull me back but that did nothing to slow me down.

To begin with, the elves 'Walk' at an unusually high pace. We forced our way through the bandits at such speed. The bandits ended up frantically trying to catch up with us now.

That was when I finally realized my bizarre speed. The bandits are desperately running at full speed. On the other hand I'm just 'walking'. I finally noticed how I'm walking at this speed despite not using Acceleration.

(What's going on here? Where is this body of mine headed to?)
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You can no longer explain this away with just 'working out', I have no idea what's the deal with myself.

By the way the order is me, the bandit and then the elves on the highway.
The elves had a silent '!?' reaction when I casually pushed my way through the bandits.
The bandit grabbing my shoulder seems to be their leader, I'm actually impressed he even attempted to stop me at that speed.

Now then how fast can he go? How long will this keep up? The bandit leader is still grabbing my shoulder without letting go, he looks like he's about to pass out any second.
We finally arrived at a camping spot.
The people behind were quite noisy all the way here. Yep, it's the bandits, they followed us here, yelling all the way.

"You bastard!" "Dammit!" "Hold up dangit!" "Stop!" "Oy!" "Wait!" "Ya deaf or something!" "Damn!"
Before long their voices turned to heavy breathing "Haa... haa..."

(Ah... they didn't drop out huh. Not even one. These bandits are surprisingly gutsy. They'd better off giving up along the way though.)

As the bandits sprawled on the ground, the elves had already arrived and started preparing for camping.

"Y-you, f, finally, gave, up."

The bandit leader glared at me while squeezing those words in exhaustion.

"I didn't think you'd follow us here. All of you at that."

"Bastard, you're gonna pay for this."

"Naw, I got no reason to pay you lot though?"

"Quit screwing around! I'm gonna make you know your place!"

"Is that all? If so can you please go away now?"

"I was gonna spare you if ya just cough it up, but it seems you got a death wish huh."

"I'm not gonna pay. Or die."

That was when Serena came and spoke to me with her usual tone.

"We have finished preparing dinner. What would you like to do milord?"

She's not wearing her hood, her lustrous silver hair is swaying in the wind. Smiling at me with her beautiful face.

"Oy oy oy. Ain't she a fine one... Hm? Those ears... an elf?"

The bandits sprawling on the ground recovered when they heard that and jumped up while speaking one after another. These guys are pretty tough.

"Hell yeah, gonna live like a king for a while!"
"Before that we're gonna have a taste fiiirst!"
"Forget all that, give them to Damohic-sama and we're all gonna get promoted!"

As the bandits shouted in delight, a name caught my attention.

"Hm? That sure sounds familiar. Damo?"

Never expecting to hear that here, I had a hard time trying to recall who that was.





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