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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 100

100 Beyond Reason


It's a deer. A hundred percent deer, but the size is something else.
It's twice as big as a Grudos. It's got two horns on its head, beautiful reddish black and shaped like blades.
Serena stared hard at it to grasp the right timing to dodge.

"It's a Buster Horn! Run into the woods! Do not face it head-on no matter what!"

It's galloping at high speed with its horns pointed here like it's trying to skewer us.

"What a pain. Haa, we're never getting there at this rate."

===  ===  ===

I accelerated just before the horns could stab me. Since the deer has its horns pointed forward, I went around and chopped at its exposed lowered neck. Super lightly without any strength.
So long as I still can't control this power well, I'm gonna keep holding back to the extreme under Accelerated state from now on.

===  ===  ===

DON! Something furiously crashed sending a shockwave and a loud noise around.
That was Buster Horn crashing down the ground. Completely dead.

(What the heck's up with this result, I didn't even put any strength. How does it get like this from a slight graze...)
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I'm getting dejected from the total lack of progress I'm making in power control.
Someone timidly asked as I was left groaning.

"M-milord? What just did..."

"Ah, don't worry about it and let's just press on. Something else might crop up if we stick around too long."

"R-right. Let us go ahead."

They all had these complicated looks as we started walking.
By the way, Serena asked me if she could carve the monster again and I denied her, again.
The best mat to carve out of Buster Horn is sure enough, its horns, if crafted by a skilled artisan, it could turn into a sword sharper than your average swords. There were even some that got to be known as superlative swords.
Of course procuring them comes with the risk of getting skewered by the horns instead.
This one seems to have been quite an excellent catch, the elves put on their 'what a waste' faces for awhile.

And when they finally let it go, they started whispering to each other. I listened to them while pretending to overlook it.
"What kind of magic does milord use?" "Was that Gravity? Space? Wonder which ones?" "Both of those are Legendary class. It can't be." "Only the 'End' manifests. Whereas the 'Means' remains a complete mystery." "Milord's power stands beyond reason. Our minds cannot hope to comprehend it."

The girls seem to be under a false impression that I'm using magic, but I'm not gonna correct them.
I don't know how to explain my power, heck I don't even get what it really is.
There's nothing to lose from keeping silent on that. Yep, I'm gonna go with that from now on.

Traveling in a fantasy world, encounters in a highway. Are those simply inseparable?
We had just walked a bit when we came across yet another nuisance.




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