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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 92

92 Roles


These girls apparently worked as a team in charge of hunting.
There were also other teams responsible for things like making food, weaving, gathering, farming, supervising and such.

"What do supervising teams do?"

"They supervise each teams and food situation as well as planning agenda and everything related to daily lives."

"I see. So say if I were in one, where will I belong to? I'm actually pretty good at hunting. So hunting team would be right yeah?"

"No, with milord's strength, you would have been in the warrior teams."

"Oh? That's a new one. More detail please. I'm guessing warriors deal with combat stuff?"

"Yes. Well. In a word, they are those who will first lay down their lives in times of danger."

"How do they spend the days, like when do they get mobilized?"

"They train all day from morning to night. In swords, bows, spears, shields and physical improvement. Traps, ropes, and all kinds of martial arts as well."

"Eh? All of that? Is there a need to go that far?"

"They are responsible for the lives of the whole clan. It is only natural. Their adversaries are mostly magic beasts. It is their duty to minimize casualties in any way they can."

"Ah, yeah makes sense. The more you can do, the more options you have. But you also get more things to protect."

"Yes. In exchange for that, they are exempted from doing anything else except for some specific customs. One time they were mobilized to fight magic beasts and lost 20 men. Bearing so many combative art is not uncharacteristic of."

(Oh yeah, I killed a Bulldr*me right before leaving the village. That ended so quick, it didn't feel real. Had no idea magic beasts are dangerous enough to cause that many deaths. I took them too lightly. Glad I asked her.)

It's a good thing that I learn the gap between my abnormal power and this world's common sense here.
There's probably many more gaps I gotta correct in the future.
As someone who had been living in a small community of a village, practically only my, family my whole life, there's too many things I don't know of.

"But it's not like that kinda magic beasts come out all the time do they? Don't you get people who play hooky?"

"There aren't any who would skip out. But some do let their guard down."

"Ah, right, that was how it like with you girls too when you got caught, wasn't it?"

When I brought that up, the girls clenched their fists, and groaned in vexation.

"...Kuh! Our biggest mistake was allowing all of us get caught, if only even one escaped, we could have turned the table on them..."

I seemed to have stepped on a landmine so I tried to change the topic.
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"How long were you taken captive? Ah, no, don't worry about if it's hard."

"I believe... a year passed. We will never forget milord coming to our rescue for the rest of our life."

(No, please do forget about it and quick... at least forget about attendant business...)

"I should have saved you sooner... or I guess not. Only thing you could do about that stuff is to leave it to fates. Your hometown must have gone into panic when you girls suddenly went missing."

"They would surely find signs of humans if they traced back our tracks. There should be little unrest once that fact was known. We are but a small team of hunters after all. Us missing would not affect our clan's life much if at all."

"But all of you should have family and friends, no?"

"The entirety of elves are all family. There is no fence. Everybody would still protect everybody else regardless of our presence."

"So they never launched a large scale search party?"

"Yes, that will be right. We had prepared ourselves in that regard. But hearing milord's will to head to our elven homeland truly brings us joy."

"Ah, yep. Right yeah. Would be nice if your folks find out you're doing fine, wouldn't it."

(Maybe I could get you girls off my back if I sent you back home? Yeah right, like I could say that out loud...)

The campfire made a cracking sound as we finished our chat.

"Welp, time to go to bed."

I took a piece of cloth, wrapped it around my finger and thrust it inside my mouth. Then I brushed my teeth with it.
Serena was looking at me curiously, I paid her no heed.

I'll say this straight. This world has no 'tooth decay'.
This world's humans do not brush their teeth.  I'm the only one who gets cavities.

Back when I was still little at the village. I asked my mother during dinner one day. 'How do you brush your teeth?' I asked since I never saw any tool for it.
She asked me back instead. 'Why would you want to do that?' I instinctively knew that was a bad call so I hurriedly dodged the topic.
Asking my father later netted the same reaction. I vaguely asked my parents if everybody in the village don't have cavities, and found out yes, cavities do not exist.
Despite of that, the microorganism that causes tooth decay does exist in this world. I was sure of it when I saw my loose baby tooth having a black hole.
And yet there is no cavity. I get it, nobody else does. The only difference between us is the existence of 'Blessing'.
Humans who have received blessings of god in this world do not get cavities. It's cheat, the real deal.
As someone without a blessing, that favor doesn't apply to me. Thus I'm gonna suffer from one if I don't brush my teeth.

I'm probably gonna find out more and more 'gaps' in the future. Thinking of the future only brings a hazy fog in my mind.

Afterward, I wipe my teeth with a piece of wet cloth. Rinsing and gargling.
Once I was finished, I spoke.

"What to do about night watch. Two per shift? Or only one? The order will..."

"We have already decided on it. Please relax."

The large tent can easily houses four people each.
One person is in charge of night watch while another is sleeping in a sleeping bag next to the fire, I have a whole tent for myself.

(I can't relax. These girls might very well attack me in my sleep, asking to accompany me or something.)

I lay on my side and stayed on guard but ended up going to the dreamland before I realized.




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