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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 10

Rewarded Effort, Two Under Attack


Good morning.
It's the morning of day seven of our magic sword training.
After training how to control mana emission for almost a week, Alma finally managed to at least not use it all up.

Well, she still did at the inn to raise her max MP though.
Eh? What did we do until then? She dried up her MP without sparing any left, what about it?
Since I piggybacked Alma back to town every single day, the townsfolk must be wondering what are we up to. How'd it come to that.

I myself trained on mana control next to Alma, but the mana blade reproduction effort still isn't going well.
I did manage to harden my mana with an iron-like property and a sharp blade like shape, but that just doesn't feel enough.

Since it wasn't going well, I played around with mana control instead.
I coated hardened mana on the whole sword and made it move around like a radio control.
The sword got suspended in mid-air like it had a mind on its own. Kinda scary if you've got no idea what's going on.
It looks kinda like a Living Sword in RPGs, but I can't really control it well when it gets too far, and I've gotta focus on controlling the sword making myself vulnerable, so I'm not sure about its practical usage.
Alma who saw the sword moving around funnily in mid air looked at me with a 'This guy's up to another weird stuff' expression.... Okay, I gotta pipe it down.

Well, I did manage to come up with a usable move thanks to this playing around. While neglecting the main topic, mana blade heh.

I bought other usable looking stuff in that mats store near the guild meanwhile.
They're pretty expensive for consumables, but I won't complain since the prices are right.
The old lady storekeeper would laugh 'Hiihiiihii' eerily as she dealt with me, kinda creepy at a glance, but she would kindly teach me how stuff she sells work and the likes.
I'll be her patron from now on. But they're not cheap...

And today, I saw Alma casting Ignite without the ring during breakfast.
Apparently she tried to cast a weak Ignite when she woke up and succeeded. That's dangerous, please do it outside. (Look who's talking).
I honestly didn't think she'd grasp mana control this quickly, this girl must be a genius.

Our usual training ground has been turned into a scorching ground, so we moved to another spot.
It's a rocky area so it's not like it's caused a problem, but the ground is burnt black, see?
We went somewhere in the opposite direction.
To the east of Town of Daijel, close to magic beast forest.

According to Alma, some magic beasts would very rarely wander around here, but it should be fine since only relatively weak magic beasts prowl this area.
I'm still feeling uneasy though.

The experience of getting attacked by kobold and goblins on my first day in this world seems to have turned into a trauma.
My first premonition of death ever. I don't think anybody could easily get over that.
But getting scared forever won't do me any good, it might even lead to me endangering other people.
Like how Alma ended up running out of mana and needed helping.

Alright, I've decided. Rather than letting magic beasts find us, I'll go after them instead. First strike win. Search & Destroy!
...Who's the magic beast here now.

"What's wrong, Hikaru?"

She asked me with a puzzled look as I was thinking that.

"Nah, it's nothing. Let's get to magic sword testing."


She looks so happy. I just hope she won't overdo it again.
She drew her sword and took a stance.

"Coat the blade part with flammable gas, and maintain it. Then ignite it."

"Hn... Controlling mana outside your body is pretty difficult."

"You'll get used to it, I'm sure. Alright, the coating looks well done."

"You can tell?"

"Yeah, focusing mana in my head enables me to sense the surrounding mana's movement and shape somehow."

I don't actually see it, it's kinda like how I can feel hot or cold.
Rather than sense, I guess it's more akin to intuition? No, I don't think that's right or is it.
Anyway, just think of it like a radar that senses external mana.

"...You learn a new move every two days, Hikaru. To be honest, that's kinda scary."

"Well that's pretty hurtful of you, young miss. Forget about that, how's it going with the magic sword?"

"Un, I'm going to ignite it now."

Gachi! Bobou!

Alma easily reproduced the flaming sword.
Well now that she can use 'Ignite' on her own, this result is only natural.
She's staring at the blade, full of emotion.
About 10 seconds after.



She suddenly sounded surprised and the flame went out.
What's going on?


"Hi-Hikaru. Can you, check my stats, now?"

She asked while looking unusually excited.

"Hm? Yeah sure, what's up?"

"I just had, the sensation you get when you learn, a new skill."

"Oh, for real? Let's take a look then."

Menu, display Alma's stats.



Age: 16

Race: Human

Job: Apprentice Paladin

State: Normal


HP (Health): 196/196
MP (Mana): 14/119
SP (Stamina): 70/85

STR (Strength): 90
ATK (Attack): 90 (+30)
DEF (Defense): 82 (+20) (+10)
AGI (Agility): 95 (+16)
INT (Intelligence): 123 (+5)
DEX (Dexterity): 59
PER (Perception): 101
RES (Resistance): 78
LUK (Luck): 42

Swordsmanship Lv2 - Offensive Magic Lv2 - Martial Arts Lv2 - Throwing Lv1 - Magic Swords Lv1

EXP: 1894
NEXT: 2000


Iron Sword (Buff: Int Up)
ATK+30 (INT+5)

Lizard Leather Body Protector

Boots of Wind
DEF+10 AGI+16

Some of her attributes got raised
Her Perception even broke three digits. Thanks to mana control maybe?

She got a new skill, Magic Swords!
Detail, display the detail!

Skill [Magic Swords]
<<A skill that temporarily coats sword in offensive spells, with different traits depending on the spell element used.>>

<<Example, Skill Lv1 [Burn Blade]: Coat sword in flame, on top of granting fire elemental, half of INT value is added to ATK.>>

<<Originally this skill is obtained by raising Swordsmanship and Offensive Magic Skills to Lv4 each. Since Apprentice Paladin has a slow skill growth rate, they usually reach Lv10 before those Skills and Job Change to either Swordsman or Mage, losing respective Skill, thus the condition has never been met. Conjecture, Almatina raised her Magic Swords skill proficiency which she had not obtained by artificially reproducing a magic sword through direct mana control, thus granting her the skill.>>

<<A required Skill to Job Change into [Paladin].>>

Job [Paladin]
<<One option of Job Change for Apprentice Paladin. Apprentice Paladin has a lower growth rate in attributes and skills than both Apprentice Swordsman and Apprentice Mage, but by growing into Paladin, the growth rate jumps leaps and bounds, making it not inferior to either Swordsman or Mage. Superior Job. There is a high chance that Almatina is the first ever Paladin in existence.>>

It's way long!

Way too much information!
Hold on, I'm gonna make it simpler. Err..

"Alma, I'll explain bit by bit, okay?"


She had a face full of expectation and anxiety.
Worry not, it's all good news.

"First, you got a new skill, [Magic Swords]."

"I knew it...!"

"Normally you can't learn this skill unless you raise both Swordsmanship and Offensive Magic to Lv4. But thanks to reproducing something close to it through mana control, you raised Magic Swords, err, skill proficiency? and learned the skill as a result. It's pretty much a bug technique."

"Bug technique?"

"It's like something unexpected to the maker of this world occurred, wait, I guess you won't get that. In short, it's like not even god predicted something like this would happen."

"...I did that? Won't I get, punished...?"

Alma's expression turned from elation to anxiety.

"Naw, you won't. If the god were so narrow minded as to care about little stuff like this, both of us would have gotten that punishment way before, when we started using mana control. Heck, god might even thought, 'What the heck, these guys are a riot' you know?"

"Y-you think so..."

"What's done is done. Besides I'm not done with good news, y'know?"

"Eh, there's more?"

"You have one more option for Job Change with the acquisition of Magic Swords skill. [Paladin], the real one, not apprentice."

"Eh...? Eeh...!?"

She opened her eyes wide and placed her hands on her mouth.

"Apprentice Paladin is treated like a jack of all trade master of none due to the low attributes and skill growth, but Paladin's won't lose to Swordsman and Mage, it's a superior Job. I'm glad for you."


She called my name suddenly.

"This isn't, a dream, is it? Hikaru, magic swords, new Job, it's all true, I can believe that, can't, I..."

Her usual expressionless face is now about to burst into tears.
...I'm sure she understands it herself.

"...Yeah. How I'm alive now, your new skill and a new possibility opening up is all thanks to your hard work. You've done so much, Alma."

"...Fuu... Fugwuu.... Uuuuu~~.....!"

Large tear drops fell before she started to weep.
She's crying now. I guess she's that overjoyed? Well, after being told as failed Job by people around her and seemingly a strained relationship with her parents, I guess this is--.

Gyuu munyuu

Something felt like it made that sound on me.
Huh? I'm getting hugged? By a girl? Eh? Eh?! Why?!


'Fueee' not! Wait a minute, this is bad in many ways! Not sure in what way but it's touching! Something soft is touching!
Calm down a bit now young lady! You're hugging a 25 year old man! You should do this to a hot guy your age!
Ah, not good. She's not listening at all. Wait till she's done? Well I mean I don't hate it but you know? Ah it smells good... Ok let's not. Thinking just gets me straight to perverted thoughts. Head empty. Head empty return to nature.
I'm air... I'm air...
Like hell I can in this state! P-please stop crying.

Ah, yep. I do get Alma's feelings right now.
People pointing fingers behind her back, calling her useless, nobody accepted her no matter how hard he worked, seemingly no friend she could consult on or be frank with, and it seems she's in an awkward mood with her parents after her coming of age.

I've been living in this town for half a month now, and I've never seen Alma taking a quest, going shopping or out to play with anybody.
Well, in short she's a loner. I'm kinda like that in the previous world, so not like I can talk.
Then I came into picture, we'd have meals together, train (?) together and form a friendship.
Then her hard work was finally rewarded, and accepted. Even if the other party is me.

Kinda enviable.
Nobody in earth, about me--

...Nah, let's not. It's a time of celebration for Alma. Congratulations Alma.
...By the way, how long is she gonna keep this up?

Afterward, it took another 20 minutes for her to release me.
I was writhing all the while inwardly. There's probably smoke coming out of my head.

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"I'm sorry. I cried out all of a sudden..."

"NotatallIdontmindit. Hahaha."

"You, super are."

"Whatchutalkingaboutmyfairlady. Ofcoursenot."


I couldn't help the broken language. I dunno what I'm talking about myself.
C-calm down. Even if I didn't have any experience with women, the other person is a 16 year old girl.
Ah, but this world sees 15 year old as adults so getting flustered should be ok... Nope, that's still not good.
Deep breath, deep breath. Hihhiffuu, hihhiffuu. No no, not Lamaze technique. Quit it with slapstick.
By the way, Alma's turned back to her usual expressionless face barring some tear lines. She's quick on her feet.

"Cough! ...So, what now? Will you take on magic beast extermination quests to raise your level and Job Change?"

"I will. I've been neglecting going to the guild lately with all the training, I'm running short on money."

"Alright then, I'll tag along with you to the magic beast forest. We should be able to take rank G or F quests yeah?"

"Un. Exterminating level 1-5 magic beasts is Rank F job. Dealing with goblins and kobolds sounds about right."

Alright, let's make it 1-on-1 for starters.

"I see, then let's...!? Alma, that!"


A small group of around ten figures is heading our way.
Oy oy, isn't this place relatively safe from magic beast!?
That clumsy way of walking, must be goblins.
Average level is 1-5.
What to do. Don't think we can make this 1-on-1.


W-what is that thing?
A figure three times the size of a goblin is walking a bit behind the group.
Can I check the stat from here? Menu display.

Magic Beast: Hob Goblin


State: Normal


HP: 220/220
MP: 30/30
SP: 210/255

STR: 162
ATK: 162 (+40)
DEF: 150
AGI: 54
INT: 25
DEX: 34
PER: 129
RES: 30
LUK: 27


Magic Beast Lv2 - Club Lv2


Great Ore Club

Well dang, that's a big one.
Judging from its stats and its burly appearance, the thing must be a power fighter.
Kinda tough. Don't think we'd win in a frontal assault.
Okay, time to run back to town. Gotta ask the guild's help.

"That big one is Lv12! Alma, let's retreat back to town! We gotta ask the guild for reinforcement!"

"U-un. Got it."

Right as we started running toward the town, a weird shadow appeared on the ground.
Is there something up there?


A nearly 3m big green colored bird came down from above and stood in our path.
Dangit, another magic beast

Magic Beast: Blade Wing


State: Normal


HP: 120/120
MP: 102/102
SP: 172/188

STR: 120
ATK: 120
DEF: 80
AGI: 120
INT: 101
DEX: 71
PER: 112
RES: 27
LUK: 1

Magic Beast Lv2 - Offensive Magic Lv

Another two digit level.
Judging from its name and skills, it must attack with-


BYUUUUU, an invisible magic blade assaulted me along with that wind sound. Magic!

【Offensive Magic Lv2】
<<Wind Magic Air Blade: A basic offensive spell that sends out blades of wind element. Similar to Kamaitachi. Invisible, thus it's hard to dodge and block.>>




That was close! I'd be done for if I didn't guard!
I sensed the mana right away and blocked it with a mana blade-like coating on my hands, would've suffered some serious injury if I didn't make it.
I mean, the magic gouged the ground it hit and all. Can't believe I managed to guard that.

I consumed quite a lot of MP. Checking my stats just to be safe.

Kajikawa Hikaru


Age: 25

Race: Man

Job: ERROR (Appraisal not possible)

State: Normal


HP: 5/10
MP: 13/21
SP: 0/3

STR: 4
ATK: 4
DEF: 2
AGI: 3
INT: 5
DEX: 6
PER: 12
RES: 2
LUK: 2


※Acquisition Not Possible※

EXP: 17
NEXT: 30


Iron Sword

Bear Leather Breastplate

Safety Shoes

Ah, some of my attributes went up. A lil' bit.

I've still got about half of my MP. Huh? My HP went down? But I'm not hurt anywhere though?

<<Conjecture, your HP was decreased by the damage you failed to block.>>

So HP to me stops my body from getting damaged, kinda like an armor?
It's really different for me huh.

Now's not the time though, gotta come up with a way to get over this situation.

The bird flew above after attacking us.
It'll be bad if that bird carpet bombs us from that height. Though it may be easier to dodge from that distance.

Around ten goblins and that huge thing have gotten quite close to us.
A situation far more hopeless than that time at the forest.

Okay, what now.





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