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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 97

97 Fantasy a Moment Ahead


"Ah, thanks. I'll go get changed over there."

"Allow me to assist..."

"No, cut it out already."

I told her no right away. I pretended to overlook Serena's disappointed face while thinking 'get the memo already.'
I wiped my body behind the partitioning screen and answered nature's call afterward.
That was when I sensed a glance from the forest but since it was pitch black, I could not even see one meter ahead of me. It's so dark, not even the moonlight and the campfire could pierce through it.
I shivered not out of coldness and changed my clothing before briskly walking back to the campfire.
I drank down my water flask to calm down.
As my gaze fell upon the campfire light reflected on the sword I swung earlier, I recalled something and asked Serena.

"Hey, do you know what Katana is?"

"Katana is it... I'm afraid not, milord."

"Err, it's a thin single edged sword. There's this beautiful wavy ripple pattern on the blade... Err, how should I explain it? Sorry I'm bad at this."

"I have never heard of such a sword. Perhaps it is best to ask the dwarfs who excel in metal-based crafts if it's something rare."

I was just asking in jest and got to hear another classic in fantasy, dwarfs, exciting.
Since it seems they're the blacksmith type here, I wonder if Orichalcum and Adamantite exist too? I got a bit thrilled before immediately deflating.

(It's not like I plan to get a weapon, or face off against some monsters or go on an adventure. This has nothing to do with my future plans.)

Since there's elves, of course dwarfs should be around too, I calmed down.

"Okay. I'll see if I get the chance to. Thank you. Good night."

I fetched my sleeping bag and went in. Not to the tent of course. I'm sleeping outside. I don't have even one micron desire to assault the elves, in fact, I'm worried they would assault me instead.
The possibility still exists. I won't carelessly get close to the elves for as long as the risk is there.

'Please have a good rest.', Serena spoke and it didn't seem like she'd make her move.
I closed my eyes afterward.

(Ah, gotta wash my sweaty clothes. Guess it can wait til tomorrow morning. Still, the swords in this world are the 'Western' type. Sure would love a Japanese katana. Yup.)

I fell into sleep with that Japanese spirit burning.
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In this non-scientific world, there is no culture that promotes keeping the light on throughout the night.
Thus, sleeping early is the norm. Once it's dark out, you go to bed. Then you wake up at dawn time.
I only took a nap this time, but since it was a quality one thanks to having moved my body beforehand, I feel quite refreshed.

"Good morning, milord. Are you not still tired? Or sleepy? Please take your time if you wish to."

"Naw, I'm feeling pretty great. Ah, you're done making breakfast..."

"Yes. We made doubly sure to before milord awoke."

These girls have been gradually solidifying their positions as my attendants.

(Oh crap... this situation is gravely bad. I'm aiming for a quiet single life of reminiscence. At the rate this is going, they're gonna follow me forever...)

One particular group might boo me, 'Get blown up', for this.
But nobody in this world could possibly understand my past life and my gaming hobby, thus having locals stay by me will only result in grief. Hence, alone is fine. Alone is nice.

"Oh yeah, what about my clothes from last night? I'd like to wash it, where'd you put them?"

"It has been done already."

"Eh? When?"

"It has been dried as well. They are neatly folded in the magic bag."

"...Isn't that way too fast? I mean it was just last night..."

"I made use of spirits power to swiftly finish the cleaning and drying."

"...Spirits? Uwaah, seriously. No, nevermind. Let me hear about that in detail later. Ah, still, spirits huh, I see."

Spirits after dwarfs, my adaptability gauge is about to burst open at its seams.





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