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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 17

Chapter 17 Encounter with Kagura-san, Boing-Boing Chapter


BuunBuun♪ Harvesting rice~♪

With Combine gan gan gan♪ Let's go, threshing~♪

Swaying paddy field, transcendental farming robot~♪

I'm returning to the inn while singing the original soundtrack of Transcendental Farming Robot Combine X in my head. It's an original work where the main characters fight pest and harmful animals at first but eventually burn down the main villains along with the earth and begin a swidden farming, 『Our fight starts now!』. I've got good memories of habitually retorting the show, 『That's too muuuuch』 in my childhood as the character shot out obviously overkill extra large missiles.
....Was it really good memories?

Minerva-chan ran up to welcome me when I got back to the 『Solomon Inn』. Many adventures are already having their meals and drinks inside the dining room.

"I'm back, Minerva-chan. I was looking forward to the chef's cooking while completing my job today."

"Welcome back, you must be doing well with the quest~ you're in good mood no? We're having dishes from the boar Nobu-san brought yesterday as promised~. Look forward to what will appear~ ufufu."

"Sounds good. I met some good people in my work today. Got to know a respectable blacksmith too."

"I'm glad for you~. Everyone has a hard time getting nice arms, I'm sure it's nice to meet someone you can trust for it~"

"Yup, thanks. Then I'll be waiting for the meals on the counter while watching the cooking."


Minerva-chan goes back to her works, and I watch the cooking inside the kitchen. Donul-san really stands out the most. He's working in a really well-calculated manner with his big body. There's not even one wasted movement.
Oh, is the dish he's cooking now the boar? I can't see it well, but as if compensating for that, I can smell something good and hear some nice sounds from it. The adventures behind me are making noises, but I'm concentrating to the sounds of that cooking. Wonder if this is because of gluttony. How much of a glutton are me anyway.

After 20 minutes.

"Thank you for waiting~. Here's dad's special boar course~"

"Oooh, this is amazing!"

Boar steak, boar stew, boar sandwich are lined up. Uooh, where should I begin!

Alright! Boar Steak! I choose you!

Boar meat cut thickly. The knife went deeply even though I didn't put much power into it. I take a bite, sweet meat juice without a hint of smell spreads in my mouth. Yet the chewiness of the meat and the texture still remain!? How'd you even cook it to make this possible! Amazing, I can't even imagine making it.

The stew next. The ingredients are only carrots, onions, potatoes and boar meat. The meat is stewed well with something similar to worcester sauce and red wine. It has the flavor that warms you to the core.

Lastly, the boar sandwiches. It's a simple assortment with roast ham-like boar meat, cheese, lettuces and sandwiches. But the umami overflows with each bites!


I wholeheartedly chow it down while suppressing myself from shouting out loud. All those boar full course went into my stomach before I knew it. Pheeew, I'm as pleased as I can be.

"Thank you for the meal, it was fantastic!"

I talked to Donul-san while handing over the tablewares. He didn't reply but he put his hand up lightly.

"Minerva-chan, thank you. Could I ask you for hot water today too?"

"Yes oka~y, I will bring it to your room later~"

I wiped off my body with the prepared hot water and cleaned all of my belongings including clothes with Clear. I ended up using Clear on the whole room since I had some MP remaining.
Now then, the armor from Maurio-san should be done tomorrow. But I can't exactly go early morning, I should wait till afternoon. What am I gonna do until then? I should train with the weapons I bought today. First, spear, and then the grappling weapon. Bow? I'll hold it off. I'm planning to use magic as my long range attacks for a while. I mean, you can run out of arrows!

And so, Nobusada is here, in the adventurer guild this early morning.
Minerva-chan told me that the guild had a training ground when I asked her if she knew any place to brandish spears. Furthermore, you're free to use it if you're registered with the guild. Free, it has a nice ring to it.

And now I'm spending my time watching the adventurers doing their training from the corner of the training ground. No well, I tried to seriously wield the spear at first. But alas, I'm an amateur after all. It only pointlessly tired me out on top of being difficult.

Thus I'm watching people who use a two-handed spear and grappling weapons while desperately memorizing them. It's mostly looking at people's skills with Discerning Magic Eyes though.

Oh, someone else came into A remarkably conspicuous woman entered the training ground.

"Oy, that's...."

"Yeah, the Bloody War Maiden right?"

"I'm getting nervous here."

"Me too...."

The majority of people in the training ground went away. Mumumu, just what's happening here. The woman in question is single-mindedly swinging a spear.

Name: Kagura Kagami - Gender: Female - Age:20 - Race: Onifolk (disguised as General Human)
Class: War Oni Lv20 (Disguised as Fighter Lv15)
Title: 【Bloody War Maiden】
Two-Handed Staff Lv4 - Two-Handed Spear Lv4 - Martial Art Lv3 - Physical Strength Lv2 - Concealment Lv2 - Disguise Lv2 - Life Magic
Three Size: B:9? W:?? H:8?
You can't step beyond this point yet! ( ・᷄ะด・᷅ )

Woo! I saw through her disguise. Wonder if it's because my Discerning Magic Eyes' level exceeds her Disguise. The three sizes have been...liberated....a bit...! Hey you pointlessly high-performance eyes, get a wee bit better at it won't you.

No no, not that. Onifolk huh, wonder if her horn is hidden by the Concealment or Disguise? No, I still can't see it even after  seeing through her disguise, it might be hidden using other means. Wonder if the race is discriminated among the General Humans? it! Animal girls, monster girls, oni girls, all of you come at me! No no, I got derailed.

Her tied up black hair trails whenever she swings her spear. Her long slitted deep crimson eyes are focused forward like aiming for a prey.

Stab, stab, stab.

Mow, mow mow.

Boing, boing, boing.

I frantically try to memorize her spear movement while keeping my eyes from losing sight. Another lethal weapon in a different sense assaulted my eyes halfway through, I stored it in another folder of my memories. To be frank, her beauty easily captivates. The way she swings her spear is like she's dancing. To the point that I'm ashamed to have an impure thought. No no, I just happened to lower my head when those shook, yes. When you see boing, boing, boin, boin, those shaking thing, it's just, y'know? No way you can resist kyonyuu right? Me? I like both. Small ones make you want to wrap around them and protect them, big ones make you want to be wrapped in them right?

After swinging her spear for a while, she wiped her sweat and left the training ground. I felt like she glanced here for instant, I must be imagining it right?

I stab with my spear while tracing her movement earlier. Swinging the spear while gradually correcting the form. My goal was to be equal to her movement, it got a little fun as my movement gradually sharpened. After swinging the spear for a while, I took a breather while dripping in sweat.

Tettere~♪ Learned Two-handed Spear Lv 1.

Aw yeah! It should be a bit better now. I learned a skill.
This is a good point to stop, I'll try the grappling weapon after taking some rest.
I went back to the bench with some cloth along the wall to wipe off my sweat.

"Are you finished? You looked like you were quite into it didn't you?"

I got startled when someone suddenly called me. The woman from earlier was there when I turned around at the passage.

"Did I surprise you? It was so interesting that I ended up watching you."
<TLN: She refers to herself using 'warawa'. 'You' using 'Onushi'.>


"Pardon me if I upset you. I thought you were an amateur at wielding spear at first, but then your form gradually got better, it was interesting to watch."

"Well, I don't particularly mind being watched. I've got to watch your training after all."

"Yes, that. I knew that you were watching me the whole time. However, I couldn't hide my surprise when the way you wield your spear gradually resembled me. How did you do it? It isn't a school that could be so easily learned you know."

"No well, I was just trying to overlap my movements with the way you swing your spear in my memories. It was really refined, so I used it as a reference."

"Fuumu, is this what they call a genius? One normally cannot get to move to that degree by merely using a reference. What are you?"

Sorry, I've got these cheating-like Discerning Magic Eyes with me. I'm not a genius at all.

"I'm Nobusada. I'm a newbie that's just got registered as an adventurer yesterday. I'm nothing great."

"Fufufu, what a frightening rookie. Oh right, I haven't introduced myself. I'm Kagura, a C class adventurer. Apparently I'm also known with an exaggerated nickname, 【Bloody War Maiden】."

"That's quite a brutal nickname for a woman."

"Ahahaha, it also has a boldness to it. You seem calm even after hearing my nickname."

"Well, like I said earlier, it hasn't been long since I arrived at this town and became an adventurer. I really don't know that info."

"No need to be so modest. My intuition tells me that your attitudes didn't change. Besides, I feel that our fates are linked somehow."

"That's quite an honor. I'll make sure to train myself enough not to hold you back until that time."

"Haha, oh how long has it been since I laughed this much, I will be looking forward to that myself. Then, until next time."

"Yeah, see you."

She left the training ground after saying that.

I couldn't say it, I couldn't tell her that I was staring at another destructive weapon than the spear.... And that I memorized more than the spear because of that....

Not good, I almost got into some weird mood. I use Clear to clear myself and off my worldly desire and Dry to dry myself. Hmm, it does become clean, but having only this suit around isn't a good idea. I should ask Maurio-san where to buy clothes when I get there. I also want to know the market price of magic rucksacks. Since I feel like I'd fill up my rucksack's entire capacity if this keeps up.

Alright! Let's get back to training.

I put on the knuckle guards and hit the wooden training dummy. I repeat the hit-and-run tactic while imagining moss balls and goblins's movements.

I kept training for an hour afterward with breaks in between.
I sadly couldn't get Martial Art skill since there wasn't anyone I could use as a reference.
Nevertheless, even only getting Two-Handed Spear skill is a huge win. My learning rate seems to be quick no matter how you look at it.

After using Clear and Dry once again, I left the training ground.
Then I saw a crowd in front of the bulletin board. Are they checking out morning quests? Judging from my body clock it should be 9 o'clock now. That means this is the time when quests are updated. I've got to remember it.

"Oy, you!"

Someone called me when I was going to leave the place since I didn't feel like taking a quest for now.


"Yea, you."

Calling 'you' in the first meeting huh, quite a rude guy. He's together with several other people when I look again. Are they his party?

"You're the newbie that recently came to the 『Solomon Inn』 right?"

"Yes I am, do you have a business with me?"

"I'm giving you an advice as your senior. Don't get close to that woman. People call her 【Bloody War Maiden】. She's famous for getting people who get involved with her into a bloody mess."

By 'that woman', he means Kagura-san huh. He's giving an advice to a rookie sure, but it feels like he's pushing it on me. It makes me suspect if he has a grudge on her instead.

"Thank you for your advice. Was that all you want to talk about? Then I'll be excusing myself since I have other things to do."

I tried to leave the place since I had a feeling that getting involved would only lead to trouble.

But he grabbed my shoulder, impeding that thought.

"Oy oy, what's with the attitude after I went the trouble of warning you? Be grateful to it."

I'd like to ask what's with your attitude instead. Does he even know the phrase, small kindness can be too much.

"At least, I don't think giving advices by looking down on others is something admirable, senpai?"

"You brat."

A slim man interrupts us right when the man called Zack is about to get enraged.

"Stop it Zack. Anyone would get annoyed when you did it like that."

"Ah, aniki. But y'know, this guy...."

"Just leave it at that. Sorry about that newbie-kun. This guy didn't mean any harm. He just wanted to act like a senpai."

"It's fine. However, I felt that she wasn't a bad person when I talked to her a bit. So I got a bit offended and spoke out of line, sorry."

"I see. We're really sorry about that. Now then, I'd like to talk about something else...."

Mu, I felt that his atmosphere changed a bit. Is he trying to intimidate me.

"Stop making advances to the poster girl of 『Solomon Inn』, Minerva-chan!"

That's what you're going to say after that intimidation!?

"No err, I've never even had that in my mind though?"

"...What' say!? But you did freely talk to Minerva-chan and seemed to get along well didn't you? You gave her some kind of present right? That lady is a true flower! A flower that we should protect from harm and not be picked!"

The members behind him nodded many times. Don't tell me, these guys! Lolicon! Are they for real!?

"We've had that conversation because I gave her boar meat for her father, the chef, to cook for me, isn't it only natural in a service industry?"

"Muu, then all is fine! Pardon me, it seems I got too excited."

Un, please really reflect on it. I mean, we're in front of the guild's board you know? Quite a bit of people are looking at us curiously. We're pointlessly standing out.

"But do not forget that we, 『Solomon Guardians』, are always watching. Well then!"

....I got too dumbfounded at what just happened. In other words, it was a declaration from a gentleman lolicon group that I'm being watched?

What the heck was thaaaaaat.

It's perplexing me so much I'd flip a tea table if there was one here.
For now let's check their strength while they're leaving the guild since I might get involved with them again in the future.

This one's the weakling that called me out first.
Name: Zack - Gender: Male - Age: 21 - Race: General Human
Class: Fighter Lv8 - State: Excited
Title: None - Party Name: 『Solomon Guardians』
Martial Art Lv2 - One-handed Axe Lv2 - Shield Art Lv2 - Sturdy Lv1 - Life Magic

The slim man who seems to be the leader.
Name: Gerckun - Gender: Male - Age: 89 - Race: Elf
Class: Spirit User Lv24 - State: Healthy
Title: 【Seeker of Lo Way】 - Party Name: 『Solomon Guardians』
One-handed Sword Lv3 - Archery Lv2 - Wind Magic Lv2 - Spirit Magic Lv3 - Life Magic - Flora Fauna Knowledge - Acrobat Lv2

【Seeker of Lo Way】 Title given to one who admires young buds. One careless mistake may lead to crimes.

Person 1 who didn't talk
Name: Guftas - Gender: Male - Age:20 - Race: General Human
Class: Magician Lv14 - State: Healthy
Title: None - Party Name: 『Solomon Guardians』
Whip Art Lv2 - Two-handed Staff Lv1 - Fire Magic Lv1 - Water Magic Lv1 - Life Magic

Person 2 who didn't talk
Name: Domtor - Gender: Male - Age:35 - Race: Dwarf
Class: Monk Lv16 - State: Healthy
Title: None - Party Name: 『Solomon Guardians』
Two-handed Staff Lv3 - Shield Art Lv2 - Holy Magic Lv2 - Life Magic
【Racial Traits】
【Liver of Steel】 Trait of Dwarves. One strong with booze even among dwarves.

I guess their party is a common mid-class party? I mean, the slim-man's title is surely problematic. Even though he's a 89 year old elf! Is his disposition well-known around here? YES lolita! NO touch!! An ero person once said that in the past.

And just when I got Two-handed Spear skill and got myself excited, this depressingly happened.
Looking at the receptionists, Eleanor-san isn't here either, guess I should go to Maurio-san's place. Tohohon.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 31

Chapter 31 Strongest Sage, Successfully Forms Party


Few tens of minutes after Alma's, a lot more students succeeded invoking chantless magic.
Voices of delight and sounds of the targets getting hit are resounding in the class.

The part where 『Nunn!』 could sometimes be heard makes my head ache, but well, they'd probably notice the weirdness and stop by themselves.

Wonder why is everyone mimicking Guyzar-sensei in that part.
I should have asked a teacher without a quirk to do the magic demonstration.

"How about you Ruli? Managed to grasp the sensation yet?"

It seems Ruli who's training the chantless magic with Alma is having quite a hard time.
The fact that Ruli seems to be particularly good with chant magic might have backfired on her instead.

It's not like she couldn't get it at all since I felt a slight difference in her mana control than the usual chant magic when she shot it.... But then her pace dropped.
And then she looks conflicted about something.

"It feels like I've grasped it a bit, but my mana is about to run out...."

"Ah. That huh."

Apparently, her pace dropped because she ran out of mana.
No wonder, chant magic consumes much inversely to its power.

"Give me your"

"Mathi-kun, what's wrong?"

"No well, I was going to transfer my mana to you, but that means we'd have to join hands...."

It doesn't need to be too close, but some form of contact is needed to decrease the mana resistance.

"Transferring mana!?"

However, Ruli was surprised at a different part.
Well, I don't blame her for not knowing it since mana transfer has bad efficiency and there's not many case where you need to do one.
I'm sure that it's only mentioned passingly in lectures even in this school.

"It's an application of mana conditioning."

"Mana conditioning....?"

"It's a magic to synchronize your mana with an object. It's usually used in magic augmentation, but you can also use it to transfer mana. It's not really efficient though."

Magic conditioning is a magic specialized for the First Crest, but it's not like the Fourth Crest can't use it as long as you don't use it at a distance.

However, since it's almost impossible to completely synchronize mana qualities between two objects, the conversion rate will be lower.
By the way, you can transfer your mana to other people even without mana conditioning. The conversion rate is 0.1% at most in that case though.

"I-I didn't know that was possible.... L-let's do it!"

Ruli presented her hands to me while saying that. One hand is enough but she offered two.
I grasp her hands and transfer my mana while using mana conditioning.
Aa. I'm getting healed....
My heart is getting healed yes, my mana is decreasing fast though.

"....T-thank you Mathi-kun."

I separated my hands once the mana transfer was done. I have a lot more mana than Ruli thanks to all my training so far, but I still lost quite an amount due to the conversion loss.

"....By the way, is this what you call mana movement?"

And Ruli seems to have grasped mana movement.
Even though I had synchronized our mana with mana conditioning, a different mana still did get into her from outside after all.

This might be usable to get other people aware of mana in a short amount of time.
Though it's not like getting aware of mana is that time consuming, so there's no need to force this.

"Eii! ...I did it!"

Ruli shot out a fire ball from her fingertip, blowing a target away.
Ruli's magic is stronger thhan the other classmates. For the current stage that is.
Although it's probably partly because of the First Crest, it also must be due to Ruli's training. She's the runner-up of the school year after all.

"Congrats Ruli! Amazing how we could use magic like this in just one day!"

"Yeap. Congratulations."

Rather than a day, it was only 40 minutes.
....Come to think of it, perhaps this is my chance to form a party?

The only acquaintances I have in this class are right before me.
Ruli might not be the optimum in battle, but First Crest is quite crucial in things other than that, so I'd like to have one in my party.... Or rather, you can even say that it's an indispensable crest.

A party without First Crest will have a hard time taking a rest inside the dungeon.
Well, becoming more than the past me, a First Crest who could take on dungeons or monsters alone, would be impossible.

As for Alma, her Second Crest is also quite powerful.
Furthermore, it enables the user to pierce through sturdy enemy at a relatively early stage. In other words, you can easily fight in lower floors with it.

That means I can concentrate on stronger monsters while leaving the relatively weak ones to Alma once we get to the lower floors.
To be frank, fighting lots of enemies with the Fourth Crest consumes a lot of mana on top of being annoying even if they're weak, it'd really help if I have a support to clean up the weaklings.

And once she's able to use the magic I've developed later on, she should be able to blow away one or two continents in one shot and be strong enough to be a potential force to fight the huge monsters in the space.

....By the way, my past First Crest self could have blown away a mere continent if I wanted.
I never did it since it would be pointless and an annoyance to others though.

In short, even though the two of them aren't presently strong enough to fight in the dungeon, they can reach [Reasonably Helpful] level in a relatively short amount of time.
Alright, let's try asking them. I've gotten used to talking to them, and even if they refuse me, it would surely only be as damaging as getting me to want to reincarnate again.

"...I have a request to you two now that you can use magic."


"Yeah. Would you please form a party with me in order to enter the dungeon."

"I heard that you need a group of five to enter the dungeon even for second graders.... Are you forming a party this soon?"

"Don't you think it's too soon? I would love to personally though. Ruli must want it too, and with Mathi-kun around, I'm sure he can do something even if things get dangerous!"

The matter yesterday hasn't been known yet huh.
Well, it happened just yesterday after all.

"Actually, it's been planned that first year will be able to enter the dungeon."


"Only if we can pass the test to prove that we are as powerful in combat as the second graders though. We can enter the dungeon then."

"I've heard that you get can get stronger by beating monsters. But, even if Ruli's fine, will I do? I thought Mathi-kun would rather go with someone stronger or has Glory Crest."

"And I'm aspiring to be a magic augmenter, not combatant...."

"No worries. In the first place, Glory Crest isn't suited for combat. It's strong in augmentations and such though, so having one in a party is good enough."

Even if she wants to be a magic augmenter, getting told that her crest is useless in battle in a world where Glory Crest is expected for its battle prowess (apparently) must be hard on her.
She might feel dejected, but this needs to be told to her sooner or later.

It's better not to pointlessly prolong it.
I'm worried about Ruli's reaction though....

"Is that true!?"

Ruli's eyes opened wide, her body was shaking.
Well, judging from how people treat Glory Crest today, I guess this reaction is only natural.
But she seems strange somehow.

"Yeah. Unfortunately, it's the truth. Glory Crest has a low growth rate, and not suitable for combat. There are various ways to get around it for crests other than the Glory Crest...."

"Not that, the part about augmentation!"

Ah. That one huh.

"Glory Crest is good in augmenting, you know. It can be used in combat to a degree depending on your training, but augmentation magic for crests other than Glory Crest is--"

"It's not unfortunate at all! This is the best!"

Her reaction is somewhat different than what I expected.
Rather, the way Ruli gets into it is surprising. You couldn't have imagined it from her usual composure.
I mean, her eyes are sparkling.

"Ruli, are you.... willing to become magic augmenter even if you have to abandon combat?"

Even if she wants to become a magic augmenter, I thought that you'd usually be disappointed if you heard your crest wasn't suitable for combat.

"Yes! I don't mind not being able to fight if I can get better in augmentation!"

She likes augmenting that much huh.
Well it's convenient for me personally, since I originally need to teach the art of augmentation to a Glory Crest bearer in order to secure my weapons....
To think she would be this happy for the traits of the crest that compelled me to reincarnate myself to rid of....

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 30

Chapter 30 Strongest Sage, Prevents Queer Yells


"Look carefully, this is my new weapon!"

Guyzar-sensei drew the sword on his back and pointed it at a target.
And then--.


A small fireball shot out of the tip of his sword along with Guyzar-sensei's yell.
The target only shook, but Guyzar-sensei didn't mind it.

"Nunn! Nunn! Nunn!"

Small fireballs shot out of the sword's tip in rapid succession and the target got destroyed on the fourth shot.
After seeing that, Guyzar-sensei changed his target.

"Nunn! Nunn! Nunn! Nunn!"

The target this time also broke after four shots.
Guyzar-sensei's crest is the Third Crest.

The Third Crest doesn't have much power, but it has a high rapid-fire rate.
And with training that rapid fire brings about brutal firepower.
It's still not as strong as the Fourth Crest that's specialized in close-quarter combat, but it's a highly reliable crest in a group battle.
Because you can raise the overall firepower simply by bringing more users.

"Wasn't Guyzar-sensei supposed to be hardly able to use magic?"

"That sensei, with magic.... I mean, don't you think he's strong at it?"

"That target is the fifth target right? They seemed weak during Mathias's demonstration, but breaking a fifth target in four shots means that the magic is as powerful as the upper low class magic...."

"If Guyzar-sensei can do it, I think I can do it too!"

Seeing a teacher who was obviously a swordman type used chantless magic ended up encouraging the students.

I was a bit dissatisfied since even the magic I used should be usable for Fourth Crest bearers if they just trained for a short while, but I guess having the usefulness of chantless magic known is a good enough result.
The magic earlier should be regarded as common in only several months.

"By the way, Guyzar-sensei only started training chantless magic yesterday, mind you. When a teacher who originally could use magic trained on it, it would look like this."

And then one of the magic-type teachers used a magic, knocking down two targets.

"Awesome. That was as powerful as a mid-class magic...."

That's quite some power, even if that teacher has the Second Crest (the crest has no special characteristic at first, but it can shoot powerful magic once you train it.)
I wonder if it was because his mana was abused by habitual uses of chant magic. It seems this school's instructors originally have well trained mana with them.
I dunno what's this mid-class magic stuff about though.

"Sensei! Are all of the teachers able to use chantless magic!?"

At one of the students' question, I felt that the teachers' atmosphere froze for an instant.
And then the teachers look at each other and put on apologetic looks on their faces.

"No. To tell you truth, most of the swordsmanship teachers can't do it yet, and only a third of magic teachers are able to. It appears that correcting your longtime habit is really hard after all...."

The mood in the schoolyard darkened.
Looks like changing their way after using chant magic for dozens of years isn't so simple after all.
However, the mood completely turns around with the next few words from the teacher.

"Alright. Let's start the chantless training for real now. Stand before each targets. Can every one of you use fire arrow? Even though you're Class A, there's one who aspires to be a swordsman if I'm not mistaken...."

"Yes! I want to be a swordsman, but I can use fire arroow!"

Alma raised her hand while saying that.
Apparently, the sole swordsman participant was Alma.
She's with Ruli like usual, she's sticking close to her.

"Then let's start with learning the movement of mana. Everyone, shoot a fire arrow at the target and--"

And then a magic lecture similar to the one I taught my elder brother Reich began.
About 10 minutes later.

"Ooh, the magic came out! I did it!"

Some students have successfully grasped the sensation of mana and invoked chantless magic.
The first one who did was Alma.

"Look look! Nunn! Nunn!"

Alma readied her sword, pointed it toward the target and shot fireballs. The target broke with two fireballs.
Looks like the magic of Alma who has the Second Crest is already more powerful than Guyzar-sensei's.

"Hey, Alma."

"What do you think? That was my magic!"

"You're doing well.... But there's no need to mimic that yell you know."

"Eh? ...Ah"

It seems she didn't notice.
Good thing I pointed it out before it was too late. I don't wanna hear 『Nunn!』 buzzing in the battlefield in place of chanting.

Well, I'm just glad that the propagation of proper magic is going smoothly.

If I were in my past life, I would catch some random magic combatant, teach them immortality magic and various stuff and rear them for several hundreds years into a magic combatant ready to fight space monsters in a party with me, thus there would be no need to do all this, but--
At the present state, forget about expecting some powerful magic combatant to appear, humanity might get wiped out first instead.

I'd like to popularize at least the basic of chantless magic to prevent that from happening.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 29

Chapter 29 Strongest Sage, Demonstrates Chantless Magic


The day after the negotiation.
I went to the schoolyard in my uniform (I got them before leaving yesterday. It was free for scholarship students!) in order to participate in the first chantless magic class.
Originally there was no class for the day after the entrance ceremony, but it was hurriedly put together due to the insistence of the magician-type teachers.

"How many participants do we have here?"

We're going to have a test rather than a class today, the objective is to let them know the power of chantless magic and teach the basic of mana manipulation.
An optional class in a holiday. And it's about chantless magic that hasn't had actual results yet.
I asked a nearby teacher while thinking that even getting five students would be good.

"We have all members of Class A and one swordsman student. A lot I'd say."

"....The swordsman aside, isn't there quite a lot of magic class students?"

"That's because chantless magic is the yearning of every magician. If there's a possibility of learning one for themselves, it's only natural for them to jump in. Especially in class A's case, you can't get accepted to it without having quite an ambition and talents."

"Then why didn't you try to teach chantless magic to magic students before?"

"That is exactly why. They might neglect to train chant magic if they knew that chantless magic was possible. We couldn't teach the magic students about chantless magic until we were sure of its strength. Though, thanks to you, we have largely verified the power of chantless magic."

Something like that huh.
Well, the fact that many people gathered here is a good thing. If there's this many people, two of them might want to form a party with me.

"Also, lots of teachers will also be attending. There are only 17 students in Magic Class A, so there's probably more teachers here."

"The teachers?"

"We tried to practice the chantless magic you taught us in the schoolyard after school yesterday."

"So, how was the result?"

"That's, well.... You can look forward to it."

The teacher looked unusually happy.
Apparently, it went well.

"Alright, looks like everyone's here."

After saying that, the teacher sticks 12 targets on the ground.
Unlike the ones from the entrance exam, the target marks are quite small.
They don't look that sturdy, but they seem to have exchangeable parts, it appears that they can be recycled.

"Then we will now begin the chantless magic class.... That said, many of you here have probably never even seen chantless magic since its usage isn't well known.... Therefore, we will ask someone who can perform chantless magic to demonstrate for us."


The students replied all at once to the teacher.
Their eyes are sparkling, signifying their interest in chantless magic.
They really do yearn for chantless magic.

"There you have it Mathias, please destroy all those targets with chantless magic."

I stepped forward as told.
The students looked perplexed when they saw me.
Only Ruli and Alma were waving their hands at me.

"Mathias, the top grade Mathias? His magic practical score was amazing.... You mean that wasn't a misprint?"

"The guys from class A heard the principal said that it wasn't a misprint."

"Rather, that's a Disqualified Crest right? He must be a swordsman, not a magician."

They're bothered by my crest after all.
I didn't feel contempt like I did with Biffgel, but apparently the notion that Disqualified Crest is unsuited for magic is a common knowledge in this world.
I knew that it was deemed inferior just from its name.

....Well, in order to fix this misunderstanding, showing them would be better than using words.
After thinking that, I ignored the students and went to the target.

"May I begin now?"

"Yeah. Anytime you want."

After getting the affirmation, first I raised my leg strength with Physical Reinforcement and jumped up.
And then I jumped once again in the air using magical foothold, putting half of the targets inside my range and then I destroy them using small-scale flame magic in rapid fires.
Then I jump around in the air by controlling gravity with magic and destroy every target that enters my range one by one.
All targets destroyed.

The reason why I purposely attacked from the air is to show them that magic can be used to do more than simply attacking.
Now then. How will the students react.....


"It is, but I don't think I can do that....?"

"Was this a class for third graders?"

"My elder brother was accepted to be a Royal Court magician after he graduated, but even he can't do that, I'm super sure of it."

"Did we get the place wrong?"

"But the teachers' here, and the one who shot that magic is Mathias from our class right?"

"Fake Mathias?"

"Maybe that one is actually a demon?"

Umm. I feel that their reaction is rather tepid.
I wonder if they came to view chantless magic as unrealistic because they only ever used chant magic. In fact, some of them even begin to craft a theory that I'm actually a fake and a demon.

Rather, demons still exist today huh.
Demons are a race of intelligent monsters who look similar to human but with black wings.

On top of having half-assed intelligence, their way of fighting is sly and bothersome to deal with, they're not as strong as greater dragons, they're creatures that aren't beneficial to anyone.
Furthermore, they're relatively resistant against magic, beating them is extremely troublesome.

Though well, you can easily defeat them by using half magic half physical attacks like augmenting bows and swords with magic, thus the Fourth Crest has the best affinity against them.
By the way, they would evade arrows if you don't scheme around it, so I'm not actually sure if you can do it with bows.

On top of all those, they don't have any emotions other than malice, you can't negotiate with them.
They were quite a nuisance in my past life, so I indiscriminately hunted them to extinction.... But apparently, some of them still remain.

"I know that feeling! I know that feeling well!"

Two of the teachers who have gathered here broke the deadlock.
They're probably the magic-type.... They're the teachers who were in charge of my practical magic test in the entrance exam back then.

"I thought of that too when I first saw Mathias's magic in the entrance exam. No. You still have it better. I thought there was something wrong with my eyes or my head, I was contemplating going to the hospital even."

"That magic was really terrible...."

After saying that, the teachers in charge of the exam have a distant look on their eyes.
Please don't worsen the situation....

"However, chantless magic is not something that only Mathias can use. We will show you the proof of that. ...Guyzar-sensei!"


The ex-examiner teacher called a swordsman-type teacher to step forward. No, it might be more correct to call him an instructor.
Forged muscles and a huge sword on his back. Everyone would think that he's a veteran warrior from his look.
That Guyzar-sensei draws his sword and turns toward the targets that have been put up once again.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 28

Chapter 28 Strongest Sage, Negotiating


"....Depends on the conditions. Of course we'll try to accept them if possible, but we cannot promise without hearing the conditions first."

A wise answer.
Makes him way more trustworthy than being hasty.

"The first one, I think there are many things that can be improved upon the magic written here. I'd like to discuss about that."

The most pressing problem is the fact that the method written here doesn't mention anything about the way to manipulate mana.
They're probably not familiar with the concept of mana manipulation since their mana get automatically controlled to form a magic by simply chanting.

"We'll accept that. Right now, Mathis is probably the only one who excels at chantless magic in this academy. We should have been the one who asked even."

Instant reply.
Well, it's not like they will accept everything I ask after all.

"Then onto the second condition; chantless magic lesson is not to be limited to swordsman-type students, but also of magician type. Also, chant magic is pointless, I will have you stop teaching it."

"....What do you guys think?"

The principal contemplated for a bit and then he asked the magician-type teachers.
The magician-type teachers discussed between them for a bit and then they turned at the principal.

"To be honest, we think it's going to be difficult. The chantless magic we're researching is designed for swordsmen who cannot use magic in the first place. Currently, Mathias is the only magician whose chantless magic exceeds chant magic, thus we are in the opinion that chant magic is appropriate for the present magicians."

Well, I figured this would happen. They wouldn't agree if they were suddenly told that the chant magic lessons, one of the main curriculum along with swordsmanship, they've been doing since forever is to be stopped.
I had anticipated that they wouldn't completely accept this condition from the start. I was just trying to see how far they would take it.

"Then how about teaching chantless magic along with chant magic?"

"That might be feasible, but teaching chantless magic to students who haven't got the basic of chant magic driven down might bring bad influences on them."

"...Then how about teaching applicants from Magic Class A along with students who aspire to become swordsmen? Magic Class A students should be able to handle chant magic well enough already, and there should be no problem if it's limited to students who apply for the lesson."

"That would be all right!"

"That one should be acceptable. We cannot completely remove chant magic, could you make a small concession on that part?"

"I understand."

It's more than enough.
As long as even a part of the students learned chantless magic, they would see its advantage, and that should become the impetus for chantless magic to propagate.
There's no need for everyone to learn it right away.

"Well then onward to the third condition.... There's a small dungeon underneath this school right? Please allow me to enter it."

I noticed magic reaction peculiar to a dungeon when I came to this school. It's most likely a small scale dungeon with weak monsters inside.
I don't know more than that with my current magic detection, but even a dungeon with no special characteristic is an important hunting ground for the current me.
Because that means I can kill monsters, strengthen myself and get materials and magic stones without even leaving the school. It might even become my source of funds.

"By the dungeon underneath the school, you mean the Aeslat Mid-Dungeon huh. You're obliged to enter that dungeon even if you don't want to on your second year anyway.... Are you saying you want to enter it right away?"

"Yes. After all, going against monsters is the best combat training."

"....To be honest, I think you'd have no problem in the upper floors of the dungeon with your strength. Even disregarding your chantless magic, there's nobody in this academy who could defeat the Knight Commander with a sword. If Mathias isn't allowed, that means no one is."


"But as a school we have our policy, only a group of five people or more is allowed to challenge the dungeon. Allowing someone going solo would be difficult."

Solo isn't allowed huh.
Well, it's not like I don't understand what he's saying. Entering a dungeon alone is definitely a special case.
Entering alone means doing everything yourself, stuff like gathering materials and such will slow you down.

Furthermore, the mortality rate goes up since even taking a rest would be hard to do.
If I'm not mistaken, statistics in my past life showed that the number increased by three times.
Even without the statistics, it's only logical that having a certain number of people would ease dungeon-capturing.
Working under the premise that the other party members have been trained enough not to be a drag, that is.

"....Then how about a group of three people?"

The known minimum configuration of a party in my past life was three people.
Two combat-type, and one in charge of support with the First Crest.
Well, it doesn't mean that you can't go with five.

"Three people huh. Well I'm sure we can tolerate a bit in that case. But we can't let it be known that you get a preferential treatment, thus the three people would have to take a test, they'd be allowed to enter the dungeon no matter the party if they managed to pass."

Looks like he's agreed to it.

"By the way, what will be the test about?"

"It's a simple test of strength. It'd only be a bit harder than the enrollment test, we're going to confirm whether all of the party members meet the requirement to get promoted to the second year level. Your party will be allowed to enter the dungeon if they can demonstrate combat prowess higher than the current second year."

Sounds easy.
Once they learn chantless magic, they should be able to easily surpass your average student.

Well, with my communication skill, getting the party members is hard enough though.... Either way, I'm sure there would be times where I need to struggle with this party stuff within the first 400 years.
If I have to challenge it sooner or later, doing that now should be better. The school has created an excuse for me to do it after all.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 15-Intermission 6

15-Intermission 6. A Peaceful Day [Arisa]


"Po-Pochi lost.... Pochi can't believe it nodesu."
"Fufuhn, this is Arisa-chan's true power!"

I childishly bragged in front of Pochi who was hanging her head down.

"Tama next~?"
"Come at me with all your secret ninja arts!"

I provoked Tama by parodying a line from a super popular beat-em up game, 「Samu☆Tama」.

"Tama, won't lose~?"
"Here I go!"

Tama's sharp kinetic vision catches my high-speed hand-throwing.
Normally, I shouldn't be able to win against Tama who could act after seeing my move.


"Ta-Tama lost noddesu!""

--Tama's excellent kinetic vision became her downfall instead.

"See? This is Arisa-chan's phantasmagoric 『Kaleidoscope』!"
"Amazingly awesome~?"
"Gureat, nanodesu!"

After having beaten Dog Hero Pochi and Ninja Tama, I went to the final stage.

White Fort Nana who has triumphed over Magic Spear Liza and Spirit User Mia is waiting there.

"So you've gotta be the one in the showdown after all. 『Innocent Oppai』 Nana!"
"....Arisa, demanding the change of that name."

Mou, Nana, it's inelegant to complain about your nickname like that.

"Then how about 『Innocent Beauty (Face)』."
"Acknowledged so I tell."

Nana nodded.

"Now then, we've had a bit of distraction, but let's continue."

Nana and I readied ourselves.
Contrary to me who's taking the standard pose, Nana is standing naturally.

"Let's go!"

Nana quietly nodded.

"Rock paper scissors!"

Mine's paper, Nana's also paper.
The starting hands won't decide the winner.

There's only a few people who throw scissor in the beginning.
Thus it'd be either rock or paper.

"Aa, let's, GO!"

Still a draw with both paper.


This time, both are scissors.


And the fourth throw finally determined the winner.

"Aw yiiiiiiiiiiiiis!"
"Arisa's victory~?"
"Victorious nanodesu!"
"Nn, strong."

I receive the praises with the phoenix pose.
Fuffuffu, this means I've secured the winner's right!

"Then Arisa will take the duty of telling Master about dinner."

Liza said that plainly.
But, looking at her tail lifelessly lying on the ground, it seems she's relatively dejected.

"Tomorrow will be me so I tell."
"Nn, winners' turn."

Mia nodded at Nana's declaration.

"Third place play-off~?"
"I won't lose Tama."
"Come on~?"
"Do your best~, nanodesu!"

While listening to Tama and Liza's rock paper scissors match behind me, I went into the teleport gate heading to Master's research lab.

"If he's not here, then he's either at Aze's place or under the tree's shade in the courtyard maybe?"

I couldn't find Master in the study room that looked like an office.
It's been quite hard to find where master is ever since he could went anywhere after learning the Unique Skill [Unit Arrangement].

"--There he is."

Master is sitting on several arranged cushions with his eyes closed under a tree.
His shota-ness which hasn't changed in the least from the time we first met is truly splendid.

Especially this defenseless, eyes-closed figure, awwfully to my liking.

....Guhe. Guhehehe.

J-just a bit okay.

I stealthily tip-toe and slip into Master's side.

I mustn't use space magic even by mistake.
He found me out immediately when I did so back then.

I wipe the drool hanging on my mouth with my sleeve and then I slip onto Master's lap.

--So blissful.

Ehehe~, let's lean my head on Master's chest and then--.

Can't get enuff of this~.

It's so wonderful my Kansai dialect inadvertently came out.
This euphoria is enough to sustain me.

Still, Master isn't reacting eh?

I grind my head on him.


The shota's [This is it!] smell stimulates my nasal cavity.
Ah, I can die happy like this.

Right when I raised my head while laughing like Tama, "Nihehe~", I'm met with Master's black eyes.

"--Mor, ning?"
"Ah, morning Arisa."

There it is, my favorite Shota voice.
Now it's come to this, I've gotta steel myself like a woman would.

I turn around to face Master and hug his neck--.

"What're you doing."
"Sexual harassment?"

I was going to impulsively kiss him, but Master held my forehead back.
Geez, this Cheat.

"'Sexual harrassment?' --Not. You're banned from this prank."
"Yes, I'm sorry."

I obediently apologize and wait for Master's punishment.

"Don't do it again okay."

His fist touches my hair like pomf.


Ow, oww. It reaaally hurts.
The person himself seemed like he was holding back, but it was painful enough to make me reflexively scream.

I roll on the ground like a caterpillar for a while.

Apparently Master thinks my reaction is just an exaggerated act, it seriously hurts you know.
It's a mystery how my health gauge isn't decreasing at all.

Maybe Master has the phantom [Hold Back] skill with him.

"So, what are you here for?"

Master asked with a nonchalant face as I got up with teary eyes.
You really can't tell that he's the same great hero who defeated greater demons and demon lords in his spare times.

"Lulu asked me to go get you since the dinner's ready."
"Oh, it's already that time huh."

Master got up and stretched himself.

This would have been the time for the shota character to show a glimpse of his navel if this were an otome game, but such a wonderful scene didn't come to pass since the hem on Master's shirt was too long.
I should think about that part the next time I'm designing Master's shirt.

"By the way Master, what are you researching?"

I asked Master while we were walking together toward the gate.
Master's pose earlier is the pose he takes when he's researching something inside the PC in his mind with his Unique Skill.
There were times when he was really doing nothing and taking a nap when he did that, but since he didn't react even after I got on his lap earlier, I'm sure of it.

"Ah, I was making anti-god equipment."





"Y-you're not going to fight god next are you?!"

I don't think it's true, but Master might just be able to do it.


Master replied negatively with a gentle smile.

"That's right, you wouldn't--"

--Wait, I remember.

It's not might, he's already beaten the strongest Dragon God.
Master must be telling the truth since he's not the type to joke around about that.

"What's wrong?"
"It's nothing. But, you're making anti-god equipment even though you're not going to fight them?"

Master took the thinking pose when I asked him that.
It's like he's finding the words to answer me.

"Right--You can say that having the power to fight and the intention not to fight aren't necessarily antithetical I guess?"

In other words, even if Master doesn't have the intention to fight, there's a possibility that the other party (Gods) might.

When I confirmed it to Master, he nodded lonesomely.

"Yea, it looks like there are gods who like to fight, and when the times come they challenge me, I'd have a hard time if I didn't have the mean to oppose them."

--[Challenge] and [Have a Hard Time] huh.

I noticed some things that the person himself wasn't aware of in Master's words.

Master isn't concerned about victory or defeat.
It's about whether he could win easily or with a hard fight.

"Was there a time when you had a hard fight?"
"Yeah, in my battle against the Wild Boar King, I only got one mid-class magic, I also barely had any anti-demon lord weapon with me, it was really hectic."

It's rare to see tedium in Master's face, but I've got to tell this to Mito.

"Speaking of, were you able to design those anti-god equipment?"
"Well, the one for me is simple enough, but the size gets too big when I try to make them usable for Arisa, Liza and the others."
"Hee, how big?"
"It gets bigger than the small airship of the tourism ministry."

Master showed a hologram of a twin-frame spaceship-like thing in the air using light magic's [Illusion].

What's this?

What's this! It's so cool!

"Is it like the Staff Warship?"
"Ah, this one's for Arisa. For Liza and the others, something like this."
"It's like a robot, or rather, it looks like a powered exoskeleton that'd appear in a moe battle anime or a light novel."

The powered exoskeleton itself looks like it can be downsized to human size, but it seems the magic furnace and magic device parts are too big to be installed on the frame.
Apparently Master is researching the way to deploy those parts in the Ethereal Plane.

Mounting them here would be difficult.

"Master, you were here."
"Ah, Lulu. Oh yeah, it's already time for dinner huh."

Lulu called when I was talking with Master.
Master looks so gentle, enough to make me envious, whenever he's looking at Lulu.

"Mou, oh Arisa. The meals will get cold if you don't call Master right."
"I'm sorry, Lulu-anesama."

I obediently apologized to Lulu and we went to the solitary island palace's dining room together.
Furthermore, it seems today's dinner will be with the first bonito catch from Ganika Marquisdom.

"Fresh leaves in the eyes--"

Not of mountain cuckoo, but of infant green dragon and God Bird Hisui's chirping, while listening to them, I eat the extraordinary bonito dish Lulu cooked with relish.
<TLN: From the old Japanese Haiku "Me ni wa Aoba, Yama Hototgisu, Hatsu Katsuo" that explains that upon seeing the appearance of Fresh Leaves and the chirping of the Mountain Cuckoo and the Skipjack Tuna (Bonito) is a sign that the early summer days has come.>

Since Master seems like he can change the climate of this solitary island palace at will, maybe I should ask him to change it to early summer for today?

Un, we're having another elegant meal today!

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Yuusha no Furi mo Raku Janai--Riyuu? Ore ga Kami Dakara-- Chapter 33

Chapter 33 Doruas the Port Town


A huge port town built on the bank of a large river.

The southern side faces the sea, many big ships are moored along the pier. It seems to be quite deep.
This town acts as a hub for transferring cargo from deep sea ships to river ships to be carried inland.
Thus, it's very lively.

Morning light gently shone upon the townscape with red tiled roof and white mortar walls.
From the balcony, I look down at the main street in the center of the closely packed multi-storied buildings. While using Senrigan.
There's a hill north of the town that spreads along the seaside, a stately mansion has been built there.
I'm on the fourth floor of the inn for purveyor merchants. The room is wide with extravagant decorations, the bed's comfort is as good as a high class hotel's.

I was lost in thought while watching the beautiful scenery.
Because of the horizontal banners of hero Lazan that are put everywhere in the town.
I rest my chin on the balcony rail, continuing to look below.
Sea bird that look similar to sea gulls are riding the winds.
Fragrant sea breeze.

How do I push my way through the fame of this Lazan.
One wrong step and everyone would interpret it as, "It's all thanks to our prayer to Hero Lazan" even if I beat a monster.
I've never thought that the festival would be this grand, this is a cause of worry.

I sensed a presence behind me. A familiar, gentle air.
"What's the matter, Keika-sama?"
I turned around and saw Celica who was only wearing a thin gown.
Her blond hair hangs down behind her, looking beautiful under the morning light, a deep valley on her white skin can be seen on the open chest area.

Her blue eyes shook anxiously.
Looks like she's worried about me.
I involuntarily stretch out my arms and pull her.
Putting soft limbs wrapped in only a piece of white gown in my arms.

I whisper on her ears hidden under the blond hair.
"It's nothing. But I made you worry huh. Sorry for that."
Celica blushed slightly and looked down.

I fiddle her soft body, seeking further healing. The feel was better than usual.
Narrow waist, smallish hips. Smooth back.
And the softness of the big breasts even under the thin cloth.
The curvature is transmitted to my palm.

And then I noticed.
"Huh, your underwear..."
Celica's face blushed.
"I-it's currently being washed..."
"I see, you ran out of change huh."

"Y-yes.... Therefore, um. Please don't feel it too..."
"I know your body line well."
"Uu.... You meanie--hyaa"
I wrapped my arms on her thin waist and pulled her. Our bodies are glued together without a gap.
Flower-like fragrant. Gentle temperature.

My irritated heart is healed.
Celica is pressing her head on my chest. She breathes roughly every time I move my finger.

--Right. Celica is by my side.
Let's think this carefully and construct the best plan. There must be a chance to get me famous and gather believers.
I have to get some info for that.

I stopped my hands.
"We've got money and all, let's go buy some clothes. It should be more than 250 big gold coins even after the handling fee. We should go fetch it."
"Au... that's right. I'm sorry, I forgot to tell Keika-sama. I have the money with me already."
"Is that so. We slept early due to exhaustion yesterday after all. How much did we get?"
"We got five holy gold coins, four big gold coins and several small ones."
"Five huh, one of it worths 50 big gold coins right."
"That's correct. --T-then, we're going to buy clothes today?"
Celica said that restlessly. Smile breaks out on her pretty face, her blue eyes are shining with glee.

Looks like she's quite happy to be able to buy clothes.
--She's been living with a trimmed down budget thanks to a certain jobless someone after all. That's me though.

I speak while patting Celica's head.
"Let's shop for it after getting our breakfast. I'd like to gather information as well afterward."
"What kind of information do you need?"

"The increases of monsters, the location of the sinners and what they're gonna do at the festival. And also, swimmable sea. I want to know those in details. Is there a good place for it? Bars and gambling dens should be good."

"This is my first visit to this town.... How about asking Driad-san?"
"He should be heading to the Royal Capital on the ship pulled by Ieturia first thing this morning, he probably won't come back for a few days."
"I didn't know.... Then how about the bar in this inn? I think there would be a lot of merchants."
"I think all of those merchants have just arrived here if they're staying in an inn."

"Au.... Now that you mention it. As expected of Keika-sama."
"Well, they probably know about the monsters in the sea. Let's try to talk with them while having breakfast."
"Yes, I'll do my best."

I went into the room from the balcony with Celica snuggled up.
A room with a table and sofa. There are books and liquor on the shelves.
There's two doors inside, both are connected to bedrooms.

However, Celica suddenly stopped.
"Ah, my laundry hasn't been back yet...."
"I see. Then I'll be heading out alone--"

Right at that moment, one of the doors opened.
Minya came out of it while rubbing her big black eyes. Patched out clothes and skirt. She's wearing a hat that hides her triangular ears. Her tail is hidden inside the skirt.
She came to my side, caught my Wafuku and stretched her back. And then she yawned, "Fuwaaa" with her cute mouth wide open. The white teeth shined.
She acts exactly like a cat.

And then she speaks.
"Keika-oniichan, good morning."
"Good morning. Wanna grab some food?"
"I'm going."
We join hands. It's small but I can feel wild flexibility somewhat.

I looked back at Celica.
"Then we'll be going. Look after Lapisia."
"Yes, I understand. See you later."
I went out of the room with hands joined with Minya's while hearing Celica's bell-like voice.

The dining room is on the first floor.
It's a hall that can houses around 100 people.
Moreover, all of the tables are wrapped in white cloth, the chairs and the tablewares are also luxurious.
There's a flower arrangement on each table.
It feels like a fancy restaurant.
There's even a bar counter with bottles of liquor on the back shelves.
Guests are sparse, women wearing maid outfits are waiting on the tables.

I sat down on a tall chair on the counter. Minya lightly jumped and sat beside me. Her skirt was rolled up, showing her thin legs.

A slim man wearing a vest on the counter talks to me.
"Hero-sama, good morning. The seats at our tables would be more comfortable, are you sure you want it here?"
"I am. I'd like to have a talk later."
"I understand. We will bring you your breakfast immediately."
The waiter went inside the kitchen.

Minya is restlessly looking around the dining room beside me.
"Completely different than... my inn house."
"Of course it is. It'd be nice if Minya's place gets as big as this one."

Minya looked up at me expressionlessly.
"Cleaning, would be hard."
"That part huh. You can just hire people."
"Not good with, people."
Minya looked at her own hand. Her hat withered down. Her ears probably flopped down.
--She's a beastfolk after all. She must have had a hard life.

Her clothes entered my view. Tattered clothes full of patchwork.
"We're going to buy some clothes today, let's buy some for Minya too."
"I don't have... money."
"Don't worry about it, there's the money from the fish yesterday. We got to sell it higher than the market price thanks to Minya's dismantling after all."
I patted Minya's head while feeling thankful. Her lustrous black hair sways.
She leaned against me comfortably while smiling. The feel of a too slim body. Warm child-like temperature.

However, I thought 'oh?'
She felt a bit different than before.
She was a bit skinny except for her swelling chest back then, but now I could feel the undulation of her tightened muscles. Spring-like flexibility.

--Come to think of it, I haven't seen Minya's stats yet.
I look at Minya with <<Truth Sight>>.

Name: Minya
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Race: Catfolk
Class: Thief Lv1 - Cook Lv12
Element: 【Static Storm】
Belonging: Hero Keika's Party

Strength: 28 (2) Growth Limit 05
Agility: 21 (5) Growth Limit 05
Magic: 18 (2) Growth Limit 05
Wisdom: 22 (1) Growth Limit 05
Luck: 12 (4) Growth Limit 05

Vitality: 225
Willpower: 200

Attack: 117 (77+40)
Defense: 80 (70+10)
Magic Attack: 58
Maagic Defense: 62

Nitoryu: Hold two weapons on both hands at once, attacking in free forms. Multiple attacks.
Twinkling Leg Power: Momentarily raises leg power, increasing speed and jumping power. Multiple attacks.

【Passive Skill】
High-Power: Raise ability
Wild Release: Exceed the limit of your body capability, drawing power. Raise ability.
Master Favor: Raise ability when you listen to your master's orders and when you're loved.

Weapon: Butcher's Knife - Atk +17
Dismantling Kitchen Knife - Atk +23
Armor: Leather Clothes +10
Accessory: House Key
Minya should have gotten exp too from me defeating the fish, yet her Thief is still at Lv1?
Is it because her Job is blank?

Rather, why's her Job unset?
Normally it would have been improbable. A person should have had a job of some kind.
Usually it would be Merchant or Farmer, but--.
Maybe she got out of her hometown and migrated to the royal capital the moment she was born.

Perhaps that's the reason why all of her maximum attributes are 5.
No wonder she was thin when we first met.
Her recent tightened body seems to be the result of her 【Passive Skills】.
But this can't be left as is.
--I'd better set her Job.
And it's got to be a Job where the unusual 【Nitoryu】 and 【High Power】 are still effective.

I whisper on the cat ears under the hat.
"Minya, what do you want to become in the future?"
"Nn.... Keika-oniichan's, wife."
"I see... Wait, that's a straight ball."
Minya turned her face at me. Since it's too close, her face that still has childishness on it buries my view. Her black eyes look lovely.
And then she speaks with her arms around me.
"I can't think of anything.... else."
"I'm happy to hear that, but calm down. I'm talking about Job. Something like Chef, or Merchant."

Minya shakes her head. Her black hair swayed.
Minya speaks while pulling my Wafuku.
"Job, Wife. Always Wife. Follow Keika-oniichan.... my whole life. Clothes too, matching Keika-oniichan."
Minya said that while pulling my Wafuku.

I can't help but think that what she said sounded like a slave.
Or is it a peculiar trait of beastfolks?
Is this the effect of 【Master Favor】 skill?
It's nothing but mysteries, but I don't feel any lies in Minya's words.

I ask her while sighing.
"Are you serious?"
Minya brought her face close with her black eyes moist with pain. With her eyes shut, her childish lips approach.
--She's that devoted to me huh.....
However, I have my doubt. Why would she go this far just from getting saved from a villain.

"Why would you go this far?"
"I mean.... I'm a beastfolk that no one wants to protect...."
Ah, I see.
Beastfolks are persecuted as they're suspected to be the demon king's ally.
That's why she wants me to beat the demon king and create a world where beastfolks aren't hated.
I'm the only one capable of doing that.

I made up my mind, grabbed her shoulder and pulled her away.
"Got it. You can stay by my side forever if you can keep yourself chaste for my sake."
"I'll arrange your clothes and Job too. That's why, wait for it."
Minya nodded obediently. It seems her tail is swinging happily, her skirt flutters and gets rolled up even though there's no wind, showing her panties.

The waiter came carrying two sets of breakfast.
"Thank you for waiting."
The trays with our breakfast on it are put in front of us. There's bread and fish saute.
Stewed meat and vegetable soup too. Put with grounded fish dumplings.
These fish seem to be Greedriver. The meat is plain white, but it's chewy. Its umami spread with each bites.
There's also flakes with cereals and dried fruits. It's been sprinkled with sugar, there's a pot with milk beside it. Quite a dessert.

I drank the soup. It tasted rich, it probably had been boiled.
"This is good."
Minya groaned mwu expressionlessly after taking a bite.
"Better than ours."
"Thank you very much."
The waiter bowed deeply. But it's a confident bow.

I ask him about a question I've had in mind.
"This inn's building itself is great, how was it built?"
I didn't see gorgeous buildings with stucco even in the Royal Capital, except the Royal Castle.
And then the waiter answers radiantly.
"We called a craftsman from a neighboring country, Fabrica, to have it built. It's a country with developed industry."
"Hou, is that right."
I'm thinking of asking that craftsman to build my temple someday.

After we finished enjoying the breakfast, I talked to the waiter.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 27

Chapter 27 Strongest Sage, Notices the Possibility of Magic Revival


That simple problem is an unsolved problem!?

"You must be lying!?"

"No, it's the truth. Moreover, the examiner whom Mathias beat in the swordsmanship test is the Knight Commander of this country, and you'd have gotten full score just by destroying one target with 10 shots in the magic test. We gave your score 75 due to various circumstances, but there were some who proposed that you should get 500."

What's with this situation. Are they trying to deceive me?
Or rather, what's up with giving 500 out of 10. What's even the point of full score then.

However, it doesn't seem like this is a joke looking at the other teachers around.
The magic augment teacher and a man who seems to be a teacher are engraving the magic circle I drew on the magic stone with very serious expressions, and the other teachers around are watching over them earnestly.
In the first place, there's nothing to gain deceiving me like this.
Well, let's hear them out for now.

"Then, assuming what you're telling me is true, what would you do?"

The principal and the teachers must have some kind of objective to call me in this situation.
Dealing with this after knowing that won't be too late.

"You must have your own circumstances to possess that much power at your age. We're not going to inquire you on that.... But, we'd like to ask for your cooperation."


"Yea. To tell you the truth, This Second Royal Academy is actually undergoing an existential crisis.... Though well, it's not like the academy will disappear, it's probably wrong to call it that."

"What kind of situation is it?"

"You know that this country has two Royal Academies right?"

"Well it's called Second Royal Academy after all."

If there's Second Academy, First Academy must also exist.
Unless it's been destroyed or something.

"That First Academy is the problem here. The present noble bunch apparently don't like the way things are run on the Second Academy. So they're trying to force this academy to follow the First Academy's system. They've got better result with their system too."

I wonder if the country intervenes with the education in the Royal University too.

"I don't think it's a bad idea to change the education system if it brings on results."

"You're correct. So long as the result of that education system is assessed through a proper mean, that is."

"....Is it not the case?"

"These papers have the valuation of the First and Second Academies and the list of reason for that valuation. Ascertain for yourself whether it's correct or not."

He gave me several pieces of papers.
The first paper has the cooperators' names, the royalty's and something like a seal.
I turned that paper over and doubted my eyes.

In this country, selected students from the First and Second Academies are to participate in interpersonal combats to compete for superiority once a year.
So far, so good.
For some reason, those selected students are limited to the second year elementary students and below.

We're first year elementary students, it seems the interpersonal combats will be held a month after the school term started, so there's 13 months of time between our enrollment and the interpersonal combats.
It's way too early for those students to be the ones that decide the outcome of the interpersonal combats.

"Isn't this just too hasty?"

"You think so too huh. We teachers are also in agreement. A year after enrollment is not yet the time for students to participate in an interpersonal combat. Even if they have experiences of crossing swords in training, it's just too short of a time to teach them the peculiar techniques in an interpersonal combat."

Even if the current world's common sense is full of mistakes, the thing this principal said is correct.
The basic of combat is against monsters.
After you've learned anti-monster combat, the ways of interpersonal combat is completely different. You could even say that there's hardly anything in common between them.

That's why, it's pointless to teach students the interpersonal combat techniques before the anti-monster ones. Harmful even.
Even if you have countermeasures for the problem, after several years, the ones who've got the anti-monster techniques nailed will win overwhelmingly. What a load of bull.
I turn the page while complaining at the organizer of the interpersonal combat.

The so-called 『Research Results』 of the First Academy are listed on the page. Not one of them comes from the Second Academy.
However, every one of those research results is about chant magic, worthless stuff like slightly increasing the power of the known chant magic, discovery of new ones, or slightly shortening the chant.

Something like those can be done by simply adjusting your mana if you just use normal magic (in other words, without chanting).
These kind of things are 'research results' huh.

"....What do you think?"

"For now, I understand that the ways the First Academy do things are out of question. But why is there no research result from the Second Academy?"

The First School's results being worthless doesn't necessarily mean that the Second Academy is worse than them.
Why the heck there's not even one research result.

"We have them. However, none of them is recognized."

The principal replied with a bitter look on his face. The other magician-type teachers also looked mortified.

"What do you mean by that?"

"Magic research of the current academic society equal research about chant magic. Anything besides that isn't recognized."

"....In other words, the Second Royal Academy is researching chantless magic?"

"That's right. This is the result. ...Isn't the 『Physical and magic mixed combat』 you talked about in the classroom is the objective of what we're doing?"

The principal handed over a thick bundle of paper to me while saying that.
The content was rough but it certainly looked like they were seriously researching about the way to use magic without chanting and its practical use.
And although the method to train for it can't be called efficient at all, it's been polished enough that you can't say that it's off mark either.

If what the principal said is true, this Second Royal Academy is trying to take back chantless magic in this world where chant magic has spread widely.
Yea. The Second Academy is certainly much better than the First.

"I've heard about your chantless magic and seen the earth magic you used to fix the schoolyard myself, that's a feat impossible to replicate with chant magic..... And, the thing we need most for the education of chantless magic is result. We'd like you, Mathias, to be the result."

Judging from the flow of conversation, by result he means for me to enter the interpersonal combat huh. Since the participants are limited to second year elementary students and 『Below』, I can enter it.

Improving oneself can only be done by yourself, but nurturing powerful ally isn't possible if you're alone.
And there are students who haven't been completely entrenched in chant magic in this academy. I'm sure they can quickly learn the proper magic if we start right now.
This isn't bad for me. Or rather, it's just what I ask for.

"I understand the gist of it. But do you mind if I ask for three conditions?"

--However, there are still some things that can be improved upon. I will only nod if they can agree to at least some of those conditions.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 26

Chapter 26 Strongest Sage, Gets Surrounded by Teachers


"Now introduce yourself starting from... Well anyone's fine. Alright, Mathias the top grade of the school year! Let's start from you!"

Looks like the principal is calling us by our names.
He's not calling the surname probably because your houses, upbringing and such are irrelevant in this school.

If there's someone with a famous noble name or something among us, the other students will be conscious of that person even if they don't intend to after all.
I'm in agreement with the goal and only tell my given name for my introduction.

"I'm Mathias. Just call me Mathi. Err..."

Come to think of it, I haven't prepared what to say here at all. This is my first self-introduction in hundreds of years after all.
....Well, there should be no need to say superfluous stuff since this school is kinda like a military academy. Guess I should just tell my combat orientation.

"My crest is the Fourth Crest.... I mean. Disqualified Crest. My specialty  is in the short-range magic and physical mixed combat. Nice to meet you."

The crest isn't commonly known as the Fourth Crest in the present age, so I called it as they would.
The classroom rustled a bit after hearing my introduction.

"Magic and physical mixed combat, what's that?"

"Rather, can Disqualified Crest even use magic?"

"I also have Disqualified Crest and I can't use magic you know?"

The principal is grinning to see the classroom.
However, it doesn't seem like he's going to explain about short-range magic and physical mixed combat and the Disqualified Crest.

"Next! The runner-up, Ruli!"

After my introduction was over, the principal looked down at the paper on his hand and called Ruli's name.
That paper probably has our grades on it.

"Yes! My name is Ruli. I'm good with magic and a little bit with swordsmanship. I want to become a magic augmenter! Um... Nice to meet you!"

Ruli introduced herself while looking slightly tense.
The classroom rustled again, though not as loud as with mine.
Apparently, it's rare for a First Crest like Ruli to be wanting to become a Magic Augmenter. The First Crest IS the crest for Magic Augmenters though....

The current world values Crests the complete opposite.
It's so bad that I begin to suspect that someone with a malicious intent made it this ineffective.

"Next! Ace!"


The class continues with the introductions.
All the second to seventh ranked people had the First Crest.
And five of them besides Ruli wanted to become magicians.

"The next one's the last. ...Alma!"

"Yes. The name's Alma. I've got the Regular Magic Crest so I'm aiming to become a warrior. Though I can't win in either magic or sword against Ruli.... I've got some confidence with a bow though...."

The introduction was quite unfortunate somehow. Well, I guess it's only natural since the other party is the runner-up of the whole school year. The difference in their swords' performances is also quite huge.
And for some reason she's aiming to become a warrior even with the Regular Magic Crest which is well suited for magic.

"And that's a wrap. Anyone has a question?"

"Sensei, I have a question!"

Alma raised her hand.

"What is it?"

"Mathias-kun's scores on the passing announcement were weird, was that a mistake!"

"Ah. That huh. The weird one here is Mathias, not the scores. How he is weird, you can check for yourself during the practical lesson. For the time being, S class and A class will have joint lessons. I've got talk about that with you, Mathias, come to the principal office later."

After such and such, our first homeroom ended and I was taken to the principal office.
What do they want from me I wonder.

"Alright. I see that everyone is here."

A lot of adults were already inside the room when we entered.
They're most likely this school's teachers. Several faces look familiar from the exam and the entrance ceremony.

30% are of scholar type, 40% are of magician type and 30% are of warrior type huh.
The fact that there's not even one mixed physical and magic combat type slightly bothers me, but they have good balance if we put that aside.

"Sorry for being so sudden, Mathias, please solve this problem. And this too."

The principal said that and handed me a paper with two problems.
And then, the scholar-type teachers begin to observe me as to not miss even a beat of my hand movement.
One of the problems is the same problem from the entrance exam back then.
Perhaps they're doubting me of cheating.

Fortunately, both of the problems are of rudimentary magic circle mathematics. The first problem can be solved in 20 seconds as long as you know Pythagorean theorem. The next problem is a bit more complex, but three minutes are enough to finish it.
I write the formula on the provided paper and derive the answer while being careful with mistakes.

Well, I can do it with my intuition without calculations for this level of magic circles.
Rather, magic circle maths are the basic for magic augmenters, they won't be able to do even fivefold augmentation if they can't do this much.
I finished solving the problems while thinking that.

" instant...!?"

"Oy, is this correct?"

"It's an unsolved problem. There's no way we can make sure of it unless we construct the magic."

"But I can't see anything contradictory at the very least. Perhaps this is...."

"The teacher in charge of magic augment should be able to test and confirm it shouldn't he?"

"P-please wait, I'll bring back magic stones for experiments!"

The principal office clamored the moment I finished the problems, some teachers even ran off somewhere.
Huh? This seems different from them doubting me of cheating somehow.
'Did I do anything wrong', I looked at the principal with that in mind.

"Principal-sensei, this is--"

"Mathias, do you know what you just solved?"

"The problem in the entrance exam of this academy and the extended version of that problem right?"

The principal grinned when he heard me.

"That is certainly a question in the Second Royal Academy's entrance exam. ....Under the assumption that it won't be solved that is."

"Assumption it won't be solved?"

"Yea. It's there for us to see how far would the participants think it through, even if they can't solve it. ...You seem to have done it though."

Such a simple problem is assumed to be unsolvable, what a weird thing to say.
If magic augmenters can't even construct this level of magic circle, that means no one in this world can make a proper magic sword.
Don't tell me that the magic swords in Bass's store are treated as proper ones, there's no way, nuh uh.

"Let me tell you the correct answer. The first problem is a question in the Royal Magic University entrance exam, the second problem is an unsolved problem that hasn't been solved even after the country gathered the entire magic scholars."


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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 25

Chapter 25 Strongest Sage, Gets Targeted


The day of the entrance.
I left the inn I had been staying at up until now and went to the academy.
The academy has a dormitory, I'm planning to live in there from today on. My luggage is inside the Item Box.
I'm a bit worried about my weird classes though.... Well, I should be able to manage somehow.

A lot of students who appear to be freshmen have gathered at the academy's entrance.
We haven't been given our uniforms though so I wouldn't know even if there were other party in it.

"Lemme see, was there going to be an entrance ceremony or something?"

I checked out the board near the gate, it had an announcement for the entrance ceremony to be held in the schoolyard.
There's really one, entrance ceremony. Honestly I'm not good with long speech, I've got no choice but to bear with it.
Let's ignore what the big-wig's saying by coming up of an idea to better improve Fourth Crest magic usage efficiently.

I went to the schoolyard while thinking that
However, my expectation was betrayed in a good way.

The principal who was standing on the stage during the entrance ceremony didn't look like someone who had been assigned to be the principal of a royal academy.
A scarred face and tempered muscles. He's a war veteran no matter how you look at him. There's probably no one in this world who would think of him as a 『Principal』 when they saw him. They must have a screw loose in their head if there's one.
By the way, his name seems to be Edward.

"I don't like long speech. I'll leave this and that formality stuff to the bunch at the First Academy."

And that was the first thing the principal who was standing on the stage uttered.
Wonderful. Including my past life, this might be the first time I've seen a big-wig who doesn't talk too long.

"Ability is everything at the Second Royal Academy! Unlike the First Academy, your households or crests hold no merit here! If there's anyone bringing anything needless here, I'll go and fix their guts myself! ....And unfortunately, 10% of the students at the Second Academy lost their life during the enrollment. You've got to be strong if you don't want that happens to you! This school will provide the right environment to make that happen. Young chicks, polish your power! ...That is all!"

....Was the Second Royal Academy a military academy?
The entrance ceremony ended with that question in my mind.
There was no roll call, and no other big-wigs that came out besides the principal.
Judging from the calm attitudes of the other students, the second royal academy might have always been this kind of place.
It's convenient for me personally.

"Students of Class A, please gather here!"

"Class B over here! Come at once!"

After the entrance ceremony was over, people who seemed to be teachers came to the schoolyard and began to gather the students.
By class, they probably refer to adventure class, I guess I'm going to the class A.

"Alright, everyone's here. Class A's classroom is over there. Follow me!"

We're all following the teacher from behind. I think there's around 20 people in Class A.
I saw familiar faces in the form of Ruli and Alma among them, but after seeing that militant speech, no one seems to be in the mood to chatter pointlessly, everyone is silent.
That principal would probably hit you if you did that in front of him. Well, I think I can evade it though.

"Here's your classroom. Your homeroom teacher will come not long after this, wait inside until then."

Apparently, the teacher who guided us wasn't the homeroom teacher.
We get left behind in the classroom and wait for the homeroom teacher.
Just when the mood turned delicate as we weren't sure how long we should wait, the classroom's door was powerfully opened.
And the man who mightily entered the open door declares loudly.

"I'm the one in charge of this class, Edward. Nice to meet ya."

...Huh? Our homeroom teacher is the principal!?
First time I saw a principal working as a teacher. Wonder if it's common in this present time.

"O, yea. You probably know already, I'm the principal here. There are times when I'm busy, the assistant teacher will take care of you then. By the way, the idiot over there is the assistant teacher."

The principal pointed at the man slightly behind him.
There's a fist-like mark on his face.... Putting that aside, feels like I've seen his face somewhere.

"This guy is an idiot who abandoned his post during the exam to buy a sword, but he's good enough with a sword. Ask this guy anything whenever I'm absent."

I see. I thought he looked familiar, he was the examiner from that time huh.
I looked at his waist to ascertain whether he was able to buy the sword in the end, but the sword he's carrying seems to be a different one.
Well, the sword I augmented should get an eye-popping price after all, I'm not surprised that he couldn't buy it.

"Also, I've got to apologize for one thing. There was a mistake in my entrance ceremony speech."

Mistake? Is he going to tell us that 10% is actually not the mortality rate but the survival rate?

"I said young chicks at the end of my speech, but that doesn't apply to all of you. There's a guy who obviously isn't a chick mixed among the new students this year. I'm not gonna say who that guy is.... Well, you'll probably find out soon."

The principal grinned at me after he said that.
I feel like I'm being targeted somehow.
Perhaps he's holding a grudge at me for destroying the schoolyard. And after I repaired it and all.

"By the way, our school encourages teachings between students. You're free to pick a fight with anyone you find interesting. That's the quickest way to probe each other's ability."

....Can you really call that teachings.
Even though I was a loner in my past life, I still understand that a communication that's born from a fight is weird y'know.

"Well, you guys are going to form parties often as long as you don't drop out to Class B. Introduce yourself at that time. We can lend you the combat training ground if you need it...."

Do not want.
I felt like I could hear the whole class saying that together.

....Or rather, you can drop out of the class huh.

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