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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 21

Chapter 21 Strongest Sage, Get Left Behind by the Examiner


"You have 60 minutes for this exam! Begin!"

There would be written and practical tests and the written one was the first.
Probably due to the amount, the test isn't divided by subjects, everything has to be done in 60 minutes.

To be frank, I didn't prepare anything for this test. Or rather, I didn't know what kind of subjects would be in the test.
Thus, I'm completely improvising on-site.

From what I've seen, the test is about national language, magic circle math, and simple geography. And also combat arts.
The first two were all rudimentary so I didn't have any problem.
One of the question for the magic circle math was obviously on a whole different level than the rest, but well, it's still within the elementary level.

The map was also shaped like the one I was familiar with in my past life, so I didn't have any problem regarding the topology.
Well leaving aside the fact that the map was quite inaccurate, and that the drawn part was quite narrow with rest blackened out.

The problem was with the combat arts. Of course, it was my main field of expertise in my past life, but I'm not familiar with the arts used in this era.
'Write about Loita style swordsmanship', you ask. Hell if I know that.

....Let's just write some random things.
Conveniently enough, I had a sword nerd acquaintance with the same name in my past life. I just wrote the combat art she talked about and her way of fighting as is.
I abridged it though since it wouldn't have fitted the answer column if I wrote the whole thing.

The written test ended like such and the practical test is finally starting.
First, it's of swordsmanship. Just as I've anticipated, it's a practical battle against an instructor.

"Next, Ruli Abendroht!"


My turn is right after Ruli.
Ruli went into the exam room with the magic sword I augmented yesterday.
The instructor who's in charge of the test is carrying a common sword. The blade part has been ground out, probably as a safety measure.

"Swordsmanship examination, begin!"

With the signal, Ruli stepped forward and thrust her sword at the instructor.
It's an extremely basic move for a lightweight magic sword user. Of course, the instructor had predicted that too as he leisurely blocked Ruli's sword.

With a clank sound, Ruli's sword was flicked away, creating an opening on her. The instructor aimed at that moment and tried to thrust his sword at Ruli--but he did not succeed.
The instructor did try to thrust his sword. However, the instructor wasn't holding a sword, but the remain of a sword that had been broken on the middle.

Well, I guess this is the obvious result when a common sword clashes against Ruli's magic sword.



However, the two people in questions didn't expect this themselves.
The atmosphere in the exam room stiffened along with the dumbfounded voices.

The instructor pulled himself together first. He doesn't seem to be a swordsmanship instructor just for show, he swings his shortened sword at Ruli while still in confusion.
However, this time Ruli reacts properly and blocks the instructor's sword.
With a clink sword, the instructor's sword got even shorter.


Ruli thrusts at the instructor once again.
The instructor blocked it.... however, his sword broke again, completely losing its blade. The grip is the only thing left of the instructor's sword.
The instructor looked at his own sword with an amazed expression and held his hands up afterward.

"I give up. I heard that the sword passed down in Abendroht house was powerful, but this was too much...."

"This is not that sword though...."

"It's not?"

"The sword passed down in my family was broken recently. This one is a new sword."

"Now that you mention it, it does look newly made.... rather, isn't that a sword from Bass's store. Is it a new product?"

"It's not exactly a new product, but there's another sword with the same augments at that store... Huh? Where's the instructor."

"I'm gonna buy the sword right away! Yakato, do the rest!"

The instructor abandoned the exam and ran to the school's gate immediately after he said that.
The other examiners tried to bring him back in a hurry, but none could catch up to him.

The instructor ran off somewhere just like that.
Only Ruli, the examiners who's in charge of recording the result and me are left.

"....What should we do now?"

If the instructor in charge of the recording were a warrior, he might be able to act as a stand-in but his movements and build suggest that he's a magician.
Whom should I beat up now?

"Err, I'm a magician so I can't step in as the examiner...."

"In that case, I will take up the role."

The one who came forward was a man at the prime of his life who had been watching the exam at the corner of the room since awhile ago.
His build isn't too bad. He should be a good match against my father Castor.


"You've got no problem with me right?"

The instructor was going to say something when this Gayle-san made an eye signal, then he looked like he understood something and went silent.
Who the heck is Gayle.

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