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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 24

Chapter 24 Strongest Sage, Ponders the Term 'Perfect Score'


The next day after the exams full of happenings.
I went back to the school to check the result.
Looks like it's ordered by scores.

Since I didn't prepare anything at all for the written test, my name would probably be on the end of the list even if I passed.
With that in mind, I check the name from below.

Looks like the lowest passing mark this time is 27.
Since it's a bit lower than my father, Castor's score, I should pass if that Gayle old man could pull some strings.
But I couldn't find my name no matter how many times I look at the list.
I see. I failed....
Looks like I got deceived by that Gayle old man. I thought he looked like he could be trusted so I put my hope in him....
But I'm a loner after all. It seems I don't have the ability to judge someone's character.

"Ah, Mathi-kun! Did you see the notice!?"

I heard a familiar voice while I was wallowing in despair.
No, there's no way I can mistake this voice. It's Ruli's.

"....Notice? No. It seems I've failed the exam, so I'm going back to my home--"

"You didn't fail! Mathi-kun, you're the top scorer!"

Saying that, Ruli pointed at another paper stuck slightly above the announcement paper.
Titled, 『List of Scholarship Students』.
The very first one is my name.

"Oh.... I passed! I passed!"

Don't tell me, this notice.... The notice for scholarship student is separated from the normal ones!?
How incomprehensible! I almost misunderstood I failed here and went back home!

"And we're in the same class! Class A!"

Ruli gleefully held my hands after she said that.
Even though I seemingly made her mad in our first meeting, it seems we've reconciled somehow.
Apparently she hasn't noticed that she's holding my hands, but I'll be keeping my silent for this happy occasion.

Leaving that aside, I see that the classes are written next to the name of the scholarship students.
However, they're written rather unintelligibly.

There are four classes written next to your name, 『Adventure Class』, 『Magic Class』, 『Swordsmanship Class』, 『General Study Class』 and each has an alphabet next to it.

By the way, Ruli's are, 『Adventurer Class A』, 『Magic Class A』, 『Swordsmanship Class A』, 『General Study Class A』, while mine are 『Adventurer Class A』, 『Magic Class S』, 『Swordsmanship Class S』, 『General Study Class: Blank』.
The adventure class seems to be from the total score divided in two, but the other classes are apparently separated in accordance of each scores.... Except for me.
Or rather, what the heck is blank.

"By the same class, are you talking about the adventure class?"

"Yes! The second royal academy's adventure class is--"

"*whiste*. Oh they're holding hands~. I'm heating up here~. Ah, I'm also in class A, be kind to me too okay~!"

"Hands...? Ah, I'm sorry! I wasn't thinking...."

Alma broke in when Ruli and I was talking, and pointed out our hands.
And then, Ruli noticed her hands holding mine and separated them. Dang it, Alma.
....By the way, what did she mean by 『Heating Up』, I wonder. Did we start talking about flame magic while I wasn't paying attention?

"So, what were you two talking about? Maybe, I really was in the way?"

Yeah. You are in the way. I know a magic driven by rage from my past life, I feel like I could activate it right here and now.

"Y-you're not! I'm glad that Alma passes and we're in the same class!"

Right. No one would want to grasp the hand of a loner like me, Alma who noticed must look like a savior to her....
....Not good. The trauma from my past loner life is about to be revived.

"By the way, don't you think Mathi-kun's class scores are weird somehow?"


"I've never seen Class S or blank space, and all your scores exceed the limit!"

I haven't seen the scores themselves since I was preoccupied with failure misunderstanding.
As pointed out by Alma, I look at the column where my scores are.

Total Score 257 of 50
Swordsmanship 120 of 10
Magic 75 of 10
General Study 62 of 30

These scores are weird indeed.
I mean, every one of them exceeds the full score.
By the way, the second place is Ruli with 47 score. I would have been able to pass even without the sword if it was like this.

"...What the heck is that. A misprint?"

"This is too much for a misprint.... Most of them even way exceed the limit!"

"The swordsmanship score is probably well justified."

I was perplexed, Alma was shouting, Ruli muttered.

"Is that Gayle old man really that strong?"

He's certainly stronger than my father, Castor, but I'm not sure if defeating him is enough to make the score went from 10 to 120.
Even if we consider the fact that my father got 30 for beating up the examiner, beating him should only get me 50 at most.

"Gayle.... Don't tell me, Gayle the knight commander?"

"I'm telling you exactly that! Knight commander-san who came to inspect the exam took the examiner's place who went somewhere to buy a sword! And then Mathi-kun beat up knight commander-san!"

Eh, that old man was the knight commander!?
No. There's no way. Knight commander should have been stronger than that.
If the knight commander is only that strong, one dragon would be enough to destroy this country.

"I thought Ruli wasn't the type to joke around, I really wanted to retort many things there..... Well, since your name is written here, they probably won't revoke you passing anyway, all should become clear on the entrance day!"

Ah, this girl stopped thinking about it.
Un. I'll do just that too. That's it.

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