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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 28

Chapter 28 Strongest Sage, Negotiating


"....Depends on the conditions. Of course we'll try to accept them if possible, but we cannot promise without hearing the conditions first."

A wise answer.
Makes him way more trustworthy than being hasty.

"The first one, I think there are many things that can be improved upon the magic written here. I'd like to discuss about that."

The most pressing problem is the fact that the method written here doesn't mention anything about the way to manipulate mana.
They're probably not familiar with the concept of mana manipulation since their mana get automatically controlled to form a magic by simply chanting.

"We'll accept that. Right now, Mathis is probably the only one who excels at chantless magic in this academy. We should have been the one who asked even."

Instant reply.
Well, it's not like they will accept everything I ask after all.

"Then onto the second condition; chantless magic lesson is not to be limited to swordsman-type students, but also of magician type. Also, chant magic is pointless, I will have you stop teaching it."

"....What do you guys think?"

The principal contemplated for a bit and then he asked the magician-type teachers.
The magician-type teachers discussed between them for a bit and then they turned at the principal.

"To be honest, we think it's going to be difficult. The chantless magic we're researching is designed for swordsmen who cannot use magic in the first place. Currently, Mathias is the only magician whose chantless magic exceeds chant magic, thus we are in the opinion that chant magic is appropriate for the present magicians."

Well, I figured this would happen. They wouldn't agree if they were suddenly told that the chant magic lessons, one of the main curriculum along with swordsmanship, they've been doing since forever is to be stopped.
I had anticipated that they wouldn't completely accept this condition from the start. I was just trying to see how far they would take it.

"Then how about teaching chantless magic along with chant magic?"

"That might be feasible, but teaching chantless magic to students who haven't got the basic of chant magic driven down might bring bad influences on them."

"...Then how about teaching applicants from Magic Class A along with students who aspire to become swordsmen? Magic Class A students should be able to handle chant magic well enough already, and there should be no problem if it's limited to students who apply for the lesson."

"That would be all right!"

"That one should be acceptable. We cannot completely remove chant magic, could you make a small concession on that part?"

"I understand."

It's more than enough.
As long as even a part of the students learned chantless magic, they would see its advantage, and that should become the impetus for chantless magic to propagate.
There's no need for everyone to learn it right away.

"Well then onward to the third condition.... There's a small dungeon underneath this school right? Please allow me to enter it."

I noticed magic reaction peculiar to a dungeon when I came to this school. It's most likely a small scale dungeon with weak monsters inside.
I don't know more than that with my current magic detection, but even a dungeon with no special characteristic is an important hunting ground for the current me.
Because that means I can kill monsters, strengthen myself and get materials and magic stones without even leaving the school. It might even become my source of funds.

"By the dungeon underneath the school, you mean the Aeslat Mid-Dungeon huh. You're obliged to enter that dungeon even if you don't want to on your second year anyway.... Are you saying you want to enter it right away?"

"Yes. After all, going against monsters is the best combat training."

"....To be honest, I think you'd have no problem in the upper floors of the dungeon with your strength. Even disregarding your chantless magic, there's nobody in this academy who could defeat the Knight Commander with a sword. If Mathias isn't allowed, that means no one is."


"But as a school we have our policy, only a group of five people or more is allowed to challenge the dungeon. Allowing someone going solo would be difficult."

Solo isn't allowed huh.
Well, it's not like I don't understand what he's saying. Entering a dungeon alone is definitely a special case.
Entering alone means doing everything yourself, stuff like gathering materials and such will slow you down.

Furthermore, the mortality rate goes up since even taking a rest would be hard to do.
If I'm not mistaken, statistics in my past life showed that the number increased by three times.
Even without the statistics, it's only logical that having a certain number of people would ease dungeon-capturing.
Working under the premise that the other party members have been trained enough not to be a drag, that is.

"....Then how about a group of three people?"

The known minimum configuration of a party in my past life was three people.
Two combat-type, and one in charge of support with the First Crest.
Well, it doesn't mean that you can't go with five.

"Three people huh. Well I'm sure we can tolerate a bit in that case. But we can't let it be known that you get a preferential treatment, thus the three people would have to take a test, they'd be allowed to enter the dungeon no matter the party if they managed to pass."

Looks like he's agreed to it.

"By the way, what will be the test about?"

"It's a simple test of strength. It'd only be a bit harder than the enrollment test, we're going to confirm whether all of the party members meet the requirement to get promoted to the second year level. Your party will be allowed to enter the dungeon if they can demonstrate combat prowess higher than the current second year."

Sounds easy.
Once they learn chantless magic, they should be able to easily surpass your average student.

Well, with my communication skill, getting the party members is hard enough though.... Either way, I'm sure there would be times where I need to struggle with this party stuff within the first 400 years.
If I have to challenge it sooner or later, doing that now should be better. The school has created an excuse for me to do it after all.

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