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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 29

Chapter 29 Strongest Sage, Demonstrates Chantless Magic


The day after the negotiation.
I went to the schoolyard in my uniform (I got them before leaving yesterday. It was free for scholarship students!) in order to participate in the first chantless magic class.
Originally there was no class for the day after the entrance ceremony, but it was hurriedly put together due to the insistence of the magician-type teachers.

"How many participants do we have here?"

We're going to have a test rather than a class today, the objective is to let them know the power of chantless magic and teach the basic of mana manipulation.
An optional class in a holiday. And it's about chantless magic that hasn't had actual results yet.
I asked a nearby teacher while thinking that even getting five students would be good.

"We have all members of Class A and one swordsman student. A lot I'd say."

"....The swordsman aside, isn't there quite a lot of magic class students?"

"That's because chantless magic is the yearning of every magician. If there's a possibility of learning one for themselves, it's only natural for them to jump in. Especially in class A's case, you can't get accepted to it without having quite an ambition and talents."

"Then why didn't you try to teach chantless magic to magic students before?"

"That is exactly why. They might neglect to train chant magic if they knew that chantless magic was possible. We couldn't teach the magic students about chantless magic until we were sure of its strength. Though, thanks to you, we have largely verified the power of chantless magic."

Something like that huh.
Well, the fact that many people gathered here is a good thing. If there's this many people, two of them might want to form a party with me.

"Also, lots of teachers will also be attending. There are only 17 students in Magic Class A, so there's probably more teachers here."

"The teachers?"

"We tried to practice the chantless magic you taught us in the schoolyard after school yesterday."

"So, how was the result?"

"That's, well.... You can look forward to it."

The teacher looked unusually happy.
Apparently, it went well.

"Alright, looks like everyone's here."

After saying that, the teacher sticks 12 targets on the ground.
Unlike the ones from the entrance exam, the target marks are quite small.
They don't look that sturdy, but they seem to have exchangeable parts, it appears that they can be recycled.

"Then we will now begin the chantless magic class.... That said, many of you here have probably never even seen chantless magic since its usage isn't well known.... Therefore, we will ask someone who can perform chantless magic to demonstrate for us."


The students replied all at once to the teacher.
Their eyes are sparkling, signifying their interest in chantless magic.
They really do yearn for chantless magic.

"There you have it Mathias, please destroy all those targets with chantless magic."

I stepped forward as told.
The students looked perplexed when they saw me.
Only Ruli and Alma were waving their hands at me.

"Mathias, the top grade Mathias? His magic practical score was amazing.... You mean that wasn't a misprint?"

"The guys from class A heard the principal said that it wasn't a misprint."

"Rather, that's a Disqualified Crest right? He must be a swordsman, not a magician."

They're bothered by my crest after all.
I didn't feel contempt like I did with Biffgel, but apparently the notion that Disqualified Crest is unsuited for magic is a common knowledge in this world.
I knew that it was deemed inferior just from its name.

....Well, in order to fix this misunderstanding, showing them would be better than using words.
After thinking that, I ignored the students and went to the target.

"May I begin now?"

"Yeah. Anytime you want."

After getting the affirmation, first I raised my leg strength with Physical Reinforcement and jumped up.
And then I jumped once again in the air using magical foothold, putting half of the targets inside my range and then I destroy them using small-scale flame magic in rapid fires.
Then I jump around in the air by controlling gravity with magic and destroy every target that enters my range one by one.
All targets destroyed.

The reason why I purposely attacked from the air is to show them that magic can be used to do more than simply attacking.
Now then. How will the students react.....


"It is, but I don't think I can do that....?"

"Was this a class for third graders?"

"My elder brother was accepted to be a Royal Court magician after he graduated, but even he can't do that, I'm super sure of it."

"Did we get the place wrong?"

"But the teachers' here, and the one who shot that magic is Mathias from our class right?"

"Fake Mathias?"

"Maybe that one is actually a demon?"

Umm. I feel that their reaction is rather tepid.
I wonder if they came to view chantless magic as unrealistic because they only ever used chant magic. In fact, some of them even begin to craft a theory that I'm actually a fake and a demon.

Rather, demons still exist today huh.
Demons are a race of intelligent monsters who look similar to human but with black wings.

On top of having half-assed intelligence, their way of fighting is sly and bothersome to deal with, they're not as strong as greater dragons, they're creatures that aren't beneficial to anyone.
Furthermore, they're relatively resistant against magic, beating them is extremely troublesome.

Though well, you can easily defeat them by using half magic half physical attacks like augmenting bows and swords with magic, thus the Fourth Crest has the best affinity against them.
By the way, they would evade arrows if you don't scheme around it, so I'm not actually sure if you can do it with bows.

On top of all those, they don't have any emotions other than malice, you can't negotiate with them.
They were quite a nuisance in my past life, so I indiscriminately hunted them to extinction.... But apparently, some of them still remain.

"I know that feeling! I know that feeling well!"

Two of the teachers who have gathered here broke the deadlock.
They're probably the magic-type.... They're the teachers who were in charge of my practical magic test in the entrance exam back then.

"I thought of that too when I first saw Mathias's magic in the entrance exam. No. You still have it better. I thought there was something wrong with my eyes or my head, I was contemplating going to the hospital even."

"That magic was really terrible...."

After saying that, the teachers in charge of the exam have a distant look on their eyes.
Please don't worsen the situation....

"However, chantless magic is not something that only Mathias can use. We will show you the proof of that. ...Guyzar-sensei!"


The ex-examiner teacher called a swordsman-type teacher to step forward. No, it might be more correct to call him an instructor.
Forged muscles and a huge sword on his back. Everyone would think that he's a veteran warrior from his look.
That Guyzar-sensei draws his sword and turns toward the targets that have been put up once again.

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