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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Strongest Sage, Going to Burn Down the Materials


"Now then. What should I do about this body?"

I beat it and all but I didn't think what I'd do after that.
I tried asking the peddler, but there was no response.

When I look at him, he's stiffened while still in surprises. I wonder if I should take that as no comment.
That means, since it would be troublesome to carry it....

"I should take the magic stone and burn down the rest."

Other monsters would gather if I leave this here, troubling people.
Since it has no more use, burning it down would be for--.

"Burn!? Burning that down is such an outrageous idea!"

The frozen peddler revived when he heard me.

"Um, I'm still taking the magic stone though?"

"What're you going to do with the rest!"

"....Burn it down?"

"Unbelievable! Burning down the materials of a Calamity-class monster!"

....Is that really the case?
I've caught sight of two monsters of this level in the past several years already, I don't think it's that valuable.

"Listen here okay? This claw for example, how much do you think it's worth?"

The price of the claw huh.
If I'm not mistaken this monster has around 20 claws. The peddler is pointing at an especially long one, suitable to be made into weapon, among them.
If the whole body of the monster is worth 100 gold coins, then the claw would be approximately....

"Around seven gold coins?"

"You got it almost right. That's the price without accounting for the transportation, it would be sold at 10 gold coins in the Royal Capital. You should be able to sell it for eight gold coins.... And with that knowledge, what are you going to do to it then young master?"

"Burn it down?"

"....How'd you come to that conclusion!"

"Cause carrying it would be a pain."

Our destination is still about a week away.
Rather than carrying it on that distance, it'd be better if we just arrive sooner and hunt other monsters at the destination.
Getting the magic stone and the experience point is good enough for me though.

I still haven't really grasped the value of money in this world, but if defeating this level of monster gets you 100 coins, then one gold coin must not worth that much anyway.

"It's eight gold coins you know!? Your average family could live off from one of these for a month you know!? ....I understand. I shall carry it if you don't need it!"

Eight gold coins, 4 months....?
I didn't know that gold coin was worth so much. If that's true, discarding these would be a waste indeed.
While I was thinking that, the peddler put his hands on the baggage that was on the wagon and started to drop them down the ground.

"What are you going to do with the baggage?"

"Isn't it obvious. I'll throw away the baggage I have now and transship the materials on."

No no, that'd be a waste in itself.

"Then I'll take it with me."

"....How would you do it?"

"Like this."

While saying that, I use Storing magic and put the whole body away.
Your maximum amount of mana decreases in proportion of the used capacity when you use Storing magic.... Well, it's only until we arrive at the royal capital anyway.
My maximum mana has decreased by half, but I feel that this much should still be enough somehow.

"That's, it can't be.... Storing Magic!?"


"『Yep』 you say...."

Just what part of Storing magic that's surprising anyway.
It's not really user-friendly, and it's quite an elementary--.
Wait perhaps, the chant thing has had a negative effect on this too.

"Well at any rate, meeting a profitable monster like that was really lucky of us."

"No no, it's not 'lucky' okay? Normally we'd have died you know?"

The peddler clamored about something, but it's not like we died, and we've even got ourselves some valuable materials. If this isn't what you'd call lucky, what is then.

Hope another one comes out as well....
Guess I should pray to the god. I don't know the god who's in charge of monsters though.

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