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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 27

Chapter 27 Strongest Sage, Notices the Possibility of Magic Revival


That simple problem is an unsolved problem!?

"You must be lying!?"

"No, it's the truth. Moreover, the examiner whom Mathias beat in the swordsmanship test is the Knight Commander of this country, and you'd have gotten full score just by destroying one target with 10 shots in the magic test. We gave your score 75 due to various circumstances, but there were some who proposed that you should get 500."

What's with this situation. Are they trying to deceive me?
Or rather, what's up with giving 500 out of 10. What's even the point of full score then.

However, it doesn't seem like this is a joke looking at the other teachers around.
The magic augment teacher and a man who seems to be a teacher are engraving the magic circle I drew on the magic stone with very serious expressions, and the other teachers around are watching over them earnestly.
In the first place, there's nothing to gain deceiving me like this.
Well, let's hear them out for now.

"Then, assuming what you're telling me is true, what would you do?"

The principal and the teachers must have some kind of objective to call me in this situation.
Dealing with this after knowing that won't be too late.

"You must have your own circumstances to possess that much power at your age. We're not going to inquire you on that.... But, we'd like to ask for your cooperation."


"Yea. To tell you the truth, This Second Royal Academy is actually undergoing an existential crisis.... Though well, it's not like the academy will disappear, it's probably wrong to call it that."

"What kind of situation is it?"

"You know that this country has two Royal Academies right?"

"Well it's called Second Royal Academy after all."

If there's Second Academy, First Academy must also exist.
Unless it's been destroyed or something.

"That First Academy is the problem here. The present noble bunch apparently don't like the way things are run on the Second Academy. So they're trying to force this academy to follow the First Academy's system. They've got better result with their system too."

I wonder if the country intervenes with the education in the Royal University too.

"I don't think it's a bad idea to change the education system if it brings on results."

"You're correct. So long as the result of that education system is assessed through a proper mean, that is."

"....Is it not the case?"

"These papers have the valuation of the First and Second Academies and the list of reason for that valuation. Ascertain for yourself whether it's correct or not."

He gave me several pieces of papers.
The first paper has the cooperators' names, the royalty's and something like a seal.
I turned that paper over and doubted my eyes.

In this country, selected students from the First and Second Academies are to participate in interpersonal combats to compete for superiority once a year.
So far, so good.
For some reason, those selected students are limited to the second year elementary students and below.

We're first year elementary students, it seems the interpersonal combats will be held a month after the school term started, so there's 13 months of time between our enrollment and the interpersonal combats.
It's way too early for those students to be the ones that decide the outcome of the interpersonal combats.

"Isn't this just too hasty?"

"You think so too huh. We teachers are also in agreement. A year after enrollment is not yet the time for students to participate in an interpersonal combat. Even if they have experiences of crossing swords in training, it's just too short of a time to teach them the peculiar techniques in an interpersonal combat."

Even if the current world's common sense is full of mistakes, the thing this principal said is correct.
The basic of combat is against monsters.
After you've learned anti-monster combat, the ways of interpersonal combat is completely different. You could even say that there's hardly anything in common between them.

That's why, it's pointless to teach students the interpersonal combat techniques before the anti-monster ones. Harmful even.
Even if you have countermeasures for the problem, after several years, the ones who've got the anti-monster techniques nailed will win overwhelmingly. What a load of bull.
I turn the page while complaining at the organizer of the interpersonal combat.

The so-called 『Research Results』 of the First Academy are listed on the page. Not one of them comes from the Second Academy.
However, every one of those research results is about chant magic, worthless stuff like slightly increasing the power of the known chant magic, discovery of new ones, or slightly shortening the chant.

Something like those can be done by simply adjusting your mana if you just use normal magic (in other words, without chanting).
These kind of things are 'research results' huh.

"....What do you think?"

"For now, I understand that the ways the First Academy do things are out of question. But why is there no research result from the Second Academy?"

The First School's results being worthless doesn't necessarily mean that the Second Academy is worse than them.
Why the heck there's not even one research result.

"We have them. However, none of them is recognized."

The principal replied with a bitter look on his face. The other magician-type teachers also looked mortified.

"What do you mean by that?"

"Magic research of the current academic society equal research about chant magic. Anything besides that isn't recognized."

"....In other words, the Second Royal Academy is researching chantless magic?"

"That's right. This is the result. ...Isn't the 『Physical and magic mixed combat』 you talked about in the classroom is the objective of what we're doing?"

The principal handed over a thick bundle of paper to me while saying that.
The content was rough but it certainly looked like they were seriously researching about the way to use magic without chanting and its practical use.
And although the method to train for it can't be called efficient at all, it's been polished enough that you can't say that it's off mark either.

If what the principal said is true, this Second Royal Academy is trying to take back chantless magic in this world where chant magic has spread widely.
Yea. The Second Academy is certainly much better than the First.

"I've heard about your chantless magic and seen the earth magic you used to fix the schoolyard myself, that's a feat impossible to replicate with chant magic..... And, the thing we need most for the education of chantless magic is result. We'd like you, Mathias, to be the result."

Judging from the flow of conversation, by result he means for me to enter the interpersonal combat huh. Since the participants are limited to second year elementary students and 『Below』, I can enter it.

Improving oneself can only be done by yourself, but nurturing powerful ally isn't possible if you're alone.
And there are students who haven't been completely entrenched in chant magic in this academy. I'm sure they can quickly learn the proper magic if we start right now.
This isn't bad for me. Or rather, it's just what I ask for.

"I understand the gist of it. But do you mind if I ask for three conditions?"

--However, there are still some things that can be improved upon. I will only nod if they can agree to at least some of those conditions.

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