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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 25

Chapter 25 Strongest Sage, Gets Targeted


The day of the entrance.
I left the inn I had been staying at up until now and went to the academy.
The academy has a dormitory, I'm planning to live in there from today on. My luggage is inside the Item Box.
I'm a bit worried about my weird classes though.... Well, I should be able to manage somehow.

A lot of students who appear to be freshmen have gathered at the academy's entrance.
We haven't been given our uniforms though so I wouldn't know even if there were other party in it.

"Lemme see, was there going to be an entrance ceremony or something?"

I checked out the board near the gate, it had an announcement for the entrance ceremony to be held in the schoolyard.
There's really one, entrance ceremony. Honestly I'm not good with long speech, I've got no choice but to bear with it.
Let's ignore what the big-wig's saying by coming up of an idea to better improve Fourth Crest magic usage efficiently.

I went to the schoolyard while thinking that
However, my expectation was betrayed in a good way.

The principal who was standing on the stage during the entrance ceremony didn't look like someone who had been assigned to be the principal of a royal academy.
A scarred face and tempered muscles. He's a war veteran no matter how you look at him. There's probably no one in this world who would think of him as a 『Principal』 when they saw him. They must have a screw loose in their head if there's one.
By the way, his name seems to be Edward.

"I don't like long speech. I'll leave this and that formality stuff to the bunch at the First Academy."

And that was the first thing the principal who was standing on the stage uttered.
Wonderful. Including my past life, this might be the first time I've seen a big-wig who doesn't talk too long.

"Ability is everything at the Second Royal Academy! Unlike the First Academy, your households or crests hold no merit here! If there's anyone bringing anything needless here, I'll go and fix their guts myself! ....And unfortunately, 10% of the students at the Second Academy lost their life during the enrollment. You've got to be strong if you don't want that happens to you! This school will provide the right environment to make that happen. Young chicks, polish your power! ...That is all!"

....Was the Second Royal Academy a military academy?
The entrance ceremony ended with that question in my mind.
There was no roll call, and no other big-wigs that came out besides the principal.
Judging from the calm attitudes of the other students, the second royal academy might have always been this kind of place.
It's convenient for me personally.

"Students of Class A, please gather here!"

"Class B over here! Come at once!"

After the entrance ceremony was over, people who seemed to be teachers came to the schoolyard and began to gather the students.
By class, they probably refer to adventure class, I guess I'm going to the class A.

"Alright, everyone's here. Class A's classroom is over there. Follow me!"

We're all following the teacher from behind. I think there's around 20 people in Class A.
I saw familiar faces in the form of Ruli and Alma among them, but after seeing that militant speech, no one seems to be in the mood to chatter pointlessly, everyone is silent.
That principal would probably hit you if you did that in front of him. Well, I think I can evade it though.

"Here's your classroom. Your homeroom teacher will come not long after this, wait inside until then."

Apparently, the teacher who guided us wasn't the homeroom teacher.
We get left behind in the classroom and wait for the homeroom teacher.
Just when the mood turned delicate as we weren't sure how long we should wait, the classroom's door was powerfully opened.
And the man who mightily entered the open door declares loudly.

"I'm the one in charge of this class, Edward. Nice to meet ya."

...Huh? Our homeroom teacher is the principal!?
First time I saw a principal working as a teacher. Wonder if it's common in this present time.

"O, yea. You probably know already, I'm the principal here. There are times when I'm busy, the assistant teacher will take care of you then. By the way, the idiot over there is the assistant teacher."

The principal pointed at the man slightly behind him.
There's a fist-like mark on his face.... Putting that aside, feels like I've seen his face somewhere.

"This guy is an idiot who abandoned his post during the exam to buy a sword, but he's good enough with a sword. Ask this guy anything whenever I'm absent."

I see. I thought he looked familiar, he was the examiner from that time huh.
I looked at his waist to ascertain whether he was able to buy the sword in the end, but the sword he's carrying seems to be a different one.
Well, the sword I augmented should get an eye-popping price after all, I'm not surprised that he couldn't buy it.

"Also, I've got to apologize for one thing. There was a mistake in my entrance ceremony speech."

Mistake? Is he going to tell us that 10% is actually not the mortality rate but the survival rate?

"I said young chicks at the end of my speech, but that doesn't apply to all of you. There's a guy who obviously isn't a chick mixed among the new students this year. I'm not gonna say who that guy is.... Well, you'll probably find out soon."

The principal grinned at me after he said that.
I feel like I'm being targeted somehow.
Perhaps he's holding a grudge at me for destroying the schoolyard. And after I repaired it and all.

"By the way, our school encourages teachings between students. You're free to pick a fight with anyone you find interesting. That's the quickest way to probe each other's ability."

....Can you really call that teachings.
Even though I was a loner in my past life, I still understand that a communication that's born from a fight is weird y'know.

"Well, you guys are going to form parties often as long as you don't drop out to Class B. Introduce yourself at that time. We can lend you the combat training ground if you need it...."

Do not want.
I felt like I could hear the whole class saying that together.

....Or rather, you can drop out of the class huh.

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