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Yuusha no Furi mo Raku Janai--Riyuu? Ore ga Kami Dakara-- Chapter 33

Chapter 33 Doruas the Port Town


A huge port town built on the bank of a large river.

The southern side faces the sea, many big ships are moored along the pier. It seems to be quite deep.
This town acts as a hub for transferring cargo from deep sea ships to river ships to be carried inland.
Thus, it's very lively.

Morning light gently shone upon the townscape with red tiled roof and white mortar walls.
From the balcony, I look down at the main street in the center of the closely packed multi-storied buildings. While using Senrigan.
There's a hill north of the town that spreads along the seaside, a stately mansion has been built there.
I'm on the fourth floor of the inn for purveyor merchants. The room is wide with extravagant decorations, the bed's comfort is as good as a high class hotel's.

I was lost in thought while watching the beautiful scenery.
Because of the horizontal banners of hero Lazan that are put everywhere in the town.
I rest my chin on the balcony rail, continuing to look below.
Sea bird that look similar to sea gulls are riding the winds.
Fragrant sea breeze.

How do I push my way through the fame of this Lazan.
One wrong step and everyone would interpret it as, "It's all thanks to our prayer to Hero Lazan" even if I beat a monster.
I've never thought that the festival would be this grand, this is a cause of worry.

I sensed a presence behind me. A familiar, gentle air.
"What's the matter, Keika-sama?"
I turned around and saw Celica who was only wearing a thin gown.
Her blond hair hangs down behind her, looking beautiful under the morning light, a deep valley on her white skin can be seen on the open chest area.

Her blue eyes shook anxiously.
Looks like she's worried about me.
I involuntarily stretch out my arms and pull her.
Putting soft limbs wrapped in only a piece of white gown in my arms.

I whisper on her ears hidden under the blond hair.
"It's nothing. But I made you worry huh. Sorry for that."
Celica blushed slightly and looked down.

I fiddle her soft body, seeking further healing. The feel was better than usual.
Narrow waist, smallish hips. Smooth back.
And the softness of the big breasts even under the thin cloth.
The curvature is transmitted to my palm.

And then I noticed.
"Huh, your underwear..."
Celica's face blushed.
"I-it's currently being washed..."
"I see, you ran out of change huh."

"Y-yes.... Therefore, um. Please don't feel it too..."
"I know your body line well."
"Uu.... You meanie--hyaa"
I wrapped my arms on her thin waist and pulled her. Our bodies are glued together without a gap.
Flower-like fragrant. Gentle temperature.

My irritated heart is healed.
Celica is pressing her head on my chest. She breathes roughly every time I move my finger.

--Right. Celica is by my side.
Let's think this carefully and construct the best plan. There must be a chance to get me famous and gather believers.
I have to get some info for that.

I stopped my hands.
"We've got money and all, let's go buy some clothes. It should be more than 250 big gold coins even after the handling fee. We should go fetch it."
"Au... that's right. I'm sorry, I forgot to tell Keika-sama. I have the money with me already."
"Is that so. We slept early due to exhaustion yesterday after all. How much did we get?"
"We got five holy gold coins, four big gold coins and several small ones."
"Five huh, one of it worths 50 big gold coins right."
"That's correct. --T-then, we're going to buy clothes today?"
Celica said that restlessly. Smile breaks out on her pretty face, her blue eyes are shining with glee.

Looks like she's quite happy to be able to buy clothes.
--She's been living with a trimmed down budget thanks to a certain jobless someone after all. That's me though.

I speak while patting Celica's head.
"Let's shop for it after getting our breakfast. I'd like to gather information as well afterward."
"What kind of information do you need?"

"The increases of monsters, the location of the sinners and what they're gonna do at the festival. And also, swimmable sea. I want to know those in details. Is there a good place for it? Bars and gambling dens should be good."

"This is my first visit to this town.... How about asking Driad-san?"
"He should be heading to the Royal Capital on the ship pulled by Ieturia first thing this morning, he probably won't come back for a few days."
"I didn't know.... Then how about the bar in this inn? I think there would be a lot of merchants."
"I think all of those merchants have just arrived here if they're staying in an inn."

"Au.... Now that you mention it. As expected of Keika-sama."
"Well, they probably know about the monsters in the sea. Let's try to talk with them while having breakfast."
"Yes, I'll do my best."

I went into the room from the balcony with Celica snuggled up.
A room with a table and sofa. There are books and liquor on the shelves.
There's two doors inside, both are connected to bedrooms.

However, Celica suddenly stopped.
"Ah, my laundry hasn't been back yet...."
"I see. Then I'll be heading out alone--"

Right at that moment, one of the doors opened.
Minya came out of it while rubbing her big black eyes. Patched out clothes and skirt. She's wearing a hat that hides her triangular ears. Her tail is hidden inside the skirt.
She came to my side, caught my Wafuku and stretched her back. And then she yawned, "Fuwaaa" with her cute mouth wide open. The white teeth shined.
She acts exactly like a cat.

And then she speaks.
"Keika-oniichan, good morning."
"Good morning. Wanna grab some food?"
"I'm going."
We join hands. It's small but I can feel wild flexibility somewhat.

I looked back at Celica.
"Then we'll be going. Look after Lapisia."
"Yes, I understand. See you later."
I went out of the room with hands joined with Minya's while hearing Celica's bell-like voice.

The dining room is on the first floor.
It's a hall that can houses around 100 people.
Moreover, all of the tables are wrapped in white cloth, the chairs and the tablewares are also luxurious.
There's a flower arrangement on each table.
It feels like a fancy restaurant.
There's even a bar counter with bottles of liquor on the back shelves.
Guests are sparse, women wearing maid outfits are waiting on the tables.

I sat down on a tall chair on the counter. Minya lightly jumped and sat beside me. Her skirt was rolled up, showing her thin legs.

A slim man wearing a vest on the counter talks to me.
"Hero-sama, good morning. The seats at our tables would be more comfortable, are you sure you want it here?"
"I am. I'd like to have a talk later."
"I understand. We will bring you your breakfast immediately."
The waiter went inside the kitchen.

Minya is restlessly looking around the dining room beside me.
"Completely different than... my inn house."
"Of course it is. It'd be nice if Minya's place gets as big as this one."

Minya looked up at me expressionlessly.
"Cleaning, would be hard."
"That part huh. You can just hire people."
"Not good with, people."
Minya looked at her own hand. Her hat withered down. Her ears probably flopped down.
--She's a beastfolk after all. She must have had a hard life.

Her clothes entered my view. Tattered clothes full of patchwork.
"We're going to buy some clothes today, let's buy some for Minya too."
"I don't have... money."
"Don't worry about it, there's the money from the fish yesterday. We got to sell it higher than the market price thanks to Minya's dismantling after all."
I patted Minya's head while feeling thankful. Her lustrous black hair sways.
She leaned against me comfortably while smiling. The feel of a too slim body. Warm child-like temperature.

However, I thought 'oh?'
She felt a bit different than before.
She was a bit skinny except for her swelling chest back then, but now I could feel the undulation of her tightened muscles. Spring-like flexibility.

--Come to think of it, I haven't seen Minya's stats yet.
I look at Minya with <<Truth Sight>>.

Name: Minya
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Race: Catfolk
Class: Thief Lv1 - Cook Lv12
Element: 【Static Storm】
Belonging: Hero Keika's Party

Strength: 28 (2) Growth Limit 05
Agility: 21 (5) Growth Limit 05
Magic: 18 (2) Growth Limit 05
Wisdom: 22 (1) Growth Limit 05
Luck: 12 (4) Growth Limit 05

Vitality: 225
Willpower: 200

Attack: 117 (77+40)
Defense: 80 (70+10)
Magic Attack: 58
Maagic Defense: 62

Nitoryu: Hold two weapons on both hands at once, attacking in free forms. Multiple attacks.
Twinkling Leg Power: Momentarily raises leg power, increasing speed and jumping power. Multiple attacks.

【Passive Skill】
High-Power: Raise ability
Wild Release: Exceed the limit of your body capability, drawing power. Raise ability.
Master Favor: Raise ability when you listen to your master's orders and when you're loved.

Weapon: Butcher's Knife - Atk +17
Dismantling Kitchen Knife - Atk +23
Armor: Leather Clothes +10
Accessory: House Key
Minya should have gotten exp too from me defeating the fish, yet her Thief is still at Lv1?
Is it because her Job is blank?

Rather, why's her Job unset?
Normally it would have been improbable. A person should have had a job of some kind.
Usually it would be Merchant or Farmer, but--.
Maybe she got out of her hometown and migrated to the royal capital the moment she was born.

Perhaps that's the reason why all of her maximum attributes are 5.
No wonder she was thin when we first met.
Her recent tightened body seems to be the result of her 【Passive Skills】.
But this can't be left as is.
--I'd better set her Job.
And it's got to be a Job where the unusual 【Nitoryu】 and 【High Power】 are still effective.

I whisper on the cat ears under the hat.
"Minya, what do you want to become in the future?"
"Nn.... Keika-oniichan's, wife."
"I see... Wait, that's a straight ball."
Minya turned her face at me. Since it's too close, her face that still has childishness on it buries my view. Her black eyes look lovely.
And then she speaks with her arms around me.
"I can't think of anything.... else."
"I'm happy to hear that, but calm down. I'm talking about Job. Something like Chef, or Merchant."

Minya shakes her head. Her black hair swayed.
Minya speaks while pulling my Wafuku.
"Job, Wife. Always Wife. Follow Keika-oniichan.... my whole life. Clothes too, matching Keika-oniichan."
Minya said that while pulling my Wafuku.

I can't help but think that what she said sounded like a slave.
Or is it a peculiar trait of beastfolks?
Is this the effect of 【Master Favor】 skill?
It's nothing but mysteries, but I don't feel any lies in Minya's words.

I ask her while sighing.
"Are you serious?"
Minya brought her face close with her black eyes moist with pain. With her eyes shut, her childish lips approach.
--She's that devoted to me huh.....
However, I have my doubt. Why would she go this far just from getting saved from a villain.

"Why would you go this far?"
"I mean.... I'm a beastfolk that no one wants to protect...."
Ah, I see.
Beastfolks are persecuted as they're suspected to be the demon king's ally.
That's why she wants me to beat the demon king and create a world where beastfolks aren't hated.
I'm the only one capable of doing that.

I made up my mind, grabbed her shoulder and pulled her away.
"Got it. You can stay by my side forever if you can keep yourself chaste for my sake."
"I'll arrange your clothes and Job too. That's why, wait for it."
Minya nodded obediently. It seems her tail is swinging happily, her skirt flutters and gets rolled up even though there's no wind, showing her panties.

The waiter came carrying two sets of breakfast.
"Thank you for waiting."
The trays with our breakfast on it are put in front of us. There's bread and fish saute.
Stewed meat and vegetable soup too. Put with grounded fish dumplings.
These fish seem to be Greedriver. The meat is plain white, but it's chewy. Its umami spread with each bites.
There's also flakes with cereals and dried fruits. It's been sprinkled with sugar, there's a pot with milk beside it. Quite a dessert.

I drank the soup. It tasted rich, it probably had been boiled.
"This is good."
Minya groaned mwu expressionlessly after taking a bite.
"Better than ours."
"Thank you very much."
The waiter bowed deeply. But it's a confident bow.

I ask him about a question I've had in mind.
"This inn's building itself is great, how was it built?"
I didn't see gorgeous buildings with stucco even in the Royal Capital, except the Royal Castle.
And then the waiter answers radiantly.
"We called a craftsman from a neighboring country, Fabrica, to have it built. It's a country with developed industry."
"Hou, is that right."
I'm thinking of asking that craftsman to build my temple someday.

After we finished enjoying the breakfast, I talked to the waiter.

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