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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 18-38

18-38. Ringrande in Another World (2)


Satou here. There's this phrase, 'don't count your chicken before they're hatched', rather than wasting your time imagining what you'd do after succeeding, you should use that time to prepare yourself so you can grab that success.

I brought lady Ringrande who has turned into a little girl to Japan.

"--wait, nah no way."

Hayato who saw through lady Ringrande's identity right away told himself it couldn't be right since the notion was too out there.

"Oh I know, you're Rin's and Satou's daughter right?"
"I'm telling you it's really me!"

Lady Ringrande got in a bad mood at Hayato's reckless remark.


"Huh? Satou-san?"

I heard a familiar voice behind Hayato while he was talking.

It's Tachibana Yumiri, Hayato's childhood friend.
As I was in adult mode when we first met, I clad myself in an illusion of adult figure to account for us meeting again.

"Are you with your daughter today? Uwaa, she's so pretty! Your wife must be quite a beauty, Satou-san."

She was excited when she saw lady Ringrande.

"Hi there, my name is Tachibana Yumiri. What about yours?"
"What's with this woman?"

Contrary to the friendly Yumiri, lady Ringrande took on a thorny attitude.

"Yumiri is my childhood friend. Be nice to her."
"This girl is? Hmmm?"
"I-it kinda feels like she's evaluating me, Hayato-chan."

Yumiri was flustered to receive Lady Ringrande's un-little girl-like pressure.

"It's Ringrande."
"My name. You asked for it right?"

Lady Ringrande introduced herself to the puzzled Yumiri.

"Ring-ra-den-chan? It's such a gorgeous sounding name, isn't it."
"No! It's Ringrande, Ringrande!"

Lady Ringrande corrected her irritatedly.

"That's one too many n! Ah, whatever. Just call me Rin."

Seemingly finding it a pain, she gave up.

"Nice to meet you, Rin-chan."

Yumiri greeted her with a smile.

"So, why's Hayato-chan hugging Rin-chan again?"
"What's wrong with two lovers hugging."
"Eh! H-Hayato-chan's turned into a lolicon-san!"

Hearing Lady Ringrande saying that, Yumiri started panicking 'Oh no, oh no'.

"Calm down, Yumiri. Rin is just teasing you."
"Eh? Oh it's just a joke. It's Hayato-chan after all, so I thought."

The last part was said in whisper so low I could barely heard it with Eavesdropping skill, Hayato probably missed that.

"So, what's your relationship anyway?"
"Hayato-san, do you mind if we change place?"

It's not something you talk about in front of entrance.
I mean, the neighbouring married women have been whispering at each other while looking at us for a while now.

"Ah, my bad."

Hayato led us in his house.

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"Now then--Thanks for coming, Rin. How's the other doing?"

Hayato prioritized asking his old companions.

"They're doing way too well for themselves. I invited Mary too, but she said she has her position as an imperial family, so."

The little sister of Saga Emperor, Lady Maryest was hesitating until the very end, but judging from her behavior, she's probably gonna come here too once she's done with the transfer of power there.

"Loreiya lazed around all day drinking expensive liquor in a big temple."
"That sounds like Loreiya alright--Satou, please tell her to turn it down a notch once you go back."

Hayato asked me with a nostalgic and amazed look.
Parion Temple priestess Loreiya has gotten herself engrossed in dragon spring liquor and fairy wine tasting if I recall right.

"Wy is busy with remodeling the dimensional submarine, Jules Verne."
"Is she eating well? Wy tends to forget her meals, I'm kinda worried."

Last I saw Archer Wiyaryi, she was hard at work trying to remodel the ship so it could endure travelling between worlds and help with otherworld saving effort.

"Nono is working as an ambassador of United Nations to coordinate talks between countries. Seina is doing her best helping Nono visiting each countries."
"United Nations! Hayato-chan, you know someone so high up!"

Yumiri sounded surprised at the term United Nations.

"It's probably not the same United Nations you have in mind, Yumiri."

Secretary Nono is acting as a liaison officer of a peacekeeping cross-national organization, not the UN of earth.
Scout Seina is doing her job as a skilled female spy.

"Rusus and Fifi are the same as ever. They're doing live training with lesser dragons and young true dragons."
"Dragons, that's extreme... wait, they got that strong? Guess I wouldn't be much help even if I got resummoned there now huh."
"That's not true. We'll never stop being the attendants of Hero Hayato (you)."

Hayato's joke was met with a serious tone by Lady Ringrande.

"Rin-chan, were you one of Hayato-chan's attendants when he was a hero?"
"I am."

Lady Ringrande puffed her flat chest.

"Wahee, Rin-chan, you're so great despite your size~"

Yumiri sounded amazed.

"Yumiri, Rin was an adult woman with a dynamite body when I was there, y'know?"
"Quit it with that vulgar hand gesture!"

Hayato used his hands to gesture her past body line, and Lady Ringrande elbowed him for that.

"Rin-chan turned into a kid from adult?"
"Yes, I did it to match Hayato's preference."

She turned to look at Hayato.

"What do you think?"
"Frankly speaking--you look like a very expensive out of reach life-sized bisque doll."

Hayato clenched his fist and shouted, 'Hell yeah, a real life Yes Lolita, No Touch!'

"My? I'm a [Legal Loli], so you can touch me, you know? Or rather, go ahead and do it."

Lady Ringrande clung to Hayato and rubbed her cheek.
Hayato overloaded after shouting, 'Little girl's cheek rubbing!'.

"W-wait, you can't do that. We have Minor Protection Law! You're prohibited from doing perverted things to minors!"
"Who cares about that."

Yumiri's desperate appeal was shut down by Lady Ringrande's casual remark.

"You caaaaaaan't!"

The flustered Yumiri desperately flailed around.

"Ara ara, and here I thought Hayato-chan finally made his move on Yumiri-chan, we had guests."

The door got opened as Hayato's mother came back.
I handed over a box of cakes from my Storage and apologized for intruding during her absence.


Hayato's little sister slipped through the gap of the opened door, zoomed inside and froze when she saw Rin.

"I'm Rin. And you?"
"Masaki Aika, I'm three year old."

Aika-chan did her best to name herself when asked.

"Nice to meet you, Mother in law. I am a daughter of Oyugock Duchy of Shiga Kingdom, Ringrande Oyugock. I have come to Japan to propose to Hayato."
"Ara ara, what a cute little lady you are. I'm Hayato's mother, Sakura. Ufufu, Yumiri-chan has got herself a rival, I see."

Hayato's mother smiled cheerfully when she saw Lady Ringrande's ladylike greeting.

"Mama, what is a propose?"
"It means, 'let's get married' from a lover."
"No! Hayato-nii is marrying Aika!"

Aika-chan got between Lady Ringrande and Hayato after she heard that explanation.
With both her arms spread, resisting to the bitter end.

"You're really close with your sister, Hayato."

Ringrande looked envious.
She might have seen her own sister Sera on Aika-chan.

"Sure am, Aika is my treasure."
"Ehehe, Aika number one!"
"Ou! Number one!"

Hayato lifted Aika with both his hands and spun around.

"That's dangerous, stop it. I can't believe you didn't even prepare tea for our guests, you boys are hopeless."
"Allow me to help."
"It's all right. You're our guest Satou-san, take it easy."

Hayato's mother brought Yumiri to the kitchen.

"I learned a new game today!"

With a huge smile on his face, Hayato cheered on Aika-chan as she played a game, while Lady Ringrande sat next to him with a complicated look.


She whispered and called me.

"I've made a mistake. I thought Yumiri would be my greatest obstacle, no, it's that girl all along."
"I don't think you need to worry, Aika-chan is Hayato's biological sister."
"That's not going to do much. She can just get adopted by some random noble and then they can get married."
"That may be true at Shiga Kingdom--"

I explained to the seriously pondering Lady Ringrande that you can't get married to close relatives under Japan's law.

"Satou-san, here's your tea. And for Hayato-chan, pecari."
"Aika too, pecari!"
"I have one here for Aika-chan~."
"Waii. Yumiri-chan love."

Looks like it's one without carbonated water for Aika.

"Satou-san, are you staying for long this time?"
"Yes, I have checked in for a week at our hotel."

I plan to go on a sightseeing tour using this chance to visit earth.

As I was having a chat with Hayato, lady Ringrande seemed to get along well with his mother and little sister (Aika), they're having fun chatting.
At the rate this is going, I can probably leave her in this house by tomorrow.

I intend to do something about disasters and disputes I saw on the TV earlier.


Lady Ringrande called while I was thinking.

"What is it?"
"I'm going to be a daughter of this house!"

Thus she asserted out of the blue.

"Oh, I'm super okay with that."
"Won't it cause you trouble?"
"Satou-san has your work cut out for you, right? Our house is open to Rin-chan while you're staying in Japan."

I see, in that case.

"Hold on! What about her room."
"Of course, it'll be your room, Hayato."
"No no, that's not good."
"Why? We would huddle up together when we camped and all."

Lady Ringrande said that like it was nothing to Hayato who was getting incoherent.

"Good grief, virgins are really..."

Eavesdropping skill caught Hayato's mother whispered that.

"You won't make a mistake just from sleeping with a little girl, will you? Or what, are you saying I have a damn pedo as a son?" <TLN: Yes, she really said that.>
"Of course not! I'm Yes Lolita, No Touch!"
"Okay, okay. Yumiri-chan is gonna get disgusted at you if you keep saying that."

His mother roughly cut down Hayato's resistance.

"Aika too! Aika wanna sleep in Hayato-nii's room with Rin-chan!"
"Ufufu, you two are so close already."

Aika grabbed lady Ringrande's arm and insisted.

"Some things were a bit off from my expectations, but I've cleared the first hurdle now."

Lady Ringrande grinned boldly.

"I'll make Hayato fall madly for my charm in one week!"





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