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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 43

43 Change to Conviction


"This taste, portion and cost. Quite a high class meal that was. And from what I glanced, they made use of high quality ingredients. But well, not like we can have them that often when it's two silver coins."

Aryl laughed as she gave that impression.
I couldn't forget her shocked face when she drank carbonated water.
How her face constantly changed, 'It's stimulating',  'It's bubbling!', 'It's foaming!', 'So refreshing' was interesting.
And by the end.

"That was really shocking. All of it."

I had the same impression.
Carbonated water. It's just too good to be true.
The sense of incongruity I felt so far turned into doubt.

(It wasn't something that had always existed in this world. This was ripped off [Earth's] one.)

My intuition told me. And my heart turned that into conviction for some reason.
The flashback I saw in hotel lobby.

That hit me. Then I asked.

"Err, how much is our inn's room... I can see that it must be quite pricey..."

Our meal was two silver coins.
Of course I'm not dissatisfied.
But so much just for a dinner.
I should pay for my inn room at least... but she's already checked in one, can't cancel it.
So that one's too late too, but I still gotta ask.

"Ah, it's seven silver coins. I've paid for it already. Check out time is tomorrow noon. Breakfast is included."

I figured as much. From its looks inside out.

"Silver Star Inn is a high class establishment, though there's an even higher super high class one. I can't afford that much however."
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(Seven silver... 70,000 yen for a night and a meal... That's just...)

"But I acquired a lot of extra income this time, unexpected it may be. It's actually quite high for a room with two beds."

"...Hm? Beds? ...Wait, we're in the same room!? No way, we should get our own."

"I don't mind though? Besides, you saved me. I wouldn't mind offering my body."

(Well I do, I'm not looking for that!)

I froze up from her remark, but Aryl smiled teasingly before resuming.

"I was just half joking."

(What do you mean half...? Give me a break...)

As someone who had zero interactions with women even in my past life, this kind of joke was way too stimulating I wouldn't know how to react.

"No no, I'll pay for my own room and..."

"Driving the one who saved me out would be my shame for eternity. I should be the one leaving if you insist. I'm your employer after all, it's a necessary expense!"

I gave up seeing she's this insistent.

"Ah, okay, it's fine then..."

(Since she doesn't plan to do anything risqué anyway... guess it's fine?)

"Well now that we've calmed down, let's get going."

I'm not calm thanks that conversation though?
Aryl went to the exit and paid at the counter.
Four silver coins, she paid for both of us.

(Is her paying here part of her [Reward]...)

I feel bad about it now.
I wasn't looking for compensation when I saved her. I did it for myself. And not saving her would have only resulted in me feeling bad about it.
Never would have I imagined it would come to this. I feel pitiful now.

The manager enthusiastically said to us 'We await your next patronage'.

"Now let's go and sort out the goods at our inn. Will you lend a hand. We'll be open for business once I get my draft and location from the merchant association!"

She led sprightly as we made our way back to our inn as I prayed nothing would happen.

But that prayer came to vain as another shocking thing awaited me there.





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