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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 55

55 Second Time


It's a big man nearly two meter tall.
Burly and stoutly built with unkempt hair and an air of ruffian.
Guy pretty much looks like your classic thug.

Aryl's face stiffened up for a moment.

"Welcome. Our goods are of guaranteed quality. Please have a look around."

She summoned up her mercantile spirit.
I wouldn't blame her sounding a bit shrill there.
The man here has a much more evil look in his eyes compared to Randolf of Merchant Association.
No way an ordinary girl would keep their wit getting approached by a guy like this.

Since the guy looks very much the part, I've already positioned myself as to not let him run away.
This place is a [Blind Alley]. I'm keeping my guard up for once, being a bodyguard and all.
I'm not gonna let him steal our goods and run.

Well, I'd have caught up even then though. Just in case.

The big man didn't notice me moving. In fact, it's as if he never realized my existence.
Because I had entered [Accelerated] state the instance he came into my view.

The big man took his time picking out all the items in the stall and then he grabbed three of the most valuable things and packed them in a sack while saying, 'I'm gettin' these'.

"Thank you. As for the payment."

Aryl spoke out to the man as he was about to leave the store before she could finish saying that. With anger.

"Please pay for the goods!"

The big man stopped and turned around, then he spoke like it was a pain.

"Just be thankful I didn't crush yer store."

Brusque, curt and spoken smoothly like he's used to it.

"May I take your remark as an attempt at robbery? Is that fine?"

"Aa..? Who in the hell..."

The man glared at me, but I paid it no mind and gave a warning.

"I'm told that victims of robbery are given discretion to punish the perpetrator if they attempt to cause harm. Do you not mind dying?"

Aryl talked about it on our way here.
The big man didn't seem to care and asked back instead.
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"Who the hell're ya? When'd ya got there huh?"

"He's my bodyguard! Just you know he's strong! Please pay or give back those items. Or else, you're gonna regret it!"

Aryl had never been able to perceive me moving, but she understood the truth after the matter with bandits and those three thugs.
Her words contained trust. I felt a bit happy at that.
After all, this is the first time anyone besides my parents put their trust on me in this world.

However, a loud laughter echoed.

"Gyahahahaha! A shitty wimpy brat like this, bodyguard? That got a laugh outta me! Oy! Yer items are the charge for taking my time killing this brat!"

He must saying that his skill is worth the three items he took.
My response is decided after hearing that tasteless joke.
But I'll give him a chance here. I've gotta ask this one at least as a final confirmation.

"Have you been doing this all your life?"

It's a simple question. Yes, or no. Only two answers.
But even if he said [No], the answer is obvious from his behavior and how used he looks at threatening people.
No matter the answer, a punch from me is inevitable unless he pays or gives back the items.
Then why the question?
I wanted to confirm whether there is [Something] that remains in him, no matter how small.

But he answered like it was a pain to even do that.

"I ain't got no time listening to weaklings' whimper~ Come at me if ya dare!"

With a devilish expression, he abruptly drew his sword and held it overhead.

===  ===  ===

My [Measure] has decided this world doesn't need this guy.
It may be a hubris for someone with a narrow mind like me to hand down judgment in this vast world.
But I will use the small slice of this world my eyes see to base my idea.
This is what [Freedom] means.
That wouldn't work in my past life, but I have the power to accomplish that in this life.
I won't deny that I may be getting ahead of myself, but this is no [Japan].
Trying to bring common sense of that world into this world is [Dangerous].

Hence, I will use [Myself] as a measure.
I loathe those who live by poor interpretations of [Survival of the Fittest] and [Self-Conceit] like this man.
Those who weigh life less than a grain.

Back then, I would clench my fist whenever I heard news about people like this doing evil in news.

I twist my body to dodge the sword which was swung down so slowly from overhead.
As the sword went past me, I put strength into my twisting body like a compressed spring.

As the man's stance shifted to forward bend, I let out a straight jab right in the center of his face.

====  ====  ====

Thud, silence visited after that sound.
The man who cheerfully tried to kill me fell down forward.
Unable to even regret it. No, even if this man regretted it [This time], he would have never regretted what he had and would have done.
But it's now a thing of the past. The man is dead. There is no more future for him.

I took the sack with the stolen items and gave it back to Aryl.
Her face seemed to be twitching for a bit.

I give a suggestion here.
It's just impossible to open a store here.

"What should we do now? I don't think we can continue doing business here. How about we close early for today?"





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