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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 18-37

18-37. Ringrande in Another World (1)


※ Please refer to Hayato's side of story in [15-Interval 1: Hayato Masaki]

Satou here. Whenever I'm not buried neck deep in work, I sometimes think of how naive my overlook in life is. Though when that happens, I'd just go invite my friends to karaoke or camping, forgetting it all away.

"I'm home! We've gone and taken care of the crisis in that parallel world, Bejigard."
"Welcome back, Arisa. Satou-sama, it didn't take long this time around, did it."

Princess Sistina who was house sitting the isolated island palace welcomed us.

My power as a god has been funnelled into repairing this planet's defensive system, thus I don't have the same transcendental power as when I was hunting Space Kaijuu just before I ascended to godhood.
I can get back into that state if I want to, but I'm afraid having that omnipotent feeling 24/7 would prompt me to have some weird idea, 'I gotta guide mankind!' or something.

"Requesting three times more meat than usual nanodesu!"
"Pochi, that's unbecoming."
"But but, Pochi is tired with vegetable-tasting meat nanodesu."

The world we were at was predominantly plant based, so we couldn't find many things that provide animal-based protein.
I've got lots of meat in my Storage, but they rot easily in that world for some reason, so I could only cook a little bit of them.
As a result the beastkin girls were having a serious meat withdrawal.

"Yes, Mia. That was good in its own way, so I report."

The veggie-loving Mia and Nana who has no particular likes or dislikes seem fine with it.

"Ufufu, I'll go get them ready for you right away."
"Lulu-sama, leave the preps for the feast to us maids!"

Lulu followed after the house fairies, Pochi and Tama ran after them, and even the prim and proper-looking Liza walked toward the kitchen with her tail swaying left and right. Her tail is honest.

"Welcome home, Ichirou-nii."
"I'm home, Hikaru. Any problem here?"

Ancestor King Yamato, Hikaru came out of a gate.
Looks like she sensed my return.

"Naturally not, our keen eyes are on the watch after all."

Kagura--Dragon God AkonKagura replied as she yawned.

It's Kagura the sleepyhead we're talking about here, I'm sure she's left the world to the seven gods and demon god to take care of while she must be taking a nap somewhere herself.
The proof is in Kagura turning away and whistling after reading my mind.

I pat Kagura's hair and head to the garden.

Under a western-styled gazebo in the garden is high elf of Boruenan Forest, my beloved Aze-san, depressed demon lord Shizuka and saintess Sera. The former magic soldier, Zena-san is apparently visiting her home at Seryuu City right now according to my Map.
Other Bridal Knights are patrolling their usual routes above ground.

"We're back."
"Welcome home, Satou-san."

Aze-san stood up with a smile, Sera-san walked up to me smiling.

"--Oh crap."

Only depressed demon lord, Shizuka desperately trying to hide some thin books (tln: doujin) on the table and failing at it.
I saw an illustration of naked men together, but I pretended not to see it and stood and chatted with Aze-san and Sera while waiting for Shizuka to clean them up.

"Has anything of note happened?"

Aze-san faltered a bit.

"Something wrong?"
"No, there is nothing."

It was Sera who strongly denied.
I asked Aze-san with a glance, but she only responded back with a faint smile.

"The only thing that happened was my imprudent elder sister getting dead drunk and showing her shameful state."

The topic closed with what Sera said, changing to our saving of parallel world Bejigard.
Hearing Sera's sister, Lady Ringrande's state being like that worries me but since Sera doesn't seem wanting to continue the topic, I'll go have a look at her myself later.

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"Rin, you really shouldn't drink too much~."
"What! Your' drinking too Loreinya! Why cannyae' I!"
"Geez~, you're not even speaking right see~?"

I could hear the voices of former hero Hayato, Lady Ringrande, and Priestess Loreiya in the canteen.

"Waatt! You there! Come here and pour me a cold one!"
"Don't go bother people~ when you're drunk you hear me~?"
"Yes, I'm a bother, I'm useless~."

Loreiya bound Lady Ringrande's arms as she tried to bother a butler-fashioned waiter.

"I'm just a woman Hayato dumped."

Lady Ringrande started sulking.

"Liquor is bad for you on an empty stomach."

I took out some snacks out of storage and put it on the table, then full of nothing but empty liquor bottles.

"Satou, come and drink with me."

Lady Ringrande pulled my hand and sat me down.
She's pretty drunk, she's being all touchy feely.

I glanced at priestess Loreiya asking for help, yet she ended up getting touchy feely with me on the other empty side herself.
By the time I managed to escape from the soft hell, both of them were wasted.

"Your excellency, I beg your pardon for our temple personnel."

Some temple people came to fetch Loreiya.

"Ringrande-sama, please don't sleep here, go to your bed."
"...Un. Carry me."
"I'll call someone."
"No, you carry me, Satou."

Lady Ringrande is being spoiled today.

I offered her my shoulder, she demanded me to carry her in my arms instead.
I was going to use [Magic Hand] but failing to her sweetly whispering, 'Hayato you dummy', I did as requested.

"Okay we're here. I'll leave a cup of water here, make sure to drink it before you go to bed."

You won't get a bad hangover so long as you stay hydrated.


Lady Ringrande nodded obediently.

Now then, time to go back--.


She suddenly pulled my arm and dragged me to bed.

"With so many women around you, you're already used to this right?"

Lady Ringrande took off her clothes.

"Make me forget... Hayato."

I was about to lose for a moment there when I saw her moist eyes, but I managed to escape when my beloved Aze-san's face flashed on my mind.

"Don't play around too much now."

I put her to sleep with magic, asked a maid peeping on the door to help with Lady Ringrande's clothes and made my escape.

Now that I've found out the reason for Lady Ringrande's sulking, I just need to consult with the girls who are expert in love problems.

"I see~"

I explained the circumstances and asked for a solution.
The advisers being Arisa, Mia, Kagura, and Aze-san.

"You should have just taken her invitation right then and made her forget."

Kagura went straight with some problematic remarks.
That is not an option when I have Aze-san.

Though, the person in question herself is--.

"Oh, I'm sure Satou and Rin's children would be so cute."

--Said something like that.

"No, you can't!"
"Nn, can't."
"But why? Rin is a good girl, you know?"

Aze-san could only tilt her head in confusion at the prompt refusal of the impregnable pair, Arisa and Mia.
Her senses as a super long lived being would occasionally shock me. She doesn't have a desire to monopolize, or more, she thinks it's better to always have children of the one she likes around her forever. She said this while I was still an ordinary human, and it's stayed the same even now that I'm an ascended god.

"Men are a creature who spreads their seeds around. He'll start disliking you if you shackle him too much now."
"N-no master won't."
"Nn, no worries."

Kagura teased Arisa and Mia with a mischievous look.

"Right, master?"

Arisa and Mia looked up at me worryingly, so I immediately affirmed them.

"Kagura, I can't agree with your opinion."
"How come? Ethics from your commoner days are meaningless to the you now, don't you realize?"
"That's just irrational!"

Arisa protested Kagura's remarks.

"Even in mother's nature, it's only natural for males with power to make children with many females."
"Leap of logic."
"Yep. Don't liken us to animals."
"Not like there is much difference though."

Kagura grumbled from her godly point of view.

"Satou. Rin loved the previous hero, didn't she?"
"Yes, she did."
"Then how about you take her to that child? You can do it right, Satou?"
"I could do that yes..."

I told Aze-san about the differences in cultures and societies between this world and earth, so letting them see each other wouldn't solve the problem.

"Something like that won't be a wall between two people who love each other."
"Indeed. Love transcends space and time."

Kagura who rode on Aze-san's coattail looked at me with amorous eyes.
Well, I get what they're trying to convey. I'm only here due to her love after all.

"Nn, agreed."
"The only issues would be language barrier and family registers, right master? I'm sure you can take care of them."

Mia and Arisa are in agreement with Aze-san.

"Translation ring for Japanese will sort out language issues, and you can just use mind magic for the family register, no?"

That can be done.

"But that's not where the problem lies."

Hero Hayato did not love Lady Ringrande to begin with.

"Does this hero have someone he loves already?"

Arisa shyly raised her hand at Kagura's question.

"What, it was Arisa huh."
"Yes, apparently he prefers small girls."

I answered Aze-san's question.

"So, this Hayato-san likes shorter and slender girls?"
"Well, that's one way to put it, in other word he's a lolicon."

He's a Yes Lolita, No Touch gentleman.

"I don't really get it but isn't a difference of ten years like a small margin of error?"
"Nn, margin of error."

Mia agreed with Aze-san.
How very like of long lived races.

"It's not when it comes to humans."

Giving birth at young age poses a big burden to the body, and there's also a problem with ethics.

"Then just make her younger. Make Rin the age this lolicon hero prefers, and all is well."

Kagura spoke like it was no big deal.

"Come to think of it, potions that turn you younger exist, don't they."
"No need for such a thing, Ichirou can simply control her age."

Well, yeah I can do that.

"But there is no guarantee Hayato will respond favorably even after Ringrande-san--"
"Naturally. We merely give her the means to. Whether Rin can make him falls for her younger self or not depends on her effort."

It's more interesting that way, thus spoke Kagura.

"So this is Hayato's world!"

Thinking I could at least offer her Kagura's idea, I talked to Lady Ringrande who readily agreed to it, thus I turned her back to around elementary grade age and brought her to earth using Unit Arrangement.

She's wearing clothes Arisa styled. Which looks more like a magical girl than a real grade schooler.

I haven't created Lady Ringrande family register yet.
I used a fake passport for her ID instead.

"And, where's Hayato at?"
"Please calm down, we're heading to Hayato-san's home now."

We moved from the highest floor of a tower mansion I had prepared as a base camp.

I called for our taxi before our elevator ride down.
I had our destination registered on the taxi app, so it was simple. I also got my credit card registered already, so no issue with payment either.

Of course, I got this smartphone and credit card through legal means. As there are nations where you can buy nationality with money. I plan to get Lady Ringrande's family register through this method as well.

Our taxi arrived at Masaki household in ten minutes.

"So here it is."

I told Lady Ringrande who was looking for a door knocker, 'You push this button here' and pointed at the intercom.

"Yes, who is it--"

Lady Ringrande's eyes turned bright when she heard Hayato's voice.

"--Satou? Sure been awhile huh. I'll be there in a bit."

Looks like the elementary schooler-sized Lady Ringrande wasn't shown in the intercom.

"What's up--"

As the door was opened, Lady Ringrande tackled and hugged the high schooler hero Hayato.

"Uwa--Loli girl?"

Hayato smiled broadly before asking me for an explanation with his eyes.

"I'm here for you!"
"Wait, are you Rin?"
"I am!"

Lady Ringrande happily hugged Hayato who realized her identity right away.




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