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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 52

52 Communicated Uncommunicated


I managed to get away and caught up to Aryl somehow.
She went in an alley on the side of the main street to hide herself.

"Ah, that was scary. That came out of nowhere."

(That was deliberate huh. Makes sense.)

After sighing in relief, she spoke resolutely.

"Forget about that! I've been waiting for this day all my life. I'm gonna do this!"

Her triumphant pose looks heartwarming.

"So do you know where the spot is?"

"I'll be fine. I have a map on me. It's at the backstreet right around this corner."

"...Backstreet huh, that doesn't bode well..."

"Let's go!"

That just sounds ominous to me, but she's so fired up she doesn't seem to even mind.
Looks like my uneasiness remains uncommunicated.

(Yup, this is yeah... Must be heading that way...)

===  ===  ====

Those two became a center of attention.
Many speculations about what happened in the merchant association flew around.
What did that black haired young man [Did]?

No no, that big man just lost his balance and tumbled grandly.
Could he be using magic.
Or perhaps he tripped the man at the right timing?
Who is that guy anyway?

None managed to catch sigh of what took place in that instance.
Forget witnessing the full particulars, not one of them could even perceive it.

All the merchants stayed back due to the unusualness of the situation.
Originally it should have been something akin to throwing [Flour] at a newbie.
Do it, this is how you do things in our association, if she proved to be a good merchant, they'd give her preferential treatment in trades while gaining information on her.
They would decide what to do with her, either getting on her good sides, leaving her alone, or making use of her if she turned out to be an easy mark depending on how she dealt with that trouble.

Yet none of the merchants made their move.
Those who saw what took place could not process it, not even a hint.
As every single one of them lacked information, they decided to take a wait and see approach.
For better or worse.
That day, no merchant attempted to make a contact with the two.

Meanwhile, the hoarse voice man groaned 'Gununu...', panicking and groaning with a pale face.

"Dammit! The heck just happened. Gotta report to boss..."

His whisper caught no one ears there.
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=====  =====  =====

We grabbed some food for lunch in a stall along the way.
A cylindrical bamboo-like water flask, and meat, vegetable and bread packed on a lunch box.
Apparently this is a common thing. Another thing Aryl taught me.
One portion usually costs around 3 to 4 dimes.
Just right for a businessman's lunch. So I secretly thought.
As I didn't have a water flask or a lunch box on me, Aryl took me to a general store and picked good ones for me.
It made me forgot my uneasiness even.
It's simple, the lunch I got packed from the stall was tastier than I thought it would be, my mood improved.

Now then, putting that aside, I'll just say it now.

We had to set up Aryl's stall ourselves. I helped her set it up and line up the goods.
So far so good. But in just 30 minutes since we opened,

We got squabbled with, twice.




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